The real, weird Midsommar Traditions that inspired the Movie


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  • AlltimeMovies
    AlltimeMovies   4 months back

    What did you think of the real Midsommar? Will you be going to see the movie?

    • Jacob Hutton
      Jacob Hutton  4 months back

      AlltimeMovies gonna go see it tonight.... I totally want to do Midsommar with my family sometime like actually travel to Sweden it looks so beautiful!!!

  • GABIOL !
    GABIOL !  6 days back

    "we don't sacrifice people......not anymore" I'M DONE

    • Dylan Harto
      Dylan Harto  4 weeks back

      many years ago???? details please!!!! isn't this some crazy shit??

      • rhys roberts
        rhys roberts  2 months back

        *Skin the fool

        • zirconviper
          zirconviper  2 months back

          The Horga cultists are super nice guys compared to this cult that I made up called the Omega Cult. The activities and festivities the Omega Cult partake in are way more fucked up than what the Horga does.

          • zirconviper
            zirconviper  2 months back

            If there's anything I'd like to attend in Sweden, it's a Ghost concert!!

            • zirconviper
              zirconviper  2 months back

              The closest outfit that I have that's white with a fancy feel to it is my Raiden costume. There's a touch of blue to it, and it's 100% legit.

              • zirconviper
                zirconviper  2 months back

                I prefer to wear darker colors. White isn't really my color.

                • piecesofme
                  piecesofme  3 months back

                  Wait they *used* to do human sacrifices???

                • anita Crumbly
                  anita Crumbly  3 months back

                  This is my new favorite film, having already known of the historical customs it was so beautiful to watch things unfold with amazing cinematography as well as the rich symbolism in the movie. Thank you for doing this video on modern midsummer traditions in sweden :) #100thlike

                  • Blue Collar Consulting Group

                    When I observe somebody speaking about inspiration, I consistently reach out and say hi. How long have you been creating videos?

                    • Gail Neubauer
                      Gail Neubauer  4 months back

                      This is so amazing

                      • Nicolette James
                        Nicolette James  4 months back

                        I just came from a pagan summer solstice festival where we all dressed in white for the main ritual. But other than that it was nothing like this movie.

                        • Nicolette James
                          Nicolette James  2 months back

                          @zirconviper We mostly had a bunch of workshops on meditation, yoga, crystals, deities, things like that. For our main ritual they put on this play acting out the story of the sun god apollo, and then we prayed to goddesses of the earth from various pantheons and had a few oracles channel the goddesses to deliver a message from them.

                        • zirconviper
                          zirconviper  2 months back

                          Nicolette James What sort of activities did you do?

                        • Nicolette James
                          Nicolette James  2 months back

                          @zirconviper Not bad at all.

                        • zirconviper
                          zirconviper  2 months back

                          Nicolette James Was it not as bad as most people think?

                      • Nikolas Mace
                        Nikolas Mace  4 months back

                        Can you look at From👾Beyond👽

                        • alia storino
                          alia storino  4 months back

                          Such clickbate

                          • Chris Crijns
                            Chris Crijns  4 months back