Trump's Inner Circle Facing Intense Scrutiny In Ukraine Scandal

  • Published: 02 October 2019
  • On tonight's episode of 'Don and the Giant Impeach,' Stephen Colbert updates us on the fast-moving Ukraine investigation and the actions of key players in President Trump's inner circle: Attorney General William Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and attorney Rudy Giuliani. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert

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Comments • 2 385

  • Gabriel Vazquez
    Gabriel Vazquez  1 days back

    I think Giuliani has looked into his mirror for so long that he now sees a parallel universe.

    • jazz21977
      jazz21977  2 days back

      Spoiler alert: Pompeo got eaten by an orange volcano!

      • Justin Kanton
        Justin Kanton  3 days back

        Trump attorney, and startled hairless hampster, Rudy Giuliani ...

        • Leah Greenberg
          Leah Greenberg  3 days back

          Everyone thinks it’s funny’s bec he’s making fun of trump but if you would take a fair approach on his jokes you would realize he’s corny and he makes fun a trump for the dumbest things Omg everyone trump liked a random video ha ha he has some much time on his hands


          • tremer 2009
            tremer 2009  3 days back

            Thanks The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.😊 "Bill Barr's...gonna find Obama's birth certificate. He's gonna rescue all the people that aliens abducted from Trump's Inauguration crowd and finally, bring help to hurricane ravaged Alabama."😁

            • smittykins
              smittykins  3 days back

              3:15–Shouldn’t that be “the Mueller inquiry’s ‘*oranges*’”? 😛

              • dogless10
                dogless10  3 days back

                Impeach Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Kavanaugh...

                • Christian G
                  Christian G  3 days back

                  "Hello, Australia? Tell me all about the oranges.... orinjes... orjinses"

                  • o0OHermioneO0o
                    o0OHermioneO0o  4 days back

                    So he can smell corruption? Don't thet say 'he who smelled it, dealt it'?

                    • ZenobiatheAngry BlackWomanRussell

                      Even IF Joe Biden IS guilty...ASKING for dirt on a political opponent from a foriegn entity...IS STILL ILLEGAL!!!!

                      • Richard Sanchez
                        Richard Sanchez  5 days back

                        That dudes a fuckin hero. Not cuz he saved anyones life, but because he saved an airline company money from losing money. They probably threw him a bbq n gave him a gift card.

                        • Dustin Newman
                          Dustin Newman  5 days back

                          Do any of you have any idea how hard it is to live and work in Louisiana? Everyone here blindly supports trump and everything he does. He’s infallible in the south, and it’s infuriating.

                          My only hope is he loses or is impeached, and this nonsense that surrounds me can finally be silenced.

                          • iamroneo
                            iamroneo  6 days back

                            NINTENDO MUSIC WAS SO SUBTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            • mashedraven47
                              mashedraven47  6 days back

                              Fork Lift GIRL (LADY, GAL, CHICK, IDK....). I don't usually care about that kinda stuff but she is a singular female... "Guy" is a stretch of the English language to describe her.

                              • Andy Macedo
                                Andy Macedo  6 days back

                                Any state backed cyber crime is still a crime and they are ultimately going to prison ! Everything has a digital footprint ! Can't justify or explain any of it which means it's a hate crime ! That's a lot of jail time ! And until people speak English then Armageddon is only going to get worse and gradually destroy the rest of the world ! As it has been doing ! I think you picked the wrong guy ! Bumping into mike Tyson coming out of the bar that night wasn't such a good idea to provoke him ! Now you made the worst decision of your lives and are going to be paying the ultimate sacrifice -- your freedom and your wealth and careers ! One by one say goodbye !

                                • Sassy Sasquatch
                                  Sassy Sasquatch  6 days back

                                  Meh. Letterman was way better.

                                  • Todd Preston
                                    Todd Preston  6 days back

                                    Keep swinging for the fences, Stephen!

                                    • Zaraki Kon
                                      Zaraki Kon  6 days back

                                      All this stuff should've happened ages ago. look at all the damage Drumpf has caused not only to America but to the Whole World with his Infantile and Unqualified behaviour !!

                                      • Kevin Davis
                                        Kevin Davis  6 days back

                                        Can David letterman come back

                                        • Kevin Davis
                                          Kevin Davis  6 days back

                                          My god.... this is a fine example of why late night talk shows are failing.. lets pick in trump for an hour and let’s talk to the first guest to see if they hate trump........


                                          • IronGalleon
                                            IronGalleon  7 days back

                                            Jon Batiste’s random video game references are the lifeblood of this show

                                            • Dallas Boring News
                                              Dallas Boring News  7 days back


                                              • Oh Yeah?
                                                Oh Yeah?  7 days back

                                                Colbert just killed me with that Pompeo elevator routine. This is like the one-thousandth time Colbert has had me dying with laughter in his career. The man is a national treasure.

                                                • Anthony S2K04
                                                  Anthony S2K04  7 days back

                                                  Who sell uranium to Russia.
                                                  Obama and Hillary.
                                                  Who lied about a video killing Ambassador Steven's.
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  Who supplied weapons and money to terrorists
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  While spied and shared secrets
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  Who's FBI and CIA = Hitler's SS Squads
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  Who sell uranium to Russia.
                                                  Obama and Hillary.
                                                  Who lied about a video killing Ambassador Steven's.
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  Who supplied weapons and money to terrorists
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  While spied and shared secrets
                                                  Obama and Hillary
                                                  Who's FBI and CIA = Hitler's SS Squads
                                                  Obama and Hillary

                                                  • Anthony S2K04
                                                    Anthony S2K04  7 days back

                                                    How happy are you late night no talent so called celebrities when America despises you. Your careers will be over in 2020. Because you'll have no ratings and will be booed off the stage when real America takes further control.

                                                    • Patrick Cornelius
                                                      Patrick Cornelius  7 days back

                                                      We're following this whole circus from The Netherlands and we really don't get how all this works an just can happen. He lies and commits crimes on camera, the WH just says "no" to Congress subpoenas and there's nothing any-one ca do. I think the Democrats have bitten of more than they can chew. Congress is powerless except for harsh words they can do nothing. Witnesses just don't appear, Republicans with all their high moral standards keep supporting this nasty guy. And, because all the stupid mistakes the Democrats make in the process, he wel be re-elected. It's horrible for the USA but also for the rest of the world. And nothing can stop this.

                                                      • Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director

                                                        lol did i hear the mario music at 5:00 XD

                                                        • Michelle Jones
                                                          Michelle Jones  1 weeks back

                                                          Guess what Steve? Your ratings are dropping. Maybe people are waking up to the fact that you like children too much. Pervert

                                                          • zappaf poofter
                                                            zappaf poofter  1 weeks back

                                                            trump will not only not be impeached,  he will be re elected.   read the phone transcript for yourself and ignore Colbert and the fake news.

                                                            • jake1332
                                                              jake1332  1 weeks back

                                                              To quote James Comey, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes."

                                                              • ANOTHER HELL
                                                                ANOTHER HELL  1 weeks back

                                                                When in rome eeeh in Trumps mind, cover a scandal with a new one so people focus on the new one.

                                                                • Elaine Steven
                                                                  Elaine Steven  1 weeks back

                                                                  I heard that underground mario music john!

                                                                  • Nate Hill
                                                                    Nate Hill  1 weeks back

                                                                    All jokes aside that driver did an amazing job and probably saved his company millions of dollars. He deserves a huge bonus and I hope he gets it.

                                                                    • Darren Turner
                                                                      Darren Turner  1 weeks back

                                                                      Barr is not seeking answers, he's seeking asylum!

                                                                      • Hanamichi Sakuragi
                                                                        Hanamichi Sakuragi  1 weeks back

                                                                        As a non-American I still can't fathom how people can still supporting Trump

                                                                        • Cee Dee
                                                                          Cee Dee  1 weeks back

                                                                          I stopped watching the news to get information on what's going on with Trump and the impeachment. I just watched Stephen Colbert because at least I can laugh while getting the facts. I think I belly laughed and almost cried during this one! Keep up the good work,; you are a comedic genius,!

                                                                          • Odin
                                                                            Odin  1 weeks back

                                                                            Impeachment of our President will lead to a Civil War.

                                                                            • Gina Chiarenza
                                                                              Gina Chiarenza  1 weeks back

                                                                              Good article from one of our veterans. We need more of our veterans interviewed!

                                                                              • Heartshinemusic
                                                                                Heartshinemusic  1 weeks back

                                                                                My name is Barr, Jail Barr.

                                                                                • Ellen Anderson
                                                                                  Ellen Anderson  1 weeks back

                                                                                  RUDY IS ON CRACK ! WHAT A WHACK JOB !

                                                                                  • Ellen Anderson
                                                                                    Ellen Anderson  1 weeks back

                                                                                    WHAT THE WHAT??? WOW JUST WOW !

                                                                                    • Lee Xiong
                                                                                      Lee Xiong  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Stephanie Colbert has become a sell out. Can't watch this guy anymore. He'll soon be out of work when Trump is out of office.

                                                                                      • Leif Johnson
                                                                                        Leif Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Velveeta Vesuvius is falling apart!!!!!

                                                                                        • Karen Fridie
                                                                                          Karen Fridie  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Rudy is a VICTIM OF HIMSELF!

                                                                                          • LOTE VALENCIA
                                                                                            LOTE VALENCIA  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Who remembers the good old days when this soyboy used to be funny

                                                                                            • N S
                                                                                              N S  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Colbert, you say you're out to expose and ridicule Trump at every turn, every chance and episode you get. But all I see is you making money off his name every night. And like Andrew Yang said, every mention of his name just benefits Trump more. So the fact that you profit from talking about this guy every night and keeping him relevant makes you in fact his best ally. Meanwhile you Diss Yang for trying to grab attention by skateboarding and having low attendance in his rallies? You either live under a rock or you're bought. Either way, your sleazeball way of making a living has to end.

                                                                                              • C Sa
                                                                                                C Sa  1 weeks back


                                                                                                • Lumby1
                                                                                                  Lumby1  1 weeks back

                                                                                                  Bill Barr should be investigating corruption at home, isn't that his job? Must be pretty incompetent if they can't do investigations of presently occurring corruption without the help of the Ukraine, Australia and China, never mind things that happened years ago, in the Ukraine. Maybe Putin could give them a hand, he's obviously a lot smarter than they are. And Trump fighting corruption in other countries? Please. The hypocrisy is embarrassingly obvious.