Antonio Brown melts down on social media


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  • Jailan Rayvon
    Jailan Rayvon  1 weeks back

    He doesn’t deserve shit

    • Jailan Rayvon
      Jailan Rayvon  1 weeks back

      Don’t give him a penny

      • Lee Armijo
        Lee Armijo  2 weeks back

        Burning his jersey when I get home

        • William Stalvey
          William Stalvey  2 weeks back

          Brown, try to find a good Bible based Church and calm down, clean up your language and get you a good clean haircut.

          • Emanuel Voelker
            Emanuel Voelker  2 weeks back

            STUPID IDIOT. Just find another team

            • CB H
              CB H  3 weeks back

              I have no sympathy for this guy. He had a job making "millions" per year and he acted just like a 'Dumb" jock and blow it. He deserves everything that happens to him and hope he winds up flipping burgers a McDonalds like other people that never had the chances he had. Good riddance!

              • PCS The Madden GOAT
                PCS The Madden GOAT  3 weeks back

                Bill were focused on the jets today

                • Dominique Charley
                  Dominique Charley  3 weeks back

                  Black Excellence! 🤣

                  • 90's kid
                    90's kid  3 weeks back

                    He never played a down for the raiders. So they dont owe him shit

                    • gamelvr1
                      gamelvr1  6 days back

                      Technically he was supposed to have guaranteed money on both deals (whether he played or not). His actions voided that though

                  • Michael Allen
                    Michael Allen  3 weeks back

                    This nut needs to see a shrink and soon before he gets hurt.

                    • Storm10112
                      Storm10112  3 weeks back

                      He's freeeeeeeeeeeeeee grandma

                      • luna
                        luna  3 weeks back

                        It's going to be so much fun watching this guy crash and burn

                        • DLH
                          DLH  3 weeks back

                          AB is not SPIRALING DOWNWARD. He’s just not going to let anyone control what he says or thinks. For better or worse THAT IS HOW SOME PEOPLE ARE. He’s just an outspoken personality that needs to be ignored if you have a problem with him. Trying to SHUT A GROWN MAN UP IS DUMB.

                          Also, the things he said ABOUT ROBERT KRAFT, BIG BEN, and SHANNON SHARPE ARE ACTUALLY TRUE and can be proven through documentation, video, and eye witnesses. So what’s the problem? THAT HE REALLY CALLED THEM OUT? People were at AB before the text to the SINGLE MOM. Maybe THE SINGLE MOM IS AN OPPORTUNISTIC LIAR and he knows that already because he WAS THE ACCUSED.



                          • gamelvr1
                            gamelvr1  6 days back

                            Nobody with a shred of intelligence or morality could think the way AB does.

                        • Am rose
                          Am rose  3 weeks back

                          He can not keep his mouth shut just dug himself into a deeper hole. Yeh saying it like his idea he not playing football when no wants to deal with his actics. He he has cte brain injuries to his head or he is full of himself from fame that become difficult.

                          • Ryan Polak
                            Ryan Polak  3 weeks back

                            This is why women complain about Toxic Masculinity.

                            • Drock Coles
                              Drock Coles  3 weeks back

                              No one is checking to see if this dude has brain damage or C.T.E
                              Not a joke man..smh

                              • gamelvr1
                                gamelvr1  6 days back

                                Can't accurately diagnose for cte until after the person is dead

                            • JHope
                              JHope  3 weeks back

                              Sad...most of negative tweets started about Antonio are from caucasians athletes. Why are caucasians so hateful when a African American make a mistake? Terry Bradshaw, Baker Mayfield, Eric Weddle, all caucasian, and definitely have their own past.

                              • Wayne Hasch
                                Wayne Hasch  3 weeks back

                                It has been obvious to Pittsburghers that his mental state has seriously deteriorated over the years.His behavior is inexcusable but it's beyond his control. He needs professional help.

                                • joe momma
                                  joe momma  3 weeks back

                                  He will be an example for other athletes. Don't AB!

                                  • Anthony Strong
                                    Anthony Strong  3 weeks back

                                    Disgusting pure over privileged attitude. That is garbage that needs throwing out.

                                    • T Mayo
                                      T Mayo  3 weeks back

                                      AB I’ve said it all along you are not white- like Kraft and Ben Rothlisberger—they get second and third chances- you forgot the struggle brother u have to work twice as hard as any of them and don’t ever forget what you are and what they perceive you to be.I honestly think it is over for you in the NFL.

                                      • Erik izzy
                                        Erik izzy  3 weeks back

                                        he f'd himself with his social media posts but honestly the pats are part of the problem. what happened to innocent until proven guilty? these money hungry woman need to be thrown in jail if they accuse and it turns out to be bait

                                        • Erik izzy
                                          Erik izzy  3 weeks back

                                          Da Bears will gladly sign him!! Our offer is minimum wage

                                          • Alberto Guerra
                                            Alberto Guerra  3 weeks back

                                            This clown deserves it
                                            Grown ass man still acts like a lil kid from high school

                                            • lisab theboss
                                              lisab theboss  3 weeks back

                                              Im convinced after that brutal hit by that one bengal tigers member AB wasnt the same. I think and many others think he has developed CTE cause look at his track record only thing he was in trouble for has kicking the punter that was it. After that bad hit to the head he started to get into more trouble.

                                              • Loaneen Heimuli
                                                Loaneen Heimuli  3 weeks back

                                                Pc shit from RAIDER NATION

                                                • Lamont M
                                                  Lamont M  3 weeks back

                                                  I alwaya wondered how Big Ben only got 4 games for the shit he was accuses of

                                                  • el shivi
                                                    el shivi  3 weeks back

                                                    That's what happens when you get hit in the head a lot

                                                    • Slothy
                                                      Slothy  3 weeks back

                                                      I'm free mama.

                                                      • Dominick Booth
                                                        Dominick Booth  3 weeks back

                                                        But is he speaking the truth??? Kraft got caught red handed

                                                        • Oni
                                                          Oni  3 weeks back

                                                          Why can't players stay out of trouble and just play the game and get your money and enjoy life. Also stay off
                                                          twitter and Instagram if you are rich, also keep your mouth closed let the Attorneys handle your cases. All that
                                                          money gone within days Geez.

                                                          • sweetrose19
                                                            sweetrose19  3 weeks back

                                                            The media is hilarious. They will write a story and push it as if they know what a person is thinking. NFL does in fact have a double standard. Brown was wrong to text the woman. However, he should have been fined and suspended due the fact he has NOT been charged with a crime in the court of law. Just guilty in the MEDIA. With all that said, the NFL will still allow him to play when the smoke clears. Shannon Sharpe on his high horse as if he was never accused of sexual assault. Lol. But,he is apart of the media now PRETENDING he doesn't understand AB's plight.

                                                            • dr3yec
                                                              dr3yec  3 weeks back

                                                              Soundslike a typical liberal in todays world.

                                                              • D Cowboys
                                                                D Cowboys  3 weeks back

                                                                When the Miami Dolphins don't want to offer you a know nobody wants you.

                                                                • ta morajr
                                                                  ta morajr  3 weeks back

                                                                  Typical. Everybody's fault but my own. Dude needs some serious professional help.

                                                                  • Jovany De La Flamé
                                                                    Jovany De La Flamé  3 weeks back

                                                                    Belichick:We're focused on the Jets today.

                                                                    Reporter: Thank you coach.

                                                                    • Andrew Webb-trezzi
                                                                      Andrew Webb-trezzi  3 weeks back

                                                                      Nah, they robbing that man

                                                                      • gamelvr1
                                                                        gamelvr1  6 days back

                                                                        No they aren't. The dumbass voided his contract with his actions. He agreed to those clauses that allowed for that when he signed it

                                                                    • Eddie Green
                                                                      Eddie Green  3 weeks back

                                                                      Fucking crybaby.

                                                                      • lozgod
                                                                        lozgod  3 weeks back

                                                                        His entourage has to be scared as hell right now. They may have to get real jobs if they can’t find a new friend fast.

                                                                        • Junior Hernandez
                                                                          Junior Hernandez  3 weeks back

                                                                          Man that madden curse cover was no joke

                                                                          • Jeremy Garcia
                                                                            Jeremy Garcia  3 weeks back

                                                                            "Chess not checkers"? That's what his fans were saying .

                                                                            • Rikk Kazz
                                                                              Rikk Kazz  3 weeks back

                                                                              When was the last time this dude was checked for drugs? Normal sane people don’t act like him.
                                                                              Fuk that money and talent bs. He’s got some serious deep issues.

                                                                              • 1209Misty
                                                                                1209Misty  3 weeks back

                                                                                This fucking idiot got hit one too many times in his head, he needs to get a CAT scan and go see a neurologist!!

                                                                                • yelp yelp! true dat.
                                                                                  yelp yelp! true dat.  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Helfa screen rape because she want some money

                                                                                  • yelp yelp! true dat.
                                                                                    yelp yelp! true dat.  3 weeks back

                                                                                    The Rams would like to see you don't quit

                                                                                    • Jaime Meza
                                                                                      Jaime Meza  3 weeks back

                                                                                      SIANARA AB.

                                                                                      • James Matthews
                                                                                        James Matthews  3 weeks back

                                                                                        AB is a moron. Yes Kraft and Ben did get caught up in some terrible crap. Now what they didn't do is make things 1000% worse by sending intimidating texts to the accusers. Even if the first accuser is bogus.

                                                                                        • critic for the uploader

                                                                                          *Only you can save yourself...*