Full Fight: Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Miguel Marriaga


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  • D Rocks
    D Rocks  6 hours back

    Commentary : Loma dont dance around he stands in front of opponents ? Are you pissed up n smoking crack ... hes one of the best for dancing n movement .he has very fast feet , good angles . And mainly a few moves a head of his opponent's .

    • Jammers Steel
      Jammers Steel  22 hours back

      Power House Davis case closed

      • Jammers Steel
        Jammers Steel  22 hours back

        Davis knocking this out trust me

        • Hugh Cipher
          Hugh Cipher  2 days back

          Tony Atlas stay keeping it real & old uncle Tim Bradley tries to clean it up😂

          • Aaron Michael
            Aaron Michael  3 days back

            Brilliant boxer! I love watching loma

            • Jeffrey Rose
              Jeffrey Rose  3 days back

              Ouch.. Buffer didn't sound so hot on that rumble lol

              • Marley
                Marley  3 days back

                el scorpion :'D

                • Benajmin Prince
                  Benajmin Prince  5 days back

                  commentary makes no sense

                  • j gee
                    j gee  6 days back

                    That pity pat boxing lomachenko does won't work against tank.. he'll get knocked out

                    • A A
                      A A  5 days back

                      Loma vs Tank will go down just like his fight with the undefeated KO artist Walters did. He will be winding up swinging at air all night. Loma will school him. If Tank dont get lucky and land that bomb he's gonna get easily out boxed

                    • A A
                      A A  5 days back

                      That pitty pat somehow put much bigger boxers Crolla and Martinez in a coma and made 4 men in a row quit

                  • Chucky Bananaz
                    Chucky Bananaz  1 weeks back

                    i dont know how teddy can get a word out with lomas balls in his mouth all night

                    • MIKE TV
                      MIKE TV  1 weeks back


                      • kill tae
                        kill tae  1 weeks back

                        THIS GUY lomancheko NO CHANCE TO WIN TO PACQUIAO.....

                        • cavscout62
                          cavscout62  2 weeks back

                          Why do they always get it wrong? He NEVER left Boxing! His father incorporated Traditional Ukraine Dance into his training he did NOT stop boxing. All a person has to do is listen to Vasyl himself tell the history and he will tell it as it happend.😎

                          • A A
                            A A  5 days back

                            Actually hes said he was pulled from boxing for a couple years for dancing I have heard him say that

                        • Jerome Sy
                          Jerome Sy  2 weeks back

                          loma is a great performer

                          • Quari Williams
                            Quari Williams  2 weeks back

                            Does this guy even throw body shots

                            • Dunstonchecksout! ok
                              Dunstonchecksout! ok  2 weeks back

                              I don't even know what to say about this guy. I wish I was one-fifth as good at anything as he is at boxing.

                              • cristian ortiz
                                cristian ortiz  2 weeks back

                                Marriaga's defence is no joke

                                • Byun
                                  Byun  3 weeks back

                                  What's up with those punches? love taps? fcking ridiculous! i guess this age of boxing calls that a power punch.cant be helped times change for boxing. legends already growing old. who says lomachenko was accurate? fucking put your eyes on the video! he always punches the guard. cocky as hell. Steps on the foot of his opponent! Thats why they always stay below. cant surpass any legends fighting nobodies.

                                  • A A
                                    A A  5 days back

                                    He didnt step on his foot go back and watch the replay Teddy made a mistake

                                • Christian Durr
                                  Christian Durr  3 weeks back

                                  Aye bro respect to miguel though. He lost definitively but he kept his head in the game. He survived a lot longer than a good amount of loma's opponents with good head movement while being pressed against the ropes. I know he was eating some punches too but it took a little longer for loma to break him down.

                                  • Paul Henry
                                    Paul Henry  3 weeks back

                                    I have to say that Lomachenko, is the most perfect boxer that I have ever seen. He is the most formidable opponent on this earth. His jabs, angles, footwork, combinations are amazing. I love it when he turns his opponent in the opposite direction. For me, he is the best I have ever seen. I am talking about fifty years watching boxing, and doing the biz when I was younger. Absolute genius.

                                    • Craig Johnson
                                      Craig Johnson  5 hours back

                                      @Official-TwinkleFart Mayweather was brilliant but a very defensive style, and sometimes boring. Loma tries to keep the fight toe to toe for the majority and keeps up constant pressure. Completely different to Mayweather. Both amazing but Loma much, much, much more interesting to watch.

                                    • Official-TwinkleFart
                                      Official-TwinkleFart  2 weeks back

                                      he makes mayweather look bad.

                                  • Tom Abela
                                    Tom Abela  3 weeks back

                                    I felt bad for marriaga

                                    • Николай Жуков

                                      Вася очень долго с ним игрался но чувствует ринг ,ситуацию контролирует на все 100 молодец

                                      • king juju
                                        king juju  3 weeks back

                                        dont @ me but this man lomachenko would spank pacquiao

                                      • Jean-francois Duval
                                        Jean-francois Duval  3 weeks back

                                        NO MAS !

                                        • aticus aticus
                                          aticus aticus  3 weeks back

                                          michael buffer selling car insurance.

                                          • Ian Dog
                                            Ian Dog  3 weeks back

                                            Loma is the most technical skilled boxer i think i have ever seen.

                                            • A A
                                              A A  5 days back

                                              @Quari Williams Bro he stopped a bunch if his opponents with body shots. Go watch his fight with Gary Russell he put in work on that body

                                            • tabundo001
                                              tabundo001  2 weeks back

                                              Whittaker, RJJ, Loma. Technically the best for me. Floyd too, but Lomas aggressive up on your face style is more demanding of faints and fakes and reaction time than just having a good Philly shell.

                                            • Ian Dog
                                              Ian Dog  2 weeks back

                                              @Quari Williams Why are you talking about floid?? What has floid got to do with Lomachenko??

                                            • Quari Williams
                                              Quari Williams  2 weeks back

                                              Ian Dog so what’s Floyd ? And the man barely throws body punches and u talking about the most technical ever

                                          • Lamjingba Thrasher
                                            Lamjingba Thrasher  3 weeks back

                                            Dat black guy is running all over the ring in a professional boxing match

                                            • Taran Ainsley
                                              Taran Ainsley  3 weeks back

                                              Loma is dressed as a pizza

                                              • tony esdra
                                                tony esdra  3 weeks back


                                                • David De'Vere
                                                  David De'Vere  3 weeks back


                                                  • erik thomson bartra
                                                    erik thomson bartra  3 weeks back

                                                    Is he in the same weight than Pacquiao? Could they fight each other?

                                                    • Jason Burnell
                                                      Jason Burnell  3 weeks back

                                                      erik thomson bartra no pac man is welter and Lomachenko is lightweight and i doubt either want to change weight classes at this point. I would love to see that fight.

                                                  • sanele Thabethe
                                                    sanele Thabethe  3 weeks back

                                                    How do you spar for such a boxer, hes like Canizolez so awkward

                                                    • Mike Mike
                                                      Mike Mike  3 weeks back

                                                      You're an idiot Timmy.

                                                      • Mike Mike
                                                        Mike Mike  3 weeks back

                                                        He's just pissed because Marriaga keeps hiding behind his gloves, Vasily wants him ro engage.

                                                        • Digital Nomad
                                                          Digital Nomad  3 weeks back

                                                          With all those flashy movements, he's still getting hit by Marriaga hard.

                                                          • Albert Albert
                                                            Albert Albert  3 weeks back

                                                            Loma's style is fodder feed for the pac man.
                                                            Manny will drop him within three rounds.
                                                            Loma is a boxer (listen to all commentaries for him).
                                                            Manny is not.
                                                            Manny is a fighter first and foremost.
                                                            Manny doesn't stalk but love to engage even in the middle of a brawl.
                                                            No man in the history of boxing have ever done that.Unbelievable for a man of his small size.
                                                            It is one of his legacies, his mixing up in brawls in all his fights.
                                                            Like Manny, he was knocked out in one of his fight and a lost too.

                                                            • MERDOK
                                                              MERDOK  3 weeks back

                                                              His opponent falls because it's more of a push than a hit

                                                              • Stupack 436
                                                                Stupack 436  3 weeks back

                                                                Лома стал пропускать удары.. Шок!

                                                                • Charlie Setias
                                                                  Charlie Setias  3 weeks back

                                                                  Loma didn't fight line of champions..

                                                                  • Jermaine Jimjam
                                                                    Jermaine Jimjam  4 weeks back

                                                                    Loma is always fighting bums and he also said he would never go up weight class he a pussy a good tactician but no heart

                                                                    • Fight Pals
                                                                      Fight Pals  4 weeks back

                                                                      No Mas Chenko

                                                                      • petmo tv
                                                                        petmo tv  4 weeks back

                                                                        mariaga is pussy. technically speaking, you should corner a guy, so that he can't dogde easily, used is footwork easily, limit his movements...

                                                                        but come on mariaga. he give you advantage.. and yet you're so pussy.

                                                                        you're not a boxer!

                                                                        • DocEnsor
                                                                          DocEnsor  4 weeks back

                                                                          No mas Lomachenko

                                                                          • BringerOfTheTruth
                                                                            BringerOfTheTruth  4 weeks back

                                                                            Damn what weight class is "140 pounds" ? as an european I have no clue. Why doesnt Americans get down from their high horse and begin to use the metric system like the rest of the world? Or in the case of boxing, at least use the names of the weightclasses. This is why boxing is on the retreat, a lot of meaningless alphabet titles at weights no one outside usa understands.

                                                                            • Phil McCrevice
                                                                              Phil McCrevice  3 weeks back

                                                                              Yes, but none of you matter. Maybe you should get off your high horse and use the imperial system.

                                                                          • ItsOnLy DiRt
                                                                            ItsOnLy DiRt  4 weeks back

                                                                            Loma will get killed by tank! Marriaga actually did great this fight, Loma missed A LOT!!!! Marriaga just never hit Loma with enough shots to slow him down! Loma was getting frustrated because he couldnt catch marriaga so he decide to taunt him to come at him in the corner! It's a strategic thing than physical. The min Loma feel tanks power it's a wrap!

                                                                            • ItsOnLy DiRt
                                                                              ItsOnLy DiRt  4 weeks back

                                                                              That cut is Loma fault, Marriaga been backing up the entire time!

                                                                              • ItsOnLy DiRt
                                                                                ItsOnLy DiRt  4 weeks back

                                                                                Loma lost that 3 round, showboating didnt change the fact he was losing! Fool too cocky.

                                                                                • Phil McCrevice
                                                                                  Phil McCrevice  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Well, he's not black so, obviously, we're all just humoring him and this whole boxing thing.

                                                                              • Antwuan Bradshaw
                                                                                Antwuan Bradshaw  4 weeks back

                                                                                There was a lot of yelling by the announce in that last round and Loma wasn't even hitting him. Miguel obvious was outclassed, but he was doing extremely well defensively at times and landing some decent shots on the champ.

                                                                                Loma couldn't hurt him. He simply was using his technique to win the fight. Both knockdowns were a result of balance more than the actual punch that was thrown.