Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 'The Bells' Review


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  • Adam P
    Adam P  4 days back

    You guys are idiots. "The logic of these battle scenes makes sense"? What?? Are you insane? The writing is pathetic. You should have way more hate for this shit.

    • SimpleBenji01
      SimpleBenji01  2 weeks back

      I enjoyed the season 1 to 5 retroperspectives so much but I didnt notice you guys are such fucking whimps. Like, you think the Varus writing was good? Holy fuck it was the worst thing ever, nothing was good about this whole season and this episode especially. Can't believe you as loyal fans aren't enraged about this BS.

      • Grace Stockwell
        Grace Stockwell  3 weeks back

        I wanted cersei to be fed to drogon...i wanted to watch her scream and plead for her life on her knees...i was robbed

        • Special Agent Washing Tub

          When Rhaegal died, Dany decided to give Drogon Iote's Shield. That's why arrows are suddenly useless.

          • Jack Olohan
            Jack Olohan  2 months back

            this is a very entertaining review, lads, spot on

            • Thess Fangirl
              Thess Fangirl  3 months back

              I think is worth pointing out the writing failure is due to the decision of removing the character of the Young Griff, Aegon, son of Rhaegar and his real wife, Elia Martell, and divide his arc around Jon (gets his name, and a bunch of thing like Vayrs support), Cersei (gets the golden company!) etc. Vayrs is definitely backing him, because he has a ideal of kingship that doesn't fit Dany, and Dany snapping after she realizes the people of King's Landing favors Griff over her would probably make her do regretful things. It helps she's surrounded by evil men (including Tyrion) except Barristan in the books. Like Victarion and Euron (merged into "Euron" who is mostly Victarion with Euron name) is her would be Greyjoy ally and not Asha (renamed Yara), Jorah's "nobler" traits were stolen from John Connington, who supports Young Griff (he's just an exile who sold people as slaves and a pedophile in the books). Barristan might even support Griff if the septa who is in his group turns out to be his long lost love, Ashara Dayne.

              • reymagea1
                reymagea1  3 months back

                The money paid for the Golden Company should go to the Iron Bank to pay Cersei's debt. How could anyone watch the show from the beginning and not see Dany starting to lose it? She said more than once: "They don't get to choose."  If Jon had just held her that last time she was asking for succor, this might have gone differently. We've all seen how much a hug can do to diffuse anger/fear/etc. and I'm not being trite.

                • fatuousjeffrey24 fresh
                  fatuousjeffrey24 fresh  3 months back

                  Honestly, there were some moments that were okay, but god damn, this episode fucking sucked. I can appreciate that you guys are being more critical than usual, but this is so bad. I don't understand what D&D were doing at all here. Dragon fire is basically as strong as they need it at the moment. Sometimes, it has explosive properties, sometimes it's mehhhh. They didn't set up her going mad Queen nearly enough. They didn't show us her face. The Golden Company did absolutely nothing. What was the point of all this? They even could have made Clegane Bowl better. You could have had Arya try to get to Cersei, and Gregor start beating the shit out of her, until Sandor comes in and saves Arya, killing himself and Gregor in the process. That would have been more satisfying. It's just such a god damn shame. These last 2 seasons honestly ruined this show for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the first 6 seasons, but to have it fail on some a huge scale and to have the BIGGEST REVEAL IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS STORY MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is unforgivable.

                  • Josiah Baughman
                    Josiah Baughman  3 months back

                    Arron have you paid any attention to the books and show, George Martin has made it clear 1.000.000 times that the stupid game DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you like SH*T!!!!? EPISODE THREE'S ENDING WAS GARBAGE EPISODE FOUR WAS GARBAGE THIS EPISODE'S STORY IS GARBAGE you are just like the hippies at the Burlington bar you just like and cheer at anything the show does!!! You do know that you and a small few are the minorities in that argument, this season is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! The game is only the first book and it's overstated its time in the story, Cersei should've died last season and the Army of the Dead should've both made it to King's Landing and be the end threat because that's good story telling, and it's loyal to what the story has established. This season is just HORSE-SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the Night's King's dead was both the worst villain defeat in history plus the worst moment in the entire series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • Rob Castleton
                      Rob Castleton  4 months back

                      Jon stark not a targaryean

                      • Jackson Worthman
                        Jackson Worthman  4 months back

                        Daenerys also cut off her braid, most people didn't know that.

                        • Dani ele
                          Dani ele  4 months back

                          This episode was fire bro

                          • The Rational Rifleman
                            The Rational Rifleman  4 months back

                            Gregor clegane died long ago, Sandor pitied him at the dragon pit. He tells Arya to let the spite go, and he had such a character arc, all ruined for a FUCKING DARK SOULS FIGHT.

                            • Dave Robb
                              Dave Robb  4 months back

                              Do you think Tyrion stating 4 times during the episode that if the bells ring they have surrendered means anything????? That's some nuanced stuff.

                              • Dave Robb
                                Dave Robb  4 months back

                                Do you think Tyrion stating 4 times during the episode that if the bells ring they have surrendered means anything????? That's some nuanced stuff.

                                • Rosamund Powell
                                  Rosamund Powell  4 months back

                                  I do mind that Dany went "mad queen", because her character arc was repeating (to a certain extent) Cersei's arc. I mean . . . after six seasons, Cersei came to the point where she went "mad queen" at the end of Season Six. And now, we're expected to swallow a similar arc for Daenerys? Even worse, in such a short space of time? Were Benioff and Weiss that unoriginal? Or was Martin?

                                  That whole spiel about Tagaryens is nonsense and poor writing. It's another attempt to show how certain people are doomed to become evil or insane, because of genetics. This is just sloppy writing of the worst kind.

                                  • Dave Robb
                                    Dave Robb  4 months back

                                    So the whole plan to get Cersei to have a truce or join them in the war vs the dead turned out to be really important. Dany could never win the iron throne if she went north first.

                                    • Jo-Ann
                                      Jo-Ann  4 months back

                                      Recently she has lost two of her dragon 'children', her two closest friends, the man she loves rejects her, she looks at the Red Keep knowing the people who's family killed her father and took her home are within reach, she has recently come out of a horrific war with the dead which resulted in many more human deaths, she knows one of her close advisors tried to poison her thus betraying her, she is going through intense grief....probably even mixed in with the grief of her first husband and dead child as well as being traumatised from all the recent events. All grief tends to come at once and is irrational. I think you have to go through intense grief alone to understand how she could have reached that point. I think its a bit more than 'flipping a coin'.

                                      • Jort Manshanden
                                        Jort Manshanden  4 months back

                                        The prophecy of Cersei dying strangled in the arms of her younger brother came true. It was good.

                                        • vic ferg
                                          vic ferg  5 months back

                                          These two keep trying to find a reason to justify what Daenerys did or a way to writters could've justified it... but that was the point, making her doing something horrible and unjustified. The problem with the series was how they developed that situation.

                                          • crazy cat lady
                                            crazy cat lady  5 months back

                                            after 40:00 you said about Jamie "he's good and bad" and i heard "he's good in bed" lol

                                            • The Irish Elk
                                              The Irish Elk  5 months back

                                              Cercies death was bullshit especially after all the crap she did

                                              • Dave Robb
                                                Dave Robb  5 months back

                                                They were younglings!

                                                • Darth KEK
                                                  Darth KEK  5 months back

                                                  The problem with Dany was not the razing of King's Landing. It's that she did it after surrender. That bell tolling was the CITY saying they accepted her as the Queen. It wasn't a chime of defeat - not for her - it was a chime of victory. She would have revelled in it. If the show runners wanted to raze Kings Landing, fine. DON'T RING THE BELL. Have the "ring the bell ring the bell" comment from the crowd, but then more shout "no" and "why don't you fuck off back to where you came from you foreign whore?" and jeers. THEN she would raze the city, sure.

                                                  • Darth KEK
                                                    Darth KEK  5 months back

                                                    Game of Thrones Season 8 - The Bell Ends.

                                                    Yes I'm amazing.

                                                    • Shadow Crash007
                                                      Shadow Crash007  5 months back

                                                      Sorry about the rude comment a few videos back. And the Twitter commnt lads. You guys are alright.

                                                      • AoDAzrael
                                                        AoDAzrael  5 months back

                                                        The main point that everyone misses about the sacking of King's Landing is that Daenarys DOES NOT TRUST ANYONE anymore with the exception of Greyworm. All she knows if Cersei is that she is a liar and a schemer. Who's to say that Cersei isn't going to pull something during the surrender meeting? She already tricked them once when she promised that Lannister forces would ride north. Sure, Tyrion said that the bells would ring...but he has fucked up every plan for 2 seasons, why should she believe that Tyrion isn't making another poor decision with the release of Jamie and trusting Cersei to run or surrender? She wanted to seal the deal, right then and there.

                                                        She also does not care for the Westerosi, not really. Even in earlier episodes she characterizes the fight against the night King as something she's doing for Jon and not for the people of the seven kingdoms. As far as she's concerned, the people of King's Landing are the people who stole everything from her family and fucked everything.

                                                        • I say thee nay
                                                          I say thee nay  5 months back

                                                          I hope Maisey kept her costume. She'd win 100% of Arya Stark Cosplay events forever afterwards.

                                                          • WiZ
                                                            WiZ  5 months back

                                                            *so she had an episode like Hodor...when her dad kept saying burn them all?*

                                                            • Kendra Barton
                                                              Kendra Barton  5 months back

                                                              I'm honestly the most upset about Sandor. I don't think Clegane bowl needed to happen, i don't think it should have happened. I think it would have been better if Sandor had died for a different reason, or even have lived. I hope Martin makes the end to that more satisfying than the show did. I felt like it made it pointless. I thought they where going to do something with the lord of light and maybe let Sandor take on Banderians flaming sword or what ever to wield his fear against his brother, maybe to protect someone, maybe Arya, rather than need revenge. I don't know, I felt like a waste of an opportunity.

                                                              • desmond davis
                                                                desmond davis  5 months back

                                                                If I become a Patreon will you just skip to FMA: Brotherhood 🤔

                                                                • Dark Mage
                                                                  Dark Mage  5 months back

                                                                  45:08 mark you say stannis wouldn’t do that, Tywin wouldn’t do that.. don’t forget that Tywin in fact DID do that in the original sack of kings landing.

                                                                  • jmpmo03
                                                                    jmpmo03  5 months back

                                                                    In the end the House of Lanister truly did not matter to Jamie and Cerci. Just as they told each other time and again. Their family, their legacy, their reputation, their status did not matter to them. "The only thing that matters is us". Even as their "house" came crumbling down upon their heads.

                                                                    • jon b
                                                                      jon b  5 months back

                                                                      My take on danny going full on , the people of kings landing were not innocent they were complicit in getting 2 dragons killed misande et al , the bells ring , they get to surrender they get to live when those otehrs died, f that , burn em all! its not madness its loss and rage and belief

                                                                      • Izenfaust
                                                                        Izenfaust  5 months back

                                                                        Danaerys turned Cruella De Vil when the bells were rung

                                                                        • Frew Ofstew
                                                                          Frew Ofstew  5 months back

                                                                          It's almost like she showing Cersei think your bad and will do terrible things...I'll show you who's bad bitch! lady Oleana reflected that she herself lacked imagination! But told the younger Dany to be a Dragon!

                                                                          • smoore977
                                                                            smoore977  5 months back

                                                                            All Hail Bran the Broken

                                                                            • Josfur Gaming
                                                                              Josfur Gaming  5 months back

                                                                              they should castrate those fuking gaytards..... I aint watching star wars in protest if those two gays end up making it. fuking wankers.

                                                                              • Travis at inkedATTY
                                                                                Travis at inkedATTY  5 months back

                                                                                How would you have written it? The whole episode before this was her loosing everyone she trusted.

                                                                                • Creative_Plays
                                                                                  Creative_Plays  5 months back

                                                                                  melisandre unkowingly sacrificed shireen baratheon to save arya stark in s8e5, "only death can pay for life" there is alot of evidence to support this from s3e5 onwards an its an extreme detail everybody seems to have missed !!

                                                                                  • Les Goodrich
                                                                                    Les Goodrich  5 months back

                                                                                    2 things...
                                                                                    Davos S2E9: "I've never known bells to mean surrender"
                                                                                    Tyrion S8E5: "If the bells ring, that means they surrender."

                                                                                    Aaron: "Is there anything she could say to Tyrion or Jon to... justify her actions in your mind?"
                                                                                    Beau: "Oops?"
                                                                                    (That killed me)

                                                                                    • Michael Hollier
                                                                                      Michael Hollier  5 months back

                                                                                      New Westworld trailer out I was thinking future world when I watch it can't wait for your review like watching ur videos 😎😎😎

                                                                                      • ttlpwn34
                                                                                        ttlpwn34  5 months back

                                                                                        I enjoyed most of this episode. I like how Drogon was used at the start to (for once) effectively pick apart a city's defenses. I like how the fighting inside the city devolves into chaos after Dany goes mad, because that's how the sacking of a city goes. Throughout history, more often than not, victorious attackers in a siege would help themselves to the spoils of war. Raping and pillaging was expected and it sucked to be on the receiving end of a proper sacking.
                                                                                        And like was mentioned in the video, I didn't like how Danny's madness was handled. When the bells were ringing and we start to see Danny, I was thinking "Ok, she was hyped up on adrenaline, but now that the bells are ringing she can take a deep breath and calm down." Nope.
                                                                                        I think the Anakin comparison was apt. Anakin slaughtering the younglings would be something I'd expect after a few years of being Vader, but I'm pretty sure the sacking of the Jedi Temple happened that same night. So yeah, I think there wasn't enough time between Missandei's death and the siege of King's Landing for us to see a proper spiral into madness. Maybe have every other attempt at taking King's Landing fail, and with each failure she gets more frustrated and more volatile. Only then would it make more sense, and be more compelling to see her go Mad Queen.
                                                                                        As for Cersei, I thought it was fine. You wanted her to go out like a bad ass? Cersei was only ever a bad ass when there was no risk to her own well being. Stannis attacks King's Landing, she's readied to sip on some poison. Sparrow's holding her in the cell, she caves and does the walk. Once it sets in that she's lost every single defense she has, that's it, she' powerless. She is no longer capable of doing anything bad ass because she no longer has the power to make any real moves. That being said, I would've have liked it more if the circumstances were more even, and she did still have moves to make, but she didn't.

                                                                                        • Nicolas Walsh
                                                                                          Nicolas Walsh  5 months back

                                                                                          The Arya part was actually my least favorite part

                                                                                          • Tracey Savell
                                                                                            Tracey Savell  5 months back

                                                                                            I think another 2 to 4 episodes would be far more compelling to see that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dany's children corrupted her. Dragons.

                                                                                            • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
                                                                                              Wubba Lubba Dub Dub  5 months back

                                                                                              The hound traveled four days with Arya and at the last minute was like "nah go home" lol

                                                                                              • Tube Stalker 7
                                                                                                Tube Stalker 7  5 months back

                                                                                                Season 8 was a complete let down. D&D ruined the finale season by completely destroying every character's development. The Night Kings death belonged to Jon, Cersei's death belonged to Arya (using her faceless man training), Jamie should have died in Breanne's arms as an honorable knight, Euron belongs to Yara, and the Golden Company was a disaster. Danny worked her ass off to be a queen and I could totally see her being assassinated by someone from the Maisters Guild and dying in Jon's arms with her leaving the throne to the one person who did not want it, the last Targarion. They should have done the show right and taken 10 seasons. I have more, but you all get my drift.

                                                                                                • Kristina Guyban
                                                                                                  Kristina Guyban  5 months back

                                                                                                  Oh but madness is not logical. The fight for King's Landing was enough to do it to her. She had aggrandized and romanticized this battle for a very long time, and also had a vision(hallucination?) of King's Landing covered in ash with the undying. She had fantasized about this forever. Something was said about her "good intentions." Good intentions and insanity are not mutually exclusive. To believe so shows a lack of understanding of insanity. Along with being genetically predisposed to psychosis she has a long history of trauma, and has suffered recent deaths of close loved ones. People who experience psychosis experience something called funeral mania, which means they do not handle death the same way a normal person does. To assume so is extremely naive. This is very psychiatrically accurate and accurate portrayal of mental illness is very rare in pop culture. Kudos to them. People will look back on this and applaud it.