Imagine Dragons - Birds (Animated Video)

  • Published: 24 July 2019
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    Two hearts
    One valve,
    Pumping the blood, we were the flood, we were the body and
    Two lives
    One life
    Sticking it out, letting you down, making it right

    Seasons they will change, life will make you grow, dreams will make you cry, cry, cry
    Everything is temporary, everything will slide, love will never die, die, die

    I know that birds fly in different directions
    I hope to see you again

    Living the dream, watching the leaves, changing the seasons
    Some nights
    I think of you
    Reliving the past, wishing it’d last, wishing and dreaming
    Seasons they will change, life will make you grow, death can make you hard, hard, hard
    Everything is temporary, everything will slide, love will never die, die, die

    I know that birds fly in different directions
    I hope to see you again
    Birds fly in different directions
    So fly high, so fly high

    When the moon is looking down
    Shining light upon your ground
    I’m flying up to let you see
    That the shadow cast is me

    I know that birds fly in different directions
    I hope to see you again
    Birds fly in different directions
    So fly high, so fly high
    So fly high, so fly high
    So fly high, so fly high

    Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Birds (Animated Video). © 2019 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records
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  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear  5 minutes back

    Imagine Dragons : birds
    EXO : bird
    Ikimono Gakari : blue bird

      ARMANDO ESTEBAN QUITO  45 minutes back

      خوښ کړئ که تاسو لوی عض د خوښ کړئ

      • Novice Arts
        Novice Arts  2 hours back

        Joker X Imagine Dragons - Demons

        • Block Clutchers
          Block Clutchers  3 hours back

          if i were too see a person flying WITH WINGS I WOULD BE AMAZED! And wanna be the person's friend.

          • nithish ron
            nithish ron  4 hours back

            At the end of the song make me cry ♥

            • 1 Destro
              1 Destro  4 hours back

              Wow, this animation is so good, why don’t you do it with your hits? This is so pretty

              • Kama Х
                Kama Х  4 hours back


                • elyse adriaens
                  elyse adriaens  4 hours back

                  whe are the animator artist ?

                  • IIFanzy Star
                    IIFanzy Star  4 hours back

                    Love will never die ❤

                    • Leora Kupferberg
                      Leora Kupferberg  4 hours back

                      There are the people that just came here for the music..
                      Then there are the people that are here for the words

                      • Ayiasky dessins
                        Ayiasky dessins  5 hours back

                        Si seulement j'avais des Ailes ...

                        • Can’t think of a good Name

                          Birds fly in different directions....
                          That hit hard

                          • Creeper man
                            Creeper man  6 hours back

                            You The best singers on The world

                            • Hana the wirdo
                              Hana the wirdo  6 hours back

                              I don't understand people who judged her, if I was them I would be so jealous of her

                              • Fdnrn Kahraman Tv
                                Fdnrn Kahraman Tv  6 hours back

                                Birds Fly,We Walk To High.

                                • moname mrinmoy
                                  moname mrinmoy  7 hours back

                                  Every things is temporary every things in side but real love never change 😑😑

                                  • Ayush Singh
                                    Ayush Singh  7 hours back

                                    Every thing is temporary, every thing will slide, love will never die...
                                    Are the actual lyrics.

                                • Raven Reyes
                                  Raven Reyes  7 hours back

                                  This song is so amazing. Imagine Dragons can’t make a bad song.
                                  This song deserves so much more love.

                                  • SALMA AKTER wow
                                    SALMA AKTER wow  7 hours back

                                    Anybody October 2019?


                                    • integrierter Kanacke
                                      integrierter Kanacke  7 hours back

                                      to everyone who asks who would laugh to someone who has wings and can fly. Its just a metapher to be different than the other people, and get bullied for that. Best Video and Song ever! Thanks Imagine Dragon

                                      • Roro D'msp
                                        Roro D'msp  8 hours back

                                        Omg is very sad.. :( i love your music <3

                                        • Alessandra Freitas
                                          Alessandra Freitas  8 hours back

                                          Não consigo parar de ouvir essa música desde que ela foi postada aqui no YouTube 😍😍😍😍

                                          • Guilherme games
                                            Guilherme games  9 hours back

                                            A mãe não deve culpa e foi morta,é qual e o sentido das coisas.

                                            • Temp0
                                              Temp0  9 hours back

                                              im a person who don't like many things
                                              but this video have earn my respekt!

                                              • Ayush Singh
                                                Ayush Singh  6 hours back

                                                You should check out their other songs like 'Love' and 'Roots'. They too have deep messages.

                                            • Aaron Usi
                                              Aaron Usi  9 hours back

                                              steven universe vibe

                                              • RubenTheRomanian Guy
                                                RubenTheRomanian Guy  9 hours back

                                                If you think birds can fly high, imagine dragons

                                                • Magnifique.壮大TM
                                                  Magnifique.壮大TM  11 hours back


                                                  • Magnifique.壮大TM
                                                    Magnifique.壮大TM  11 hours back

                                                    EDH DHBD JDHBF JHDBSDUDUREFFH

                                                    • Leonardo Rastelli
                                                      Leonardo Rastelli  12 hours back

                                                      😢😢😢😢😢😢😳😳😳😳😟😟😟😦😦😦SONO Were Rastelli e go vorrei dire una cosa...
                                                      È COMMUOVENTE😢😢😢😢😦😦😣😣😣😳😳😳😔😔😔😭😭😭😭

                                                      • CLASHING WITH LEO
                                                        CLASHING WITH LEO  12 hours back


                                                        • Christian Cry
                                                          Christian Cry  12 hours back

                                                          this Video want to say, Love your Mother always and anyway, because when she will go you will never can take back and your life will never be same..

                                                          • Clint James De Paz
                                                            Clint James De Paz  14 hours back

                                                            This make me realize that I can fly.

                                                            • Aude Charrier
                                                              Aude Charrier  14 hours back

                                                              J'adore cette chanson elle est belle et pleine de poésie sa me fait penser a ma maman qui est un oiseau au paradis que j'aime tant et qui me manque

                                                              • Ida S.
                                                                Ida S.  14 hours back

                                                                Who else cried?

                                                                • tzion falevai
                                                                  tzion falevai  17 hours back

                                                                  Give a like if your MORMON

                                                                  • facundo morales
                                                                    facundo morales  17 hours back

                                                                    Connie Maheswaran!

                                                                    • BBB official
                                                                      BBB official  18 hours back

                                                                      I love sing a song

                                                                      • HAOUACH Mohammed
                                                                        HAOUACH Mohammed  19 hours back

                                                                        really beautiful arts

                                                                        • Or Nah
                                                                          Or Nah  20 hours back

                                                                          why did you took my son away from me

                                                                          • Vannuels Gaming
                                                                            Vannuels Gaming  21 hours back

                                                                            RIP Sulli

                                                                            • Nathanael Rutz
                                                                              Nathanael Rutz  22 hours back

                                                                              Me: can you fly?

                                                                              • Nathanael Rutz
                                                                                Nathanael Rutz  22 hours back

                                                                                Me has stuffed animal from being two and gets bullied.

                                                                                Me: it's from when I was two and I don't like change.

                                                                                Her gets bullied for being special.

                                                                                Her:you mean; runs away.

                                                                                • Nathanael Rutz
                                                                                  Nathanael Rutz  22 hours back

                                                                                  People avoid Me at school, so I decided they are idiots.

                                                                                  • Nathanael Rutz
                                                                                    Nathanael Rutz  22 hours back

                                                                                    Beginning of song: love will never die.

                                                                                    Me: whos date worthy

                                                                                    • Karla Hernandez
                                                                                      Karla Hernandez  22 hours back

                                                                                      Hi imagines Dragon's me you fan 1

                                                                                      • Reymel Magat
                                                                                        Reymel Magat  22 hours back

                                                                                        I love imagine dragons

                                                                                        • Nathanael Rutz
                                                                                          Nathanael Rutz  22 hours back

                                                                                          Kids laughed when they realise she's part bird.

                                                                                          Me: are you sure she can't snap and make you blow up or kill you some other way?

                                                                                          • felipe alves
                                                                                            felipe alves  1 days back

                                                                                            Amo muito❣

                                                                                            • juan cano
                                                                                              juan cano  1 days back

                                                                                              like por que soy el unico mexicano en votar y muy buena animacion y cancion ................ :3