5 Scariest Things Said by Astronauts


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  • Tryzick Theminecratfer
    Tryzick Theminecratfer  3 months back

    Scariest things I think: Goodbye, Houston. And: Oops.

    • Proud TobeBritish
      Proud TobeBritish  4 months back

      So it was speculated that the silence was because neil armstrong saw an alien space craft and described "them" watching him, but then continued to complete his moonwalk as opposed to freaking the fuck out as I think most humans would? In the wise words of judge judy, if it doesn't make sense its not true. Come on people think logically

      • Proud TobeBritish
        Proud TobeBritish  4 months back

        Can we all please remember that the term UFO literally means UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. It does not mean alien. Literally it means you saw something that you could not be sure of what it was. Simple

        • Manu Delmarche
          Manu Delmarche  1 years back

          This video is probably the most ludicrous thing I have seen so far this year.

          • SWSimpson
            SWSimpson  1 years back

            grotesque and absurd?

            • antwan1357
              antwan1357  1 years back


              • STAN MARSH
                STAN MARSH  1 years back

                The fuck is a cosmanaut

                • Tree Of Life
                  Tree Of Life  1 years back

                  People that dont acknowledge we are in alien presence are highly in denial. We have so much fucking proof

                  • JAM!
                    JAM!  1 years back

                    Sound like Danger Dolan

                    • Gabrielle Lambert
                      Gabrielle Lambert  1 years back

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                      • Sandra George
                        Sandra George  1 years back


                        • Petia A.
                          Petia A.  1 years back

                          Oh come on. Aliens will turn me back on earth right away once i start tallking 😂

                          • angela ortiz
                            angela ortiz  1 years back

                            Very interesting

                            • Absalles -
                              Absalles -  1 years back

                              Armstrong was like dammit the russians are Here

                              • Bryce SSH
                                Bryce SSH  1 years back


                                • oiyena oyenme
                                  oiyena oyenme  1 years back


                                  "Reports alien" - Made life changing discovery for Earth

                                  "Earth can't save me in time as alien is approaching with hunger for flesh" - ***!

                                  • Hunter Hancock
                                    Hunter Hancock  1 years back

                                    Armstrong on the moon? Are you dense? the moon isnt real.

                                    • IGave18Hiv
                                      IGave18Hiv  11 months back

                                      Tell me what is what u see in the sky at night

                                  • UnknownName
                                    UnknownName  1 years back

                                    Whatever you say narrator with your nasal effect is a complete lie. Get a life!

                                    • your bootyhole is your beautyhole

                                      dude are you having a stroke

                                      • Hoojikee
                                        Hoojikee  1 years back

                                        Lmao I love how he used a commercial for the thumbnaip

                                        • Deividas Neviesinu
                                          Deividas Neviesinu  1 years back

                                          Your videos became shit

                                          • Brady
                                            Brady  1 years back

                                            Deividas Neviesinu why don’t you make videos yourself then pleb

                                        • J. Case
                                          J. Case  1 years back

                                          The knocking was also recorded on the Myr. I believe they got both audio recording and still photos.

                                          • SpazTheGamer
                                            SpazTheGamer  1 years back

                                            no man has been out of the atmosphere

                                            • Dylan Proffitt
                                              Dylan Proffitt  1 years back

                                              SpazTheGamer Yes. Yes there has been.

                                            • Daniel Voltaire
                                              Daniel Voltaire  1 years back

                                              SpazTheGamer not publicly no

                                            • Oli170
                                              Oli170  1 years back

                                              yeah seems like youve never crawled out of the rock youve been under either

                                            • SpazTheGamer
                                              SpazTheGamer  1 years back

                                              Ikr, so many episodes on this :D :D but its an awesome game so far

                                          • Linda Lovehate
                                            Linda Lovehate  1 years back

                                            We Never Went To The Moon...And UFOS Do Exist!!!!!!

                                          • Brandon Bryant
                                            Brandon Bryant  1 years back

                                            Terrifive have the scariest channel I even showed it to my friend's they scared also

                                            • Darren
                                              Darren  1 years back

                                              When Neil Armstrong went to space he was told to say "santa Claus has landed" if he found alien life....

                                              And yep he said "santa Claus has landed"... So therefore that is the scariest ever thing to be said by a astronaut hands down.

                                            • Darren
                                              Darren  1 years back

                                              People still actually believe humans have ever gone to space? LMAO 😂 wow

                                              • Drank Clorox
                                                Drank Clorox  8 months back

                                                Hunter Hancock 😂😂 wtf, you don’t *believe* in the moon

                                              • James Yuan
                                                James Yuan  10 months back

                                                Banyakan ngelem lo bangsat 😂

                                              • The Lion's Roar
                                                The Lion's Roar  1 years back

                                                Hunter Hancock did too many drugs.

                                              • Oli170
                                                Oli170  1 years back

                                                Hunter Hancock yeah no wonder you don’t believe in the moon. i think you’re missing alot of other things that are right in your face aswell.

                                              • MariVargr
                                                MariVargr  1 years back

                                                Hunter Hancock, You are a blithering idiot.

                                            • jesust_is _bigmac
                                              jesust_is _bigmac  1 years back

                                              One step for a man...
                                              -Neil Armstrong

                                              • Rose _
                                                Rose _  1 years back

                                                So far 8 dumbass aliens have come by to give this video a down vote. 😒 Stay Classy my alien friends

                                                • ThatOneHipster2 Huehuehuehue

                                                  *_there was a space dick about 7 inches long flying to meh, it had a trail of white ooze and made a continuous squirting sound... I'll never go to the moon again_*

                                                  • DollyBoy19 23
                                                    DollyBoy19 23  1 years back

                                                    ThatOneHipster2 Huehuehuehue it as space sperm!

                                                  • Rose _
                                                    Rose _  1 years back

                                                    ThatOneHipster2 Huehuehuehue
                                                    WhooHooo! 🙌 FELT GOOD!👍

                                                • Doobz
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                                                  • Random Stuff
                                                    Random Stuff  1 years back

                                                    Pin me

                                                    • Just Shady
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                                                      • Cali dancer
                                                        Cali dancer  1 years back

                                                        Number 3; am I the only one thinking of the Doctor Who episode Listen?

                                                        • M R road to 100 subscribers without videos

                                                          0:37 number five- astronaut sees ufo

                                                          1:41 number four- astronaut sees ufo explode

                                                          2:33 number three- someone's knocking on the spaceship's DOOR

                                                          3:52 number two- ufo caught on camera

                                                          4:53 number one- Neil Armstrong's secret transmission to NASA

                                                          You're welcome.

                                                        • PhantomAudio83
                                                          PhantomAudio83  1 years back

                                                          Try finding one single unedited rocket launch leaving earths atmosphere, they ALWAYS cut the camera as it should be entering space. The transition period through our atmosphere to the vacuum of space has NEVER been shown. All we ever get is some lame cockpit view that proves NOTHING. The rockets arc back down & land in the sea.

                                                          • Bob Berch
                                                            Bob Berch  1 years back

                                                            You can see it's already in space long before 2:30. What is it with people like you? Why are you so suspicious, to the point of making public fools of yourselves. Are you suspicious of EVERYTHING?

                                                          • Bob Berch
                                                            Bob Berch  1 years back

                                                            An of course, because you cant find this evidence, it means that all the space launches and moon landings are all faked doesn't it? You fucking great moron. I've never seen Tom Cruise take a piss in a movie. I guess this means he's a robot.

                                                          • Hachi-Roku Performance Group
                                                            Hachi-Roku Performance Group  1 years back

                                                            PhantomAudio83 just shut up before you become the dumbest person on YouTube and that goes for all you flat earth retards. Flat earth fucktards should build a rocket to prove it like the one tard but build it big enough to fit all you dumb fucks and forget the parachute its not needed

                                                          • Cicada 3302
                                                            Cicada 3302  1 years back

                                                            You're clearly retarded
                                                            The earth is round ( a sphere)

                                                            There case closed moron

                                                          • Earthsgard81
                                                            Earthsgard81  1 years back

                                                            You said it.... liars is what they are.

                                                        • Hannah Kelly
                                                          Hannah Kelly  1 years back

                                                          Loved this! Narration is epic also xx

                                                          • ghoul cloudy
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                                                              • Kayden Morin-Vautour
                                                                Kayden Morin-Vautour  1 years back

                                                                Loved this video it's so cool!

                                                                • Reannah Ennis
                                                                  Reannah Ennis  1 years back

                                                                  Love this chanell x

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                                                                    • Rose _
                                                                      Rose _  1 years back

                                                                      Music Reaper WhooHooo!!! 🙌