How Game of Thrones Hinted at Its Daenerys Twist For Years


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  • ScreenCrush
    ScreenCrush   5 months back

    What did you think of the episode?

    • Nadine Feiler
      Nadine Feiler  1 months back

      The most important sentence to keep in mind in game of throes is "f you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention" . Ultimately i think that it was a mistake to cut the two last seasons short. We needed a bit more time to see Daenerys develop in this direction. But latest when she burned the Tarlys because they would not bend the knee, I was relatively sure she would follow in the footsteps of her Father. The first time i strongly suspected it when she burned the Khals in season 6.

    • pplr1
      pplr1  5 months back

      @Tha_ Jet_King

      So you cannot give specific answers to my specific points and decide to bug out because losing a debate. But rather than acknowledge someone has a point you block'em.. thats pretty low.

      In case you were not being willfully blind you would notice I already made a list reasons how and why the video is wrong and posted it.

    • Tha_ Jet_King
      Tha_ Jet_King  5 months back

      pplr1 unfortunately I won’t be able to see any more responses from this point, I suggest you argue with this video’s makers and the creators of the show and GRRM lol or maybe just write a better story OR maybe just argue with Nature against the existence of air.
      We have seen and heard enough undeniable evidence-about what deeply drove Dany to do what she did from seasons1-8.
      Some can see and others like yourself stay blind.
      There’s nothing more to say here. Peace out!

    • pplr1
      pplr1  5 months back

      @Tauriq Abdullah

      Thank you and you are very right. I put together a list of about 20 things this videos gets wrong or tries to mislead people on.

  • Marissa Urias
    Marissa Urias  4 days back

    I seriously felt like the ONLY one who saw all of this!

    • Rays
      Rays  4 weeks back

      Easter egg: Ryan Arey is actually the real owner of Ryanair

      • Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska

        Hinting is not character development...

        • Dade Lee Murphy
          Dade Lee Murphy  2 months back

          fuck Dave and Dan, Disney cock suckers

          • Natasha Gisela
            Natasha Gisela  2 months back

            This was the best self explanation of game of thrones now I finally understand

            • Reddie EX
              Reddie EX  3 months back

              I can't agree because it ignores all the good in her.
              "She enjoys burning people alive" - her *enemies* not *innocent* people!
              She locks her dragons away after their burned just *one* innocent child!
              I'm fine with an ending where Dany turns mad but *there are signs* and *character development* to this point are two different things.
              There was also *a sign* that Arya turns mad. When she killed and cooked the Frey-Kids and served them in a pie to Walter. That was Psycho! Did she turn mad? No. You can't explain everything with "it's in the genes".

              • Rach G
                Rach G  3 months back

                I didn't mind so much where everyone's storylines ended up, it's more the fact that it was so rushed. They needed another season.

                • Skylightt
                  Skylightt  3 months back

                  Anyone paying attention should've realized it was very 50/50

                  • Bob Ratio
                    Bob Ratio  3 months back

                    Thank you, evidently most of the fans of the TV show missed these clues. Jon killing Daenerys also fulfilled the Azor Ahai prophesy where Azor Ahai killed Nessa Neesa to rid the world of a monster.

                    • M M
                      M M  4 months back

                      ”THERE WERE NO CLUES. NO CLUES AT ALL.”

                      • 0000 K
                        0000 K  4 months back

                        I honestly was afraid everytime she had to make a decision when it concerned someone's life. I didn't want it to be those cliche where she got emotional or felt sorry for criminals or her enemies. I wanted her to stay strong mentally and mean what she said. I definietly felt no sorry for anyone she has killed until S7. Emilia has done a really good job at showing her angry side. Every emotion was written in her eyes/on her face for me. I don't believe she failed at ruling her conquered cities, she had her goal somewhere else. She needed an Army to get her home back but when she arrived there to buy the Army she saw those people. She changed her mind many times for the sake of the Slaves. Nobody is born with ruling skills. Neither the Best Fighter nor a Gentle-Heart person can just rule over a country. You need experience, failure, success and will to be a good ruler. In my opinion, she couldn't just free the slaves, conquer the city, cause a mess (not intentionally) and then leave. She had no experience in ruling yet so she had to stay. I don't blame her alone for Burning KL. I actually blame D&D cause the Season was shit to explain anything. But based on what was given to us people around her led her to this mess. It was a very sensitive time for her in S8. After losing Viserion, getting no better response from Winterfell, losing her title, losing her lover slowly, getting betrayed, losing an already injured Child, Missandei getting killed only to be provoked...and having people looking at your face to see your reaction bc you are the Mad King's daughter so you aren't allowed to get angry...It wasn't her best time. It isn't just about genes. When people want to see the end of you nerves, have no faith in you, you do lose hope and say "Fine, I will do what you think then".
                        She wasn't bad from the beginning, she wasn't bad until S8 Ep4 in the show. If I had a brother like hers, I wouldn't even name my child after him. The Masters...I can't believe ppl feel bad for them and try to justify them. I love how she couldn't tolerate slavery and loved women who had the guts to stand for themselves. The original ending is still yet to be published or even worse, yet to be written.

                        No matter what you forshadow, It is not THE story you are trying to tell us. Even if she did something evil (which I didn't find anywhere until S8 Ep4 in the show) her good deeds covered it up. So they needed to start earlier showing her "mad" side. If I wanted to watch an End of somerhing based on forshadowing I wouldn't waste my time watching every single scene.

                        • Plum Fun
                          Plum Fun  4 months back

                          First...NEVER read the book before seeing the show. Never, ever, ever. Just don't do it. Soooo many things just can't realistically be chosen "perfectly" for a conversion to the screen.

                          Second... o_O So, uh, people were 'surprised' about Daenerys? I mean, it was so in-your-face obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it! The only thing that sort of surprised me (from a TV series POV) was how …. SPOILER ALERT!!! …

                          … was how Cercei and Jaime just kinda 'died off screen in a rather undramatic letdown' of a way. :( I was actually kinda hoping they'd get seriously burned by dragon fire but not die...and then just sort of get on a wagon or something fleeing the destruction. Then a small dialog amounting to "Nobody recognizes us now; lets just fuck off and pretend this never happened...go be sheep herders or potatoe farmers or something".

                          • Zack N Zwiebel
                            Zack N Zwiebel  4 months back

                            it felt obvious that she was the hero, yet it was almost too obvious perhaps, i had this feeling around season six i think, i had this wondering about where R R Martin was going with that story line, but i didn’t see it coming. it makes the whole thing creepier when you think about her not becoming the hero. i think we all wanted her to be the hero. maybe that’s the point. it is a good metaphors for the ideals we have in life not working out. the writers did not mess that part up, it was what R R Martin told them the ending was, the writers just didn’t spend enough time establishing establishing her fall with dialogue in the final season, but that is an understandable challenge, i’m not sure it was some kind of obvious goof up or something, because they can’t know the characters the way the author does.

                            • daenerys myqueenn
                              daenerys myqueenn  4 months back

                              And what of all the times Dany has said that she does not want innocents to be harmed? With the amount of hints we got (one) was not enough to convince me that she would burn down a whole city with innocents including children.

                              • Vittoria Colonna
                                Vittoria Colonna  4 months back

                                Your really reaching with some of your reasons. Your ignoring a lot of the context and circumstances. And you appear to be confusing the liberal democracy with Martin’s Machiavellian medieval society. Where people won’t hesitate to turn on you. I find the notion that she named her dragons after her brother and husband evidence that she’s a psychopath just dumb. In the book she acknowledged that Viserys was cruel to her but he did protect her when they were on the run. And she said that her Drogo had been kind to her (the wedding night rape scene was the idea of Dumb and Dumber it did not come from the book) and far more gentle than most Dothraki men would have been.

                                • The_Rebel
                                  The_Rebel  4 months back

                                  Far fetched

                                  • The Blue Rose of Stark
                                    The Blue Rose of Stark  4 months back

                                    Dany's madness was predicted by some of us years ago... that was no surprise.
                                    Jon going back to the Wall, yeah THAT surprised me. He was Azhor Ahai. And the LAST TARGARYEN.

                                    • Sam Smith
                                      Sam Smith  4 months back

                                      I honestly wouldn’t have hated the ending so much if they hadn’t rushed it so much. I will never understand why the writers thought they could finish everything properly in 6 episodes... episode four was the worst episode I’ve ever seen from a tv show.

                                      • Lydia Michnik
                                        Lydia Michnik  4 months back

                                        Fun fact: Daenerys allowed the slaves to sell themselves back to slavery and would get 10% of the money whenever a slave transaction happened. I thought it was interesting how she hated Slavery Bay's practices but she also benefited from it.

                                        • Terra S
                                          Terra S  4 months back

                                          Not upset that Dany became a mad queen, upset because D&D didn’t give it proper development for her to turn mad with it making sense...

                                          • Megan Dunklin
                                            Megan Dunklin  5 months back

                                            The whole Dany turning into the mad queen was coming. She might have adore her brother Rhaegar, but deep down she always had her father and Viserion in her. My problem was it was wayyyy too rushed. This whole season could have easily been 25 episodes, split into 2, with Dany showing signs she was turning mad throughout the whole season. They could have used the last 5 episodes of part 2 to show what made her snapped and figure out how to destroy her, after going mad and destroying King's Landing. I mean after all that was her goal the whole time. FYI this was something HBO told D&D they wouldn't mind funding for, but no those two said they could have fit it all in 6 episodes of 2 hours (oh that's another thing those two forgot OUR 2 HOUR EPISODES) This is Game of thrones so you aren't gonna get that happy fairytale ending, but at least the character arcs could have been tied up in a not so sloppy way as what I saw. Not to mention Jaime's character was completely shit on.

                                            • Proudmule1
                                              Proudmule1  5 months back

                                              I hear this guy's wee wee smells really bad.

                                              • Sonia Ndukwe
                                                Sonia Ndukwe  5 months back

                                                She was pushed to her limits, she was sex trafficked, lost her “children”, husband,all her allies died and her surbodinates plotted against her.

                                                • chanel henderson
                                                  chanel henderson  5 months back

                                                  Great video and i am naming my daughter Danereys Nymeria Henderson Robinson

                                                  • Ramy
                                                    Ramy  5 months back

                                                    Am I missing something? At 8:02 what does Ned Umber's death have to do with Targaryen? He was killed by the Night King.

                                                    • Nicamon
                                                      Nicamon  5 months back

                                                      You don't need to justify Dany's negative arc.The problem is not where she went,it's *HOW DAMN FAST* she went there!😡🔥

                                                      • Nicamon
                                                        Nicamon  5 months back

                                                        @Tu Pimp A Caterpillar No,it wasn't. In season 7(not 1,fucking SEVEN!)Dany was saying she wanted to"break the Wheel"and she was HOPING she deserved to episode ONE of season 8 she was like:"i WaNt ThE tHrOnE tHe ThRoNe Is MiNe!11!!!1!"and by the way she was STILL listening to people telling her she shouldn't kill innocents in order to win over Cersei. Then,half throught the SECOND TO LAST episode,she starts to burn all the city EXCEPT the only person she came to burn!If that's not fast and nonsensicle I *REALLY* don't know what is!X-(((

                                                      • Tu Pimp A Caterpillar
                                                        Tu Pimp A Caterpillar  5 months back

                                                        Nicamon it wasn’t that fast , it’s been long time coming since season one

                                                    • Raymond Davis
                                                      Raymond Davis  5 months back

                                                      "Foreshadowis NOT character development " Creative writing 101 obviously you and D&D both flunked

                                                      • Andres F
                                                        Andres F  5 months back

                                                        Delete this video. We could sit here and say anything was “hinted at”, but there is no justification for this god awful writing

                                                        • Elisabeth Tries
                                                          Elisabeth Tries  5 months back

                                                          Now I see a lot of comments here complaining about how Danny's character arc had not been built up properly. To answer to that shortly - imo Danny's arc was one of the few ones properly built up, we just perfectly ignored it, because we wanted to root for a female in power and the end of slavery. In other words, her propaganda got us lol

                                                          • Elisabeth Tries
                                                            Elisabeth Tries  5 months back

                                                            Thanks for creating some reasonable content on this topic! It did make a lot of sense for Danny to be(come) a true villain on so many levels to me. And I believe we simply have to admit that we all turned our back on how tyrannic she was becoming all along, ignoring her horrific means for the sake of the sacred goal (end slavery, kick patriarchy in the a... and build 'a better world'). And this is exactly what happens in every tyranny or extremist point of view, so let's take this message to heart and take a good long time thinking about what it means for the real world - not hinting at anything specific, because this can be so different for individual situations and viewpoints... A small thing I have been wondering about all along was the question "When exactly did Danaerys start to seek power?" (because as Drogon pointed out very clearly, the power was her downfall). In the very beginning of the books I seem to remember that she was not really in for Viserys' whole quest for the Iron Throne, she only wanted to go back to the house with the red door, which seems to resemble a place of peace/freedom/childhood/a world that is still intact. It seems to me that she only started liking power after - rather accidentally - finding herself in the role of Khaleesi and experiencing power's advantages to be free of her brother's abuse. But then again the tendency to meet violence with even more cruel/psychopathic violence seems to be rather genetically rooted (Fire & Blood). In any case, there is no easy answer, but many different layers adding to it I think.

                                                            • Christopher Crawford
                                                              Christopher Crawford  5 months back

                                                              Excellent analysis - we definitely got bits and pieces, little breadcrumbs through the series that foreshadowed her character arc. We routed for her, even liked her, but perhaps failed to see the big picture until all the pieces finally fell into place when she got to King's Landing and razed it with dragonfire. This is the complexity of George Martin's writing, where "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things" can make a difference. Or, perhaps more simply put, "the meek shall inherit the Earth."

                                                              • Dresden
                                                                Dresden  5 months back

                                                                maybe people like you should have been hired to explain the finer points to the writers of GOT. Build them a story board or draw them pictures whatever it took.

                                                                • Mn19 F
                                                                  Mn19 F  5 months back

                                                                  It has been VERY clear that GRRM has been writing a cautionary tale about what the thirst for power does to those seeking power. In the end, it costs them everything they hold dear. It is no surprise that Dany was a victim of her own demons in the end.

                                                                  • Some random youtube channel

                                                                    The "flip a coin" quote is also foreshadowing that there will be a twist finding another Targaryen. It wasn't a surprise that was Jon Snow. We see repeatedly Jon Snow "rules" with concern for the people while Dany is clearly a tyrant. Two sides of the coin. She never really presented herself as a ruler for the people at any point in the series, it was all talk - no proof. The ending has been foreshadowed throughout the series, and it all came together well. But, I've read the books and maybe that's why I think the ending worked, I don't know..

                                                                    • Brandon Lambert
                                                                      Brandon Lambert  5 months back

                                                                      Foreshadowing doesn't equal a character arc. It seemed out of character because they didn't build up to it properly.

                                                                      • Barry Taylor
                                                                        Barry Taylor  5 months back

                                                                        I just thought it was Daenerys time of the month.

                                                                        • Todd L
                                                                          Todd L  5 months back

                                                                          You are a total idiot!

                                                                          • lalalovengun
                                                                            lalalovengun  5 months back

                                                                            Khal Drogo fulfilled his promise when reincarnated as Drogo

                                                                            • pplr1
                                                                              pplr1  5 months back

                                                                              I think this episode is bunk and the more I watched your video the more it looked like excuse making. Here is a list of reasons why.

                                                                              1. You mentioned her brother selling her into slavery but you didn't mention that her brother was killed just after he threatened to kill her and her unborn son and pulled out a sword to do it with. That D and D used this is an excuse to call her mad shows their own stupidity.

                                                                              2. Who says she would've believed the witch at that point about whatever prediction was related to her son. The witch had lied to her and now it was being revealed. As for wanting the witch to die? The witch just killed or cost her both a son and a husband. Let me know how happy you would be with someone that murdered part of your immediate family (that wasn't threatening and willing to harm you like her brother).

                                                                              Also that Daenerys tried to be kind to the witch and other people without her advisors telling her to shows good things about her-not bad.

                                                                              3. Threatening to burn the city so her starving people can get some food. Was the city so generous they were going to feed her if she didn't threaten? This seems to be a combination of desperation and rationality. Burning King's Landing was neither.

                                                                              4. I noticed you included the "fire and blood" quote. But you did not include when she said she would take back what was her's by the blood of her enemies but not the blood of the innocent. This is called cherry picking or selective editing and it is dishonest because doesn't provide the whole view of what she said and what principles she did or did not have. Half-truths are often lies.

                                                                              5. She wanted the throne for her family. I agree the notion birthright rulership is not a good idea. But she had a solid claim to the throne and in that society it meant something. I noticed that other people having a claim (including ones that tried to use it) to the throne or some lordship and that didn't mean they were mad or going slaughter civilians so it shouldn't for her. This is both a double standard and nonsense.

                                                                              That she realized how bad slavery was still said good things about her character. Also she delayed her effort to take the throne in order to do more slave liberating. That means she put other people above her own desire for the throne. Something you failed to mention (more selective editing?) as well as a good mark for her character.

                                                                              6. Even if the vision of the throne room was foreshadowing (and people can argue about it) that still is not character development. Burning the Red Keep to get Cersei is very different from wasting time and almost letting Cersei escape because she would supposedly rather burn a bunch of civilians more than Cersei. This is one of the biggest bs points there-the idea that Daenerys would rather kill civilians than Cersei (which is what we saw play out in season 8 episode 5).

                                                                              7. Are you saying answering "injustice with justice" is bad thing? It is big reach to go from that to the her doing the injustice of burning a lot of civilians on purpose. That quote is not a sign she would go mad.

                                                                              8. It is a problem is that she uses execution??! Are you about to declare Ned Stark insane then? Execution was commonly used throughout this society by many people in charge. I'm not sure there even are any prisons. Cersei did have a couple of cells not larger than a jail (smaller than a prison) for people she likes to torture. But Cersei executed people anyway, I guess jails don't prevent execution. Anyway this is bs because of how grossly unfair it is to say one person is bad for following a cultural norm but the rest aren't. If you want to complain about executions complain about the culture, that you are not says you are excuse making here. Anyway please link your Ned Stark (who did execute people) will go mad video in your response.

                                                                              9. She uses a dragon when she executes people? So what. By Dragon or Sword the execution is supposed to be scary and either way the person will be dead the next day. I'll argue being dead the next day is more important than the amount of pain in the relatively short time it took to get there. Also it seems death by dragon fire was actually a faster way to go with less pain than the people Stannis burned. Please link to your Stannis was go mad video as well.

                                                                              10. "Varys served her faithfully until then". Really?? The guy had had been trying to poison her. In a society where execution is common let me know how a ruler executing someone who tried to murder that ruler is out of bounds.

                                                                              11. The Mad King burned people for fun and without a dragon. She never burns someone for fun. Everyone she executes there is a reason for and it isn't for fun. And no I'm not counting the character breaking burning of Kings Landing you are trying to come up with excuses for in this video.

                                                                              12. While I like the dragon symbolism idea because I think it is neat there is a problem here. Since foreshadowing is not character development then symbolism really isn't character development. And that is assuming your symbolism theory is correct, it may not be.

                                                                              13. Or her locking her dragons away was because she didn't want innocents to be harmed and was worried if 1 dragon killed an innocent child the other 2 may. Her willingness to do something that is painful for her to avoid the death of innocents shows she is not likely to want to burn civilians in King's Landing.

                                                                              14. So she is not her father. Multiple characters recognized this in the series said so and D and D even mentioned that in an after show talk where they say she isn't sadistic either. Now that we acknowledge she is actually winning the mental fight to not be her father lets move on.

                                                                              15. Gotta call BS on this one. She supposedly isn't her father but now is her brother and expects to be worshiped. Shortly after moving into the castle she was born in (which serves as her HQ for rest of the series) she actually mentioned how her brother believed the stories of people secretly calling for her return but she knew better. So no she isn't her brother. Moreover it looks like some of the excuses for this come out of season 8 where D and D had already decided they wanted her to go mad queen so they dropped cheap excuses in it for shoving her there when her character does not. The rest of the series (like seasons 1-7) often undermine these weak excuses.

                                                                              16. You contradict yourself with her supposedly needing advisors and those advisors being wrong. Tyrion was wrong a lot but she didn't have him around when she was captured by the Dothraki. She may have had a couple of advisors when she took Mareen but they didn't have to tell her not to burn it down. Your claim doesn't seem to make sense nor hold up.

                                                                              17. Lady Olenna was telling her to ignore Tyrion's complicated plans that often didn't work. Instead Lady Olenna wanted her to go directly at Cersei with her larger army and seize Kings Landing. Seizing King's Landing is very different from burning civilians after King's Landing is taken. Are you claiming Lady Olenna wanted mass murder and potentially letting Cersei escape? Really??

                                                                              18. So if Dany is hurt and angry why doesn't she go right at the Red Keep and kill Cersei instead of almost letting her get away? Often when people are angry they don't ignore someone they really really hate to hurt people they don't. That is not only breaking with her character (and the years of avoiding hurting innocents) but really dumb. Also after doing something out of anger people often catch themselves and feel bad afterwards. She burned most of the city and didn't express regret in the last episode. Then again that wasn't her character but an imposter D and D had shoved in that looked similar so maybe her imposter wouldn't have regrets. But that just means it isn't Dany.

                                                                              19. In that break the wheel comment of hers mentions the wheel of noble houses "crushing those on the ground". That means she doesn't like the wheel hurting people on the bottom. Not a sign she wants to burn people on the bottom to death-actually a sign of the opposite. That speech shows she is not likely to kill the civilians on the streets who are not nobles.

                                                                              20. This flag and burning body parts spiral bit is just dumb. That you have the gall to put her house flag alongside the burning spiral of body parts (left by the Night King when he took Umber and killed the little boy that was lord there) is you trying to show a connection. But what it really shows is that you weren't even looking for meaning as the 2 have little or nothing to do with each other. Danny is not the Night King.

                                                                              21. If people like Danny and her fall was going to suck then they (the showrunners) better show good reasons for it but neither you nor they do.

                                                                              22. Considering some of your claims about her are either double standards, nonsense, or both the person pretending here seems to be you when you made this video.

                                                                              • Ben Z
                                                                                Ben Z  5 months back

                                                                                The man who passes the sentence, should swing the sword... no Dragon should be involved.

                                                                                • Emma Ball
                                                                                  Emma Ball  5 months back

                                                                                  This is made up crap you are pairing your ass off this is total crap fuck you idiots

                                                                                  • Jonathan Chandler
                                                                                    Jonathan Chandler  5 months back

                                                                                    Excellent breakdown.

                                                                                    • Jonathan Ball
                                                                                      Jonathan Ball  5 months back

                                                                                      But hinting and foreshadowing IS FUCKING NOT character development for Christ sake!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                      • wolverine claws
                                                                                        wolverine claws  5 months back

                                                                                        Daenerys didn’t fall though. She did what she had to do . She lives in a cruel world. Had she left her enemies alive , they would of risen from the ashes to over throw her eventually .

                                                                                        • Darren
                                                                                          Darren  5 months back

                                                                                          ok so basically im monky

                                                                                          • #1 Hip Hop News GTV
                                                                                            #1 Hip Hop News GTV  5 months back

                                                                                            So many dislikes 😂

                                                                                            • Inaire Falen
                                                                                              Inaire Falen  5 months back

                                                                                              correction How Game of Thrones Hinted at Its bad writing.