Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review: "The Bells" RANT WITH SPOILERS


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  • Matthew Court
    Matthew Court  4 months back

    D&D's Lucasfilm job interview.....

    KK - "Here at Lucasfilm we like to F much loved franchises, can you do that?"
    D&D - "Here is season 8 of Game of Thrones"
    KK - "You're hired"

    • osvaldo franco
      osvaldo franco  4 months back

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    • Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse  4 months back

      Best comment ever!

    • Juzu Juzu
      Juzu Juzu  4 months back

      To be fair, Star Wars is so complete joke, that even season 8 of GOT is way better. And to me top 4 worst episodes of GOT are from this season.

  • trulifesouljah
    trulifesouljah  1 months back


    • WinstonSmith6
      WinstonSmith6  2 months back

      Makes me glad I stopped giving a shit about Game of Thrones after season two.

      • Derek McManus
        Derek McManus  2 months back

        So it all went to shit! Welcome to 2019!

        • Charles Williams
          Charles Williams  2 months back

          Behold! The Doom King!

          • Lord Cognus
            Lord Cognus  3 months back

            The Night's King was simply trying to save us from the abdomen-emptying explosive shit that was this season.

            • Bezzle Bedeviled
              Bezzle Bedeviled  3 months back

              I hate the way Qyburn, the most enigmatic character in the show, was utterly wasted. The Night King going down like a wuss would have been a lot more tolerable if the series had delivered on the tantalizing hints it had dropped that Qyburn had figured out the secret of raising the dead. Can you imagine how baller the last episode might have been if Qyburn strode forth, smirking, and lifts his hands just like the Night King did in "Hardhome", and every corpse of King's Landing battle shambles back to their feet again? But nope. He's just thrown down the stairs, and that's the end of him.

              Oh, and what the fuck happened to *magic*? All we got was a dragon frying civilians in the penultimate episode. Really? That's it? This is what HBO scrimped its dimes and pennies and took an extra year for? When we know the Night King can cast spells, we know that Melisandre can cast spells, we know that Qyburn can make zombies, and that there's an entire Citadel full of maesters with an off-limits library chock-full of forbidden knowledge?

              • Fishslap 33
                Fishslap 33  3 months back

                Daenerys used the Allied strategy against Hitler. Kill enough civilians and he'll be forced to surrender! She went completely Churchill in E5!

                Anyway, The Hound didn't have a beef with Cercei, did he? I know I haven't bothered paying much attention for the last couple of seasons, but I can't remember any animosity there. I've been waiting for the next book to come out ever since D&D pissed all over Stannis in S4, and the show sort of hasn't really counted after. I feel the same way now, except ten times as strong and 100% vindicated. But why would Clegane kill Cercei? He's not exactly a righteous moral crusader I mean.

                • Fishslap 33
                  Fishslap 33  2 months back

                  @@Bezzle Bedeviled But he didn't even really want that. He left KL, where Gregor was technically employed, back in S2 and has been protecting girls and building churches ever since. If he was so gung-ho obsessed with killing his brother, it makes no sense for him to leave in the first place. And he never looked for him at Harrenhal or any other place Gregor had been to kill people for Ted and Carol Lancaster. Killing Gregor was not his character motivation and it was not his arc. it was a drunken pub-chant.

                • Bezzle Bedeviled
                  Bezzle Bedeviled  3 months back

                  Clegane had no interest in Cercei; he just wanted to kill his brother.

              • Hassim1983
                Hassim1983  4 months back

                Watched you with MooLer and you had your normal voice on..... sorry sir but that is way better then the effect that is on here, granted this is the first video I'm watching, but if the voice changer is your stick, this is the first and last video I watch. I subbed since you were funny and you told it like it is, but hearing you with the voice changer, thats a nope for me. Love what you do hope you stop the voice thing so I can be a part of it..... dude you don't need it why do it, you are great without it. Anyways I wish you the best

                • Dirty Mathew
                  Dirty Mathew  3 months back

                  I find the voice cool. Funy. Mighty.

              • Galen Hill
                Galen Hill  4 months back

                I felt bad for Dany.Jon was a lame who couldn’t even talk to her.Just drop his head and avert his eyes.And Tyrion was completely incompetent.She had to be thinking”This is all I have left”

                • Tony Dumbty
                  Tony Dumbty  4 months back

                  I finally know the why the writing went downhill, Dan Weiss was to busy practicing his guitar...he can actually play ok..anyone seen the game of thrones fender custom shop video?.

                  • Matt Hardin
                    Matt Hardin  4 months back

                    Sadly, every word of this is completely and totally accurate. It is not even a matter of opinion. That is what that episode was. I have cried over it twice and almost 3 times now just from sitting and asking “why, how could this have happened” and I feel cheated and robbed and there is nothing I can do about it and it hurts so bad 😰. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 left a hole in my chest from the death of the show

                    • Ozzie Solo
                      Ozzie Solo  4 months back

                      Hey guys here's a petition to take dumb and dumber off the next Star Wars Project, don't know if this'll work but it's worth a shot, folks.

                      • the Last Salient Rage
                        the Last Salient Rage  4 months back

                        Man, you saved this season for me. I found your videos around episode 5, I think I've seen them all. You've made this season worth watching. Thank you

                        • Ahti Köxi
                          Ahti Köxi  4 months back

                          can't wait for S8E6 rant. disgusted about how they destroyed the favourite TV series. Why was Jon even brought back to the life? so he could be King in the North for a time, fuck his aunt and later kill her? what was the point of Jon being revealed a Targaryen? so that his line could end in the Night's watch? unbelievable.

                          • •Φ•
                            •Φ•  4 months back

                            I hate this place...

                            • RetroRobotRadio
                              RetroRobotRadio  4 months back

                              No offense to the other critics if Game of Thrones, but one thing that I have not heard brought up is Arya and the hound were on a mission to KILL CERSI AND THE MOUNTAIN as the battle for Kings Landing started. Maybe just wait to see if that works before sending in the armies and dragon?

                              Even if Arya didn't tell them, Bran could have told them!

                              • •Φ•
                                •Φ•  4 months back

                                ★ ★

                                • Rock Tut
                                  Rock Tut  4 months back

                                  This show died when arya killed the night king

                                  • Lone Star
                                    Lone Star  4 months back

                                    _"Execute Order 66!"_ -Danaerys Targeryan.
                                    Oh sorry, wrong film.

                                    • SA93 Productions
                                      SA93 Productions  4 months back

                                      I literally laughed and cried at the same time because of this

                                      • Jason Baker
                                        Jason Baker  4 months back

                                        Great rant!....I needed that! I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.They crushed what was the best series in TV history. D&D are definitely Dumb & Dumber.

                                        • Uncle Duke
                                          Uncle Duke  4 months back

                                          Hail Doomcock!!!

                                          • Revan Shan
                                            Revan Shan  4 months back

                                            all non book shit in GoT is SHIT, just look at this crap and you will know what I am talking about

                                            • Jeremiah Kane
                                              Jeremiah Kane  4 months back

                                              Episode 3 was like the final insult for me. I'd been harsh on this show for 4 years, since they started going way off book and fucking up certain storylines. But the Battle of Winterfell was the final dagger to the heart. Beyond that I just haven't cared enough, I'm not passionate enough to hate this anymore, I've harboured a lot of hate towards the show for years, and now at this point, I just don't give a shit. It's the only way I still get any modicum of enjoyment out of it.

                                              • fuzzylumkins001
                                                fuzzylumkins001  4 months back

                                                Do the titans bs show i know i dont ask people to watch it but the world should know what they did to them

                                                • Juzzie Wuzzie
                                                  Juzzie Wuzzie  4 months back

                                                  Omg this guy is hilarious!!!! subbed!!!! ☺️

                                                  • Denis Vezijak
                                                    Denis Vezijak  4 months back

                                                    Well said 👍

                                                    • Sherley's World
                                                      Sherley's World  4 months back

                                                      OMG! I Absolutely LOVED this video.....The episode was disappointing but your rant really made me laugh. 😂

                                                      • Syisulis Solease
                                                        Syisulis Solease  4 months back

                                                        She killed hundreds of thousands and we are supposed to believe she just was having a month..... Queen of Ashes my ass this is the equivalent of me burning down my neighborhood because i'm tried of telemarketers calling my house......

                                                        • Aaron Stephen
                                                          Aaron Stephen  4 months back

                                                          I agree with the hasty writing.
                                                          I agree with anticlimax.
                                                          I agree with the missed opportunities and the poor writing.

                                                          But I totally disagree that any characters were betrayed, especially Daenerys. She was set up to be the villain since day one, her insanity needed to be sudden because Martin was presumably trying to portray a tragic villain, a "road to hell..." type of character. However, the fact that the season was compressed into 6 episodes, coupled with d and d trying to fill in the holes of Georges outline left something to be desired.

                                                          Long story short, I think everything that happened was great. How we saw it happen not so much.

                                                          • Tony S
                                                            Tony S  4 months back

                                                            This episode felt like when I beat Desert Strike (SEGA) with the cheat codes on. I leveled everything, won the game, but alas it felt unearned and unsatisfying.

                                                            • Anthony Aguirre
                                                              Anthony Aguirre  4 months back

                                                              maybe Doomcock sitting on the iron throne would be the best way to end this TV series

                                                              • White Noise
                                                                White Noise  4 months back

                                                                I thought you were done with GoT? As in, you weren't going to watch anymore???

                                                                • Jack Morano
                                                                  Jack Morano  4 months back

                                                                  Now what soyboy Jon back stabs crazy Dany? What an awful ending. Complete destruction of Jon's noble character. D&D thru their SJW garbage writing has ruined two of the most memerable characters ever written.

                                                                  • themarcshark
                                                                    themarcshark  4 months back

                                                                    This is my first video on this channel. Is this God's youtube channel where he rants about humans doing idiotic things?

                                                                    • Rick Maurer
                                                                      Rick Maurer  4 months back

                                                                      You left out the worst part. If Arya had just stayed in that damn room for five minutes, she would have run into Cersei and finished her list. Better Cersei goes with Jaime and then Jaime is revealed to be Arya! The prophecy is fulfilled. But nah why would D&D want to do that?

                                                                      • blower
                                                                        blower  4 months back

                                                                        **SOUND OF BELLS** .......Daenerys: waka...waka....waka....waka....waka...waka....waka....waka....waka

                                                                        • James Campagna
                                                                          James Campagna  4 months back

                                                                          Doomcock is bran.

                                                                          • tubesox000
                                                                            tubesox000  4 months back

                                                                            So dumb they just wreck Danni's character. Torching the people makes no sense. Burning down the military and cersi''s tower ? Ok. but just pointlesss to burn the city. Also we don't get a Cersi execution scene? Gimme a break.

                                                                            • ZodiacProd
                                                                              ZodiacProd  4 months back

                                                                              So Tyrion and Arya both know about secret entrances that lead right into the Red Keep (easily go assassinate Cersei) but NAY they probably kinda forgot about it..

                                                                              • ShogunOrta
                                                                                ShogunOrta  4 months back

                                                                                So............if I'm understanding you right, DC, I thiiiiiink you didn't like it? I dunno, not sure.

                                                                                • Xzzyyy
                                                                                  Xzzyyy  4 months back

                                                                                  God I keep stumbling on to this channel and...

                                                                                  Well that voice is annoying asf why is it necessary I genuinely hate it and your channel because of it which is fine I'm only a single sub or view but how many others?

                                                                                  • Mike Doonsebury
                                                                                    Mike Doonsebury  4 months back

                                                                                    OK. This has been really bothering me. Not only is Euron a world-class swimmer, but he swam between two or three miles in 1/2 hour in full leather and a with 20 inch steel knife. Not only is he a world class swimmer, but he was also able to beat the best swordsman in Westros with a knife after breaking a world record in the 2 mile swim. Most people in the same situation might loose the leather jerkin and the 8 lb knife when they're looking at a drowning event, but not our characters! Mary Sue Greyjoy!

                                                                                    • Mike Palm
                                                                                      Mike Palm  4 months back

                                                                                      Surprises you didnt mention all the time spent on "oh no, did arya die? Oh nevermind, she good".

                                                                                      • Starry Eyed Girl
                                                                                        Starry Eyed Girl  4 months back

                                                                                        I was angry but now I just feel numb... after all these years....

                                                                                        • Aang/Ellie/Hank
                                                                                          Aang/Ellie/Hank  4 months back

                                                                                          The only good thing anout this season is watvhing these rants on YT

                                                                                          • Sighing Cassandra
                                                                                            Sighing Cassandra  4 months back

                                                                                            Heard it is your birthday today (15 May) - Should the rumors be true, I wish you a very happy birthday! should it not be true, My Lord, just let Harvey loose on me ;)