Game Of Thrones Season 8 Review - Episode 5 "The Bells" - Mad Queen


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  • slipHAZARD
    slipHAZARD  4 months back

    "But we knew Euron wasn't going to be the one to take out Jamie" lol exactly the reason this season sucked, so damn predictable. The showrunners decided after season 4 instead of being a story about this World told through it's characters it became about the specific characters themselves. Which removed any and all sense of realism or tension. Because if the story is being told about the characters themselves rather then about the world then you know they aren't in any real danger of dying until their story line is complete. That's why after season 4 the term "Plot Armor" started popping up more and more when discussing episodes. The story was no longer about the world, about Westeros or Essos, it was about the characters now, which means the world now how to start bending and weaving around the characters, ensuring they stay alive to complete their own story lines. Season 1 taught us there are no main characters in GoT with the death of Eddard Stark, they showed us that despite us thinking Eddard was the main character, the character whose story we were going to follow and yet it wasn't. Same with Robb Stark, just when we started getting use to and feeling like Robb was now the new main character or "Hero" they pulled off the Red Wedding to remind us, no, no one is safe because this isn't their story. They weren't trying to tell the story of Eddard Stark, they weren't telling you the story of Robb Stark, this is the story of the World itself that GoT takes place. But in these last few seasons it's now soley on these characters, following their stories. Which goes against everything GoT started as. IMO.

    • Smooch Pooch
      Smooch Pooch  4 months back

      You just excused a genocide and a war criminal, who killed hundred thousands of civilians AFTER the enemy surrendered. That is quite sick.

      • Smooch Pooch
        Smooch Pooch  4 months back

        @Teflon Tv Tywin Lannister and Cersei Lannister are depicted as the evil guys in the story, in case you have missed it. By the readers and the viewers. And both became what they deserve. No one sees Cersei Lannister as a hero or a good person, but a terrible, evil, ruthless ruler. Why is commiting a genocide OK, only because someone else did also something terrible (albeit not to that extent)? There was no need to kill the civilans in KL. Absolutely none. She brutally burned women and children alive just for the sake of killing. The war was already over. The enemy had surrendered. What you try to justify can not be justified. Danerys Targaryen did something, no one in the whole Series of ASOIAF has done. Trying to defend her as a viewer is completely insane.

      • Teflon Tv
        Teflon Tv   4 months back

        Tywin Lannister drowned a city full of people and children and he's praised for it . People sing songs about it. His daughter blew up a church and killed everyone in it and around it.

    • Grey Matters
      Grey Matters  4 months back

      OMG I get it now. Tyrion told her when you hear the bells that means they retreated. HOWEVER, LadyTyrell told her not to listen to “wise men”. You’re a Dragon BE a Dragon, that’s why she burned down the Westeros.

      • Lauren Mentink
        Lauren Mentink  4 months back

        You do a great job. Every video is great!!! Kudos to you. My thoughts are these. Cersei was completely broken mentally. The fact her physical death was quick. Her mental anguish was really slow. Jaime was her younger brother and even though the building fell down on them both, he put her in the middle of the room so that their deaths would be quick. Her Valenquar. Arya will tell Jon about all of the people she saw die. He saw what Dany did. She will have to answer and he may end up taking the throne to stop her. I hope Drogon doesn't die. Thank you for all of your videos. Peace out!!!

        • James Oneal
          James Oneal  4 months back

          Lol John loved this women but I know what happened once he realized Danerius is his aunt it got weird for him and she realized that. That's why she said fine then I rule with fear. Because John was the one to make a move on her and I can see no other reason why he wouldn't just marry her it would solve all the problems. But remember they said its not common to marry family in the north it's ironic really.

          • Josie M
            Josie M  4 months back

            Long live the dragon queen 💕 Danny is still one of the best characters on the show D&D RUINED TYRION THE SPIDER AND DANNYS CHARACTERS season 7/8 didn’t make any sense for any of them

            • Abhishek Prakash
              Abhishek Prakash  4 months back

              I think Daenerys has always only one goal burn that city who responsible to her many years of exile, tortures and slaughters of all her house or every Targaryen child.
              Even she take her promise to dothrakies that will you help me to the burn cities on the ground.
              She said this many time in Qarth or Marine also.
              and doesn't matter what she said to her alliances or jon.
              She has only one aim burn Kingslanding to the ground.
              now it done.

              • Tom Boone
                Tom Boone  4 months back

                Teflon, I have to disagree!! I take it you must be a diehard Dany fan, I love Dany too...I did anyway. I would've had no problem had she glow to the red keep and leveled it yo the ground but the cuty surrendered. She had Tyrion as her advisor, she had grey worm still and she still flew through kingslanding killing children...burning children alive...what if it were your children? How would you feel then? Would you feel like Dany was right to fo what she did and it was a perspective thing or would you see it differently? I'm sorry but I disagree because they are innocent children and I don't care about collateral damage once children are involved. From either side of the perspective can we justify what hitter done to the children he murdered? He brutally murdered a lot of children was that ok, I guess you think from some perspective it must be ok..if you do then you may need to seek out professional help my friend lol!!
                Seriously though, I agree that Jon should've talked to Dany about why he was having issues with the physical part of the relationship. He just learned about his heritage and she thought she may end up marrying her brother before drogo so it was nothing new to her but he was raised by Ned stark and that was something Ned would've likeky frowned upon so Jon likely took issue with it. He certainly should've talked to her, she deserved that, she clearly was in need of someone close to her that cared enough to show her real love and he did love her even if he was confused by it. I think it could've changed the outcome had he told her how he felt...but she was destined to be the mad queen so this had to was the plan, it was stupid that it was written this way, I think we can all agree on that

                • Psammead Sand
                  Psammead Sand  4 months back

                  If only someone had loved Stalin better, just think of the lives that could have been saved.

                  • TENeyeCMe W
                    TENeyeCMe W  4 months back

                    Varys to not have a member took his death like a Man.

                    • Wolf of Winter
                      Wolf of Winter  4 months back

                      GOT allowed the viewers to "world build" on a major scale.  But we sometimes may have put our feelings upon the actions of the characters.  I did not see Jamie as having an redemption arc, but I listened to that statement over and over until it be came "Truth".  He fought against Brenne taking him back to King's Landing to keep the oath to Katlyn Stark.  Losing his hand (His identiy) forced him into another mindset, but it was not voluntary.  Finally, as a big girl, I saw the how the pretty boys treated us girls.  He came to Breinne not as her long awaited Knight in Shining armor, but a drunk just like King Robert.  And why did leave.   Littlefinger said it at the small council "When you find yourself in bed with an ugly woman, best close your eyes, get it over with.”  He rolled over and said I can't go on with this.  Short and sweet.  Jamie was a blue eyed blond haired DOG.

                      • The Intellectual Observer

                        JON OR ARYA ... WHO WILL KILL DANAERYS?

                        • Heather Riede
                          Heather Riede  4 months back

                          8:30 WHATT???!! OK, had to hit dislike. Your analysis has been slipping over the years which is why I rarely come watch your videos anymore. So many other GOT YTbers who actually bring up valid points and deep analysis of the story and now the writer's lack of writing a good ending for this story no matter what GRRM told them. Dany and Jon should've married back in season 7! RIDICULOUS WRITING! Just call it what it is. These characters wouldn't have been that stupid to not figure this out by now.

                          • Heather Riede
                            Heather Riede  4 months back

                            6:27 another character the writers don't know how to write for as Varys would never have been so open about his treason. So stupid! I don't get how you just accept this if you're a book reader too.

                            • Heather Riede
                              Heather Riede  4 months back

                              The scenes where Arya's running thru KL were stupid and over the top w/plot armor on Arya just so D&D could show us a character we love's perspective of the destruction. Completely pointless as they could've used Davos for this or Jon more. Arya should've never been there if she wasn't going to kill Cersei in the end.

                              • Heather Riede
                                Heather Riede  4 months back

                                1:25 why?? This whole fight was pointless. The mountain and Cersei were going to die just in the destruction by Dany on Drogon so it renders this scene pointless and the scene before where the Hound finally tells Arya to leave when she came all this way w/him, which is just stupid, and more stupid she just goes "ok cool see ya". They could've written EVERYTHING in this final season much better to hwere these scenes actually felt like a pay off, instead of nothing now, just meaningless violence happening and characters going against their whole history of actions before (like Dany more specifically).

                                • roknkawk
                                  roknkawk  4 months back

                                  They did a great job in making me turn on Dany

                                  • roknkawk
                                    roknkawk  4 months back

                                    Will drogon live?
                                    Jon will end up on Drogons back

                                    • roknkawk
                                      roknkawk  4 months back

                                      I guess the last episode takes place over a very short period of time. Probably everyones immediate reaction to the sacking of King's Landing

                                      • superpharaoh1
                                        superpharaoh1  4 months back

                                        I use to think you were a smart reviewer...this episode was straight trash

                                        • MrBlazinerday
                                          MrBlazinerday  4 months back

                                          Varys said in an earlier episode when talking about little-finger “ he would let the world burn if he could be king if the ash’s “ . Looks like danny would as well

                                          • Eddy Lindsey
                                            Eddy Lindsey  4 months back

                                            I think Gendry will sit the Iron Throne

                                            • Tarik Steadman
                                              Tarik Steadman  4 months back

                                              Yes but NOT after you’ve already won.

                                              • Kendell Carey
                                                Kendell Carey  4 months back

                                                Daenerys was justified in doing what she did like you said all of her hurt and pain did she suffer in her life was so bottled up she had 2 release it and I don't think she is a mad Queen.

                                                • operationNOBO
                                                  operationNOBO  4 months back

                                                  Emilia Clarke dodged multiple scorpions, destroyed the 20k strong Golden Company, and burned down Kings Landing with ease. But against the wights... lets just make a few flame thrower fly bys and let the army of the dead take over our forces.

                                                  • Denbigh Brown
                                                    Denbigh Brown  4 months back

                                                    Guess we'll never know what Varys heard in the flames

                                                    • Dax Snaer
                                                      Dax Snaer  4 months back

                                                      I think the dramatic way is what bald dude said: 'maybe the ruler is one who doesn't want it.' Jon Snow doesn't want it, he said. But he also turned down Daeny (his aunt for crying out loud) and she got angry. She's been a coloniser all along and no one's ever said "no." Why would we find out all this history about Jon being heir to the throne for no reason? The most drama would come from loyal Jon facing off with the woman he loves (and probably now fears due to the mad king thing.) If they're going for female empowerment, Sansa would make a wise ruler, but maximum drama would have Jon face off with Daeny. As for Arya, she was training to be a warrior since Jon gave her that sword and told her 'to stick 'em with the pointy end.' What did the witch say, "Brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes." Blue eyes could be her saving Jon from Daeny (blue eyes like the Night King) so Jon can take his seat on that awful throne.

                                                      • Darryl Hutchinson
                                                        Darryl Hutchinson  4 months back

                                                        Cersei was given a way out in episode 4 she killed Dany's best friend and her dragon, so Dany gave her Fire and Blood, unfortunately innocent people died but that happens in every war. I am still team Dany to the end 🔥🔥🔥

                                                        • Charlie davidson
                                                          Charlie davidson  4 months back

                                                          Did Jaime put a little Lannister in Brienne ? Was Tyrion set up by Daenerys knowing he would have to chose his brother ? What about Jaime's valyrian sword ? Am I alone in thinking Daenerys did the right thing ? Ring the bell , that was a plan of a traitor for all she knew it was signaling more troops to attack from outside the walls or by sea . Now that Jon is a targaryen when will they start looking at him as the next madman on the throne ?

                                                          • Brandon Mans
                                                            Brandon Mans  4 months back

                                                            My guess is Bran aka Bloodraven wins the throne! Odds are way against me but I’m sticking with it!

                                                            • Teri B
                                                              Teri B  4 months back

                                                              My prediction Teflon is that Danarys is gonna order jon to be burnt by Drogon and he won't (her real betrayal) plus Aryia is going to kill Greyworm and wear his face to kill Danarys beings though he is the only one she trusts. No one will rule the seven kingdom's by the end of the episode...the wheel has been broken. The end 😉

                                                              • Femme Fatale'
                                                                Femme Fatale'  4 months back

                                                                She gave up everything for them and they didn't as much as acknowledge her contribution.

                                                                • Steven Valoyi
                                                                  Steven Valoyi  4 months back

                                                                  Little finger ends up on the throne, Or

                                                                  Jon questions dany,sees she cray cray
                                                                  Jon stabs dany drogon burns the throne and flies away with her, a time jump with the new councils and theirs peace in the land so not many are up tight and it’s lovely

                                                                  Bran Tyrion in way to winterfell it’s night time so having dinner and having a

                                                                  Convo about the last few years At a fest like with (Queen)Sansa, Arya ,(Jon) or (king) bran Tyrion and other A guy with black hair Whose been part of the council for time

                                                                  Convo is about past leaders and the justice of blood shed by some and Misunderstading of some and how telling whispers knowin the blood consequences of it
                                                                  Believes in sekf governing wondering their need for queens, lords and ladies and wants democracy compares mereen to Westeros

                                                                  Asked about his past
                                                                  Explains his mother dead from s broken heart fell ill but spoke a lot about life and it’s joys and sorrows,father was an idiot doesn’t learn much from him, the guy was just there to be there

                                                                  Part one ending
                                                                  (Music playing some light singing about how loneliness or some sad thing)Arya and Sansa wonder what brought him to the north he says fire and blood and bam red wedding style (guy been plotting for years
                                                                  And repeats Arya words of root and stem

                                                                  Part 2 ending
                                                                  Arya or Sansa wondering what brought him to the north he says the warmth and the people

                                                                  Feast continues turns black to the black haired guy making way to at the weird wood tree

                                                                  Stark’s see him their praying, with a sword (same stanceNed Stark prayed before beheading the nights watch guy )and Sansa questions him about his points from the earlier convo and what’s with the sword standing in the ground

                                                                  t’s still and quiet and says “ I ( male version of danys name) titles sentenced u to die, dracarys” dragon appears from the dark like the way Varys died and ends with fire seen from the receivers view

                                                                  • kamanni7
                                                                    kamanni7  4 months back

                                                                    I think once Arya realizes that Dany feels Jon betrayed her, and pissed off at Sansa, that Arya will play the role of the faceless person, and takes Jon's face and kill Dany. I don't think Jon has it in him to do it....unless he fulfills the prophecy but because this is the very last show, its too late to go that route..I could see Jon not taking the throne, but Sansa and Tyrion do it, Arya goes with Gentry and Jon goes find Ghost and Tormund, the wildings. However, if Dany is killed then Greyworm is gone as well along with the rest of the Unsullies and Dothrakis' unless they are forced to go back to their home land...dang, one last episode...

                                                                    • Dier Krieger
                                                                      Dier Krieger  4 months back

                                                                      I said the same thing to my wife, John should have bit the bullet and hooked up with his aunt to save the kingdom.

                                                                      • Glenn Heflin
                                                                        Glenn Heflin  4 months back

                                                                        Where is the 4th dragon???

                                                                        • Poji 222
                                                                          Poji 222  4 months back

                                                                          Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers made a cameo in here..I still can't tell it was him..was kinda fast..

                                                                          • Poji 222
                                                                            Poji 222  4 months back

                                                                            I agree..I think Cersei shoulda died another way, but it is what it is I guess..I CANNOT wait until next weeks ending!!!!😱

                                                                            • Blood of the Phoenix
                                                                              Blood of the Phoenix  4 months back

                                                                              It may be what happens in war, the problem is the war had ended. She won, they surrendered. She unnecessarily slaughtered thousands of innocent people, something she’s always been against. The lengths she has gone to, to avoid a massacre of innocent people.

                                                                              • James Elliott
                                                                                James Elliott  4 months back

                                                                                Water magic

                                                                                • James Elliott
                                                                                  James Elliott  4 months back

                                                                                  I talked about the white horse before

                                                                                  • Eric Grabowski
                                                                                    Eric Grabowski  4 months back

                                                                                    how would they know Tyrion freed Jaime? It was all a crumbling wreck. Wildfire!! Naaah, can't blame her for that. Haha, Fire and Blood.

                                                                                    • anonymous anonymous
                                                                                      anonymous anonymous  4 months back

                                                                                      If Bran doesn't warg into that damn dragon before it's all over 😠

                                                                                      • anonymous anonymous
                                                                                        anonymous anonymous  4 months back

                                                                                        I wish I never watched the show in the first place. Everything was so anticlimactic!

                                                                                        • Jennifer Sinister
                                                                                          Jennifer Sinister  4 months back

                                                                                          you always keeps it real.... and was right about Tyrion too he loved his family more.... and if you poke a tiger/dragon you get dragged.... hate it for the people though but hell no one gave a F' when Cersi took out all the innocent people in the Sept in the process of destroying her enemies .... and 7hells why would Mesandi's only possession be a slave collar????

                                                                                          • Ami Michelle
                                                                                            Ami Michelle  4 months back

                                                                                            You literally had me till you said jon just had to marry her.....he was raised by Ned it is not normal to marry family in the north he is honorable that is who he is! He is Ned he behaves like Ned he wont just marry her because it will save peopl

                                                                                            • laura7anne
                                                                                              laura7anne  4 months back

                                                                                              No justification for genocide of defenseless people. She's a terrorist at best a tyrannical dictator.

                                                                                              • Kidfresh32
                                                                                                Kidfresh32  4 months back

                                                                                                I'm not saying she should have done it, but I understand. -Chirs Rock
                                                                                                Burn baby burn!!!