Will Poulter, William Jackson Harper & Vilhelm Blomgren Interview for Midsommar


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  • bunga laili
    bunga laili  3 weeks back

    The three williams...

    • Gabriel Monteiro
      Gabriel Monteiro  3 weeks back

      Jesus christ, why is everyone being a psycho lately? Those characters did NOT get what was coming to them! Being kind of a dick is not something that should be rewarded with... well, THAT. You know what I mean.

      • FaH!
        FaH!  4 weeks back

        Vilhelm voice and gentle ways could have me on my knees begging for mercy anyyyy time.

        • Havelock Vetinari
          Havelock Vetinari  2 months back

          i like how all three of them have variants of the name William

          • xodancerxo
            xodancerxo  3 months back

            Hi, Vilhelm ^_^

            • Steven Mitchell
              Steven Mitchell  3 months back

              Excellent film.

              • Holo Polo
                Holo Polo  3 months back

                Mark is so funny in the movie,love him<3

                • Alex Muniz
                  Alex Muniz  4 months back

                  Will could put me in a choke hold with those arms and if thank him for it

                  • James Wayne
                    James Wayne  4 months back

                    Will has buffed up !! For a role maybe!? But damn haha.

                    • Sollatare
                      Sollatare  4 months back

                      The audio on this is atrocious. I can hardly hear what the cast members are saying.

                      • Jasmine Arreola
                        Jasmine Arreola  4 months back

                        will poulter a snacc

                      • Larry Lachmann
                        Larry Lachmann  4 months back

                        Pelle = Worst Friend Ever

                        • G M
                          G M  4 months back

                          Never knew he was English.

                          • Nicole D
                            Nicole D  4 months back

                            Ok but Will looks soooo gooood!😍

                          • ant
                            ant  4 months back

                            What happened to ‘Mark’ ....?

                            • Oddly.Alright
                              Oddly.Alright  2 weeks back

                              @G M Yeah, it was Ulf wearing Mark's skin that distracted Josh. I think Pelle hit Josh from behind. He wasn't in his bed when Josh snuck out, and in the morning you can clearly see him changing his clothes...🤷

                            • jmcieslak0
                              jmcieslak0  3 weeks back

                              they skinned the fool

                            • Alex Squires
                              Alex Squires  3 months back

                              TheSphinx no it was ulf, the guy who was pissed at him for peeing on the ancestors tree

                            • Michael Postman
                              Michael Postman  3 months back

                              Nah the oracle hit him w the hammer from behind while the guy in marks skin distracted him