The Finale | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 The Iron Throne Review and Analysis

  • Published: 21 May 2019
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    Game of Thrones Season 8 has came to an End and The Finale of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 The Iron Throne has aired and Today in this video I will Explain some of the details about the episode! In this Episode of Game of Thrones we learn the Bran is the New King, Bran won the Throne, Jon fulfills Daenerys's Betrayal for love, Sansa becomes Queen of The North, and Arya goes West of Westeros!

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Comments • 4 779

  • GrayArea
    GrayArea   5 months back

    I have a ton of videos in the works! One about the direction of the Prequel and The Great Empire of the Dawn, More Obsidian Nights, . I have a serious question tho.. Is Daenerys the Villain or Is Bran the Villain? Or BOTH? Or Neither?

      NUBIAN NILE  3 months back

      @Dina Jallad
      I agree how are we to assume Jon was a Targayren and Aegon's son, didn't see any proof of it other than a old book. The whole timing is off and why would he name Jon Snow Aegon when he already had a son named Aegon with his wife Elia.
      All of the Stark children have warg abilities..... including Jon. Did Eddard Stark and his siblings have that particular ability as well. And I don't think Jon had a better claim than Dany. Daernerys brother Viserys was crowned king and made Dany his heir. So Dany's claim was legit.

      NUBIAN NILE  3 months back

      @Shirl Fouty
      Yes, I too think that it's a possibility Bloodraven is inside Bran. That would be a poetic twist because supposedly Bloodraven aka the three eyed raven/crow was Brynden Rivers the bastard child of Aegon IV Targaryen and Melissa Blackwood. So the person of Targayren blood denied his heritage because of his birth is chosen king of the six kingdoms via Bran's body.

      NUBIAN NILE  3 months back

      @Lesley Farrington
      Its not about being the most beautiful or even the wheelchair. If Bran is the Three eyed raven and not Bran anymore, words out of his own mouth. Who knows possibly Bran is gone and an ancient different entity or persona is inside of Bran's body controlling and manipulating people like chess pieces.

      NUBIAN NILE  3 months back

      @Samantha Fisher
      Agreed, if Dany had to die why not let her die in battle like the strongwilled conqueror that she was, instead of this stupid lovesick, rejected woman plot device. That whole scene was disturbing because Jon looked like a sneaky, weak ass punk coward. Jon doesn't hide his sword or weapons in battle or confrontations yet the writers have Jon stabbing Dany in the heart with a concealed dagger. No women writer would have wrote that sense and disappointing that woman writers/directors weren't involved in season 8. So what that tells us........

      NUBIAN NILE  3 months back

      @Leo L
      I know i would rather Dany die in battle like the conqueror she was, as opposed to that ridiculous lovesick death scene. There was no women writers or directors involved in season 8. That's says something right there.

  • Naomi Bousson
    Naomi Bousson  3 weeks back

    I understand why people think Bran has potential to become a villain, but I personally see him more like a Dr. Manhattan kind of 'being'.

    Let me explain;
    Dr. Manhattan is a omnipotent 'superhero' that is immortal and knows everything. Because of these powers he becomes really disconnected from humans and their feelings (f.e.: he duplicates himself to have sex with his girlfriend while his original self is busy working. His girlfriend is upset when she finds out and he fails to understand why she is angry.) Human lives are also a very fleeting thing for Dr. M. because he lives forever. Despite his lack of empathy he isn't really evil either. It doesn't result in him terrorising everyone, he simply doesn't care enough about the human race to do such things.

    I believe Bran becoming evil depends on wether or not he is still truly Bran.
    If he is stil Bran Stark (or perhaps someone else like some fans suggest) with superpowers, a young person with feelings, emotions, human psychology,... then there is a lot of potential for evil deeds.
    If Bran Stark died in that cave and he is now the Three Eyed Raven who is an immortal eternal entity, a paranormal consciousness that can see the past and the future,... then I think he might be too disconnected from humankind to care about plotting against the people.

    • Naomi Bousson
      Naomi Bousson  3 weeks back

      I got anxious about the ending the moment I learned that D&D basically 'highjacked' the writing. You could read that they were doing the last 3 or so episodes, and my only thought was "God damn, they are trying to get glory, credit and fame out of this".

      • Skallia Ray
        Skallia Ray  1 months back

        I liked than it ended with bran. LOL however it wasn't because i had some theory or some actual factual proof that it was "right" i just liked it bc out of all the theories floating around the internet this one pissed the most people off. I liked it because it wasn't what we wanted or expected and it INFURIATED the internet. Meh it was out of spite. But honestly i didn't even care by the end of this shit show who was on the throne as long as it wasn't sansa. yikes. Sorry Sansa stans. I hate her character in the show. I also did wan't it to be Arya bc they messed her story up so much that would have made LESS SENSE to me than Bran. If Bran did not become king in the show... his whole existence makes no sense. What was his end game? i didn't understand his character at all. I should preface this with i don't read the books... so honestly i have no idea what his whole arc is about or what it was supposed to be about. None of it makes sense if the end game wasn't him becoming king. So he gets kicked off a tower... okay... paralyzed great... goes beyond the wall... for answers? okay... got his answers... then he makes it way back. GREAT. well if he didn't tell everyone every damn thing he knew from becoming the 3 eyed raven then what the hell else was he supposed to do? he didn't help in the NK battle, he didn't tell everyone the secrets or HELL he didn't even tell anyone about what happened to him or his family.. or jon... or the queen and her whole damn family... like my point is if the books do not figure out what his roll is by the end they should have killed him off in both books and shows. He literally has the answers to all the thrones past and present's secrets... he does nothing with it in the show. He HAD to be king because what other reason is he there for?

        • Rochelle Hall
          Rochelle Hall  1 months back

          Dany BURNED DOWN A CITY!!!!! Tyrion was right in saying choose now. When Jamie killed the mad king when he threatened to burn the city and fans were like "he was justified." Dany actually burns it down and you're like 'let's wait to make a decision?' Seriously?

          You are right that the season was a little rushed

          I do agree that Sansa be queen in the North was an apology.
          If Sansa was a little better at politics Dany wouldn't have been able to tell that Sansa didn't like her and would have listened to her more. Like when she advised to wait until the men rested. But instead Dany saw it as undermining her and she was suspicious of her motives.
          Sansa helped create her own worse enemy

          I think the attention that was put on Dany not being able to have children was actually foreshadowing the line of succession ending. King/Queen of Westeros would not be determined by blood but by choice. Jonerys shippers were hoping it meant a baby was coming.

          • Elena Cartagena
            Elena Cartagena  2 months back

            Tyrion was so bullshit these last couple of seasons. And yes I also agree that he was looking to get Jon to kill Daenerys so that he could live. I hate that he lives at the end, and she's dead.

            • Honey BBQ Wings
              Honey BBQ Wings  2 months back

              I agree it was rushed and thats what was wrong with seasons 7 and 8. But i think you are wrong about Tyrion persuading jon in one conversation. It was Aryas conversation with him first. Then with Tyrion and then when she says they dont get to choose and she tells him you know what is right and he knew after she burned all these innocent people and said they were going to kill more people across Westeros. He did it because he knew it was right.

              • Sophia Wilson
                Sophia Wilson  2 months back

                I am glad you point that out. Why killed her now? Because Tyrion says so?.

                • Blood_Of_The_Dragon
                  Blood_Of_The_Dragon  2 months back

                  Do you like game of thrones by any chance? Lol

                  • stevemcgee99
                    stevemcgee99  2 months back

                    Finale was crap. D&D should have done the right thing and passed it on to someone else who would see it through a couple more seasons. Very selfish of them not to.

                    WTF doesn't Bran know exactly where Drogon is?

                    • SerbAtheist
                      SerbAtheist  2 months back

                      'Why does he have to choose now?'

                      What the hell are you talking about? When the hell will he ever get another chance to kill her? Once she has consolidated power?

                      • Prince Deluca
                        Prince Deluca  3 months back

                        You’re a clueless woman. You couldn’t understand why bron on there. Tyrion has to put him there since he’s the riches man in Westeros!!!

                        • Gig Accountant
                          Gig Accountant  3 months back

                          Ned would fall in line behind the queen.

                          • Shade of the Evening
                            Shade of the Evening  3 months back

                            PREACH PREACH GRAY!!! Maybe D&D should do a "Walk of Shame" at ComicCon. Is that too far?😂😂 "Everybody wants to rule the world"🎶😋. Terrific breakdown 👍

                            • Shade of the Evening
                              Shade of the Evening  3 months back

                              Had to go back and hear your opening!! 😊And all the rest💖 Been reading book!! Have digital version on Kindle. Am loving Obsidian Nights😎 was starstruck meeting you. You're super sweet and cool🤗💕🤩🐺

                              • Devon Doweary
                                Devon Doweary  3 months back

                                The season finale of Game of Thrones was bad because they rushed it at least the Starks win the Game of Thrones

                                • Lady Jay Mac
                                  Lady Jay Mac  3 months back

                                  Dany has said since the beginning, "when my dragons are grown we will lay waste to armies and BURN CITIES TO THE GROUND!" Dany has always been a dictator. We just liked her up until she torches KL. I cheered when she crucified people. They were slavers! But we dont crucify people today because it is evil and because Dany is beautiful and says what she is doing is right we go along with her making all these huge military decisions herself. She is someone with their finger on the button of the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. She screamed to the army in front of everyone that she wanted to rule the world. Watch the show again with an open mind about what Dany is.

                                  • Film visions
                                    Film visions  4 months back

                                    Things that should have happened in Season 8 :

                                    Go back to the 10 episode format to give the scenes time to breathe. Bran goes back to having a personality. He is no longer robotic after fully mastering his powers. Jaime frees Edmure Tully who is now lord of Riverrun & The Twins. The remaining children of the forest, Howland & Meera Reed show up with their people at Winterfell. No stupid tension between Sansa/Varys & Daenerys because the Nightking is too big of a threat for politics. The NK is the big bad end boss, not Cersei or Darnerys. Tyrion goes back to being smart again and suggests sending scouts (like he used in season 2 for Stanis) to King's Landing & Dragon Stone to see what Cercei is up too. The Night King flies down the coast from Eastwatch right when the wall came down & burns Euron's fleet with the golden company in it as they reach the shores of Kings Landing. He then burns King's Landing & the Red Keep to the ground while the dead army in the north swarms and overruns Winterfell. The north flees south while the unsullied, dothraki, Nymeria with her wolf pack and the dragons keep the dead army at bay. The 2nd dead army in King's Landing heads north with the NK leading. Cersei, Qyburn, The Mountain, and a handful of Lannister soldiers had escaped KL & headed for the north with the dead not far behind. Cersei realizing the fallacy of power while having a miscarriage becomes a shell of herself after seeing what the Night King did with zombie dragon Viserion. Arya & the hound stay with the northern armies and don't go on a stupid mission. Danny, Jon, Sansa, Theon, their people and Cersei & company are cornered by the dead on both sides at the God's eye. Arya successfully kills zombie Viserion with a dragon glass arrow through the eye (since they kept showing her practicing her archery). The NK now on foot starts doing his  blizzard thing so no one can see a thing. Melisandre & Kinvara show up with dozens of red priestesses to counter it. They also create a giant ring of fire around the living which only the NK & his White Walker generals can walk through. Danny proceeds to burns the dead outside of the circle but the night king kills Rhaegal with an ice javelin. This prompts Jon, and all the fighters with Valyrian weapons to attack the NK & his white generals. The Mountain tries to kill the NK but he is cut in half by the white walkers. His torso crawls away. Jon, Jorah, Grey Worm, Theon, Brienne, all charge and kill the white generals.  This is where the night king shows just how powerful he is because he takes them all on with ease. Sandor follows & gives his brother a mercy killing. Bran worgs into the night kings mind then a flash back of who he was shows the children of the forest killing his family and took him captive to turn him into the first white walker. 

                                    To be continued-

                                    • WoordWatcher
                                      WoordWatcher  4 months back

                                      Ended like Merlin in 2012. Long live Kilgarrah!!!

                                      • Sydni Taylor
                                        Sydni Taylor  4 months back

                                        Its ironic how no other Targaryen with dragons ever did what she did, none of them committed genocide not even the ones who were the most vicious, Danaerys in the first 7 seasons was not as vicious as some of the other past Targaryens but none of them did this so I don't get why they had Daenerys do this but I guess when the final books will explore it more if she does end u burning down a city of civilians on purpose. I do hate that she did this but I do wish Jon would've taken a few days to try and see if she could be reasoned with. Also in this episode was the first time that we found out that "breaking the wheel" meant killing everyone, well that should've been established seasons ago that breaking the wheel meant killing everyone but of course there was none of that. If Daenerys never cared for anyone's lives then I don't get why she was helping in the Great War. If she let all of them become whites they'd already be freed from their lives helping her vision of breaking the wheel lol. This is really some shitty writing and rushed story lines. I actually wanted Tyrion to die. I agree with you about Drogon if he felt like the throne corrupted her then he shouldn't have burned the people in King's Landing so that way his mother wouldn't die.

                                        • Kit Shibley
                                          Kit Shibley  4 months back

                                          Bronn is on the council because he is a Lord of one of the largest, most productive territories -Lord Paramount of the Reach. His opinion has to be considered. I would question how much he knows about finance at this point of the game? Considering the territory he owns, he better know a heck of a lot about money. And Bran needed to develop his own sigil, don't you think. In his mind, he really wasn't Bran Stark anymore. I believe he needed to separate himself from the appearance of STARK OVERVIEW and rule as a man of his own decisions. Just my opinion but considering all, it seems logical to me.

                                          • Kit Shibley
                                            Kit Shibley  4 months back

                                            Well - Looking back, Dany was successful when she was really freeing slaves - people with chains on their necks. This was not the case in Kings Landing. The people of Kings Landing had free choices to marry, work, live in homes etc. They were governed by a Tyrant but they were not Chained Slave. And so is the case in Winterfel, Dorne, Lannisport etc. Dany made her intentions LOUD AND CLEAR - She planned on BURNING up one city after the other in an effort to take them over. Her deal was - BEND THE KNEE OR BURN! Did you not read what she said to the Dothraki and the Unsullied - Her Hitleresque speech to encourage all of her soldiers to go forward with her to BURN THEM TO THE GROUND?? Just like what she had them do with her in Kings Landing.

                                            • Kit Shibley
                                              Kit Shibley  4 months back

                                              Haha! It could be people are simply unhappy this series has come to an end. But Yes!!!...there were aspects which were clearly rushed and that is sad for many of us. This series has always gone so far to provide in depth backgrounds and details, ramping up to various acts and so on. So yep, when we watch the very last and clearly/potentially the most important season and feel anything like RUSH, that hurts.

                                              • anniedowns
                                                anniedowns  4 months back

                                                Thank you GreyArea! As always, I come on here to get the real deal. Previously for your awesome research and theories, and now to just try to feel better. You actually made me laugh! And caught several things that I haven’t seen on Reddit or thought myself. For sure, laughing at Drogon sparing Jon, so laughable, it made me think of a new video that it is a parody of D&D where they say, ‘yeah, makes perfect sense, Drogon sees a blade sticking out of Dany and then sees a whole chair full of blades and realizes that that chair killed Dany. The whole Bran the broken king thing...I literally Eye-rolled and nearly hurled at the line, ‘why do you think I came all this way’. Good point that he is at least culpable- would have been better to show his eyes a bright blue as he rolled away..I agree, he was always tied to NK army. The Iron Throne was more like, ‘we don’t have time for this ‘..EVERYTHING about Bran was anti-playing the game of thrones. He has about as much game as Robyn. Don’t get me started on Jon and Daenerys or Tyrion..oh my Gawd..hope GRRM does a better job. But it wasn’t only about being rushed, the character development/arcs made no sense. Thanks for sticking with us ‘post-winter childen’

                                                • Kristin Ruiz
                                                  Kristin Ruiz  4 months back

                                                  Great video

                                                  • Jimmy Herrera
                                                    Jimmy Herrera  4 months back

                                                    It sucked it all sucked none of it should have been done. They ruined it rushing threw it and I don’t think the book will go that rout. I blame George for not working harder at the books and getting his head in the “game” it was his story and he let HBO butcher it instead of telling the rest of his vision

                                                    • Mushtaqur Rahman
                                                      Mushtaqur Rahman  4 months back

                                                      Honestly, the idiocy of those who are angry with season 8 is beyond belief. This is a story, written by one author and then left to finish by others. This shit about dragon lore illustrates this: this is the TV version, so the writers are at liberty to finish it as they see fit; those of us who haven't read the books are more interested in the story as given to us and the way it was shown. So, on these points, and accepting that it probably was rushed, they did just fine. The series is not for fans alone, so stop being so selfish. With regard to it being rushed, I'd like to know how much more would have to be added without it going down some boring cul de sacs.
                                                      So, suck it up, schmucks, and get a life.

                                                      • Carol Bahr
                                                        Carol Bahr  4 months back

                                                        What happened to the Dothraki in Westeros? The horde wouldn't fit in and the inhabitants wouldn't allow them to remain. Doubt Grey Worm will drop then off to their homeland. Another irritating omission in the finale for me.

                                                        • Dee Basra
                                                          Dee Basra  4 months back

                                                          I thought the ink was dry. What was going to happen, happened. Bran knew what was going to happen.

                                                          • jowelle dfouni
                                                            jowelle dfouni  4 months back

                                                            Please answer me as its killing me, whats with the snow in kings landing??!

                                                            • KalikaInLeather
                                                              KalikaInLeather  4 months back

                                                              I have watched so many reviews "what went wrong" etc of this finale, 1st/ I don't know how I haven't watched yours sooner? and 2nd/ none has made me laugh that much "you can pass, peasant", "Drogon decides Jon is a fan favorite" etc etc plus I liked you made some less talked about point that most videos on that subject :D

                                                              • Army Llego
                                                                Army Llego  4 months back

                                                                “You have google right beside you Arya” 😂😂😂😂

                                                                • holly cooper
                                                                  holly cooper  4 months back

                                                                  One more thing...I wanted someone to put a sword into Bronn..what an ass.

                                                                  • holly cooper
                                                                    holly cooper  4 months back

                                                                    I feel like I'm the only person who actually liked season 8. My ONLY disappointment was that it was too rushed. Even so, the plot developments made sense to me. I am very satisfied with Jon's ending. The ending with them all walking into the woods harkened back to Dany and her ships sailing towards Westeros. I love how you can tie some of the cinematic events to the text. You are so good, Gray 🐺🐺🐺

                                                                    • holly cooper
                                                                      holly cooper  4 months back

                                                                      I highly recommend reading The Thrones Effect!!

                                                                      • sybase42
                                                                        sybase42  4 months back

                                                                        We all know this last episode sucked!!! Hell the entire season was truly foul!!

                                                                        • Cerebral Cortex CEH
                                                                          Cerebral Cortex CEH  4 months back

                                                                          It's not difficult to spot a killer when they burned down a city ARYA. Stfu weirdo.

                                                                          • Sharon Pernes
                                                                            Sharon Pernes  4 months back

                                                                            Wondering, is the 3 eyed raven the first one? Is he just one in a long line? For some reason I have always thought that. I am just on book 2 so I don’t really know. Does that mean that Bran will ‘train’ someone to be the 3 eyed raven, but not in secret.
                                                                            I don’t think the 3 eyed raven was allowed to change or tell people what would happen because it will change it. There has to be some kind of rule about that, that Bran lives by or was taught.
                                                                            Bran has history in his brain, he can see what other leaders did do or didn’t do. He is probably what was needed to build Westeros back up. We all knew (or at least I knew) that Jon and/or Dani wouldn’t make it to the throne. That would have been too much, they couldn’t ‘mind f**k’ with us if that happened and that’s what they do a lot. It had to be someone surprising and someone that can lead Westeros. Bran is the best choice, no emotions, just decisions. And another thing I haven’t heard yet is about Tyrion and Brans talk. Did Bran share this? By then Tyrion saw Dani was a Mad Queen. She had been showing signs for a while. So maybe Tyrion would keep the secret. Then Tyrion is the one to say Bran should be King. There were others there that could have, including Sansa, who’s kinda not feeling too much either. She wouldn’t put up with a lot, but I do feel she would be a fair Queen. In the end she got to be the Queen of Winterfell, which was her goal in different ways. At first she want to be Queen then she wanted to make the North it’s own kingdom again. But in the end, we should all realize that for now Bran is the best choice. Seems the Starks ended up doing well.

                                                                            • hotjames808
                                                                              hotjames808  4 months back

                                                                              Bran is littlefinger and varys rolled into one messed up dude xD

                                                                              • xDbjchb khfdsvj
                                                                                xDbjchb khfdsvj  4 months back

                                                                                Burning down the KL was necessary. It was the only way to install herself on the throne for Daenerys without bloodshed in the future. This is how she solved the problem of Jon Snow having a superior claim to the throne and possible rebellions. After that shit she'd always inspire fear that would let her control people. She has always wanted absolute power and this is the way she'd get it.
                                                                                After watching the season I realise they made her the smartest person on the show (along with Sansa). This was done unintentionally I believe but it's her character that we get most reasoning from. Should she not have attacked the people of KL she'd be no real authority (remember her quote about mercy being considered a weakness).

                                                                                • Volksgrenadier 45
                                                                                  Volksgrenadier 45  4 months back

                                                                                  Why with the "Hitler" thing about Dani? Her drive has more to do with a 1400's Mao or a Castro! Destroy the old world to make a new social equality of the massess.
                                                                                  Her walk out is NOT Nuremburg!!!!
                                                                                  Maybe it comes from the writers- which I'm gonna get hit about what I'm about to say. Certain writers are of a certain religious background, so there idea of a conqueror saying I'm gonna go forth to create a new world order, is in there psyche to send a warning and hope for a shlubby hero!
                                                                                  Just my thoughts.

                                                                                  • Toni Marie
                                                                                    Toni Marie  5 months back

                                                                                    I agree.. I believe Bran is a villain and the night king was trying to rid the kingdom.of him and the children of the forest. They created chaos and let it run among all of the kingdoms...

                                                                                    • Bethan Krzowski
                                                                                      Bethan Krzowski  5 months back

                                                                                      Jon said it didn't feel right but hey you know he goes of smiling into the woods over the wall and usbg upset at all with sansa for the betrayel... Ok so really he can't have lived deanarys at all...

                                                                                      • whatwhat3432523
                                                                                        whatwhat3432523  5 months back

                                                                                        When Dany went mad queen out of nowhere after the city surrendered, I just had to laugh. I know a lot of people are convinced she was mad all along, but in the show she has never shown anything that reassemble madness. Dany has always the anger potential to burn down the world if pressured. But this was very weak, they just beat the God damn nightking and saved the world, and the city and Cercei was beat.. 🙈

                                                                                        • forestverde619
                                                                                          forestverde619  5 months back

                                                                                          shits wack. they talk about how perfect bran would be and then show him giving no fucks about running the country. bronn... in charge of the nations food production... how could that go wrong lol. sansa was pissed that jon didnt die in the battle of the bastards and im genuinely shocked that she even said a word about protecting jon at the end. she doesnt care about the north, she doesnt care that her brother is the new king and would be good to the north. she just wanted to be queen of anything and they gave it to her. arya is way to smart and good at reading people to not see through her bullshit. they even teased arya seeing sansas true intentions and just dropped it after they cut a throat together. wack. drogon showing up to see his friggin mamas dead body and im guessing he thought. "did this chair kill her... fuck that chair." everything about this was lazy, poorly thought out, disregarded all foreshadowing and subplots, and is an insult to the clever A.F. writing style of GRRM.

                                                                                          • Peter Young
                                                                                            Peter Young  5 months back

                                                                                            So she kills 1 million people, hundreds of thousands of children, and you wouldn't have killed her? Yikes

                                                                                            • William Takor M-A.
                                                                                              William Takor M-A.  5 months back

                                                                                              "Why bitch?" 😂 😂 🔥🔥🔥

                                                                                              • J.R. Cummings
                                                                                                J.R. Cummings  5 months back

                                                                                                2 things
                                                                                                1Dany said she wanted to rule to conquer and rule the world in her speech
                                                                                                2. I don't see why HBO didn't continue the show after they left plenty of shows continue after show runners leave