Mark Hamill Got Quite a Ride at Disneyland's Star Wars' Galaxy's Edge

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • James asks Mark Hamill about opening the new Disneyland Star Wars-themed Galaxy's Edge, particularly the photo he took with George Lucas, Billy Dee Williams and Harrison Ford, and why Billy Dee seemed to be the only one happy to be there, which wasn't the case.

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Comments • 194

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star  4 months back

    RIP Carrie Fisher!

    • navylaks2
      navylaks2  4 months back

      once again Disney need's Mark to promote their stuff cause without him they're nothing.

      • Korbin Kidwell
        Korbin Kidwell  4 months back

        "This could have been terrible.....but it isn't."
        -George Lucas, 2019

        • Midgee
          Midgee  4 months back

          Good god what has this show become. I miss Craig Ferguson

          • Rushy
            Rushy  4 months back

            Conan is the one true talk show host

        • Samuel Richards
          Samuel Richards  4 months back

          James, no need to shout, you have a microphone, we can hear you.

          • w3stern49
            w3stern49  4 months back

            I think all actors hate their job, except Robert downy jr

          • MikeCharlieAlpha
            MikeCharlieAlpha  4 months back

            Never smile in photos

          • Comrade Dyatlov
            Comrade Dyatlov  4 months back

            O no.....more reading between the lines here, Mark's letting us know george hates episode 9 and what's happend With star wars....

            • Dawn DiPierro
              Dawn DiPierro  4 months back

              *MARK!* 😍

              • segagagagagagaga
                segagagagagagaga  4 months back

                Mark's looking slimmer

                • Gamer123766
                  Gamer123766  4 months back

                  Wat cant Mark impersonate???

                  • Muhamad Faisal Ibrahim
                    Muhamad Faisal Ibrahim  4 months back

                    It is old Sebastian Stan

                    • Zachary Tannenbaum
                      Zachary Tannenbaum  4 months back

                      i dont blame george, it was prolly hell to watch diseny fuck up the movies he made.

                      • LoganTheLionheart
                        LoganTheLionheart  4 months back

                        So Disneyland and world each have a star wars land

                        • MrCamel2humps
                          MrCamel2humps  4 months back

                          What I’ve been wanting to know for years is has Harrison Ford ever been on the Indy ride?

                          • TeaGamingPanda
                            TeaGamingPanda  4 months back

                            I’m curious too.

                            Pretty sure he already been on a better Indy ride, him playing as Indiana!

                        • Reis World
                          Reis World  4 months back

                          George sold his soul for money

                          • Mr.Declan Gillan
                            Mr.Declan Gillan  4 months back

                            The only thing to make george lucas laugh is jar jar binks

                            • Jack Theflash
                              Jack Theflash  4 months back

                              And Carrie Fisher

                            • Jojo490
                              Jojo490  4 months back

                              Only because he brings pain to others

                          • TJ Bullard
                            TJ Bullard  4 months back

                            You've gotta love Mark Hamill!

                            • Jab ox
                              Jab ox  4 months back

                              idk why i keep thinking harrison is dead

                              • CRAZYD4VE87
                                CRAZYD4VE87  4 months back

                                he died in the movies like twice i think

                            • Matthew Gaudet
                              Matthew Gaudet  4 months back

                              I wish he had been allowed to play Luke Skywalker again. He said he was playing another character in Last Jedi and not his Luke.

                              • captlaserrage
                                captlaserrage  4 months back

                                His character wasn't a kid anymore, it's like if they got Hayden Christenssen to play Vader around the time of Return of the Jedi he'd be playing the character in a different stage of his life. Characters change, Luke's been through shit, I loved it.

                            • Ryben Flynn
                              Ryben Flynn  4 months back

                              Mark and I are the same age, I'm 13 days older and at least he as the same beer belly I do!

                              • Maniaman213
                                Maniaman213  4 months back

                                He used to be way bigger before force awakens, had to slim down for that.

                            • decentradical
                              decentradical  4 months back

                              A Handmaid's Tale Land is such a terrible idea Mark. Holy shit. That's one of the worst thing I've seen someone ever come up with.

                              • mgkpraesi
                                mgkpraesi  4 months back

                                Lucas looks like "Why the Fuck did i give StarWars to those SJW Idiots?"

                                • Mokkari77
                                  Mokkari77  4 months back

                                  George, Mark and Harrison weren't happy because Carrie wasn't there.

                                  • Mokkari77
                                    Mokkari77  4 months back

                                    @moist_captain Eh if fans hadn't driven Lucas from making more Star Wars he wouldn't have sold his company. The fans have themselves to blame.

                                  • moist_captain
                                    moist_captain  4 months back

                                    Or maybe because their characters were butchered by Disney.

                                  • WesMordine
                                    WesMordine  4 months back

                                    Just like a week after Peter's death, yeah.

                                  • Beltfedshooters
                                    Beltfedshooters  4 months back

                                    And Chewy..

                                • Christian Stoleski
                                  Christian Stoleski  4 months back

                                  loll ahhaha Lucas and ford fuck this

                                  • Digi-Akuma
                                    Digi-Akuma  4 months back

                                    I can't help but feel they were there out of some contractual obligation because of Star Wars itself. After seeing your creation dragged through the mud after TLJ (and if it weren't for said obligation), would you truly help your buyers "promote" your creation? I've been reading everything about the new land at Disneyland, and after you sift through all the "good reviews", you find out the bad things. It's terrible alone that the new land focuses solely on the sequels. In that case, is the OT / Prequels chopped liver? Because Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars without them, moreso the OT but there ya go.

                                    • S T A R k i l l E R
                                      S T A R k i l l E R  4 months back

                                      Digi-Akuma Pretty sure he dragged it himself through a pile of bantha poodoo a couple decades ago weeb

                                  • scratch and sniff Productions

                                    I got a question if they hate the OG characters so much how come they didn't have the sequel Trilogy characters open the park?

                                    • moist_captain
                                      moist_captain  4 months back

                                      Because nobody cares about them dude.

                                    • Gabriel K.
                                      Gabriel K.  4 months back

                                      @JakeTheGearHeart JJ was the one who mentioned the haters being sexist. The movies don't have any political agenda in them and neither do the Originals, although George liked to publically compare the characters to political figures, such as Vader and the Emperor being Bush and Cheney. It's a normal thing for creators to have opinions on things even if you disagree with them. Your argument was with the movies forcing a political agenda although they are not as you admitted, so your point is invalid. You are making a big deal out of those movies, and you shouldn't be at all. It's sad.

                                    • JakeTheGearHeart
                                      JakeTheGearHeart  4 months back

                                      @Gabriel K. Maybe not obviously in the movies, but outside of them they certainly are. They call fans who don't like TLJ sexist trolls no matter what their opinion is. That is classic NPC SJW behavior.

                                    • Gabriel K.
                                      Gabriel K.  4 months back

                                      @JakeTheGearHeart Nah, they're not.

                                    • JakeTheGearHeart
                                      JakeTheGearHeart  4 months back

                                      @Gabriel K. Disney seems to think Star Wars is politics. They keep pushing a SJW agenda.

                                  • BFKC
                                    BFKC  4 months back

                                    He seems super-healthy, but he had already aged tremendously before he got into his SW role again. He probably could look completely recognizable if he had long before done his "eat nothing that you enjoy eating" diet and sport.

                                    • Caroline Palmer
                                      Caroline Palmer  4 months back

                                      BFKC he did do the diet for the last Jedi. He could lose more weight, but he is Luke Skywalker thus he can do whatever he wants

                                  • Ruthlessnoodle
                                    Ruthlessnoodle  4 months back

                                    Mark Hamill looks homeless.

                                  • Terry Silver
                                    Terry Silver  4 months back

                                    Mark Hamill is trash

                                  • Donnie Gonzalez
                                    Donnie Gonzalez  4 months back

                                    Cool video

                                    • Destinations Chronicles
                                      Destinations Chronicles  4 months back

                                      FYI~ It's an entire land, not just an attraction LOL

                                      • Jack Theflash
                                        Jack Theflash  4 months back

                                        JakeTheGearHeart at least it has blue milk and hondo

                                      • HYBECTIVE
                                        HYBECTIVE  4 months back

                                        Destinations Chronicles Star Wars land is literally 80% shopping, it’s just a Downtown Disney in disguise.

                                      • JakeTheGearHeart
                                        JakeTheGearHeart  4 months back

                                        @Destinations Chronicles I haven't been to Galaxies Edge (and don't plan on it), but I feel I'm qualified to comment on it because I've watched multiple reviews and video "tours" of the park. That being said, what turns me off is everything that has to do with the sequel trilogy and a lack of content from the other trilogies. The sequels have done a great job at making me not care about anyone involved (except for maybe Kylo because he gets defeated and learns from his defeats). It's just depressing to me how many missed opportunities there are. Imagine having the park set on Tatooine where you have the actual Mos Eisley and get to visit Luke's Home and go inside a Jawa Sandcrawler or something like that. And the whole "gatherers" building lightsabers thing is one of the biggest missed opportunities when we could've had pretty much David Tennant (in the form of an animatronic Huyang) teaching you how to build lightsabers.

                                        Just look at what Universal Studios is doing with the Harry Potter park. That's more about the experience than the rides, but in that example, the experience is way better because you actually have a connection to that place already, unlike "Batu" which has never been seen in a movie or anything before.

                                      • Destinations Chronicles
                                        Destinations Chronicles  4 months back

                                        @JakeTheGearHeart Ogas cantina is nearly a direct copy of the the cantina on Tatooine. Highly recognizable. There are speeders, ti fighters, X and y wing fighters all over the land and shows with movie characters. There is a second ride coming. Also Critter country has only 2 rides Splash Mt and Pooh. New Orleans square has only 2 rides pirates and Haunted mansion, Frontier Land? Again, 2 rides! Thunder Mt and Mark Twain. Disney is about the theming and experience not just the rides.Tell me Jake, when you were there in Galaxies Edge what was it that put you off?

                                      • JakeTheGearHeart
                                        JakeTheGearHeart  4 months back

                                        I mean, it only has one attraction, and nothing else is recognizable Star Wars besides the people in costumes walking around, it pretty much is just one attraction.

                                    • Willy's Reviews and More
                                      Willy's Reviews and More  4 months back

                                      Worst people to go to the park? Come on. They went because they are the best and the fans love them the most.

                                      • Nomar Norono
                                        Nomar Norono  4 months back

                                        Hey, that guy was really cool as the fake Red John.

                                        • SG1Mitchell
                                          SG1Mitchell  4 months back

                                          That's Bradley freaking Whitford! He was awesome In The West Wing

                                      • Uouttooo
                                        Uouttooo  4 months back

                                        Harrison was probably thinking, "Oh jeez ... I even asked them to kill my character in the movie. Why are these people not getting it? I hate anything related to Star Wars. How many freaking more times do I have to bare with this crap over and over and over? Will it never end?"

                                        • Uouttooo
                                          Uouttooo  4 months back

                                          @High Yoda He liked it so much that he wanted his character dead even in the original trilogy. You are the gullible freak.

                                        • High Yoda
                                          High Yoda  4 months back

                                          uotoo you've completely got it wrong. harrison likes star wars. he doesnt like the fame! how many times do i have to repeat this to you gullible freaks! same goes for alec!

                                        • BeazleyZtudios
                                          BeazleyZtudios  4 months back

                                          Throughout Harrison's career, there have been only a few projects in which he's ever shown real excitement over, Indiana Jones being one of them. He did a Barbara Walters interview in the 90s and his basic attitude was that acting is his job. That's what he's paid to do. It's not a lifestyle for him like it is for many of Hollywood's actors. Think about it, press junkets, talk shows, theme park events, that is essentially over time for actors. Would you like it if your boss said that you have to work over time but not get paid anything for it?

                                          I think more actors should have that type of's a job, not a lifestyle. Maybe then many wouldn't act like idiots.

                                        • Uwusus Udududud
                                          Uwusus Udududud  4 months back

                                          Gladly han solo is an unimportant boring character compare to luke

                                        • RuyLopezQB6
                                          RuyLopezQB6  4 months back

                                          I assume it was a contractual obligation when they paid him a ton of money to do TFA. He will turn up for anything if they pay him enough. I think he had fun doing the movies, he just didn't want to be asked about for the rest of his life when he was promoting different projects. And he's more interested in talking about craft than fandom.

                                      • Jennifer Bureau
                                        Jennifer Bureau  4 months back

                                        Dear James, it wasn't a new attraction... it was an entire land. Sincerely, those of us who have waited forever for this entire experience to open.

                                        • Jennifer Bureau
                                          Jennifer Bureau  4 months back

                                          @Icydsting The term attraction would be used to define a show or ride within a land at a Disney park. For example, in the case of Galaxy's Edge, Smuggler's Run would be an attraction in that land.

                                        • Icydsting
                                          Icydsting  4 months back

                                          ...the entire land is the new attraction

                                      • Jennifer Eisenberg
                                        Jennifer Eisenberg  4 months back

                                        Actors don’t have to like anything about the movies they act in, or even like the themes and genre they covered. Acting is a performance job, scheduled appearance may not include pay to act like a character they’d previously played or for them to even enjoy it. Most high earning actors are paid up front and if the details to the appearance aren’t clear then they don’t have to act that way.

                                        • David Jacobs
                                          David Jacobs  4 months back

                                          well, they were paid to apear on this theme park to promote it.
                                          it's a job, and they should "ACT" as if they were happy to be there, and "ACT" as if they are excited about it.
                                          after all, they are Professional actors being paid for this gig.
                                          except for George Lucas ofcourse, who is not an actor.

                                      • Plusultra Ten
                                        Plusultra Ten  4 months back

                                        Too bad Carrie or Chewie wasn’t there

                                        • High Yoda
                                          High Yoda  4 months back

                                          @Plusultra Ten peter mayhew

                                        • Plusultra Ten
                                          Plusultra Ten  4 months back

                                          High Yoda what?

                                        • High Yoda
                                          High Yoda  4 months back

                                          plusultra ten you mena peter

                                        • David Jacobs
                                          David Jacobs  4 months back

                                          they are dead, but Anthony Daniels is still alive, yet wasn't there.

                                      • Not a Youtuber
                                        Not a Youtuber  4 months back

                                        Mark was there promoting the new chucky movie childs play 2019 coming out June 21st

                                        • Disney Watchers
                                          Disney Watchers  4 months back

                                          Billy Dee did look pretty happy!

                                          • André Dulac
                                            André Dulac  4 months back

                                            To be honest, he always looks pretty happy ^^

                                          • David Lape
                                            David Lape  4 months back

                                            Disney Watchers Inviting him back after this many years would be exciting. It’s great to see him. Just wish Carrie was there and now Peter. 😪

                                        • Jaylie Borsello
                                          Jaylie Borsello  4 months back

                                          *DO A CARPOOL KARAOKE WITH 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER PLEASE*

                                          • Ak Akk
                                            Ak Akk  4 months back

                                            You HAVE to bring halsey for carpool

                                            • Jaja
                                              Jaja  4 months back

                                              Love Halsey, just can't imagine James singing along to her music

                                          • rock432
                                            rock432  4 months back

                                            I'm pretty sure that virility ride is in Epcot.

                                            • PowerfulDragon
                                              PowerfulDragon  4 months back

                                              "that's a ride i'd pay to go to" ... corden, that's not natural. you sound robotic, my dude.

                                              • Lauren Wylie
                                                Lauren Wylie  4 months back

                                                We live in Handmaid’s Tale-land. Not a fun attraction.

                                                • Blazeholder
                                                  Blazeholder  4 months back

                                                  You sound like you’d be fun at parties

                                              • Darcy P. S.
                                                Darcy P. S.  4 months back

                                                I missed Harry 😭

                                                • Zickey
                                                  Zickey  4 months back

                                                  Poisonpulse is someone who posts fifty comments trying to get likes

                                                  Don’t be a poisonpulse

                                                  • Granted Klass
                                                    Granted Klass  4 months back

                                                    May the 12 been with you