The Rockets rode 3-pointers from the highest of highs to the depths of Hell | Dorktown


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  • DivineForcesBro
    DivineForcesBro  1 months back

    Got hella depressed at the end... sigh... we really was at the finish line that season.

    • Valin
      Valin  1 months back

      This is why D'Antoni is not a championship coach... You step in and say POUND THE BALL INSIDE!

      • hard knocklife
        hard knocklife  2 months back

        This game angered me beyond belief. Not only should the rockets have won that series but the finals would have been so much more Interesting. Ugh

        • tino deryanto
          tino deryanto  2 months back

          I played mycareer nba 2k19 with rockets, and this is the strategy we use also, only 3s and at the rims. Its so rare to see my team mate shoot mid range.

          • Logan Colston
            Logan Colston  2 months back

            The rockets are stanky butt cheese

            • The Raging Majority
              The Raging Majority  2 months back

              As someone who detests 3 point shots i couldn't be happier with the rockets downfall

              • Magnum Phase
                Magnum Phase  2 months back

                The NBA used rim tensioning devices to make the Rockets miss all those shots and promote its California centric left leaning agenda, nuff said

                • Zumbagify
                  Zumbagify  2 months back

                  Smell my ass, nuff said

              • Hari Palaniappan
                Hari Palaniappan  2 months back

                hari ur dumb

                • The Irishpanic
                  The Irishpanic  2 months back

                  I'm a rockets fan. Somebody hug me

                  • cute dog
                    cute dog  2 months back

                    "Efficient volume scorer" LMFAO.

                    • Tsalis Abida Nurdin
                      Tsalis Abida Nurdin  3 months back


                      • Evan Ducati
                        Evan Ducati  3 months back

                        is this chart party?

                        • Dwayne Jones
                          Dwayne Jones  3 months back

                          They live and the by the three

                          • whobitmyname
                            whobitmyname  4 months back

                            8:54 * examining blackboard full of algebra 2 hours later*

                            By jove, I think... I think he's right!

                            • Heidi Kleindienst
                              Heidi Kleindienst  4 months back

                              A shooting team with no shooters.

                              • Austin Sachariason
                                Austin Sachariason  5 months back

                                Jon forgot the one simple rule of basketball.

                                Live by the 3, Die by the 3.

                                • awesoeCAMI
                                  awesoeCAMI  5 months back

                                  8:20 Oh yeah, remember when Kevin Martin was basically an all star for like 2 and a half years?

                                  • Kevin AndrewsPhoto
                                    Kevin AndrewsPhoto  5 months back

                                    I liked this video until you tried to claim Harden is one of the most efficient scorers. His career line is .443 FG / .364 3PT - in Houston he’s only shot over .37 once from 3. His numbers all come from his “ability” to get to the line. Since he became a starter, he has lead the league in FT attempts 6 of those 7 years. And this isn’t because he’s Shaq and gets mauled at the rim, he created a form of flopping in which he hooks his defenders arms and kicks his legs out during every shot. He is the worst kind of flopper. A big reason he has such a nightmare postseason career. Relying on the officials to bail you out doesn’t always work in the playoffs.

                                    • Ben W
                                      Ben W  5 months back

                                      Choke City

                                      • Evan Merwin
                                        Evan Merwin  5 months back

                                        you really do live and die by the 3

                                        • Andrew Gay
                                          Andrew Gay  6 months back

                                          am I the only non-Rockets fan (actually a Blazers fan) that's willing to entertain the possibility of Houston having thrown the game and/or something bizarre happening...simply for the purpose of getting the GSW/Cavs matchup in the finals for a record 4th straight year, and back-to-back GSW titles...?

                                          • Look at my suit
                                            Look at my suit  7 months back

                                            Free Jon Bois. Give us more pretty good!

                                            • cnking27
                                              cnking27  7 months back

                                              Does anybody enjoy watching this? Does anybody think they'll continue to enjoy watching this when it's no longer novel? (The shots, not the videos.)

                                              • JapanForSale
                                                JapanForSale  7 months back

                                                It's like the basketball God himself came down and personally swatted all 27 shots as punishment for playing the ChrisSmoove brand of basketball.

                                                • Skye Walker
                                                  Skye Walker  7 months back

                                                  I hate the Rockets play style they take the beauty out of the game by over analyzing and simply doing the same play every possession

                                                  • Travis 0
                                                    Travis 0  8 months back

                                                    Consolation prize was the wrong phrase

                                                    • nate hirsh
                                                      nate hirsh  8 months back


                                                      • Minnesota Fatz
                                                        Minnesota Fatz  8 months back

                                                        0:50 Not having the backboard "to aim at" helps most shooters.

                                                        • Dan Lorett
                                                          Dan Lorett  8 months back

                                                          Where's Jon Bois? Oh wait, he's here. Good, but not Pretty Good.

                                                          • EDF1919
                                                            EDF1919  8 months back

                                                            This hurt to watch

                                                            • Dorm Life Sports
                                                              Dorm Life Sports  8 months back

                                                              I was sick to my stomach watching them miss those 3s

                                                              • VeryOK
                                                                VeryOK  9 months back

                                                                Rip Jon

                                                                • Nicholas Burridge
                                                                  Nicholas Burridge  9 months back

                                                                  okok. respect. i was a harden hater before this video.

                                                                  • Lee Ludtke
                                                                    Lee Ludtke  9 months back

                                                                    6:39 chris paul got hurt for that game 7...really hurt the team morale

                                                                    • kdawg3484
                                                                      kdawg3484  9 months back

                                                                      As a Rockets fan, I've hated the massive three-point focus forever, because it may look awesome averaged over 82 games, but it may fail in one or more critical games in the playoffs where averages don't matter. Unfortunately, though, I actually watched the game, so I also know there was more to this game than missing 27 threes in a row.

                                                                      As others have pointed out, there was an egregious number of fouls not called that would have benefited the Rockets including arguably four threes by Harden, who's an 85% free throw shooter. But let's not focus on threes. There was a point in the game, either second or third quarter, in the middle of that stretch of missed threes where the Rockets DID try to go to a different scoring strategy by instead driving to the basket. It was clear they knew they were off that night behind the arc, and they DID try to change things. The refs killed that approach dead by swallowing their whistles on obvious driving fouls, forcing the team to retreat back to the three-point line where they had nothing that night.

                                                                      Yes, I cringed at every missed three, cursing the Morey-D'Antoni system more than ever, but I cursed even more at the obvious bullshit coming from the refs. It was the clearest thing I've personally seen of a fix being in, and I never go down that road when I watch games. We both did and didn't deserve to lose that game.

                                                                    • Jason Jasonson
                                                                      Jason Jasonson  9 months back

                                                                      The depths ofhell? LMAO they had an 11 point lead in game 7 at home against the greatest team of all time. The 3 point line got them where they were.

                                                                      • Jonathan Poto
                                                                        Jonathan Poto  10 months back

                                                                        At 7:45 the clock says it's 4:25. Is jon lying to get out of work an hour early?

                                                                        • Razzy1312
                                                                          Razzy1312  10 months back

                                                                          I remember watching that game 7 and honestly wondering if this was a throw and the NBA was fixed.

                                                                          • Holly Sturm
                                                                            Holly Sturm  10 months back

                                                                            Ayyy the rockets! Yeah the conference finals was so depressing. I literally balled when Paul hit the flour. Come on basketball gods be nicer to us this year. Well we also hold the record for most made threes at 26

                                                                            • PsyK Films
                                                                              PsyK Films  10 months back


                                                                              • Jeffrey Spence
                                                                                Jeffrey Spence  10 months back

                                                                                Hey Jon, could you please explain the meaning of the variable on the y-axis from the graph at 1:05 please? Do the numbers on the axis have one too many zeros?

                                                                                • Zenoman Knows
                                                                                  Zenoman Knows  10 months back

                                                                                  And the Rockets hit 28 threes in the game, but this will never be forgotten

                                                                                  • Grogery 1
                                                                                    Grogery 1  10 months back

                                                                                    This reminds me of the early '90's when in the play offs Stark was on a roll, I think he had 4 3 pointers in the last quarter. His play had kept the Knicks in the game. Then needing a 3 pointer on the last shot of the game to win, then Knicks coach, Pat Riley gave the ball to Starks for a 3 point shot, which he missed. NY fans didn't blame him, he was the best player that night. But the papers simply said "Stark loses game"
                                                                                    I can't think of a game after that that Stark played any where near as good

                                                                                    • Nils K
                                                                                      Nils K  11 months back

                                                                                      Where can I find the background soundtrack?

                                                                                      • Task Don
                                                                                        Task Don  11 months back

                                                                                        "Live or die by the three points line" is not a good philosophy in important games. James Harden is not the most accurate 3-points shooter (.364 career is solid but not great with his shot volume) and Chris Paul is not the high volume 3-points shooter. When game is on the line (game 7 of playoffs) that players do not have the high consistency from the arc will unwillingly over adjust their shots if each shot is missed. Warriors lost to Cavs in 2016 because they were too depended from the arc which with the addition of Kevin Durant changed the entire offense. I still remember back in 1994 when John Starks missed all 11 3-points in game 7 of NBA finals when he was shooting .388 before game 7. When the flow of the game changes, the team can adapt better will be the champion.

                                                                                        • OnlyGoodSHHH
                                                                                          OnlyGoodSHHH  11 months back

                                                                                          goes to show...numbers on paper dont mean shit....cuz harden aint winning anything without the help of a reeeeeal winner, which he is not

                                                                                          • CheeZyZee
                                                                                            CheeZyZee  12 months back

                                                                                            Says 5:30... Clock says 4:25...

                                                                                            • TheLifeOf Nick
                                                                                              TheLifeOf Nick  12 months back

                                                                                              A wise man once told me, live by the 3 , die by the 3