Midsommar: Plot Leak Breakdown | Entire Script Summary Of The New Horror Movie Explained

  • Published: 19 June 2019
  • Midsommar: Plot Leak Breakdown | Entire Summary Of The New Horror Movie’s Leaked Script by Deffinition

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    Read the full Midsommar: Plot Leak Breakdown | Entire Summary Of The New Horror Movie’s Leaked Script Explained here - deffinition.co.uk/midsommar-plot-leak-breakdown-entire-summary-of-the-new-horror-movies-leaked-script

    Read The Full Midsommar Script here - docdroid.net/39EggEN/midsommar.pdf#page=2

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    Midsommar Script Breakdown
    The film opens with Dani, played by Florence Pugh, receiving a worrying email from her sister who has a long history of doing impulsive things due to her bipolar disorder.

    The email reads ‘I can’t anymore – everything’s black – mom and dad are coming too. Goodbye’

    This mysterious, alarming contact sets off a chain of events that leads to terrifying consequences for Dani and those around her and whilst it doesn’t really tie into the later plot it’s still a great way to start the story.

    Halsingland Explained
    Christian wants to get away to a quiet Yodelling festival that only happens every 90 years in Sweden known as Halsingland. This has been organised by their friend Pelle who is from the area and has left due to a pilgrimage that all the villagers take once they reach a certain age. Christian originally was planning on going with just his friends and minus Dani but after she guilt-trips him he allows her to come, much to his friend’s dismay.

    The Hargas Explained
    These guys are basically the product of generations of incest that hang Boar Carcasses from branches and look like 19th-century farmers that spend most of their time dancing around the Maypole.

    On the surface, they seem like a group of hippies that hand out magic mushrooms like it’s nothing, however as they begin to carry out their rituals it’s clear that things aren’t right. They far outnumber the group and this makes them intimidating as they slowly start to pick everyone apart.

    Midsommar Ending Explained
    Which is when Christian rushes out, vomits and then sees Josh chained to a fence with his abdomen cut open and covered in birdseed so that they would fly in and peck at his organs. To make things worse Josh is still alive and Christian slowly discovers the rest of the camp, all murdered in brutal ways.

    He’s knocked out and awakens to find himself in a field the next day, ready to be sacrificed to the sun.

    In total there are 9 sacrifices with a handful of villagers stepping forward and the 9th being decided by the May Queen.

    She, of course, chooses Christian and all of the corpses and living people are escorted to a house that was previously off limits where they are stacked against the walls. Christian is put in a bear costume and the room, ladened with hay is set alight.

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    Midsommar Review
    So obviously there’s quite a lot to take from this and whilst the script is pretty great, when reading it I always had a niggling feeling that this will play out better on the big screen. Though I didn’t go massively into detail, the description of the location in Sweden, as well as some of the deaths, are really vivid and it’s really got me amped to see how they play out on screen.

    This definitely has the potential to be the most unnerving movie of the year and if it follows in the footsteps of hereditary which was my film of 2018, then we definitely have a lot to look forward to.
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  • Heavy Spoilers
    Heavy Spoilers   4 months back

    So, are you excited for Midsommar? What are you looking forward to seeing on the big screen the most? Comment below and let me know and If you enjoyed this video then please like it and subscribe to the channel for daily breakdowns on all the latest movies, tv shows, games and more! Click Here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3hT5JPPKy87JGbDls_5BQ

    • Protestant
      Protestant  3 months back

      All the horrible things Dani did were under the mind control of demonic beings, summoned by these blood rituals. That's why she is smiling so weirdly at the end. She cannot be blamed at all, because she would never have done these things of her own free will. They wanted to sacrifice the bear and Christian, but didn't want to do it themselves, so they mind-controlled an innocent girl to do it for them. Just like the Illuminati produce mind-controlled assassins.

    • Mercedes Benz Bentley Range Rover
      Mercedes Benz Bentley Range Rover  3 months back

      The deaths

    • Ben
      Ben  3 months back

      @Catherine Leary the seasons of their lives, are in increments of 18... which is divisible by 9... so yea.. interesting

    • Catherine Leary
      Catherine Leary  4 months back

      The number nine seems to be a theme.
      I just realized when you said they committed suicide at 72...7+2=9!
      I may have to see this because it is so visually fascinating 🌄

    • king johnny
      king johnny  4 months back

      Subscribed, Good channel Man thanks !

  • Pamela Ibe
    Pamela Ibe  16 hours back

    Very disturbing! Apocolypse Now used a technique of showing black/white images dispersed in the movie building up to the horror of it all. The walls in this movie are similar technique used effectively and create a disturbing feeling as you become accustomed to the horror of what is happening. Nd I don't want to be accustomed to horror. This is not a movie I could watch a second time right away so I was glad to read the screen play for parts that were still confusing to me. The horror in broad daylight was very effective;; I agree with those reviews which have stated Ari has set a new bar for horror. Do not think I will watch Herditary any time soon, although now I want too. I waited for this movie to come to Amazon as I read a time mag review and was intrigued....yet I still waited awhile. Even so I found it extremely disturbing film. Thankfully I am now able to see the comedy in the film as well. It is unusual person whose mind deals with break up by writing a movie like this.

    • sjhdfbasndf
      sjhdfbasndf  1 weeks back

      Movie was a turd. See Hereditary instead.

      • David Bell
        David Bell  3 weeks back

        Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

        • Riana Anaïs
          Riana Anaïs  1 months back

          This is one horror movie where the token black dude is just unnecessary. There’s no way we would have stayed in this Snapchat filter whitelandia

          • soar
            soar  2 months back

            spoiler alert

            • Melissa McMillan
              Melissa McMillan  3 months back

              Almost every review says the opening doesn't connect to the rest of the story. Quite literally the rest of the movie, at least for Dani, would never happen without that tragedy. She sees flashes of her sister on a bad trip, then again after being crowned May Queen. The complete loss of her old life reaches a critical climax as the building burns with Christine and the others inside. She is the queen and newest cult member because she has absolutely no one left, but these new people that have been so warm and extremely empathetic to her.

              • silja lin
                silja lin  2 months back

                I think that it's because the gruesomeness of the murder/suicide isn't really playing into anything. They might as well have died in a car crash for how their deaths affect her. That's what most people, including myself, take issue with. The dead family is not the focus of the movie, but merely a plot device to get Dani to go to Sweden with her distant bf and his friends while the actual story is about her letting go of her bf.
                It'd be like if Simba loses his dad in that horrible iconic way in the lion king but then the rest of the movie is about him trying to figure out a way to break up with Nala so he can stay in the jungle with Timon and Puumba.
                Thematically, it is jarring that so much specific detail was spent on Dani's fucked up family dynamic and tragic it's tragic end in the beginning of the film and then John Cleese steps into the screen and goes "and now for something completely different" and BOOM Sweden and cheating boyfriends and cults. It's kind of superficial if you think about what this movie could have been. I think it was a mistake to center it around Dani and her stupid boyfriend when the most interesting conflict for her was her complicated relationship with her crazy sister.

            • Tovin Singson
              Tovin Singson  3 months back

              Movie not so good

              • silja lin
                silja lin  2 months back

                I agree :) I still love Ari Aster and will watch all his movies, but this one is pretty bad from a storytelling and editing perspective. Acting and cinematopgraphy, though!!! <3

            • Ken KenKen
              Ken KenKen  3 months back

              1star on TripAdviser for this place =)) just cracked me haha

              • Balloonbot
                Balloonbot  3 months back

                That was Simon hanging that Christian finds. He had been killed by the ritual known as "Blood Eagle". A nasty execution carried out by the Vikings back in the day

                • Simone Schwanitz
                  Simone Schwanitz  2 months back

                  Poor boy😔I hope the perpetrators get their punishment

              • Bat Sheeps
                Bat Sheeps  3 months back

                my friends and i were movie hopping and walked in on probably the worst scene of this movie and that was bad to say the least

                • Cincy32
                  Cincy32  3 months back

                  When did Dani pick Christian? I just saw this tonight and don't remember when/how she picked him.

                  • Natasha Foley
                    Natasha Foley  3 months back

                    Just watched it and I don’t think I’ll ever recover

                    • ChuckImania
                      ChuckImania  3 months back

                      ...shit I'll just read the old testament.

                      • Mercedes Benz Bentley Range Rover

                        The surviving girl should one day escape from there

                        • Simone Schwanitz
                          Simone Schwanitz  2 months back

                          No she belongs to the prison.She now is part of the cult.She allowed these peopel to kill her friends.No compession for that bitch!!she smiles when her boyfriend gets burned alive.She is no victim anymore

                      • katie is irrelevant
                        katie is irrelevant  3 months back

                        ugh ngl i really want to see this because i love movies like this that just leave your mind fucked up, it looks pretty interesting (although disturbing). ive seen hereditary and it left me feeling a little weird but i loved it. i was gonna see it w my sister but sadly it’s an 18 so i couldn’t go rip (im 16).

                        • ronnie bryan
                          ronnie bryan  3 months back

                          Dani's bed blanket in the big house had same pattern as the hotel corridor carpet in The Shining. I really enjoyed this movie.

                          • Heavy Spoilers
                            Heavy Spoilers   3 months back

                            Yeah I love seeing that pattern pop up in other horrors

                        • Kristyn Christopher
                          Kristyn Christopher  3 months back

                          I stayed up late last night reading the script from the description (I’m too chicken to watch the actual movie). Such a brilliant plot and ending.

                          • James Campbell
                            James Campbell  3 months back

                            the three question i have no1 does that redhead maya becoming pegnant no2 was dani already pregnant no3 will they be a next one it wasnt the creep sex sence near the end that got me or that he was having sex on the bed of flowers. it was that killer smile that she burn her boyfriend to death a bit shocking to watch

                            • Ronyae A
                              Ronyae A  3 months back

                              This is by far the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.

                              • James Campbell
                                James Campbell  3 months back

                                if you are going make three films basic on horror why not do it on midsommar death/happyness/birth and dont do it on any other horror movies

                                • Grace Su
                                  Grace Su  3 months back

                                  Is Sweden really like that???

                                • Pete Peterson
                                  Pete Peterson  3 months back

                                  Very very disturbing , my top most disturbing scenes :
                                  People jumping off the rock
                                  Sex scene , old women singing one pushing his ass
                                  Retarded kids
                                  guy in bear costume burning
                                  people immitating the girls crying and screaming ( gave me a major panick attack )
                                  The music in the movie was also very creepy

                                  • Pete Peterson
                                    Pete Peterson  3 months back

                                    I am traumatized after watching it , had to go see a doctor

                                    • calculating infinity
                                      calculating infinity  3 months back

                                      Great movie. There's a lot up unpack. It'll take me a few viewings to really grasp all of the nuances in the movie.

                                      • 19moira90
                                        19moira90  3 months back

                                        I'm sorry, but this analysis was not the best and very shellow... Dani does not want to leave due to the "strange pagan worship". She takes all the rituals, especially the suicide of the elderly, very personal because of her parents' death. Also, sge does not "guilt trip" her boyfriend, quite the opposite actually... This is a psychological film, a well written story with complicated characters, not just a cult horror movie. The whole movie centers around Dani going through loss and never "feeling home" with her egocentric boyfriend, never feeling understood, and finding this community in which she finally felt supported. I loved this movie!!!

                                        • Heavy Spoilers
                                          Heavy Spoilers   3 months back

                                          This was a breakdown of the script not the movie. Watch this for my analysis of the movie https://youtu.be/lQpLKjk8Hhs

                                      • John MichaeL John
                                        John MichaeL John  3 months back

                                        "Yup... one star on trip advisor for this place".
                                        I just cant stop laughing at this!

                                        • Zoeyjewels xo
                                          Zoeyjewels xo  3 months back

                                          Lol it makes paganism seem so bad lol still wanna see the movie

                                          • CaRcypher
                                            CaRcypher  3 months back

                                            This movie sucked, I know you are trying to save this movie. Im a horror master. But i just watched this tonight and its sucked. The Witch was even better but to you others, tread carefully dont waste your money.
                                            Metaphore for this movie when you watch this you will feel cold crystal water but by the end it will be truly piss.

                                            • Fiona Johnson
                                              Fiona Johnson  3 months back

                                              2:26 “dani comes too after she guilt trips christian” ok maybe the script was different but that is Not what happened my guy

                                              • Emilio Gardose III
                                                Emilio Gardose III  3 months back

                                                Wicked Man but its 2019 and bunch of millenials.

                                                • Tragic Deyz
                                                  Tragic Deyz  3 months back

                                                  Sorry, it was dumb. If you want DISTURBING, watch the French horror movie "Martyrs". You will be truly damaged.

                                                  • ReservoirFrog
                                                    ReservoirFrog  3 months back

                                                    Love your analysis. Made me appreciate the film more.
                                                    2 questions for you:
                                                    1 - how did you get a copy of the script?

                                                    2 - did it really ruin the film for you?

                                                    Asking as someone who was a massive fan of Hereditary and wanted to know nothing about this before going in.

                                                    • gone, gone, gone -
                                                      gone, gone, gone -  3 months back

                                                      Ruben, huh? I guess I'm I'm oracle.

                                                      • Big Beard Jefe
                                                        Big Beard Jefe  3 months back

                                                        No thanks.im way to baked to drive to the devil's house.

                                                        • Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

                                                          *THIS.* this is what i was looking for. not 10 things you should know b4 you see midsommar, not some bullshit clickbait goofy video of some no name(or well known,for that matter) asshole giving me a phony critical breakdown. no, THIS is what i was after. thank you sir

                                                          • Adrian Frank
                                                            Adrian Frank  3 months back

                                                            Not really any new info if you have seen the movie. The movie starts slow but picks up as the movie progresses and enjoyed it. Hereditary = A
                                                            Midsommar = B+

                                                            • Something Found
                                                              Something Found  3 months back

                                                              What was in the meat pies? I understand the love spell but it is like they knew or suspected it may have been human but ate anyway.

                                                              • Something Found
                                                                Something Found  3 months back

                                                                Marcin Ratajczyk yeah I know that but I think that was for Christian. I suspect other guests / Americans got “meat” from their reactions of what was on their plate.

                                                              • Marcin Ratajczyk
                                                                Marcin Ratajczyk  3 months back

                                                                a pubic hair

                                                            • Diego Mendez
                                                              Diego Mendez  4 months back

                                                              💪😎👎NOT INTERESTED

                                                              • Soleil Cantarutti
                                                                Soleil Cantarutti  4 months back

                                                                The film is amazing and totally worth the watch. Everything about it was extremely well done.

                                                                • Ben
                                                                  Ben  3 months back

                                                                  @Gerry Buckets Gerry, I did feel like certain scenes were a bit lengthy... certain meal scenes at the dining tables... and even the sex scene was a bit lengthy IMO.... I think it could've been cut down to right at 2 hours.... but either way, I still enjoyed it immensely, and feel like it was still a masterpiece of cinema

                                                                • Gerry Buckets
                                                                  Gerry Buckets  3 months back

                                                                  Im an Ari Aster fanboy but this movie was way too slow, too pretentious, and it didnt live up to the hype i had after hereditary. It didnt do everything right, the cinematography, visuals and score was still amazing, but it tried too hard to be different and outlandish

                                                              • William Davis
                                                                William Davis  4 months back

                                                                disturbing quality of the movie. For all those viewers who are dismissive of both Heredity and Midsommar : You either get it or you don't. Both films are brilliant.

                                                                • William Davis
                                                                  William Davis  4 months back

                                                                  this movie, like Hereditary. is more intensely creepy than actually scary but I guess those two things are kinda the same thing. Saw the film this afternoon and am still reeling from it. I have to say, having seen the trailer several times, the movie is much more bizarre and graphic and intense than I was expecting. Somehow I wasn't expecting all the graphic nudity but it definately added to the overall distur

                                                                  • Rochelle Kaake
                                                                    Rochelle Kaake  4 months back

                                                                    I'm a Christian who's very open minded, & I read the script bc I'm completely fascinated with cults, pagan religions, ancient rituals/customs, etc. However, yes, after reading the script in one rapt sitting, I was so deeply disturbed by the evil heaviness of it, & the heaviness of Dani's eventual breaking of the mind, that I prayed myself to sleep & asked God to forgive me for being too curious about things I know aren't going to edify me, but bring nothing but bad feelings tbh. So all in all, I will most def not be seeing this movie!!! Lol

                                                                    • Riana Anaïs
                                                                      Riana Anaïs  1 months back

                                                                      Rochelle Kaake you are very smart.

                                                                    • Marcin Ratajczyk
                                                                      Marcin Ratajczyk  3 months back

                                                                      @C Draws Go and see for yourselves! it's not that disturbing tbh

                                                                    • C Draws
                                                                      C Draws  3 months back

                                                                      Rochelle Kaake g o d. Same here. It took me 3 hours to read the script and the last couple pages felt like such a haze I only skimmed. Curiosity is our worst enemy! :’) I definitely shouldn’t see the film but I don’t understand how I’m STILL curious. Yikes.

                                                                  • muhammed yusuf
                                                                    muhammed yusuf  4 months back

                                                                    The floating at 4:55 was that in the film? I dont remember that

                                                                    • Gerry Buckets
                                                                      Gerry Buckets  3 months back

                                                                      They cut many of the scenes from the trailer. Very big fault from A24, they love to mismarket things as horror when its really not. The only reason they put that on the trailer is to put interest on people so they could watch it

                                                                    • DJ SourNipples
                                                                      DJ SourNipples  4 months back

                                                                      I don't either, been going through different videos trying to figure it out

                                                                  • B. Tiwari
                                                                    B. Tiwari  4 months back

                                                                    But the real mystery is.....did she do the frog dance? 😎

                                                                    • Marcin Ratajczyk
                                                                      Marcin Ratajczyk  3 months back

                                                                      actually she does a bit of a funny dance at the end :)) It's kinda hilarious.

                                                                  • nsueder
                                                                    nsueder  4 months back

                                                                    Finally a movie with a sad ending

                                                                    • Catherine Leary
                                                                      Catherine Leary  3 months back

                                                                      @kyp durron Win-win!

                                                                    • kyp durron
                                                                      kyp durron  4 months back

                                                                      It ends kinda happy for Dany, as she smiles and begins to heal from her grief, trauma, and feeling alone. She also rids herself of her asshole boyfriend which also brings relief

                                                                  • Jacob Hutton
                                                                    Jacob Hutton  4 months back

                                                                    I saw it last night..... I am scarred for life.... and two of my top five favorite films are Blue Velvet and the Shining so that should tell you something coming from me!

                                                                  • Jordan Pressler
                                                                    Jordan Pressler  4 months back

                                                                    As much as I would like to see this movie again for a better reflection, one thing for sure I can say: FLORENCE PUGH IS PHENOMENAL! As Dani, she portrays a young, vulnerable girl struggling to maintain a "healthy" relationship with her undeserving, apathetic slacker boyfriend Christian (played intentionally with head-shaking artificiality by Jack Reynor) because her family life is slowly falling apart due to her bipolar sister, and she is desperate to hold onto to someone who has already let her go emotionally. She is terrified of dying alone (which is emphasized more in the script than in the actual product) and finds herself feeling responsible for Christian slipping away on account of her neurosis.

                                                                    Just as Toni Collette gave a masterful performance in Ari Aster's breakout genre outing, Hereditary, as Annie Graham -- a distant wife and suffocating mother watching her family burn up in front of her (both figuratively and literally) -- Florence Pugh imbues her character with the same level of pathos and vulnerability, and her wails of anguish in the first half of the film are so astonishing and so stellar, not only did it recall Collette's work from Hereditary, it established Pugh as a young talent just as remarkable as, say, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Brie Larson, 3 of the finest actresses working today.
                                                                    Even the tight close-up of her face as she confessed her worries to Christian about her sister over the phone, miraculous how she made the tears well in her eyes for such an extended period of time. I literally had to take a deep breath after the scene where she wails and sobs in Christian's less-than-understanding arms, just because her acting was that extraordinary. Toni Collette has met her match.

                                                                    The only thing that makes me sad about Pugh's performance is that come award season, she is most definitely gonna be snubbed at the Oscars, the same way Toni Collette was in 2019. Because the Academy is (typically) too blind and close-minded to see the value in a brilliant horror film/performance.

                                                                    • Gerry Buckets
                                                                      Gerry Buckets  3 months back

                                                                      She was great, but they barely had her do anything other than cry. She wasnt in Toni’s level in my opinion

                                                                    • Jordan Pressler
                                                                      Jordan Pressler  4 months back

                                                                      @Heavy Spoilers and you know what astonishes me the most about Ari Aster -- in person, like in his interviews, he is extremely timid, awkward, and jittery to the point of stuttering, it's amazing to think he has delivered some of the most brutal images, emotional assaults and twisted storytelling ideas I have ever witnessed in modern genre filmmaking. It just shows how different someone can be in their personality versus their imagination.

                                                                    • Heavy Spoilers
                                                                      Heavy Spoilers   4 months back

                                                                      Word, Ari Aster manages to get some absolutely incredible performances out of people, both were phenomenal in the film.