WoW Classic Rogue Guide - 60 gold / Hour Pick Pocket Farm. Best Route. Fastest Pickpocket Method.

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • 60 gold an hour guide for World of Warcraft Classic. Pick pocket BRD for easy and fast gold. Can be done as soon as you hit 60. I've analyzed every possible route to take and this is by far the easiest and best way to pick pocket BRD to be as efficient as possible to make the most gold per hour. This video goes over the route, talent spec, gear, addons, macros, and the gold / hour ratio of loot you'll be getting, and what to auction house, and what to vendor.

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Comments • 195

  • SwoleBenji
    SwoleBenji   2 weeks back

    0:00 - 0:18 Intro
    0:19 - 3:10 Route
    3:11 - 3:56 Talent Spec
    3:57 - 4:41 Gear, Addons, Macros
    4:42 - 6:29 Gold / Hr Rate (It's 60 Fyi)
    6:30 - 10:06 Outtro

    • Kristian Hellesøe
      Kristian Hellesøe  24 minutes back

      I am getting a ton of resist as of today, and major health pots drop rate seem to have gone down, farmed 4 hours today, averaged 26 gold per hour without AH, but got a whole 4 major healing pots...
      god dammit, where do we farm gold as rogues now :P

      • Cziwares
        Cziwares  4 hours back

        Lol, why didnt u put point in Elusiveness, which lowering vanish colldown in your sublety spec?

        • SwoleBenji
          SwoleBenji   3 hours back

          I was using a PvP spec for this.

      • NotEvenCarbon
        NotEvenCarbon  8 hours back

        Has been nerfed, went from averaging 1 resist per 2 runs to 3 resists per run

        • SeraphInsane
          SeraphInsane  2 days back

          Did something change in the short period since this guide was made? I no longer seem to get any star rubies from mobs in BRD. Granted I only did this particular route (which is so very relaxing, so thanks for it) for a couple of hours, but didn't see a single Star Ruby, and they seem to make up a fair chunk of what makes the route profitable. Before the Dire Maul release I used to get a few at least.

          • SeraphInsane
            SeraphInsane  1 days back

            @SwoleBenji nm had one drop. Apparently I was just insanely unfortunate with the drop rate. So at least it is still possible! Thanks for the great and clear guide for this!

          • SwoleBenji
            SwoleBenji   2 days back

            I haven't been on to see if there was any changes.

        • Hazte TV
          Hazte TV  2 days back

          NA farms < EU farms even tho i like your content :)

          made 700g in 2 days after dm

          • jesse morell
            jesse morell  12 hours back

            Rave he’s full of it trust me

          • Rave
            Rave  2 days back

            What are you farming as a Rogue in DM, I'm curious.

        • Helene Cabotse
          Helene Cabotse  2 days back

          Swole Benji’s guides are the best, straightforward, no bullshit, plus satiric remarks make it fun to watch, keep it up !

          • m asdf
            m asdf  3 days back

            you dealing in chump change kid, go mining in silithus for that real money.

            • SwoleBenji
              SwoleBenji   2 days back

              I average 1 arcane crystal an hour doing it, only do-able at 4am when no one else is on.

          • Tricksing Krov
            Tricksing Krov  3 days back

            oke first i will say thanks for the vid and nicely done, but second i tried it a lot and the best i get is 37g gold. It hardly depends on resist of the mobs . If i die 2 times in 1 h i earned 37g ( 28g from pick pocking 9g from vendoring. So i dont think you can get 60g per h my friend :)

            • SwoleBenji
              SwoleBenji   3 days back

              It's 60g / hr of "ACTIVE" play. As in, pushing buttons and doing actions. Waiting on cooldowns is not "actively" playing. It's 60g / hr while you watch anime waiting on cooldowns.

          • Matt M
            Matt M  3 days back

            You’re full of shit saying this is 60g/hr

          • aemun83
            aemun83  3 days back

            I think people skipped the part where you said as high as 60 IF you count the AUCTION HOUSE

            • SwoleBenji
              SwoleBenji   3 days back

              That and the "active play time."

          • LSC
            LSC  3 days back

            lmao what the fuck is this????

            • SwoleBenji
              SwoleBenji   3 days back

              A pickpocket farming route video.

          • awdwad awdwadw
            awdwad awdwadw  3 days back

            You make the best guides thank you for this.

            • Ben Harsch
              Ben Harsch  3 days back

              Great guide! What is your energy timer addon?

            • LucidDream
              LucidDream  4 days back

              I'm just vendor trash. :(

              • アイス・クリーム

                nyannyancosplay is top waifu 2k19 plz!

                • Sabellius Maximus
                  Sabellius Maximus  4 days back

                  I loled very hard thank you

                  • krycer krycer
                    krycer krycer  4 days back

                    "girl gamer group" cringe... ... ....

                    • Yuribezemer
                      Yuribezemer  4 days back

                      Amazing guide, and had a big chuckle at the end and then feeling attacked, sitting here at 6:15 AM farming this while bingewatching shit shows on youtube. Subbed

                      • Jenny Wakeman
                        Jenny Wakeman  4 days back

                        I straight up subscribed just listening to you at the end. I don't know if that just came to you or if you thought it up over forever but that alone is subworthy.

                        • SwoleBenji
                          SwoleBenji   4 days back

                          My brain is always thinking this way but people find it annoying so I suppress it.

                      • Georfe Meyer
                        Georfe Meyer  4 days back

                        Diesel swap your van

                        • Georfe Meyer
                          Georfe Meyer  4 days back

                          @SwoleBenji you live in a van, and can't maintain it yourself? you aren't some YouTube videos on how to maintain your vans drive-train properly and save ALOT of guap. (leave crazy shit to mechanics to simple shit yourself)

                        • SwoleBenji
                          SwoleBenji   4 days back

                          I'm 100% car stupid and have no idea what this means.

                      • Polopollo75
                        Polopollo75  4 days back

                        I dont understand, the "Gnomish Cloaking Device" drops you out of aggro? Can I use that against Onyxia when she lands?

                      • Xavier Stormsurge
                        Xavier Stormsurge  5 days back

                        had to stop after 3:53 that was pretty fucking gross/cringey to hear from you especially with your nasal voice. disliked. thanks for the guide though.

                        • SwoleBenji
                          SwoleBenji   4 days back

                          4chan is the best community website to spend time on. Leagues better than reddit or some vBulletin site where everyone sucks the toes of moderators / people with thousands of posts. I have yet to find a better website.

                      • Poul Julle
                        Poul Julle  5 days back

                        did they stop filthy multiboxers from doing this

                        • XeN0iiZz
                          XeN0iiZz  4 days back

                          @SwoleBenji how multi boxes work in classic i know bfa but classic no idea?

                        • SwoleBenji
                          SwoleBenji   5 days back

                          Multi-boxers have way better farms than this.

                      • Rave
                        Rave  5 days back

                        Thank you for calling out that dumbass youtuber with his 200g/hr PP guide when he got super lucky w/ 2 epics.

                        • Rave
                          Rave  5 days back

                          "He's 100% going to nerf this"

                          • Rakuna Matata!
                            Rakuna Matata!  6 days back

                            I've done this for about 130 hours now, got exalted with Ravenholdt using the Junkboxes (probably opened over 5,000 of them). I think actual gold per hour is about 35, perhaps the active time is the difference maker here. It also seems that the rare epic items simply aren't available in the Heavy Junkboxes this time round, I've been speaking to other rogues who have also opened several thousand of them and no one yet seems to have looted one.

                            • Rakuna Matata!
                              Rakuna Matata!  10 hours back

                              @Rave You absolutely cannot make 60G per hour with this method.

                            • Rave
                              Rave  10 hours back

                              But his numbers add up, is what I'm saying. He hits his spot with a minute to spare.

                            • Rakuna Matata!
                              Rakuna Matata!  10 hours back

                              @Rave Precisely, which is why the numbers in his video are skewered.

                            • Rave
                              Rave  10 hours back

                              ... A clock is a clock is a clock, man. Using a stopwatch doesn't somehow alter time.

                            • Rakuna Matata!
                              Rakuna Matata!  19 hours back

                              @Rave "Real time" vs "active time". I'm sure if the time inbetween each pickpocket didn't exist then his numbers would be accurate, but if you're looking at the clock instead of an in-game stopwatch, it isn't.

                              I find killing Pyromancer Loregrain and Plugger Spazzring each run will up your g/h to about 40-50 however if you learn how to beat each encounter perfectly.

                          • john m
                            john m  6 days back

                            I get resisted PP once per minute on average, with a sub spec. Spending most of my time waiting on vanish. If this is the best way for a rogue to farm I dont see the point in classic, it's fucking horrendous. 60g/hour more like 15-20.

                            • David Neale
                              David Neale  6 days back

                              Van tour when?

                              • xXphantom59Xx
                                xXphantom59Xx  6 days back

                                Wow so many memes so funny LOL XD

                                • Thomas Sencindiver
                                  Thomas Sencindiver  6 days back

                                  Loved the video. However, you killing lowbies! YOU HAVE NO HONOR!

                                  • NiarWoW
                                    NiarWoW  7 days back

                                    Nice one ;) -Niar

                                    • Tarrimaster
                                      Tarrimaster  7 days back

                                      Pickpocketed 780g last week using a similar route - eyes bleeding but I got epic mount lol

                                    • Leo Christoffer Amadeus Sælen Winnem

                                      why do people love breakfast menus so much? :\ give me my regular burger!

                                      • dan berg
                                        dan berg  1 weeks back

                                        for this to be worth doing i think u nead sub and preperation to meny resist now days but the bosses a few of them u can kill always fun

                                        • Lotuz
                                          Lotuz  7 days back

                                          I agree. My g/h improved alot when going coldblood/prep

                                      • dan berg
                                        dan berg  1 weeks back

                                        did they patch this i get so meny resist now days

                                        • Lithium
                                          Lithium  5 days back

                                          If this type of farming was possible in vanilla they should not be nerfing it. No changes means no changes.

                                        • john m
                                          john m  6 days back

                                          The resist rate makes it unusable, blizzard probably changed something.

                                        • Marco de Groot
                                          Marco de Groot  7 days back

                                          Me2, it just isn't worth it.. Couldn't do a full run without 4 resists..

                                      • Crest Fallen
                                        Crest Fallen  1 weeks back

                                        8:15 at this point I should have stopped to watch this guide. But I couldn't, it's like bad car accident, shocking yet too compelling not to look away. Now I feel bad, like depressed bad.

                                        • GGMakko
                                          GGMakko  1 weeks back

                                          do i need to be level 60 or can i do this as 49-to mid 50?

                                          • GGMakko
                                            GGMakko  1 weeks back

                                            ah that sucks but thanks for reply btw dont quit ur content is very helpful and good :)

                                          • SwoleBenji
                                            SwoleBenji   1 weeks back

                                            Gotta be level 60 or the mobs will see you.

                                        • Golden Gonzo Gaming
                                          Golden Gonzo Gaming  1 weeks back

                                          Youtubers are talking about BoE items from lockboxes that drop as loot for everyone, not the kind only rogues can pickpocket. The kind only we can get are absolute dog shit. The ones that drop as loot for everyone almost always contain at least a green BoE. Like just today I had a guy I opened 10 lockboxes in a row (cheap bastard only tipped me 5s per box). He get better loot from those 10 boxes than I've gotten from the 100+ rogue only boxes I've looted while leveling this character. The only things I ever get from rogue-only boxes are small amounts of silver and a few reagants for poison stuff.

                                          Also you might want to mention this is BRD. Those who have never done the dungeon before would have no idea what this is by sight.

                                          • KeV B
                                            KeV B  1 weeks back

                                            He can't nerf it, it was in vanilla, it's also not a secret....
                                            there'd be a shit storm if he did and it would of been already, it was nerfed on private servers it's not something no one knew about. IF they nerf this they have to nerf hunters/locks able to solo mara

                                            • Mazaribeiro
                                              Mazaribeiro  1 weeks back

                                              Hahahaha, what an epic way of ending a video LMAO, epic.

                                              • Ted Martinussen
                                                Ted Martinussen  1 weeks back

                                                Could i do this at lvl 56? Great vid man!!

                                                • SwoleBenji
                                                  SwoleBenji   1 weeks back

                                                  Not recommended. Mobs can easily see you.

                                              • Einsam Turm
                                                Einsam Turm  1 weeks back

                                                Fine and dandy...where’s your video on boycotting Blizzard for bowing to the Chinese Communists? Now is the time to send a message to all corporations doing business with China that it must be principles before profits; freedom before slavery.

                                                • Olle Axén
                                                  Olle Axén  1 weeks back

                                                  False, mobs in arena will see you throught stealth if you go PvE combat specc if you stand ontop of em or to close.

                                                  • smooth
                                                    smooth  7 days back

                                                    Unless we're not talking about the elites mixed in with the spectators, those probably don't detect you.

                                                  • smooth
                                                    smooth  7 days back

                                                    @SwoleBenji I've been 100% spotted by them at 60.

                                                  • SwoleBenji
                                                    SwoleBenji   1 weeks back

                                                    Not if you're 60 man.

                                                • sinjin90ful
                                                  sinjin90ful  1 weeks back

                                                  please don"t leave Swole, love your content and when BG's come out will love to see your technique. Just take some time off and rejuvenate yourself

                                                  • ASDsafsa sadjsakdnhsa
                                                    ASDsafsa sadjsakdnhsa  1 weeks back

                                                    Yo Benji, is there any trick to not get hit out of vanish? If one of the arena spectators resists your PP I add so many mobs that I get hit out of vanish fucking immediately after you press it.

                                                    • Richard Walls
                                                      Richard Walls  1 weeks back

                                                      THANKS BRO - LOVE THE NARRATION LMAO

                                                      • Gian Scalerandi
                                                        Gian Scalerandi  1 weeks back

                                                        Which lock/sp elite farm are you talking about?

                                                        • SwoleBenji
                                                          SwoleBenji   1 weeks back

                                                          Any of them, but Chimeras are like 200g / hr during AQ event.