Finding My Twin Sister a Boyfriend | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins EP 1


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  • Kiralyn Beswick
    Kiralyn Beswick  2 hours back


    • myra cerado
      myra cerado  3 hours back

      Alex wassabi from rolanda and guava juice

      • Gacha Jalilah
        Gacha Jalilah  4 hours back

        wait-who was the original choice for the 3rd person?

        • Valentina Figliola
          Valentina Figliola  5 hours back

          At 6:36 wait a couple of seconds and look at Brandon did any1 else see that eye roll 😂

          • Salman_Plays Roblox
            Salman_Plays Roblox  7 hours back

            Please don’t sing anymore

            • Gringanavy Val
              Gringanavy Val  7 hours back

              The difference between Alex's description and everyone else's in the beginning is hilarious


              Someone who is adventurous, spontaneous, and single.

              *Random Fact*
              I'm a really good hugger

              • Adriana Lopez
                Adriana Lopez  7 hours back

                I love the eposods of twin my sister

                • Unicorn and koala Lover111

                  jay seems gay

                  • Editing Bbys
                    Editing Bbys  8 hours back

                    Alex: Hee haad to liffftt hisss shirttt uppp ahaahaha

                    • Matilda Savage
                      Matilda Savage  8 hours back

                      The ship of alex & Vanessa 😭😭😭😭

                      • Bitch Slap
                        Bitch Slap  10 hours back

                        Sooo am I the only one who likes Brandon.....

                        • Katie Rasch
                          Katie Rasch  10 hours back

                          She should have kept Alex

                          • Ane Pichardo
                            Ane Pichardo  10 hours back

                            first of all WHO WOULD CHEAT ON BRANDON im 9 ik ik but if i was like 21 i would probably have a crush on him even though my finally dosent like tattoos

                            • iDeK oKaY
                              iDeK oKaY  10 hours back

                              i can tWeRk 23:10

                              • Ane Pichardo
                                Ane Pichardo  10 hours back

                                I feel bad for alex... HE GOT ELIMINATED THE FIRST DAY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

                                • Madeline C
                                  Madeline C  11 hours back

                                  Is no one gonna talk about how the color of veronica's shirt had changed multiple times

                                  • Waki Shaki
                                    Waki Shaki  11 hours back

                                    Ngl Brandon was a complete jerk, i feel like he would be the controlling type and his personality doesn’t match Nessa’s but Christian is so supportive, I ship nessa and Christian

                                    • Harvey
                                      Harvey  11 hours back

                                      Definitely not copying sixteen

                                      • Bihaney U
                                        Bihaney U  11 hours back

                                        Make another video of the dating show

                                        • Lecky
                                          Lecky  12 hours back

                                          Brandon just gets on my nerves this episode

                                          • Jasmine Lynch
                                            Jasmine Lynch  12 hours back

                                            Matt is from Carter share 🚫🛇

                                            • Thistle Chebat
                                              Thistle Chebat  12 hours back

                                              I feel like she is gonna be with either Christian or Brandon

                                              • Alexis Lopez
                                                Alexis Lopez  12 hours back

                                                Wasabi should have one ihate that

                                                • Thiqqq Queen
                                                  Thiqqq Queen  13 hours back

                                                  This is a offbrand version of b simons show “your my boyfriend”

                                                  • Christen Archer
                                                    Christen Archer  13 hours back

                                                    I hate all of them for that

                                                    • Lauren Reyes
                                                      Lauren Reyes  14 hours back

                                                      I have a boyfriend 👦🏼

                                                      • Jacinda Castellano
                                                        Jacinda Castellano  17 hours back


                                                        • Nomu Bud
                                                          Nomu Bud  18 hours back

                                                          Is it just me or does timothy sound like hosuh from danplan?

                                                          • Habib Souissi
                                                            Habib Souissi  18 hours back

                                                            i think chriastian will win the whole week like if u agree

                                                            • Luna Pandora
                                                              Luna Pandora  19 hours back

                                                              alex is going to win i dont care

                                                              • Keziah ama K
                                                                Keziah ama K  19 hours back

                                                                Alex is so funny 😹❤️

                                                                • F Playz
                                                                  F Playz  23 hours back

                                                                  Nessa said she loves alex 7:50

                                                                  • F Playz
                                                                    F Playz  23 hours back

                                                                    My ship has officially sank.




                                                                    • Danica Manarang
                                                                      Danica Manarang  24 hours back

                                                                      ok why can’t the other boys understand that Alex was joking. Vanessa even knows cause their literally friends🙄that’s just annoying

                                                                      • Sarcastic Little Bean Human Girl Thingy

                                                                        Am I the only one that was into the yogurt one like not just the guy himself....but the talent...?

                                                                        • Unicorn Isabelle
                                                                          Unicorn Isabelle  1 days back

                                                                          I feel bad for Alex wasabi

                                                                          • Fuzzywuzzy557 campbell

                                                                            Don’t pick a cinder hair

                                                                            • Amanda Labelle
                                                                              Amanda Labelle  1 days back

                                                                              Okay wait where is Brandon from I swear I know his face from somewhere

                                                                              • starblush
                                                                                starblush  1 days back

                                                                                For me vanessa’s only true match is Aaron. So sad they broke up😭

                                                                                • Melanie Meza
                                                                                  Melanie Meza  1 days back

                                                                                  ALEX WASSABI YAYYYY 😂😂😀😀

                                                                                  He said “I volunteer”

                                                                                  My head: “I volunteer as tribute” 😂😂 who remembers that

                                                                                  • Vanessa Jacinto
                                                                                    Vanessa Jacinto  1 days back

                                                                                    I am done watching they told Alex to leave

                                                                                    • Djany mervilus
                                                                                      Djany mervilus  1 days back

                                                                                      Zac is sooooo cutee 😍😍🤩

                                                                                      • cOrBeAn BeSsOn
                                                                                        cOrBeAn BeSsOn  1 days back

                                                                                        christian’s random fact should’ve been: *my brother is a giraffe.*

                                                                                        • cOrBeAn BeSsOn
                                                                                          cOrBeAn BeSsOn  1 days back

                                                                                          christian caught me *so* off guard

                                                                                          • Mylie Martinsen
                                                                                            Mylie Martinsen  1 days back

                                                                                            I honestly loved zac bc he said wac and just seemed so nice lol

                                                                                            • Fox Games
                                                                                              Fox Games  1 days back

                                                                                              it bothers me how they don't get Alex's humor. (Obviously besides Nessa and Roni)

                                                                                              • DatMeYoCutie
                                                                                                DatMeYoCutie  1 days back

                                                                                                Who thinks Brandon is a little over himself, cocky, rude/a little mean and just..........all bout him 🙄🙄🙄

                                                                                                • Miranda Oz
                                                                                                  Miranda Oz  1 days back

                                                                                                  Brandon just doesn’t match nessa like he’s kinda mean looking and just isss and ness is so nice and bubbly