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  • Zach Pope
    Zach Pope   4 months back

    ENJOY the review guys, as always thanks for being here!

    • Zach Pope
      Zach Pope   4 months back

      TrentHuff007 never saw either of those so for me it’s nothing to compare too

    • TrentHuff007
      TrentHuff007  4 months back

      Nothing to compare it to? How about “Midsommer” (2002) whose main protagonist name is Christian and the plot is eerily similar. Or the “Wicker Man” (1973)

    • RipleyE2092
      RipleyE2092  4 months back

      I'm so fucking jealous that you've already seen this FILM! 😁

    • emil engen
      emil engen  4 months back

      No problem😊

    • Zaiah
      Zaiah  4 months back

      If I didn't or want interested in hereditary due to its satanic scary sequences, do you think I would be interested in Mid Sommer?

  • Ulysses Titanium
    Ulysses Titanium  3 weeks back

    What a cute Youtuber.

    • futurefilmmaker39480 Reviews

      Midsommar really surprised the hell out of me. This is not going to be for everyone especially with the film's content.

      • Jake on the fly
        Jake on the fly  2 months back

        Not scary?! My boy. If you can make a room full of naked women playing with themselves unpleasant, that's God Damn Scary

        • LetsCrashThisParade
          LetsCrashThisParade  2 months back

          I gotta be honest I didn't love this movie like I did Hereditary. It's not a BAD movie, but I did leave disappointed... But I really love your point near the end there that at least it's original. There's always so many people saying that only remakes and sequels get made and then ignore and don't even seek out the stuff like this!! There's original stuff coming out all the time, and even if I didn't like it as much as Aster's last film, I can appreciate a creative's work when I see it

          • Zach Pope
            Zach Pope   2 months back

            For sure man! I feel like people expected different things form this film and what I got was exactly what I wanted

        • Mainely Movies
          Mainely Movies  3 months back

          Nice review, Zach! I agree that this isn't really a horror movie, but rather a dark relationship drama... with some horrific things happening. It doesn't delve into grief quite as well as Hereditary did last summer, but the themes in this movie are undeniably at the forefront. I also loved the cinematography and sound design in this one!

          • Rudy's Movie Reviews
            Rudy's Movie Reviews  3 months back

            Dude, I finally saw it last night and you and I are on point with Midsommer. It's not for everyone, but if you are passionate about filmmaking you HAVE TO SEE THIS.

            • Pete Peterson
              Pete Peterson  3 months back

              If you want to be scared and disturbed for life go see Midsommar it’s brutal and will mess you up badly

              • Ryan O'Toole
                Ryan O'Toole  3 months back

                I was disappointed with Midsommar it’s not an awful movie at all but I just didn’t get invested with the characters and story Ari Aster was telling. I thought Hereditary was a much better film. This gets a 3/5 stars from me. The best part was the cinematography

                • Claudia Lopez
                  Claudia Lopez  3 months back

                  Great film. Like a beautiful dream and a nightmare had a baby. 🌸🌻🌺🌹🌼🌷

                  • Your wise cousin Joe
                    Your wise cousin Joe  4 months back

                    I love the movie. I love the lead actor. 🤔😎

                    • Purple Elizabeth
                      Purple Elizabeth  4 months back

                      This movie was terrible. It was soooooo boring and drawn out and stupid and annoying and not scary and bullshit. Scenes in the previews are not in the movie and Jordan Peele has lost all my respect. I knew better because Hereditary was absolute garbage. In no way is this s horror film and my favorite genre is sci fi so I hope he doesn’t ruin that with another crap film. It’s obvious people must be getting paid to give this a good review or people just have to follow the crowd. The chick laughs at the end because she is laughing that we all sat through that crap. It gave me a headache. It’s not art or a new genre. It’s garbage.

                      • Max Williamsen
                        Max Williamsen  3 months back

                        Purple Elizabeth this isn’t a Jordan peele film

                    • André B
                      André B  4 months back

                      I prefer Hereditary by a long shot. This movie try too much and is too long. Storytelling in Hereditary was more effective. I laugh at the end of Midsommar.

                      • Pete Peterson
                        Pete Peterson  3 months back

                        André B ya right , I don’t believe you , it was extremely disturbing

                    • Louis Yu
                      Louis Yu  4 months back

                      I didn't necessarily thought it was that unique, I almost liken it to Lars Von Trier films like Dancer in the Dark ... in a way that the entire film is someone trapped in a fantasy and you walk out of the theater with such a sense of dread...

                      • Migel Vazkez
                        Migel Vazkez  4 months back

                        Slow the F down. U talking like u snorted 10 lines of high grade cocaine

                        • Wesley white
                          Wesley white  4 months back

                          How violent is it?

                          • lankeysob
                            lankeysob  4 months back

                            I really disliked this one. Which is a shame because I found Hereditary to be the best horror movie in the past decade.

                            • Zach Pope
                              Zach Pope   4 months back

                              Awww sorry to hear about that!

                          • Eduardo Rivera
                            Eduardo Rivera  4 months back


                            • Studio Autio
                              Studio Autio  4 months back

                              Wanna visit sweden after watching this movie?

                              • أحمد Ahmad
                                أحمد Ahmad  4 months back

                                how u ppl watched it is not even out? isnt??

                                • Zach Pope
                                  Zach Pope   4 months back

                                  I’m apart of press where I am very lucky to be able to provide early reviews

                              • D Fine
                                D Fine  4 months back

                                An A! I will watch. Thanks:0)

                                • Lisa Loves
                                  Lisa Loves  4 months back

                                  Lol love the intro. I’m really torn about whether to watch this one. If it gets too arty farty I’m gonna hate it. I absolutely loved Hereditary which makes me want to see it. I will probably wait until I have the option to switch it off my tv, lol.

                                  • SJC Mark
                                    SJC Mark  4 months back

                                    Cant wait!!!

                                    • Owlelephant 129
                                      Owlelephant 129  4 months back

                                      I can’t understand what you’re saying in the opening. Why do you tubers feel like they need to talk so fast when doing the intro?

                                    • Odile303
                                      Odile303  4 months back

                                      Love the Ewok shirt!

                                      • shannon Bright
                                        shannon Bright  4 months back

                                        I read the script. You guys are in for a ride!

                                        • Zach Pope
                                          Zach Pope   4 months back

                                          I’ve heard it’s different in some parts but for sure everyone get prepare

                                      • Colin
                                        Colin  4 months back

                                        will you do a spoiler review with your interpretation of the film? you definitely should

                                        • Icaptan
                                          Icaptan  4 months back

                                          Which was better? Hereditary or Midsommar?

                                          • Zach Pope
                                            Zach Pope   4 months back

                                            They’re so widely different it’s hard to say
                                            Because for this one I wanna go back and watch it to analyze every little detail.
                                            I think has a stronger story and I’d go back for that
                                            Overall I probably like hereditary a bit more but could change

                                        • e s
                                          e s  4 months back

                                          Love the wreath,bro

                                        • nosuchthing8
                                          nosuchthing8  4 months back

                                          Should we read middummers night dream

                                          • nosuchthing8
                                            nosuchthing8  4 months back

                                            Midsummer days dream

                                            • coda papa
                                              coda papa  4 months back

                                              So excited for this movie! Loved Hereditary I'm wondering which one I'm going to like better. Which did you like better? 👀

                                              • coda papa
                                                coda papa  4 months back

                                                Update: I actually really liked this movie and I think the ending was much more understandable than Hereditary at first viewing. That being said I really hated that sex scene 😂😭

                                            • THE SHAQTUS
                                              THE SHAQTUS  4 months back

                                              I first heard of this movie and just thought “Oh, another movie adaptation of Shakespeare.” Boy was I wrong

                                              • Grace Jin
                                                Grace Jin  3 months back

                                                Nope...maybe the tragedy part 😅

                                              • Zach Pope
                                                Zach Pope   4 months back

                                                Yes you were

                                            • Castle
                                              Castle  4 months back

                                              I saw the trailer for this when I went to see John Wick 3 tonight. And I thought about you thr whole time watching it Zach. I definitely will check this one out.

                                            • StoneCold316
                                              StoneCold316  4 months back

                                              I'm so fucking excited for this movie

                                            • Nick Canino
                                              Nick Canino  4 months back

                                              I loved Hereditary and I cannot wait to see this. Great review man. :)

                                            • Andy Jarvis
                                              Andy Jarvis  4 months back

                                              At first I thought Midsomer Murders had made a film! Love this in the UK.

                                            • RipleyE2092
                                              RipleyE2092  4 months back

                                              Jack Reynor and Toni Collette both starred in Glassland. Also, both happened to be in Ari Aster's films. 😁

                                              • RipleyE2092
                                                RipleyE2092  4 months back

                                                @Zach Pope Oh yeah, can't believe I forgot to mention Will Poulter was in Glassland, too. The film was rather depressing, but (personally) I was thoroughly engaged by Jack and Toni's performances and the characters they were portraying.

                                              • Zach Pope
                                                Zach Pope   4 months back

                                                I’ll have to check that one out!

                                            • Zaiah
                                              Zaiah  4 months back

                                              If I didn't or want interested in hereditary due to its satanic scary sequences, do you think I would be interested in Mid Sommer?

                                              • Grace Jin
                                                Grace Jin  3 months back

                                                It's got Pagan influence so works on the ideas of rituals and supernatural (things you cannot see) elements to an extent

                                              • Zach Pope
                                                Zach Pope   4 months back

                                                Umm there’s no satanic stuff lol

                                            • The Brockopp Side
                                              The Brockopp Side  4 months back

                                              Nice review! Loving the new intro

                                            • Q Reviews
                                              Q Reviews  4 months back

                                              Dope review son!!! You got me Hyped!!!

                                            • Jay Camacho
                                              Jay Camacho  4 months back

                                              🤣 the wardrobe 🤣 the movie looks interesting but I will rent it

                                            • TheTatermeister
                                              TheTatermeister  4 months back

                                              Hereditary - Pokemon Red
                                              Midsommar - Pokemon Gold

                                            • Patrick Preston
                                              Patrick Preston  4 months back

                                              I’m so excited! Hereditary is my favorite film of last year! I just wish I saw it in theaters. I can’t wait to see Midsommar in theaters

                                              • Patrick Preston
                                                Patrick Preston  4 months back

                                                Nice tiara, Zach!

                                              • Al Berto
                                                Al Berto  4 months back

                                                Hated Heridatary... and will not see Midsommar. But I'm curious to hear your take. Love the flower band btw 🤩😯

                                                • Migel Vazkez
                                                  Migel Vazkez  4 months back

                                                  You hated Hereditary but Ur curious to hear his take? 🤔 Im curious what makes you curious. Theres a Fast and Furious reviews on other channels.

                                                • Zach Pope
                                                  Zach Pope   4 months back

                                                  Thanks so much!
                                                  It’s a little different

                                                • Nik Terin
                                                  Nik Terin  4 months back

                                                  Al Berto ya that was by far the worst ending I’ve seen for a horror movie, I legit started scratching my head and was like “well that was a waste of time”

                                                • Al Berto
                                                  Al Berto  4 months back

                                                  @Nik Terin it comes down to tastes.
                                                  Hereditary just wasn't for me. The acting is superb! But it was too disturbing for me and just not a movie I found enjoyable..... and there were too many plot holes in the movie. Like why did the father burn up, when it was suppose to be Toni's character? It's a cheat imo.. the movie needs to be able to give me more explanation than "it was satan the whole time"... all I hear is Han Solo "that's not how the force works"

                                              • Colin Cinella Reviews
                                                Colin Cinella Reviews  4 months back

                                                Zach how would you rank the episodes of game of thrones season 8

                                              • Collin Cusick
                                                Collin Cusick  4 months back

                                                I’ve been Very intrigued of this film for a while, glad to hear it was great. Was hilarious to see you talk about the movie so seriously with that crown on your head 😂