Talk The Thrones | Season 8, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones "The Bells"


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  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire  4 months back

    6:01 Meh... Compared to Hound vs. Brienne or many other fights both on this show and others like it, it wasn't that great... Pretty much amounted to the Hound showing his seemingly supernatural sword-fighting prowess by massacring what should be some of the best fighters in the realm and then magically taking apart the Mountain's armor within the first few moments of the fight only to be thoroughly trounced (including a riveting sequence of the Hound being repeatedly picked up and slammed down into the wall/floor over and over for a couple of minutes straight) because of the Mountain's actually supernatural resilience. I'm not sure wtf Qyburn did to him, but when an antagonist can survive even having your brain impaled (despite it still being functional enough for him to remember the Hound and exert enough free will to rebel against people he's been obeying with robot-like exactness up until now), it feels pretty pointless and hopeless for the person trying to fight them. Not only that, but basically doing yet another character un-redemption and, in the end, boiling the Hound down to nothing but his need for revenge for something that happened to him several decades ago just feels like one more in a long line of disservices done to characters and the time put into their past development in these last couple of episodes. Also, getting the Punisher-style eye-gouge treatment at the end just seems like such a raw deal for someone that, despite all his flaws and faults, did so much to help the other main characters on multiple occasions.

    • ScorchHellfire
      ScorchHellfire  4 months back

      4:28 Was it though? I honestly found myself not caring that much at that point... To me it was an unsatisfying way to go out for both of them and a ham-fisted attempt to humanize Cersei at the very end after building her up as the most ruthless and unsympathetic character (except for maybe Joffrey) on the show... whimpering about not wanting to die does not suddenly make me feel anything for her and being crushed by a cave-in alongside an un-redeemed Jaime instead of suffering a well-deserved brutal and bloody death at the hands of another main character just felt weak and hollow.

      • ScorchHellfire
        ScorchHellfire  4 months back

        2:53 Exactly my thoughts... there was foreshadowing, but the accelerated pacing of the show caused there to be a lot of much-needed build up to this point to be left out. There could've and should've been much more allusions to Dany's capability to totally snap under certain circumstances or more of an indication that something like seeing the Red Keep (which was apparently the real trigger of her near-instantaneous flip from generally benevolent queen with a strong sense of justice and some trouble controlling her worst impulses sometimes to a straight-up psychopathic mass-murderer according to the Inside the Episode) would bring that out in her. Hell, there wasn't even really that much of an indication that that was what was causing this sudden turn in her character at all... for all we could tell, she just really doesn't like the sound of lots of bells chiming at once. To me, the buildup just wasn't there, and it was a massive jump (not unlike Arya's flying leap through all the White Walkers to get to the Night King in episode 3) to go from where she was seemingly headed for so long to where she ended up in less than an episode. I just don't buy it when they spent 7 1/2 seasons selling one thing to us and then turn around and try to sell something almost completely different the last couple of episodes... And tragically that's basically what they did with Jaime too. It undoes years and years worth of character building in 2 hours... Yeah, no... eff that noise. I now find myself starting to agree with the people that made that petition to redo the last 1 or 2 seasons. And if this is really where the books would end up going and there's not many things that happen to truly justify such unsavory character shifts, then eff George R. R. Martin too. These characters deserve better. The story deserves better.

        • ScorchHellfire
          ScorchHellfire  4 months back

          1:33 Indeed... at the time, it seemed like too heavy-handed a move, perhaps even too risky that there would be a lot of collateral damage, but in hindsight, knowing where we ended up, it would've been a much quicker and easier path for everyone if she had done that... but nope... we got this clown fiesta of a final act instead...

          • ScorchHellfire
            ScorchHellfire  4 months back

            Agreed with Jason at the beginning. Like... at first I was incredulous with the pointless and nonsensical slaughter of civilians (especially when Jon's troops joined in for no good reason, despite his protestations), but then I just became numb to it and by the end when Arya had her slow-mo horse whispering moment, I was far past ready for it to be over. So much build up for underwhelming pay-offs and bait-and-switch character development. I waited to watch the final season until a little bit after it was all released and I was hoping that all the hate was unwarranted... sadly, it seems it is, and if this episode was any indication, the finale will be just a disappointing.

            • Tom S
              Tom S  5 months back

              These Talk the Thrones get harder to watch as the show declines into bad writing and B-movie villains.

              • Mrs. P
                Mrs. P  5 months back

                You guys: thank you. Seriously.

                • Moe Zidane
                  Moe Zidane  5 months back

                  Worst tv series ever, everyone dies stupid

                  • soursop
                    soursop  5 months back

                    you guys are the best review I've heard so far and funny

                    • sami
                      sami  5 months back

                      It end up as one worst series.. sad..

                      • FN 2187
                        FN 2187  5 months back

                        Jon and Danny kill each other. Tyrion sits on the iron throne, rebuilds the Red Keep as a tower and changes his name to Lord Farquaad. He chains Drogon in a castle. We all know what happens next.

                        • zbarrett727
                          zbarrett727  5 months back

                          Sorry that you guys have to defend this drivel.

                          • Eric Ellithorpe
                            Eric Ellithorpe  5 months back

                            A weapon of mass destruction is for mass destruction! A Girl who cannot be burnt has some powerful magic backing her! All the houses are dead except 3 Starks, 2 Targarean and 1 Lannister! The wheel is broken, the spokes have been removed, there are only 2 left to break. The Lord of Light has a plan that is almost complete! King's landing must be destroyed to be reborn!

                            • marco lieni
                              marco lieni  5 months back

                              Euron said the GC guys were not good fighters!
                              Maybe Drogon hate's bells and all happened in the autopilot mode. lol

                              • B C140
                                B C140  5 months back

                                1. Do these two actually know what foreshadowing is?
                                2. Anyone justifying dany burning everything and arguing that this is a character that has been built up across multiple seasons needs to give their head a wobble. Clearly just a deluded stan

                                • Eternal Reign
                                  Eternal Reign  5 months back

                                  Everyone is wrong about this whole, "Varys and Sansa being right about Dany", and how everyone else should have saw it too nonsense. Ummm no, she actually didn't become the mad queen ... not on her own anyway. She was pushed into becoming the mad queen because of all their unwarranted betrayal.

                                  She literally saved everyone and explained to Sansa how Jon manipulated her, but for some reason Sansa still didn't trust her. Makes no sense. Then she saw how everyone loved Jon at the feast. WTF did Jon do in the Long Night to get that much attention? Absolutely nothing. Nobody in that hall saw anything that he did. If anything Arya should have been getting all the attention, or Dany for bringing the large army and 2 effing dragons. The whole thing was contrived because the writing was so bad. If that's how things really would have played out, then anyone would be pissed off, and why would everyone still think the north are the good guys in this story?

                                  Dany doesn't go genocidal if she got the love and support she deserved. Varys hears a rumor about Jons true identity and he immediately believes it and starts plotting against her without even knowing how she took the news. She just looked a little sad at the feast because she wasn't getting any attention. Not to mention losing everyone she trusted. Yeah makes sense to suddenly start trying to poison her.

                                  Sansa and Varys weren't right, Sansa and Varys made it happen. They're not clever or heroes, they're the real enemy for creating all the unnecessary chaos. Sansa is the new Little Finger and Varys has always been Varys, except for how stupid he was about staying at Dragonstone to commit his treason when season 4 Varys would have at least been smart enough to go back to Winterfell to work with Sansa. He can't serve the realm when he's dead. Like Jon, Dany is just not very good at playing the GAME, of thrones. She got played right into committing genocide.

                                  • Eternal Reign
                                    Eternal Reign  5 months back

                                    I don't want to defend Dany going genocidal because I thought it was setup horribly, but I think everyone is looking at it all wrong. She didn't just suddenly snap in that moment, that moment was planned ahead of time. When she told Jon, "fear it is then", that's when she set things in motion in her own mind. When Tyrion told her about the bells, you already saw the look on her face, and the look she gave Grey Worm, that she wasn't going to accept the surrender. I think that's when she decided that was going to be the perfect moment to carry out her big fear plan. With that plan in mind, that scene makes more sense.

                                    The anguish on her face in the moment after she won was her struggling to actually go through with it, not because she suddenly snapped. She didn't want to, but she felt she had to. She felt it was the only way to have complete control over the 7 kingdoms instead of Jon. Jon might have the better claim, but she clearly has all the power. If you remember Varys' little riddle about where power resides, it resides where people think it resides, and after the genocide, that's with Dany. She didn't go straight for Cersei because she wanted Cersei to witness it too.

                                    And no I'm not an apologist, the writing is still gawd awful and I absolutely hate this entire season. We definitely needed more episodes in season 7 and 8, and even a 9th season to flesh things out better. D&D were in too big of a hurry to get to other projects so everything was rushed. HBO should have let them go and brought in a new writing team to finish what would have been the greatest story ever committed to film, which I'm sure they're now regretting at this point.

                                    • sean john
                                      sean john  5 months back

                                      Varys removed jewelry just as Melisandre removed her necklace. Varys follows the Lord of Light.

                                      • SpaceManDawn
                                        SpaceManDawn  5 months back

                                        What's with the moving cameras? That's some try hard shit and it looks lame. Knock it off.

                                        • cuttingwedge
                                          cuttingwedge  5 months back

                                          Jesus, so much yelling.

                                          • Jane Huttner
                                            Jane Huttner  5 months back

                                            There is a bonus show of GOT the following Sunday on May 26. Are you doing anything for that?

                                            • Jane Huttner
                                              Jane Huttner  5 months back

                                              Qyburn also had the children lead the Lannister boy to where the wild fire was and helped set the Sept of Baelor on fire with wild fire.

                                              • Jane Huttner
                                                Jane Huttner  5 months back

                                                You didn't mention Qyburn in the memorials

                                                • James Din
                                                  James Din  5 months back

                                                  Arya's fate is to kill the blonde hair queen as revealed to Her by the Witch. We thought it was Cerseii now to be Danaerys

                                                  • Nick Michalski
                                                    Nick Michalski  5 months back

                                                    I don't see how it matters what they write at this point....they made sure to defy all logic and character development

                                                    • vinkata
                                                      vinkata  5 months back

                                                      Dude your voice is SUPER annoying

                                                      • vinkata
                                                        vinkata  5 months back

                                                        Well bot much of a help if you can't figure it out ...

                                                      • Ben Bauman
                                                        Ben Bauman  5 months back

                                                        What's the point of this comment?

                                                    • esp inc
                                                      esp inc  5 months back

                                                      Game Over in about 30 hours

                                                      No way all these loose ends get conclusions

                                                      • David Southwell
                                                        David Southwell  5 months back

                                                        Winners and Losers? HBO The company was a clear winner = $$$. The Loser: The fans who were subjected to a very abrupt rushed ending. (we could easily have had a 10th season)"The biggest villain: = D&D". The biggest Hero: = G. RR Martin. His books will continue to be beloved by his fans.

                                                        • Mike Bordin
                                                          Mike Bordin  5 months back

                                                          “We knew it was going to happen. It was obviously going to happen. They had set it up” - Except there is no record of him ever saying he expected it to happen or that it was obviously going to happen. Idiot.

                                                          • Galen Hill
                                                            Galen Hill  5 months back

                                                            The Hound just got at that real moment of “This is about to go down”He is looking at what’s actually happening.He might not have said it 30 miles ago because he wasn’t looking at the actual condition.He basically told her.Ceresi is going to dead be regardless.Look at this.Dont waste your life on this.

                                                            • Darwin Maisner
                                                              Darwin Maisner  5 months back

                                                              Kinda missing the point aren't you? Which is of course; hot chicks in leather on dragons. Hell yeah!

                                                              • nevarran
                                                                nevarran  5 months back

                                                                The point about Danny feeling hurt because the people like Jon more is such a crap. The northerners like one of their own more than they like some queen who just showed up. And the wildlings like the guy who saved their lives. What a shocker. There are 6 other kingdoms in Westeros, and pretty much none of them knows who Jon is.

                                                                • Word Lifer
                                                                  Word Lifer  5 months back

                                                                  Season 1 - stops Dothraki from rape and murder
                                                                  Season 2 - "We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground."

                                                                  Don't be so quick to define characters by single moments or perceived patterns, especially so early in their life. You can pick out about a hundred things Sansa did in season 1 that seems antithetical to where she is now. Characters evolve... and devolve.

                                                                  In Mereen, Dany burns a head of a family alive and feeds him to the dragons solely to instill fear in the Masters. She had no idea whether that man was in league with the Sons Of The Harpy or not. He may very well have been innocent. That was the moment that showed her true nature. And she tells us flat out that she wants to kill these innocent people in episode 4 of season 8. "Let them know who to blame when the skies fall upon them." She reiterates this in episode 5. She told us she wanted to, and she told us why she wanted to. It's not that her actions now are antithetical to who she is. It's that she's been trying to be something all along that is antithetical to who she is. The same as Jaime has believed he's a better man, only to have to face that he is what he is. Jon believes he's not worthy of the thrones, regardless of the fact that every action he takes shows he is. The story is about how we view ourselves, and whether that view is accurate. Are we who we think we are, both as individuals, and as a people. This was Dany's true nature. It showed when she walked into a hot bath in a detached state in episode 1. It showed when she watched her brother's head melted by molten gold, also in a detached state. She wants to be benevolent. But she learns as she lives... the world wont let her. She doesn't know how to be benevolent without admiration and love. And not only does she know she wont be admired and loved in Westeros, but she now has a serious threat to her claim that is bringing her worst fears to fruition as people begin to betray her. Now strip away everything she cares about; Viserion and Rhaegol... killed. Jorah... dead. Misande... executed before her eyes (for offering mercy, mind you). Jon... distancing himself. She thinks she has one play; "burn cities to the ground". And she may be simply rationalizing her own desires out of the hatred she feels for what Cersei has now taken from her.

                                                                  Yes, the last two seasons have been rushed, and this fall from grace is no exception. I for one am not happy with how they resolved the Night King plot. But while many might feel Dany's fall wasn't earned, they laid plenty of runway for it. And it does make sense. Don't conflate not liking something with it not being valid.

                                                                  • UnDead Polo
                                                                    UnDead Polo  5 months back

                                                                    Jon killing Dany and going North is so bland. The story ends how it started which was always hinted at but I feel it lessens the impact. If it is the end explains why he hasn't finished the books. The ending is flat.

                                                                    • Eugenia Geneva
                                                                      Eugenia Geneva  5 months back

                                                                      Does HBO pay you folks? Lol 😂 it sucks now!

                                                                      • UnDead Polo
                                                                        UnDead Polo  5 months back

                                                                        No , Tyrion has been betraying her since they met up.

                                                                        • UnDead Polo
                                                                          UnDead Polo  5 months back

                                                                          It's supposed to imply the power of choice. But instead it has history repeat itself thus crippling the message and just implying people are powerless to escape their fates.

                                                                          • John R
                                                                            John R  5 months back

                                                                            WRONG. Danerys was able to kill everyone in kings landing beucase she thought everyoen in kings landing was her enemy. she didn't make a distinction between "innocents' and enemies here because . in her mind, they weren't innocent. The slave owners were all bad. anyone who refused to bend the knee was bad. the entire lannister army was bad. and , the people of kings landing were also bad.

                                                                            A few reasons why she viewed them as her enemy were touched on. She viewed this as her home. She assumed that the people would be with her when she returned her to fulfill her destiny. and they weren't. She had something of a God complex already based on how she was treated in Mereen and other places. To not receive that reverence when she arrived in Westeros made her not think she was home. She has no love here. If she has no love, then what is the point in fighting for the people? She thnks if they can't love her and wont love her, then if fire reigns down on them its the world they deserve.
                                                                            Her love of people required they in turn worship her. And the breaking of the chains required, in turn, that they revere here.
                                                                            ITs why she burned the tarleys. There was no middle ground with her. its either bend the knee or die. if they dont bend the knee she has no sympathy for them if her dragon roasts them. To even get involved with Jon to save hte world required that he bend the knee.

                                                                            The other thing that caused her to not care about the people of kings lanidng was that she remebered her history in kings landing. Her fahter was killed by a rebellion, and the lannisters who were allied with king Aerys betrayed him and sided with Robert and slaughtered all the Targaryans. THen the people in kings landing accepted when the Baratheons and the Lannisters ruled the realm. They faced no punishment. The people bent the knee and didn't defend the Targaryans. they simpy moved on.
                                                                            And agiain, when Misandei is killed, the people dont do or say anything. She's expecting them to rise up and fight with her to take on Cersei and accept her as the righfult queen. But, they dont'.
                                                                            And furhter when Tryion was couseling her back in season 7 she said something to the effect of how he was just saying what he was saying to try to save HIS people. She didn't view them as innocents.

                                                                            • Charma Lazenby
                                                                              Charma Lazenby  5 months back

                                                                              John R ... Wholeheartedly agree. The people of kings landing didn’t turn on Cerci, like the people of slaver bay and Meeren. Instead the people took refuged behind the gates of King Landings to fight against a foreign invader!

                                                                          • Funk O'Matic
                                                                            Funk O'Matic  5 months back

                                                                            dude...that time she asked for mercy.. for the dothrakis to stop their pillaging n killing n raping, in season 1, was when she was still young n naive... n remember what she got out of her mercy...? that WITCH killing her khal drogo n baby... she LEARNED from that mistake..thus the sheep grew into the dragon she is destined to be.

                                                                            funny how many ppl who've been fans of her tend to forget her journey thru out the series...

                                                                            • Carole Webber
                                                                              Carole Webber  5 months back

                                                                              We have one more episode. There has to be more to it than - she just snapped and happened to be sitting on a fire breathing dragon, so.... what the hell. It is just too on the nose.

                                                                              • DewkChronic
                                                                                DewkChronic  5 months back

                                                                                When cersei said this tyrant is coming with dragons and a savage army to make everyone bend the knee or die will be true to the people now when they hear about Kingslanding
                                                                                . Samwell is not going to back Dany after what she did, sansa is gonna back Jon, the Vale is gonna back Jon unless Dany gives robin a ride to get his backing. the north will back Jon too. Jon will have to kill Dany with his sword to creat lightbringer because the lord of light still needs him. Tyrion and Daavos will be put up for execution for treason with the boat and freeing Jaime.

                                                                                • Alexis L
                                                                                  Alexis L  5 months back

                                                                                  1:03:20 someone I work with has a theory they don't show Dany's face while burning the city is because Bran was warging Drogon as some sort of Three Eyed Raven master plot. I told him cool idea, but much too advanced for D&D. I'd be happy if the show pulled off something like that. 😂

                                                                                  • geoffrobinson
                                                                                    geoffrobinson  5 months back

                                                                                    Once the White Walkers didn't get past Winterfell, this show fell apart.

                                                                                    • Ada Ghost
                                                                                      Ada Ghost  5 months back

                                                                                      The show fell apart since last season when D&D, Dumb & Dumber, started to turn evry single great and intelligent people (Little finger, …) to dumb people ...

                                                                                      I've never thought a show will have a worst than that "Lost" … Dumb&Dumber said : hold my beer ...
                                                                                      The last 2 seasons are trash … I continue to watch just because thise last season …

                                                                                  • Juliaoceania
                                                                                    Juliaoceania  5 months back

                                                                                    We didn't see a close up of Dany for two reasons. One was because they wanted to concentrate on the carnage below. The other reason is because it was very effective to think of Dany as becoming more dragon than human in that moment. The lines from the show like "You'll awake the dragon" from her brother, and "Become a dragon" from the Queen of Thorns hint at this moment. Dany became the personification of a dragon at that moment.

                                                                                    • Crazy Cool Clips
                                                                                      Crazy Cool Clips  5 months back

                                                                                      D&D prove to be... surprise! ... real life Beavis & Butt Head!
                                                                                      They should fit in quite well at Disney/Star Wars. Worst writing in tv series history.

                                                                                      • Shawn Bardhan
                                                                                        Shawn Bardhan  5 months back

                                                                                        Chris Ryan is a creep who can't pronounce shit & is lucky to have a job and married to Haley.o in his wet dreams

                                                                                        • Katie Tyler
                                                                                          Katie Tyler  5 months back

                                                                                          Why do they seem to rush through at times? I would totally be down for a long video 😊

                                                                                          • Michelle Carter
                                                                                            Michelle Carter  5 months back

                                                                                            Katie Tyler - You are welcome. You can watch during and after the live episode. Their feed is really long b/c so many ppl watch. I usually wait until the next day b/c I have gotten cut off during the live broadcast.

                                                                                          • Katie Tyler
                                                                                            Katie Tyler  5 months back

                                                                                            @Michelle Carter Thank you!! So can you only watch as they are live? (They have such a long Twitter feed, it's hard to find it!)

                                                                                          • Michelle Carter
                                                                                            Michelle Carter  5 months back

                                                                                            Katie Tyler this is an edited video. The original is available on Twitter. The original is a live taping that can be three hours long

                                                                                        • hadithi
                                                                                          hadithi  5 months back

                                                                                          First time viewer to your show. You guys make great points. Look forward to your thoughts on the finale next week.