Trust Trump When He Says He Doesn't Do Cover Ups

  • Published: 23 May 2019
  • James Corden looks at the news of the day, notably continued sparring between President Donald Trump and the Democratic leaders of the Congress, and Donald Trump Jr. signing a lucrative book deal.

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Comments • 153

  • gratisversus
    gratisversus  2 months back

    These guys all look the same - weak jawline, low T, high soy, anti Trump

    • Aditya Tiger
      Aditya Tiger  3 months back

      I can guarantee say that There is No Alien connection with White House. Or Trump would have bragged about it A Long Time Ago

      • Laurie Gogas
        Laurie Gogas  4 months back

        OMG!!!! Why does anyone believe this lying piece of shit!!!!!!! Trump, not James....

        • Basia Malinka
          Basia Malinka  4 months back

          love the free media XD

          • JAG
            JAG  4 months back

            Jaded Jerk

            • Larry Sherrill
              Larry Sherrill  5 months back

              How do you answer posts by intelligence officials that the British have finger prints all over the documents that could only originate in England. Go ahead deny any " British Intelligence". Your man took money for a fraudulent document. Anyone else would be in Jail for fraud...Maybe he can give the money back...

              • F P
                F P  5 months back

                If the USA were a man tWump would definitely be the a#shole "DON'T IMAGINE IT"if you want to retain any semblance of sanity

                • ON SONG
                  ON SONG  5 months back

                  James Cordon', like so many other unfunny comedians has climbed aboard the Trump hating bandwagon. It's sad to watch these people sucking up to their liberal masters. If he made fun of, say, Kamala Harris or Meryl Streep, .he would never work again.

                • nuster dom
                  nuster dom  5 months back

                  McCain Hero Hero Hero Trump Caca Caca Caca

                  • Tex Mex
                    Tex Mex  5 months back

                    Who are you to mock or judge anybody ? Whats in your closet ? The only thing your missing is a stone to cast..........

                    • Smilley MLK
                      Smilley MLK  4 months back

                      @Jerry Tanner Both, actually.
                      "What's in *your* closet? The only thing *you're* missing is a stone to cast"
                      @Tex Mex: It's "what's", not "whats". Also, you don't need a space before a punctuation mark.
                      And to answer your question: he's a comedian. So unless you know something specific, it's just his job.

                    • Jerry Tanner
                      Jerry Tanner  4 months back

                      Agent’re’s need to learn English.

                    • Tex Mex
                      Tex Mex  5 months back

                      @Agent Fungus I hope the spelling police don't come after me !

                    • Tex Mex
                      Tex Mex  5 months back

                      @Agent Fungus sorry're

                    • Agent Fungus
                      Agent Fungus  5 months back


                  • Rk Ding
                    Rk Ding  5 months back

                    It's hard not to support Trump when you understand just how corrupt Hillary Clinton is, Barak Obama is, and George W. Bush is. No matter how bad Trump is, even at his worst, he's not as bad as they are. Note that he has utterly destroyed the credibility of our propaganda "news" agencies, our
                    highly corrupt intelligence agencies, and our corrupt justice department. Neither Clinton, Obama or Bush Jr would have been able nor willing to do
                    that, So If he does nothing more than this, it is a tremendous step forward .

                    • Smilley MLK
                      Smilley MLK  4 months back

                      Oh? When did the Clintons or Obama spend over $100 million of taxpayer money to go to their private golf courses?
                      When did either of them retain control of their private enterprise during their years of presidency?
                      When did they create laws that specifically helped their private enterprise - the Trump tax bill includes a paragraph on golf course owners?
                      When did they make private enterprise deals with foreign leaders during their administration - like Trump Tower Moscow?
                      When did either of them imply that they wouldn't accept the election results if they were defeated - ?
                      Why is discrediting your own agencies - the very agencies protecting the country of dangers both domestic and foreign - a good thing?

                    • Barbara K
                      Barbara K  5 months back

                      Is this sarcasm?

                  • Michelle Griffin
                    Michelle Griffin  5 months back

                    His cover up starts with that 70 year old hair toupee

                    • T Electronix
                      T Electronix  5 months back

                      "unscheduled" press briefing
                      .....where those 'no collusion, obstruction' signs just spontaneously appeared taped to the podium.

                      • Mary Rose Kent
                        Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                        T Electronix
                        They moved in for good just last month.

                    • Michael Thomas
                      Michael Thomas  5 months back

                      Not funny. Please stay out of politics - Mr Corden.

                      • Miguel Salazar
                        Miguel Salazar  5 months back

                        Nixon : "I'm not a crook" "Drumpf : "I don't do coverups" Col. Sanders : "I don't do fried chicken"

                        • Evon Williams
                          Evon Williams  5 months back

                          Oh really

                          • Carol Just
                            Carol Just  5 months back

                            trump can't handle 3 minutes with a room full of adults. 3 minutes. What a loser.

                            • Barney Potter
                              Barney Potter  5 months back

                              Trump don't do cover ups lol I wish he'd cover his ugly face

                              • David Edwards
                                David Edwards  5 months back

                                Looking at the photo of trump with his orange skin and silver hair, i think there is signs to the opposite of a cover up.
                                Didn't tRump start off with orange hair as well?

                                • Agent Fungus
                                  Agent Fungus  5 months back

                                  I've noticed the color changes about once a month.

                              • Narendra Patel
                                Narendra Patel  5 months back


                                • Tango Bango
                                  Tango Bango  5 months back

                                  Does Trump know how totally ridiculous he looks with that Orange crap all over his face? I doubt it.

                                  • Mary Rose Kent
                                    Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                    Tango Bango
                                    Clearly not...

                                  • Tango Bango
                                    Tango Bango  5 months back

                                    Agent Fungus YIKES!!!

                                  • Agent Fungus
                                    Agent Fungus  5 months back

                                    But could you imagine what he'd look like without the enhancements of makeup and whatever that thing on top of his head is supposed to be?

                                • moreno franco
                                  moreno franco  5 months back

                                  Love you James. Nail the Shit to the Wall!

                                  • Commander
                                    Commander  5 months back

                                    I just bet after he releases that book he'll be locked up

                                    • Mary Rose Kent
                                      Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                      Do you seriously think it’s going to be full of truth? Wow...there really is one born every minute.

                                  • la donna the first
                                    la donna the first  5 months back


                                    • Sandra Nelson
                                      Sandra Nelson  5 months back

                                      When you realize that Putin is the REAL president of the US, everything else makes sense.

                                      • Ann van de Kew
                                        Ann van de Kew  5 months back

                                        Hey Trhmp,
                                        Don't piss down my back
                                        and tell me it's raining.

                                        • TheKaiTetley
                                          TheKaiTetley  5 months back

                                          Trump walks into a meeting and proclaims he refuses to work. Yep, sounds like a Monday.

                                          • claire bigelow
                                            claire bigelow  5 months back

                                            i wouldnt trust LARD LAD (TRUMP) to take out my trash......

                                            • Squirrel Bait
                                              Squirrel Bait  5 months back

                                              The only president who gets the job done on what he campaigned on and why he won the election!

                                              • Dan Ozomatli
                                                Dan Ozomatli  5 months back

                                                And Trump definitely looks like he had his eye bags done also!

                                                • Ronnie Booxbaum
                                                  Ronnie Booxbaum  5 months back


                                                  • Kublai Khan
                                                    Kublai Khan  5 months back

                                                    He didn’t try to cover up the payments to Stormy Daniels ?. Really ?

                                                    • Romanes eunt domus
                                                      Romanes eunt domus  5 months back

                                                      3:37 So pubic hair is gross, but nose hair is fashionable????? People are idiots

                                                      • 刘宇龙
                                                        刘宇龙  5 months back


                                                        • D Rose
                                                          D Rose  5 months back

                                                          That nose hair extension photo!!!!!!!
                                                          MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                          • Carson Stroman
                                                            Carson Stroman  5 months back

                                                            Stop talking about politics, it’s making me not like your show anymore

                                                            • D.E.B. B
                                                              D.E.B. B  5 months back

                                                              The very stable genius, by presidential order, has lowered the standard to be a genius to an I.Q. of 60, so that he can honestly call himself a genius.

                                                            • Ansemite
                                                              Ansemite  5 months back

                                                              "I think nosehair is terribly 2018" - Yeah. Might be because that meme is about one year old now..

                                                              • DIESEL0759
                                                                DIESEL0759  5 months back

                                                                Marica, Marcia, MARCIA!!!

                                                                • DIESEL0759
                                                                  DIESEL0759  4 months back

                                                                  @Mary Rose Kent
                                                                  Whoops! Nope, was going for more pop culture-y.

                                                                • Mary Rose Kent
                                                                  Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                                                  Well then, I’m dating myself since I thought you were referencing Stan Freberg’s John & Marcia.

                                                                • DIESEL0759
                                                                  DIESEL0759  4 months back

                                                                  @Mary Rose Kent
                                                                  Not really, since "The Brady Bunch" airs in reruns perpetually...I'm sure there are SOME kids that can get that...

                                                                • Mary Rose Kent
                                                                  Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                                                  Dude, you totally dated yourself, but you got a chuckle out of this old gal!

                                                              • salas7146
                                                                salas7146  5 months back

                                                                Trump family is a big criminal

                                                                • Rosita A. Huff
                                                                  Rosita A. Huff  5 months back

                                                                  Sec.4. 25th amendment......the right thing to do....

                                                                  • David P
                                                                    David P  5 months back

                                                                    You are British and should not be joining the anti-Trumpers. Lost all respect for you

                                                                    • Quik Silver
                                                                      Quik Silver  5 months back

                                                                      Good, ten years later maybe sells a million copies

                                                                      • Roget Chambers
                                                                        Roget Chambers  5 months back

                                                                        19m subs 52k views. lol

                                                                        • Mary Rose Kent
                                                                          Mary Rose Kent  4 months back

                                                                          Roget Chambers
                                                                          Some of us have been on vacation

                                                                      • Karthik Ari
                                                                        Karthik Ari  5 months back

                                                                        Gone are the good ol days when talkshow hosts have good and interesting topics to discuss with the audience and talk with show guests. Today it's all about who can make jokes of the president the most.

                                                                        • Anne Day
                                                                          Anne Day  5 months back

                                                                          Yeah if only the president were less of a joke.

                                                                        • Howard Kerr
                                                                          Howard Kerr  5 months back

                                                                          When you have a person occupying the White House who looks and acts like a clown, well...the jokes just about write themselves. But I do see your point, talk show hosts used to be personalities and the guests had real lives, now it's all one big circus and is ironically labeled as "reality" tv.

                                                                      • Daniel Mbaabu
                                                                        Daniel Mbaabu  5 months back

                                                                        extended nose hair is disgusting!

                                                                        • ZLOBO ZWOLF
                                                                          ZLOBO ZWOLF  5 months back


                                                                          • Hunter
                                                                            Hunter  5 months back

                                                                            Unrelated... but...
                                                                            RAPTORS WON GAME 5 😍🥳🎉🎊