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  • a girl has no name
    a girl has no name  4 months back

    Loved Cersei's tiptoe past Cleganebowl, even though Sandor should've taken her out first. Felt bad for Qyburn [KYE-burn, not QWY-burn], actually.

    I will never ever view Dany as a villain. The only explanation for that behavior was insanity, a total psychological break, and she cannot be held responsible.

    • devilson14321
      devilson14321  4 months back

      Wtf is Ashley talking about men have feelings in almost every television show . I love how ppl just be talking out they ass no one gets checked.

      • Dennis Golesz
        Dennis Golesz  4 months back

        So many plots are dead ends this season is kind of disappointing like what’s up with bran the whole show was leading to something yet nothing the writers got a deal for Star Wars trilogy and they wanted to ended it short its such a disappointment

        • Tim Flobug
          Tim Flobug  4 months back

          I can see Bran pushing his wheelchair over all the dead bodies after everyone kills each other yelling: "HAHA! Suck it bitches! I AM THE WHEEL!"

          • Richard Miller
            Richard Miller  4 months back

            John kills dany. Seats Tyrion with a warning, 'don't make me come back here ',goes back north. Or maybe takes the iron throne north

            • Andrew Crossley
              Andrew Crossley  4 months back

              These people are clearly watching this season with rose colored glasses. Not saying the season is awful but the pacing is just so bad. They should have extended the season to 8 episode and really had more intrigue and maneuvering like the other seasons had. And Cersei's death was so unsatisfying.

              • HermSezPlayToWin
                HermSezPlayToWin  4 months back

                Wow, someone who atually likes show Euron?

                • thebag2787
                  thebag2787  4 months back

                  HBO offered them loads of more money to go on for at least two more seasons! Dumb&Dumber refused, what a joke that they ruined this last season!

                  • Mr. D
                    Mr. D  4 months back

                    Arya is going to kill John for trying to defend Danny

                    • Phloid82
                      Phloid82  4 months back

                      My predictions: Ok now, I’m not necessarily confident in anything I’m going to say, or at least I’m more confident in some and less so in others. The series is notoriously unpredictable.

                      Now Jon Snow decides Dany is not who he thought she was, reluctantly accepts his responsibility, and challenges her for the throne. He wishes Bran and Sam were there to back up his claim, but he expects Tyrion feels the same way, that Varys was right, and will back him, but a conflicted Tyrion sticks with the decision he has made and remains loyal to Dany. Now Dany will command Grey Worm to quickly remove Jon’s head with his own sword like poor old Ned in the first season (cause getting Drogon would take too long). Arya wearing someone else’s face comes out of nowhere to kill Grey Worm, save Jon like she was unable to do for her father, and nearly kill Dany, before she pleads for her life and the life of her unborn child, Jon’s baby (the witch lied or somehow her cryptic prophecy was fulfilled). Accepting his child will be the eventual ruler and bargaining for freedom for the North and Sansa as Queen in the North, as a man of the Night's Watch Jon agrees to exile himself and leaves to meet up with Ghost and Tormund beyond the wall.

                      Daenerys, not just the victim of hormonal mood swings, totally dives into becoming the “mad queen” and is a terrible despot, Tyrian doing his best to reign her in. She visits some of the other five kingdoms and rains fire to get them to fall in line and ignore the messages Varys sent them before his death trying to get them to support Jon. We catch up in short passage of time scenes where we visit each of the other characters. Maybe some weddings (Sam and Gilly, maybe Arya and Gendry), and the birth of Sam and Gilly’s baby, what happens to Bron, Brienne, Davos, Sansa, others. Bran says something super ominous and cryptic about “winter coming.” We get back to Dany about 8 month after razing King’s Landing and she is very pregnant with Jon’s son and heir to the kingdom. She dies in childbirth very much like Lyanna Stark when she gave birth to Jon. A hopeful Tyrion, still hand of the queen, and regent for the baby king, repeats the saying that when a Targaryen is born the gods flip a coin, something his friend Varys recently said. We see the baby sleeping in his crib. He opens his eyes and they are glowing bright blue. No explanation. End scene. End of series.

                      • DewkChronic
                        DewkChronic  4 months back

                        Gendry and Sam are leaders of great houses now. Sansa and the vale would back Jon unless Dany gives Robin Arryn a ride on her Dragon. Dany will have to kill Jon off and if she is pregnant will Jon be able to kill her.

                        • Blake Martin
                          Blake Martin  4 months back

                          How are they treating female actresses poorly there more ways to develop a character then making them the hero for christ sake get over yourself the three main characters this season have been sansa arya an dany what more you want

                          It's brilliant they have these wonderful actresses but I'd rather get a 50/50 character being the hero is not the be all and end all

                          Watch people backtrack there statements if sansa ends up on the iron throne

                          • DewkChronic
                            DewkChronic  4 months back

                            what Dany did was put fear in the other great houses about going against her because she knows Jon has the backing of the realm. Dany had to put on a show to make a statement, she destroyed the Iron fleet, Gold company and took Kingslanding by fire and blood just her and drogon.

                            • DewkChronic
                              DewkChronic  4 months back

                              The lord of light is still behind Jon as his champion to end Danys reign. jon kills the Dragon and dragon Queen would be epic. The ending I would like to see would be what Robert and Ned in the Crypts of Winterfel and King robert says, "I have a son you have a daughter we will join our houses." Not Sansa and Joffery but Gendry and Arya. Gendry is King and Arya said shes not a Lady but she can be a Queen.

                              • 8118Badude! !!!
                                8118Badude! !!!  4 months back

                                Do you think that the show treats female characters poorly??? Where are the female characters that have their genitals cut off I think every body is treated poorly on Game of Thrones every body it is still an awesome show

                                • Neddy Stark
                                  Neddy Stark  4 months back

                                  One thing I hate about Collider is they will praise a turd if its been dropped by the big studios....they did it with Last Jedi and doing it again...learn from your mistakes!!

                                  • Bryan Sowder
                                    Bryan Sowder  4 months back

                                    BEST SERIES EVER!!!!

                                    • AbroShow
                                      AbroShow  4 months back

                                      It frustrates me when I disagree with everyone on the panel. If your opinions do not align with the people on this panel, check out my Season 8 Episode 5 Spoiler Discussion. We go deep on everything that we love and hate about this episode and about the season as a whole.

                                      • Kriro
                                        Kriro  4 months back

                                        i just hear one of your guys saying the part of the op dragon destroying evrything with out effort had sense and you totally lost me

                                        • ganzo
                                          ganzo  4 months back

                                          Would have been better if got ended in season 7

                                          • thematic
                                            thematic  4 months back

                                            The raping and murdering of civilians when a city was sieged and sacked is par for the course in the medieval period, anyone surprised by it needs to look into human history. This is not a gender thing, but a human thing.

                                            • Lia Spring
                                              Lia Spring  4 months back

                                              I am Tired and SIck of All those WHINERS! It is GOT- A very BRUTAL show from DAY 1!. If you can't take it- go, watch melodramas.

                                              • Paul Martin
                                                Paul Martin  4 months back

                                                Lia Spring The show has turned into a melodrama. That’s what sucks.

                                            • Mike Bordin
                                              Mike Bordin  4 months back

                                              Not sure why you are upset about Arya not going after Cersei. There is a genocide taking place, thousands of people are getting slaughtered all around, and you want Arya to ignore all that because she has to kill this one person who is going to die anyway

                                              • Andrew Paul Young
                                                Andrew Paul Young  4 months back

                                                As I saw in another video, did Bran warg Drogon and destroy KL in order to cause the upcoming death of Danny? Danny's face did not look "mad" after letting her troops in. Danny didn't want to kill everyone - she was flying toward Cercei in the Red Keep, but on the way, Drogon veered away. We NEVER see Danny on Drogon while Drogon is laying waste to KL (suggesting that Bran is controlling Drogon even though Danny is riding Drogon). Warging Drogon but putting the blame on Danny ensures the Bran/Sansa goal that Danny will be killed/never be queen.

                                                • Linda Hauck
                                                  Linda Hauck  4 months back

                                                  If you're gonna talk about a show try pronouncing the Dragon's name right.

                                                  • Jed O.
                                                    Jed O.  4 months back

                                                    I’ve had plenty of crazy girlfriends. I guess that’s why I saw the Mad Queen coming from season 1.

                                                    • Haldurson
                                                      Haldurson  4 months back

                                                      I was thinking the same thing that this season has seemed rushed, that we needed more time to make the character's motivations and actions more believable. Ah well, it is what it is, and because everything else about it has been awesome, I'm willing to forgive it and instead simply imagine how the story would have progressed, had the writers had more time to devote to the various relationships and motivations.

                                                      • Jan Frackiewicz
                                                        Jan Frackiewicz  4 months back

                                                        "We don't often allow men to have feelings in TV shows/fantasy...".

                                                        Yet another whamen who thinks feelings = crying.

                                                        • DPC
                                                          DPC  4 months back

                                                          Erm..did that chubby dude just say he was a marine?

                                                          • Freda Langston
                                                            Freda Langston  4 months back

                                                            Wow, I’ve been watching a few of these types of YouTube critics “shows” and I really can’t believe that somehow you can actually profit from the insane drivel that gets spewed every week

                                                            • Dawn Christensen
                                                              Dawn Christensen  4 months back

                                                              Bran warged into Drogon.
                                                              Bells were too late, Cersi surrendered way too late.
                                                              I hope Tyrion can make it back to Sansa and she welcomes him with open arms.

                                                              • Matthew Joslin
                                                                Matthew Joslin  4 months back

                                                                What if they realize may not be able to kill Drogon? Suppose they kill Dany and Jon is the only one who can manage Drogon. Poetic ending: Jon leaves Westeros with only Drogon and dedicates the rest of his life to controlling the dragon, staying isolated from everyone in order to protect the world. The two keep to areas of only animals to feed and survive, Jon living out his remaining days to keep Drogon from being a threat.

                                                                • Jonathan Kidd
                                                                  Jonathan Kidd  4 months back

                                                                  I think Tyrion and Sansa gonna be on the throne together

                                                                  • Stannis Baratheon
                                                                    Stannis Baratheon  4 months back

                                                                    You’re NOT implying that she’s a villain? She is the mad queen, the main villain of the entire series, the endgame. Absolute bullshit backstep on calling her a villain

                                                                    • ichatterbot
                                                                      ichatterbot  4 months back

                                                                      She is going to try to kill Jon with fire but he will survive.

                                                                      • Stannis Baratheon
                                                                        Stannis Baratheon  4 months back

                                                                        The ground work was lain since season one. Also she kept her word to Varys, she told him she would burn him alive if he betrayed her. He tried to poison her. He’s burnt alive.

                                                                        • radina stanislavova
                                                                          radina stanislavova  4 months back

                                                                          Arya's arc - i think this was the moment she decided to live and not die. i am not sure about Gendry

                                                                          • Gary Dodd
                                                                            Gary Dodd  4 months back

                                                                            Hey Guys, enjoyed the video, by the way Ashley u dont have to apologise in saying Dani is the Villian because she is as she mass murders 10's of thousands of innocent adults and babies...the character has no real excuse for this...A Stark would never do something so evil no matter what, lucky for John he is half Stark😁

                                                                            • Luke Skywalker
                                                                              Luke Skywalker  4 months back

                                                                              This season of Game of Thrones is a tragedy! The battle against the King of the Night should be the last of the season. The battle at king's land should be between the White Walkers and the Golden Army. And Jon Snow should manifest his hidden power ... for it is, Jon has a hidden power and the series will not show Jon's transformation into Azor Ahai. What a disappointing season. For this season, Game of Thrones is not the best series of all time. What an unhappy season.

                                                                              • mari frank
                                                                                mari frank  4 months back

                                                                                varys was trying to poison her...that's why he said we will try again at the evening meal to the little bird

                                                                                • Harvir Bains
                                                                                  Harvir Bains  4 months back

                                                                                  dorne is lame in the books????? just say y'all love the white characters only and go

                                                                                  • African Lion
                                                                                    African Lion  4 months back

                                                                                    Nobody clocked that Varys was trying to poison Dany?

                                                                                    He asks his “bird” who worked at the kitchen if Danys eating.... suspect!!! 🤔🤔🤔

                                                                                    Edit: just heard them say this.

                                                                                    • Mumbly Joe
                                                                                      Mumbly Joe  4 months back

                                                                                      Bronn on the throne!!!!
                                                                                      Bronn on the throne!!!!

                                                                                      • UK Media Warrior
                                                                                        UK Media Warrior  4 months back

                                                                                        Jon's character has just become idiotic. He keeps telling her he loves her, he loves her, but he won't kiss her or make love to her any more ... talk about confusing signals, LOL.

                                                                                        • UK Media Warrior
                                                                                          UK Media Warrior  4 months back

                                                                                          I love watching Rocha have to think on his feet when he realises the comment he is reading out is negative to the show, LOL :)

                                                                                          • UK Media Warrior
                                                                                            UK Media Warrior  4 months back

                                                                                            I'm with Dennis on the fight between the Hound and the Mountain, kinda underwhelmed. When it was obvious nothing was gonna hurt Mountain, or kill him for that matter, it just took all the suspense out of it for me. Might as well have been a guy hacking at a tree stump for all the excitement I got from it.

                                                                                            • bonesix
                                                                                              bonesix  4 months back

                                                                                              3 fanboys trying to excuse shitty writing resulting in a story making no sense anymore ... at least they would be upset if bran will sit on the iron throne ... this would render the whole story for 8 seasons meaningless

                                                                                              • lostn65
                                                                                                lostn65  4 months back

                                                                                                Congratulations D&D. You've destroyed Game of Thrones. I wish you'd done it many seasons ago so I could have tuned out earlier and saved myself a lot of time and anticipation.