Bran Stark and The Final Shocking Twist | Game of Thrones Finale Theory


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  • İsm Ata
    İsm Ata  2 days back

    i sincerely think its brans milk of poppy dreams.
    series started in a normal world, where ghosts and monsters were stories.
    after he fell, first thing, he learned to fly, then the things started getting more and more storylike, like the ones he listened old nan tell. the ones he liked, scary ones.
    and what do you know, old nan is generally right -to some allways right- . thats why its so i think.

    • Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine

      This explanation is bad because it gives to magic a role that plot, logic and character development are irrelevant and it is just not interesting. It doesn't say anything about the humanity it relies on some magician suddenly appeared from thin air. It would be like if in a crime story the plot would be going around few suspects all the time and suddenly at the end, a clairvoyant told that it was someone that was not even in the book. No, Bran burned Kings landing himself waging into the dragon. It is the only explanation if we see it the way it is shown and that is why he becomes the king himself because he wanted it. And he will be a nightmare king that will kill everyone how to disagree with him

      • Kelsey Dawn
        Kelsey Dawn  5 months back

        I just saw your CTV thing! I had no idea you were from the Sault and I’ve been watch you forever. I am too! (Though, I left a decade ago)

        • GROUP GALAXY Entertainment

          Watching you on the local CTV news right now nice to see we have big YouTubers here in the soo

          • GROUP GALAXY Entertainment
            GROUP GALAXY Entertainment  5 months back

            Thanks for replying back do you know of any other YouTubers from the soo

          • Azor Ahype
            Azor Ahype   5 months back

            Awesome to see ya! Thsnks for checking out the Channel

        • MrSandmanatee
          MrSandmanatee  5 months back

          Great video, but I have to play at 0.75 speed or I can't soak it all in.

          • Devil CCXX
            Devil CCXX  5 months back

            He even controlled the night king, but not much. (Season 8 episode 3 when night king revealed!) He played God's role! Fuck season 8 and fuck dumb & dumber!!!

            • Numbskullz
              Numbskullz  5 months back

              Bran cant see into the future btw

              • Naemi Reimeir
                Naemi Reimeir  5 months back

                since when is bran able to see the future?? XD thaught it was just the past and present...

                • Plucky Bellhop
                  Plucky Bellhop  5 months back

                  Bran didn't understand his visions and he couldn't see the future on demand, he could only see the past.

                  • Anthmonzo
                    Anthmonzo  5 months back

                    We just needed 10 mins more of episode. imagine this:
                    After the council, King Bran is looking through the window. We see a sequence of scenes:
                    - We see Daenerys as queen in Kings Landing and Jon at her side, who is wielding a sword that shines with light. That scene fades.
                    - We hear Meera telling Bran: you died in that cave. Bran says:im not Bran Stark anymore.
                    - Someone warges in Theon's seaching dogs after he conquered Winterfell. The dogs get crazy and allow Bran to scape and become the Three Eyed raven.
                    - Someone warges in Rickon's wolf, and starts barking loudly. Rickon is trapped by the Karstarks and Bolton. Wr see Jon marching to take Winterfel back
                    - We see Bran telling Sam: we have to tell Jon. We see Daenerys face when Jon tells her in the crypts that he is a Targaryen. we see jon telling Sansa and Arya.
                    - we see someone warging into some wights during the battle of Winterfel. These wights kill Jorah. we see Daegerys face becoming the mad queen due to its loss.
                    - we see someone warging into Viserion zombie dragon. it stops Jon from reaching the Night King and fulfilling his destiny as Azor Ahai.
                    - someone warges some wights surrounding Bran. they allow Arya to pass and kill the Night King. We see Bran giving her the dagger.
                    - we see Varys sending the letters to everyone, telling Jon is the rightful heir. someone warges the ravens. the ravens drop the letters to the sea.
                    - someone warges into a white horse. the White horse takes Arya out of kings landing, safe. Arya talks to Jon after Daenerys speech: tell that to Sansa. And: i know a killer when i see one. We see Jons face, decided to kill Dany.

                    We are back with Bran, looking through the window. We hear Bran again: Im not Bran Stark anymore. We hear the previous Three Eyed Raven: You will be Me.
                    We hear Bran saying to Littlefinger, with the first Three Eyed Raven and Brans voice combined: chaos is a ladder.
                    A birthmark, wine or blood coloured, starts appearing on Bran's face.
                    The show ends....

                    .... insted we got Bran the Broken and 300 years old wheel chairs.

                    • TheDTownsend1976
                      TheDTownsend1976  5 months back

                      @Tristan Burke I mean honestly the end wasnt that big of a surprise. Jon never wanted to be king so I knew he wouldnt end up on the throne.

                      I also had a feeling Dany was going to turn or be killed I just didnt think it would be by Jon. If I had to pick between the two I would have went with Jon. Despite everybody bitching and moaning I don't think Jon becoming king would have been as satisfying as they think.

                      Like I said he never wanted it. He would have been stuck there out of obligation and his heart wouldnt be in it. This was the recurring theme of his throughout the show. He had the best possible outcome with the hand he was dealt. He ended up free from the burdens of family obligations and political aspirations.

                      Had Dany or Jon either one ended up on the throne it would have only been a matter of time before people turned on them. Dany turned first and people liked Jon but they built him up too much in their own heads that he could never live up to expectations. His need to do the right thing kept clashing with what the people who looked up to him thought the right thing was. Look at the wall. He ended up dead. Then when he returned to winterfell with Dany and the armies. They were mad he bent the knee.

                      But anyway the way the show ended, the door was left open to continue with these characters down the road. Bran was noticeably off and they wanted you to think he was up to something. The final scene with him and Jon saw him cold and indifferent to Jon leaving in exile. We never truly got the reason behind Night King needing Bran dead other than a theory about being the story keeper of humanity.

                      We also never got his motivation for wanting the throne like everybody else. Dany thought it was destiny, Cersei's was pride and spite of her enemies. So why did Bran/3ER go through all this trouble and all this planning? Was it simply to change how kings were chosen or was there something even bigger going to happen now that all the pieces are off the board?

                      Maybe they'll revisit it in movies like they just did with Deadwood or what they're trying to do on Walking Dead.

                    • Anthmonzo
                      Anthmonzo  5 months back

                      @Tristan Burke i would have liked to see that they had the chance yo become Azor Ahai in a situation where everything went according to the lord of light. but, due to the selfish intervention and manipulation of Bloodraven/Bran in order to become king, that future where Jon completes his Journey as Azor Ahai is destroyed

                    • Tristan Burke
                      Tristan Burke  5 months back

                      Good idea man. The writers lacked such complexity and imagination in their ending. Your idea is much better. Would you have liked Jon or Dani to have become Azor Ahai?

                    • Anthmonzo
                      Anthmonzo  5 months back

                      @TheDTownsend1976 aahhh okey. I get your point.

                    • TheDTownsend1976
                      TheDTownsend1976  5 months back

                      @Anthmonzo No I agree.....I'm saying it seems people are mad because they wanted the happiest of happy endings where Jon and Dany share the throne and everybody gets what they want.

                      Pretty much nothing turned out the way people hoped it would even though everything did work out for most people.

                      I mean there were only so many ways it could end. And even though the show is over, they left the door open to revisit it.

                      Who's to say they won't end up doing a movie or restart the show in a few years? Most of the main characters lived. They set Jon and Arya off on new ventures, Drogon flew Daenyras off somewhere for some reason and like you said Bran becoming king leaves a lot to be explained.

                      Bran's story could set up the next main villain or he could end up being the next main villain. You think it was an easy ending....I think an easy ending would have been just having Jon and or Daenyras take the throne and pretty much just give in to everything the fans wanted

                  • Justin Tibbers
                    Justin Tibbers  5 months back

                    Of course Bran knows, that's all he does, sits there and knows

                    • RagingUtai
                      RagingUtai  5 months back

                      could he be evil? Because of him john found out who he really is, which set of a chain reaction which otherwise would not have pushed dany to breaking point and killing the city. John snow's love would have kept her tamed, but she chose fear instead, because of his betrayel and lack of affection, thanks to bran. And bran becomes king in the end..So this is all bran's fault? Or could he be evil? Because of him john found out who he really is, which set of a chain reaction which otherwise would not have pushed dany to breaking point and killing the city. John snow's love would have kept her tamed, but she chose fear instead, because of his betrayel and lack of affection, thanks to bran. And bran becomes king in the end..

                      • JJ Omalley
                        JJ Omalley  5 months back

                        Wow that was scary accurate xD

                        • Marc Darkness
                          Marc Darkness  5 months back

                          Pure garbage!

                          • Elizabeth Ashley Everhart

                            good vid: i do think the wildfire is past tense..... that was them making it during the Mad King's reign

                            • Gafarr Saha
                              Gafarr Saha  5 months back

                              Dude your video has been absolutely spot on.

                              Good job 👏👏

                              • What am i doing with my life???

                                Remember, chaos is a ladder

                                • Legal Jedi
                                  Legal Jedi  5 months back

                                  Kyle I was watching this video and thought it was a ep 6 breakdown until the very end of the video when I realized it was a spot on prediction video. Wow. Great job.

                                  • Pierre Borg
                                    Pierre Borg  5 months back

                                    You manage to find the truth congrats

                                    • Rory
                                      Rory  5 months back

                                      the water bottle and Starbucks cup weren’t mistakes. Future bran left them on his many visits to the past. That’s how powerful he becomes. It’s next level stuff folks.

                                      • Melkron
                                        Melkron  5 months back

                                        So you read the leaks and then pretend you are coming up with things xDDDDD patetic

                                        • PRAKERO
                                          PRAKERO  5 months back

                                          Fans of the show have been dilated.

                                          And the author of the book has something with his head.

                                          Jon Snow got a great reward for saving all his ass.

                                          The whole eighth season is strange to me.

                                          • Gabriel Ortiz
                                            Gabriel Ortiz  5 months back

                                            So if Jamie killed the mad king and Jon kills dany why does jon go to the nights watch when Jamie should of when he killed the mad king

                                            • Aaliyah Mya
                                              Aaliyah Mya  5 months back

                                              I think this theory goes deeper than you would think.
                                              >bran is bran the builder, who was turned into the night king.
                                              >bran is also Brynden Rivers/blood raven and influenced the paths and bloodlines to get everything set up for when he met his future self “bran stark”
                                              >bran manipulated everything since the first men to get himself on the iron throne

                                              • Nuclearman
                                                Nuclearman  5 months back

                                                This is insanely good. This dude pretty much predicted the end. Jon Slow Queenslayer, Bran in control of everything and seeing everything.

                                                • E North
                                                  E North  5 months back

                                                  Women are subjugated and raped for generations, but one powerful woman provides redemption until she too is written into antihero by pig writers who ruined the show and decided the most redeeming male lead should get screwed over by the most unlikable cardboard character.

                                                  • hinxlinx
                                                    hinxlinx  5 months back

                                                    The names Winter”fell” and King’s “Landing” do kinda hinted Bran to be the king.
                                                    We should have seen Bran instructed people to create a protective magic barrier to shield Winterfell from the invading wights, like what we’ve seen in season 4 protecting the cave of Three Eyed Raven.
                                                    Bran could have done so much more to help everyone in season 8 but he just sat there and chose to do nothing.
                                                    Why giving away that smug line of wanting the throne in the end?
                                                    Why? Assuming it’s not lazy and/or bad writings, then Bran manipulated the event to get the throne, Bran IS the biggest villain.

                                                    • Markus Jacobsen
                                                      Markus Jacobsen  5 months back

                                                      Hahh he became king. You werre pretty apot on with this

                                                      • Ash
                                                        Ash  5 months back

                                                        In trying to break the wheel, idiot writers broke only the reputation they so hardly acquired...

                                                        • Victoria Johnson
                                                          Victoria Johnson  5 months back

                                                          Spot on

                                                          • ReD Bull
                                                            ReD Bull  5 months back

                                                            Very bad acting by this ass BRAN the entire series, and he being king? hahah very funny worst series ever, just sad about my time i spent by watching that crap

                                                            • Tear Drop of madness
                                                              Tear Drop of madness  5 months back

                                                              FUCK THIS SEASON AND D&D
                                                              How can u explain:so many plot holes:
                                                              1)Witch’s prophecy about cercei
                                                              2)Azor ahai’s prophecy
                                                              3)dany’s army multiplying after the long night
                                                              4)Arya jumping out of nowhere
                                                              5)king’s landing looking completely diff
                                                              6)Scorpions becoming exceedingly good and later being shit
                                                              7)jon snows character development going down the rail he has just said 3words since the start -i love u-you’re my queen-i don’t want it-the nk has come.
                                                              8)tyrion hasn’t been shit
                                                              9)Completely forgetting dorne,meera,howland reed,ghost,nymeria,daario naharis,bronn....

                                                              Game of thrones wasn’t supposed to have a pleasing end but it was supposed to be like a poem its story was to supposed to dwell in us ,the show was supposed to mark us with greatness,but Season 8 was disappointing it was full of silly mistakes excluding clegane,theon no characters death was satisfactory .
                                                              HBO SERIOUSLY were ready to everything they could but those cunts d&d destroyed diggers

                                                              Character overview my perspective:-
                                                              Worst of all was i felt for daenerys do u have an idea whats the most painful thing in the world that is not being achieve to dream but it is to do everything you can do make it possible and win it it but lose everything by being inches away.... that was they portrayed of daenerys not some mad queen i felt pain for her the show just
                                                              Went mediocre from people being massacred to democracy like wtf

                                                              ~Tyrion do u even believe thats the same person who gave the world most savage speech on joffeys trial , he literally has been shit
                                                              hasnt taken any wise decision every turn he brought danys downfall he was a betrayer he knew a way into the red keep which could help danerys win without losing any innocent lives like seriously tf

                                                              Jon snow
                                                              ~jon like seriously he was my fav character such a let down he was supposed to be the azor ahai the rightful king but ended up being another traitor like seriously why killing her now why?

                                                              ~Bran cuntiest cunt ever the dude first say am not as stark anymore denies to be lord of winterfell then the fucking king he’s so infuriating fuck him

                                                              ~Sansa & arya cunts

                                                              ~ bitch was poisoning his own queen who promise to confront her in time of her worst impulses literally dude got no balls

                                                              • Bourke Snap
                                                                Bourke Snap  5 months back

                                                                David Benioff and Dan Weiss are gay lovers in open relationships. Ruined the good works of George RR Martin. These D7D lover boys killed the good GoT memories accumulated over almost a decade.

                                                                • Indira Hatmanti Puspitasari

                                                                  Wow you made me watching last episode of season 8 like I've had watch it before😂

                                                                  • beewizerm8
                                                                    beewizerm8  5 months back

                                                                    NOBODY CARES. They ruined it

                                                                    • Jim Ismael
                                                                      Jim Ismael  5 months back

                                                                      You were right. Niggah.

                                                                      • Budiyawan 9
                                                                        Budiyawan 9  5 months back

                                                                        Doggy sutradara

                                                                        • Andrea Washington
                                                                          Andrea Washington  5 months back

                                                                          Wow! Out of all of the video predictions I’ve seen yours was definitely on the money! Way to go, and thanks for sharing your insights of GoT

                                                                          • Gladys Kamau
                                                                            Gladys Kamau  5 months back

                                                                            This season has completely thrown to the wind the meaning g of character development 😪😪I don't know about you guys but I feel Khaleesi deserved a better send off, you know a ceremony and all😅or at least we should have been shown where Drogon took her😪
                                                                            As for Jon,well,the wall??? Really??? The Prince that was promised and the True Heir to the Iron Throne(okay so what if it doesn't exist anymore but still😂)gets to live his life beyond the wall???
                                                                            My point is I don't have closure at all😪😪😭

                                                                            • Emmanuel Akinfenwa
                                                                              Emmanuel Akinfenwa  5 months back

                                                                              You guys were right

                                                                              • timomastosalo
                                                                                timomastosalo  5 months back

                                                                                You predicted everything amazingly correct. Except Bran - who was your main theme of the video :)

                                                                                So you won every bet, except the big one.

                                                                                • Andrew
                                                                                  Andrew  5 months back

                                                                                  Yea you were basically right.

                                                                                  • Flying Wingless
                                                                                    Flying Wingless  5 months back

                                                                                    You'd think danny would burn kings landing down as a consequence of trying to stop the spread of undead outbreak in a tightly packed city.
                                                                                    MAYBE, intead of the night king dying in episode 3, if he would B-line it for the most populated cities on his dragon, bringing snows of winter and seeding undead armies for his generals to manage on the ground.

                                                                                    • Micah Blanks
                                                                                      Micah Blanks  5 months back

                                                                                      Dude you were so close in all of your suggestions

                                                                                      • The chosen One
                                                                                        The chosen One  5 months back

                                                                                        Man now that its over the vision that dany has holy cow...she doesnt touch the throne and then she goes out a gate and finds drogo...i feel like the gate opening was her entering the afterlife and her drogo waiting for her...crazy

                                                                                        • Bolek Lolek
                                                                                          Bolek Lolek  5 months back

                                                                                          damn dude... your theory was quite good

                                                                                          • Arthur
                                                                                            Arthur  5 months back

                                                                                            In time, I think even the directors will realise that that last two episodes were rushed. They should have been 4 episodes. Too much happened too quickly.

                                                                                            • Boogernose TV
                                                                                              Boogernose TV  5 months back

                                                                                              You nailed this before GOT last episode ended! Nicely done!