Game of Thrones - Season 8, Episode 5 Review


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  • Gav's GoT Info
    Gav's GoT Info  3 months back

    It is context to the story troubling viewers and not the writing.

    Game(chess or cards) of throne(s)
    Hearts (who is alive at the end) Diamonds (who has things they look forward to achieving in the future) spades (who is buried and why) clubs (who died fighting for something they never would obtain)
    To understand the characters you treat them like people playing poker. To understand the song of ice and fire you treat them as pieces on a chess board. Look at how all the characters who are tied to the iron throne change their clothing. Cersei, Olenna, Daenerys all go into black outfits but hey if they all wore white first that would be too much of a tell. The way you treat the story needs to change and the writing defends its self if you do that. What can’t you have in chess, a past. The move you make is set, the only way you over come a wrong move is if you forget the past and focus on the present and the future. Daenerys always wanted the throne.
    Now you have context for the story and what are the thing both poker and chess share. The 5 rules Tyrion never stuck to and the fact that you never go and play poker or chess with literal intentions. They are played by watching and reading your opponent so you can learn their tells. You look for literal meaning in game of thrones you will not get a pleasant ending. You play it like the game it is built upon you get the answers you want as you are playing the game correctly. Figuratively and metaphoric meanings.

    The silent protagonist is Azor Ahai and his name is Bran the broken (raven, woken, spoken, token, arson, dragon). Bran woke the dragons from stone, Daenerys would have lost her mind with the illusion that she obtained this power so Bran took her mind. He took Jon's heart also so he wouldn't fall in love with her. That allowed Jon to focus on banding the needed forces together to battle the Night King, as not for Bran's intervention he would have marched south with the dragon queen. At the end when it was all over, Jon can only think that he is required to kill Daenerys so Jon stabs her in the heart. Jon is now reborn as the prince who was promised. He obtains a heart which is why he is left questioning if what he did felt right. If you look for the literal, you fail to see the candy (honeycomb) that ignites the tale.
    All the Starks are in black till the very end. Then Arya and Sansa are in white and then Jon Snow learns that he doesn't have to keep wearing black. You need to watch and read the show and learn the tell. Like in poker or chess. You'll be like Bran was just a kid! Old Bran was on the other side of the wall.

    • Ryan Reed
      Ryan Reed  4 months back

      Poor sweet Cersei. She was GOOD! And they KILLER HER!!!

      • Rocket
        Rocket  4 months back

        Why was Jon Snow trying to channel his inner Gene Simmons this season?!?

        • Joshua Lizard
          Joshua Lizard  4 months back

          Well, that was enough for me. I watched the first half of episode 6 and don't even care what happens next. World architects only ever come around once every thousand years. Danny would have and could have been the architect of a whole new world... and a much better world at that, certainly as far as the oppressed and destitute would have been concerned. Jon didn't care or want to know how beautiful that world could have been or how peaceful it's creation. Because building it might or might not have involved killing a few evil people, he decided it better to slaughter the architect and her new world, sentencing all the oppressed souls in the world to remain in their chains for another thousand years, merely so he could ensure that the world wouldn't be changed at all. I hope Arya goes to Bravos to finish her training because in my book that makes Jon Snow more evil than any of the Lanisters, Boltons or any other villians...even more evil that Dan and Dave and the inhabitants of King's Landing... and he will have brought to his house a curse far worse than a thousand White Walkers.
          Alas I know from experience that this world treats it's architects only slightly better than Westerous but the next time I return to that make believe kingdom will be a thousand years in the past.

          • Brian C-137
            Brian C-137  4 months back

            What are you going to do after GoT? Let us know so we know which shows we should watch.

            • Wow Lynch Wow!
              Wow Lynch Wow!   4 months back

              One of the main reasons I decided to cover GOT was when I found out Naomi Watts was being featured in the prequel. So going forward (and assuming my work schedule cooperates), I definitely plan to cover the GOT prequel, and I will continue covering Better Call Saul for as long as it lasts. And of course, if and when we get more Twin Peaks (or another David Lynch series), that will be my #1 priority for video content. Beyond that, I have no specific plans at this time, other than a few other ideas for Twin Peaks related content, other Lynch movies, and I have a Sopranos episode idea I've been itching to try, but I'm not sure when that will happen.

          • shelly lee
            shelly lee  4 months back

            Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

            • behageli
              behageli  4 months back

              Great review! I needed this. So many, including mainstream reviewers, have simply refused to understand this episode. I think because they neither have been paying attention to how the Deanerys character has developed, nor could tackle their disapointment with her actions in this episode. But you are not afraid of the truth, and I can't wait for the final episode review.

              • Alex Boon
                Alex Boon  4 months back

                While a faction of fans is all p.o.ed the series is not ending how they want it to end (even though they all want different endings), I'm so happy Season Eight has been full of surprises. Like everyone else, I make my predictions. Before Season 8/03, I thought for sure that Winterfell would fall. It didn't. And I was so cool with that. As the 8/05 twist, Dany has been power-tripping for quite a while now. It was set up. Game of Thrones became the most popular series globally ever because it surprised us, gave us the unexpected. So happy they are closing out that way.

                • Purgatori Prytania
                  Purgatori Prytania  4 months back

                  It's awful... But still better than The Return.

                  • Herbert Quain
                    Herbert Quain  4 months back

                    I don't get all the hysteria about how the season sucks. It's not perfect, but it's delivered some really powerful moments--Davos and the young girl with the scars, Brienne smiling (only time ever? maybe not, but it felt like it), Arya thanking the hound, Tyrion's goodbye to Jamie--all really strong, understated, and extremely well done. And the production has been pretty jaw dropping (Dothraki charge into oblivion??? Name a better conceived battle scene). I think the problem comes in the casting more than the writing. Tamzin Merchant would have probably given Daenerys a more convincing hint of lurking madness throughout the whole series, and that's the main thing that's missing now. Nothing against Emilia Clarke, she seems like a completely awesome human being and she's done a great job, she's just not mad queen enough. Yeah, there's the coffee cup (there HAS to be more to the story there...disgruntled editor maybe), elephants (inside joke I guess?), Bran (I wish he'd jumped up and killed the Night King...and then ripped off his face to reveal Arya), episode 4 (OK, that did suck, you got me there)...imperfections for sure. But overall I think it's been pretty satisfying and I expect it will end well, whatever happens. Oh, and it's better if you rewatch and binge it. Has a little more continuity that way I think.

                    • Eliza Gaskell
                      Eliza Gaskell  4 months back

                      The writers D&D won't give the happy ending people want - like the obvious having Jon or Sansa on the Throne of Westeros. It can go 2 ways (1) Dany dies or (2) Dany on the throne to rule Westeros.  She kills Sansa and Bran as well as Jon,  Greyworm kills Arya.   The dead rising from the grave!  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!  and Drogon starts a family.

                      • Lauren St. David
                        Lauren St. David  4 months back

                        Good evening, WLW! Are you going to post a round-up and final predictions before Sunday? I would love to hear what you think the grand finale will be like.

                        • Wow Lynch Wow!
                          Wow Lynch Wow!   4 months back

                          I started a Daenerys episode last night that should be up in 8 hours or so, but unfortunately, that's the last GOT piece I will have time for between now and Sunday. So sorry to say no final predictions from me.

                      • La Police de la Pensée
                        La Police de la Pensée  4 months back

                        - Waiting 10 years for winter to come and ending up with the NK getting killed in 1 episode, by a lil girl.
                        - Only 1 Giant, and he's killed by another lil girl...
                        - Tyrion was smart -> Now he's a dumbass.
                        - Sansa always tried to save her life -> Now she only wants Power...
                        - Daenerys was good with innocent people -> Now she's evil.
                        - Bronn was a friend of Jaime -> Not anymore...
                        - One Night with Jaime is Better than a whole Life with Tormund (his love has never counted)...
                        - Jaime was getting away from Cersei -> Now he wants to save her, 1min after taking Brienne's virginity...
                        - Jaime means "I Love" in french, OK i got that. But does that means he must love a Monster ?
                        - Jaime once sacrificed his honor to save the people of King's Landing -> Now he doesn't give a sh...
                        - Varys saved Tyrion in season 4 -> Now Tyrion betrayed Varys and sends him to death....
                        - Varys the Spider who once knew everything -> Now he's getting caught so easily...
                        - The Hound was the most fearless fighter -> Now he's shitting his pants (NK battle)
                        - Jon came back from the Dead -> Only to take back the Iron Throne from Daenerys...
                        - Jon doesn't even gave a hug to Ghost... which is on the pommel of his Sword, by the way...
                        - Bran was a main character -> Now he just plays Tetris on his Gameboy.
                        - Arya was a Faceless sneaky assassin -> Now she's the most powerful hero of the show ?
                        - Episode 3 : The worst military strategy they could ever apply...
                        - Episode 3 : Hiding in a crypt full of dead to escape the undead ? Very good idea....
                        - Episode 3 : Unsullied Army & Dothrakis are all dead...
                        - Episode 4 : Half of them survived...
                        - Episode 4 : Dragons are so easy to kill...
                        - Episode 5 : Dragons are immortal...
                        - When Daenerys heard the "Bells" : in fact, she heard "Be Hell"...
                        - Woow "My Sunday" dies... OMG, who cares.... ?
                        - And WTF the White Horse was about ? Bran's playing Pokemon on his Gameboy ? I'm sure they didn't even think about it. 😂
                        - Etc..... etc......

                        THX D&D for SUBVERTING OUR EXPECTATIONS...

                        • oscar royo
                          oscar royo  4 months back

                          This is the best review of this episode!

                          • Ali Abbas
                            Ali Abbas  4 months back

                            How did a terrible guy like you get 16k subscribers???

                            • Ali Abbas
                              Ali Abbas  4 months back

                              She loved her children

                              FUCK MAN 😠😠😠

                              • Ali Abbas
                                Ali Abbas  4 months back

                                Cersei was not a monster.... Sorry man thumbs down 👎

                                • Brian Baratheon
                                  Brian Baratheon  4 months back

                                  Or Dany is being framed by Bran, who warged Drogon and set KL ablaze. Recall that Dany was focused on the Red Keep in the moments before the massacre and appeared to be headed straight for it, until the moment where we see Drogon's shadow--which was what we saw in Bran's vision. Which is kind of odd because Bran doesn't usually take the perspective of another being, unless he is warging it. Then suddenly at that moment, Drogon changes course and incinerates civilians. We never see the Khaleesi's reaction at all for the rest of the rampage, even though special attention had been paid to her facial expressions the entire battle up until that point. Then after all is said and done, a horse appears before Arya, which I believe was warged by Bran because why would a horse be calmly waiting there in the middle of all that chaos??

                                  Not enough attention is paid to Bran and how he manipulates the people around him.

                                  • Sethro Sizeofthesun
                                    Sethro Sizeofthesun  4 months back

                                    You are the only reviewer I’ve seen get this right. The fact the 90% of this shows viewers thought that The Mother of Dragons was good and just until this episode has horrifying real world implications.

                                    • Clement Oghosa
                                      Clement Oghosa  4 months back

                                      Sansa being the will be the dumest thing ever

                                      • DPC
                                        DPC  4 months back

                                        Omfg..this is holarious..hilarious..

                                        • K J F
                                          K J F  4 months back

                                          What if Tyrion’s trial is because he killed Dany not because he freed Jaime??

                                          • LH
                                            LH  4 months back

                                            We gotta figure out how to kill the fucking Dragon.

                                            • GIARC SNOMMIT
                                              GIARC SNOMMIT  4 months back

                                              7:42 - 8:16 spot on.

                                              • SYRACUSE MAYHEM
                                                SYRACUSE MAYHEM  4 months back

                                                Who runs the 👧. We ladies are not taken your crap anymore. BURN!

                                                • Jasmine Kelly Love
                                                  Jasmine Kelly Love  4 months back

                                                  Finally. Some who actually gets what’s happening. I’m loving season 8!!

                                                  • Wendy Sheridan
                                                    Wendy Sheridan  4 months back

                                                    Jon goes north, never confronts Dany. For the rest, your guess is as good as mine.

                                                    • No Way
                                                      No Way  4 months back

                                                      As a Twin Peaks fan I'm glad to finally watch one of your videos without that "itching" cut, but glad to still see Laura's "meanwhile". The Stark sisters already contributed by setting the stage. Ayra's already gotten to kill most of the other major villains. It would be incredibly lame if Snow can't stand up to a "bossy woman" even after she's murdered a million people. Hopefully he gets to kill her.

                                                      • Jason T
                                                        Jason T  4 months back

                                                        S8E05 is crap.

                                                        • ironmike
                                                          ironmike  4 months back

                                                          Nothing you can do against an F22 Raptor.  Too bad Daenerys took it too far.  She had the win but decided to run up the score.  Not good sportsmanship.  To the guillotine she goes.  May 19th she will pay the ultimate price.

                                                          • Iwant2killmyself
                                                            Iwant2killmyself  4 months back

                                                            You should be a history teacher, listening to you talk is an absolute joy!

                                                            • Diane Walden
                                                              Diane Walden  4 months back

                                                              Oh yeah........Dany is definitely coming for the Stark sisters.

                                                              • Jim Baxter
                                                                Jim Baxter  4 months back

                                                                Love your commentary hilarious 😂

                                                                • susie scottsdale ~ support your local artist

                                                                  John will hop onto Drogon and execute Danny with DRACARYS!,,,, 🐉

                                                                  • Brian Baratheon
                                                                    Brian Baratheon  4 months back

                                                                    ....the Khaleesi is immune to fire. Especially Dragonfire

                                                                • Max Covfefe
                                                                  Max Covfefe  4 months back

                                                                  6:52 "Ygritte was right. I really do know nothing."
                                                                  I worry that if Dany is killed, Drogon's gonna go bonkers.
                                                                  I'm kinda torn between Team Sansa and Team Drogon for now.

                                                                  • cattycats4
                                                                    cattycats4  4 months back

                                                                    How is it possible for you to still like Cersei after everything... She didnt care one bit for all the people dying, even at the last moments she was still ENTIRELY selfish and unemotional, even stooping so low as to call her unborn son "Our child" when talking to Jaime when we all know it was Eurons..... what a psycho bitch, even in her last moments still lying and manipulative.

                                                                    At least Danerys showed some respect and care for her followers throughout the entire show.
                                                                    With Cersei it was all entirely selfish, she cared for her children and nobody else but even then her caring about her children was entirely selfish and always through her eyes and not theirs.
                                                                    I thought that point was made obvious when Tommen threw himself off a building.

                                                                    And now you say Danerys is too evil for you? That would only make sense if you have the memory of a goldfish.

                                                                    It is a shame that she didnt have a more brutal death, it wouldve been good to actually see her head crushed by a huge rock in front of a doomed and dying Jaime Lannister.
                                                                    Good episode though.

                                                                    Bran will be king.

                                                                    • KingOne
                                                                      KingOne  4 months back

                                                                      What the hell is this fool here talking about ? Cersei misunderstood / Daneerys never earned her righteousness ? What show have you been watching mate because this sound like a whole deluded dream you just had yesterday hahaha.

                                                                      • Laura D.
                                                                        Laura D.  4 months back

                                                                        I remember how disappointed I felt by the final episode of Twin Peaks season 3. I hope that doesn't happen here. Also, I love the "Meanwhile" Laura Palmer lol.

                                                                        • jimmy kimball
                                                                          jimmy kimball  4 months back

                                                                          What a bunch nonsense! All Hail Danaerys! Fire and blood!

                                                                          • Zett76
                                                                            Zett76  4 months back

                                                                            "Daenerys has always been the power-hungry manic"
                                                                            True. Yet so many fans of her decided to look the other way, time and time again...

                                                                            • !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
                                                                              !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  4 months back

                                                                              @Zett76 It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant you people can be. Hurr durr bluster in the context of trying to intimidate someone into giving her what she wants is the same as actual bloody lust for killing innocent people which is literally the exact opposite of what she has tried to do the entire show.

                                                                            • Zett76
                                                                              Zett76  4 months back

                                                                              "I WILL burn your cities to the ground!!"
                                                                              "Dani, no! I advise against it"
                                                                              "...well, okay..."

                                                                              People. You guys really don't see what you don't want to see... 😁

                                                                            • !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
                                                                              !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  4 months back

                                                                              being a power-hungry maniac is not the same as being a mass murdering psycho. there is literally no precedent for her targeting civilians. ever.

                                                                          • Peter Robinson
                                                                            Peter Robinson  4 months back

                                                                            Question for members and former-members of Team Dany. Now that your heroine has turned into She-Hitler, will you ever again wear your "Mother of Dragons" T- Shirt? ...probably not?

                                                                            • Abu Bakar Al-Idrus
                                                                              Abu Bakar Al-Idrus  4 months back

                                                                              I guess wheel = people.

                                                                              • honey badger
                                                                                honey badger  4 months back

                                                                                Here's my review.

                                                                                • Jim Lang
                                                                                  Jim Lang  4 months back

                                                                                  Wow, Lynch Wow, yours is the first video I've watched that actually understood what you watched, and also managed to keep your sense of humor and perspective as a viewer. We aren't watching fanfic here.

                                                                                  My question to you... if... when.... they kill Dany -- how will they deal with Drogon?

                                                                                • Dhira Yudha
                                                                                  Dhira Yudha  4 months back

                                                                                  Your video is always fun to watch. Everytime you said "Maniac" Im dying. lol

                                                                                  • David Bentley
                                                                                    David Bentley  4 months back

                                                                                    Daenerys had suffered enough to have severe PTSD. Her life has had so much suffering. She had shown mercy too so many and yet they betrayed her. She felt alone obviously. Heartbroken from the death of all of her loved ones and Jon's rejection is obviously so painful for her. But when innocents died in the past, she cared about those moments and grew from it...She hadn't come close to her "Burn them all" moment.

                                                                                    Episode 4 had a Dragon killed out of the blue...randomly....out of episode 5 she would risk her last Dragon to slaughter peasants? Children? She didn't know what they had prepared for defense inside the walls. She became such a strong leader and at the end after she has won...fucking bells trigger her...Her anger couldn't end with Cercei's death in King's landing? She was that far gone? We saw her turn that crazy? Was that even close to being set up in the show? Did she go into the same madness like her father? Her father spent a full decade of doing crazier and crazier shit...She cared and truly wanted a world of peace...that might have been shattered, but the show didn't set that up at all.

                                                                                    Being rejected by Jon...someone she loved...who despite being an idiot, had honor in mind...telling his family was a betrayal but he was willing too die for her still and obviously meant it when he said he never wanted the throne...she said she would rule with fear with her display of might wouldn't spread fear and respect after obliterating the enemies armies? The last army of significance was their too witness her power...That wasn't enough? 

                                                                                    She never killed like that before is all I'm saying. I see the damage in her life. I can see the conflict she might have...but I see it in my head and not in the show...Rejection from the person you love can turn you crazy. Death and violence dull humanity. To have true power in that world, a person will be ruthless at some point...but the growth of her as a leader was there on screen...her descent into madness wasn't.

                                                                                    • Michael Schwartz
                                                                                      Michael Schwartz  4 months back

                                                                                      I predict episode 6 will be a bunch of boring dialogue scenes after which Arya leaps out and kills Cersei at the last minute before cutting to black

                                                                                      • john smith
                                                                                        john smith  4 months back

                                                                                        Dany will have Tyrion arrested when finding out he freed Jaime, and he was sent to trial to which nor Dany or Jon will be present. Tyrion will die: that's the huge twist everyone in the cast was talking about. More? Remember the Dany's vision? When she was about to touch the Iron Throne, she then goes through a door to the North: that vision came true and the North represents Jon Snow, who kills her by stabbing. Jon will join once again the Night's Watch being the 1000th Lord Commander, thus renouncing to his claim to the Throne. Then, some secondary actores will reunite in order to elect a new King. And that new King is called Three-Eyed Rav... Bran. The End.

                                                                                        Happy Season Finale.

                                                                                        • Nicola Robinson
                                                                                          Nicola Robinson  4 months back

                                                                                          @john smithIf a trial means him being blamed for everything and all his allies turning on him I'll be upset lol! However Peter Dinklage stated that he found Tyrions end 'beautiful' so I don't know if that is how it will play out?!! That would be a very unbeautiful end for the character...

                                                                                        • john smith
                                                                                          john smith  4 months back

                                                                                          @Nicola Robinson maybe. that scene was shot in studio with the fewer possible members of the crew. they even invited actors from previews seasons that were later confirmed were not used. the trial was filmed and very well known how it goes. tyrion's death isn't. its in fact the only thing that remains unknown by the sources. not that it would be shocking the death per se. anyway, to be honest i'd rather see him die if that means there's not council at the end with bran and bronn lol and maybe there's a tiny twist to that end

                                                                                        • Nicola Robinson
                                                                                          Nicola Robinson  4 months back

                                                                                          Well those leaks say Tyrion is part of Brans council, despite saying he is executed before this!! So not exactly reliable! Personally I think there will be a twist concerning Tyrion but his execution wud be extremely predictable, and appears to be what the makers want us to believe happens to him in order to throw us off the scent?!!