Things You Should Know Before The Battle for Winterfell - Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game)


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  • Senior Batman
    Senior Batman  5 months back

    Is House Umber gone? I can't find any definitive answer on this?

    • ibtissam lamti
      ibtissam lamti  6 months back

      i just rewatch this video after the battle, and man i'm more disappointed, they miss lots of spectacular things

      • diztiinct
        diztiinct  6 months back

        Well, no.

        • Sagar Sheth
          Sagar Sheth  6 months back

          Arya is none bran is three eyed raven. So that means Arya is dead and bran is gone and traveling in time:0

          • Jay P
            Jay P  6 months back

            Aaaaaaand Jamie showed up empty handed 😅

            • Teodor Stoyanov
              Teodor Stoyanov  6 months back

              Been binging on this channel's videos recently. I'm really hyped up for the battle !

              • ThatPhillyGuy
                ThatPhillyGuy  6 months back

                If dead heroes lie dead outside..... than they haven't been reanimated. That means the Night King is also dead. Sounds good anyway.....

                • A Kimbz
                  A Kimbz  6 months back

                  The night king could want gillys baby being that was the child he never got to take. And that would explain why they say the crypts are the safest place and focus on gilly and her child????

                  • אורי זלבסקי
                    אורי זלבסקי  6 months back

                    The night king is so creepy

                    • Ariele 4
                      Ariele 4  6 months back

                      I love your channel, so I’m not a hater...but how is it that you can say Sansa’s name just fine, but still butcher Missandei every time? 😂 it’s so cringey.

                      • J A
                        J A  6 months back

                        God what are we going to do when this show end

                        • 2roly2
                          2roly2  6 months back

                          your wrong the white walkers were already returning before the dragons were even hatched , go watch episode 1 and so many episodes were saying that the white walkers were asleep and were waking up .

                          • Chief_ Trukalot
                            Chief_ Trukalot  6 months back

                            Why am I more stoked for the battle for winterfell than avengers end game???

                            • brucemercer
                              brucemercer  6 months back

                              Hopefully Melisandre brings tons of Red Priests etc. People that can wield fire and bring a few of the Living back to LIFE instead of having them turn into Wights,

                              • Dave Dawson
                                Dave Dawson  6 months back

                                I think, the town/city you see in the distance... could actually be Kings Landing. Just as a plot twist. He went to Kings Landing instead.

                                • bruce wanderson
                                  bruce wanderson  6 months back

                                  You nailed! It's Bran.

                                  • Sewell King
                                    Sewell King  6 months back

                                    I hope visarion breaks free

                                    • Chuck's poke
                                      Chuck's poke  6 months back

                                      Too much info and uploads. Watch until broadcast then talk what actual happens.

                                      • tom prigg
                                        tom prigg  6 months back

                                        What if the Knight King wants to take over Bran's mind. Not kill him, but be him so that he is freed? It could be that this can only happen with another Warg.

                                        • Mr. Oliveira
                                          Mr. Oliveira  6 months back

                                          I GUARANTEE JAMIE TAKES THE BLACK TO SURVIVE TONIGHT'S EPISODE

                                          • TRX250R FOR LIFE
                                            TRX250R FOR LIFE  6 months back

                                            Idk why but I always thought the night king is hell bent on getting Gilly’s baby. Something about Sam being the 100th son. It’s always gone through my head.

                                            • Soban Tariq
                                              Soban Tariq  6 months back

                                              learn to pronounce ''during'' please

                                              • Ryan Parker
                                                Ryan Parker  6 months back

                                                If the Night King wants to win the war he will attack King’s Landing with Viserion.

                                                • Janet Smith
                                                  Janet Smith  6 months back

                                                  When you listed the people at Winterfell during the Battle - there were 7 Houses. Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Tarly, Mormont, Clegane.. Brienne is the only surviving member of House Tarth - I think she survives, but Sandor has a role of redemption to play in this story as predicted by the Brotherhood without Banners in season 6.

                                                  • El-ahrairah
                                                    El-ahrairah  6 months back

                                                    Its worth noting that white walkers are probably not immune to fire and we never see them survive being burnt, they merely use their powers to push the fire aside so they do not get burnt. So catching one off guard or maybe a flaming arrow, could possibly kill them.

                                                    • HoodRich
                                                      HoodRich  6 months back

                                                      I’m in love 😍 with Maisie Williams

                                                      • HoodRich
                                                        HoodRich  6 months back

                                                        Well they don’t preview anything besides the next episode like they don’t give you scenes from the season only what’s in the next episode

                                                        • Jordamn 제이제이
                                                          Jordamn 제이제이  6 months back

                                                          I don't think the night king's target is bran, why would he kill ppl and try to march south since s1 when he touched bran in s7

                                                          • Odin's Eye
                                                            Odin's Eye  6 months back

                                                            Many people think that the night king wants to kill all the people that have anything to do with him being made into the monster that he is.
                                                            I’m not convinced

                                                        • Somkid Boonprapakorn
                                                          Somkid Boonprapakorn  6 months back

                                                          Melisandre getting the firey hands - reminds me of Gandolf getting cavalry to save the day in the battle against orges.

                                                          • jenny villarreal
                                                            jenny villarreal  6 months back

                                                            There is a White Walker in the very first episode of the first season, so it doesn’t make sense that they returned when the dragons were born.

                                                            • Odin's Eye
                                                              Odin's Eye  6 months back

                                                              jenny villarreal it is possible that it’s the case if the night king has the green sight as powerful as the 3 eyed crow and Bran.
                                                              If he’s in a deep slumber and his visions still occur, it’s very possible that that is the reason they have returned.

                                                          • Kristoff Todd
                                                            Kristoff Todd  6 months back

                                                            I also think Bran will be the night kings target. But what is in the crypts? Something major for sure.

                                                            • Linda Terry
                                                              Linda Terry  6 months back

                                                              Doesn’t Melisandre want all nonbelievers to be burnt? As I recall I wouldn’t consider her to be a good entity.

                                                              • Linda Terry
                                                                Linda Terry  6 months back

                                                                Sam and Gilly have A baby that belongs to the night king.

                                                                • Jazzy Moni
                                                                  Jazzy Moni  6 months back

                                                                  The man sired 99 sons? How did I miss that? What vitamins do they have in Westeros??

                                                                  • PulseTriangle
                                                                    PulseTriangle  6 months back

                                                                    Saying longest battle in cinema history makes me wonder if it's referring only to fantasy battle... Because Hardcore Henry

                                                                    • Carlie Devanney
                                                                      Carlie Devanney  6 months back

                                                                      Outside the castle gates, that's interesting.

                                                                      • Scye Rynn
                                                                        Scye Rynn  6 months back

                                                                        So much interesting and insightful info and the voiceover is easy to listen to and not annoying. Great videos!

                                                                        • Crazy Chicc
                                                                          Crazy Chicc  6 months back

                                                                          Imagine that moment when Bran sees Jaime. 💀

                                                                        • SP
                                                                          SP  6 months back

                                                                          Do White Walkers age in dog years? How are Crastor's sons older than he is? I'm not sure if those baby sacrifices are the white walkers.

                                                                          • Maritza Piccarillo
                                                                            Maritza Piccarillo  6 months back

                                                                            I think the Knight King wants Gilly to bond with her CHILDREN, nephews....grand sons?

                                                                            • Maritza Piccarillo
                                                                              Maritza Piccarillo  6 months back

                                                                              Knight King is a horrible parent! After he turns those babies, who takes care of them? Does he just leave them on a rock and magically make them into adult size Walkers?

                                                                              • Maritza Piccarillo
                                                                                Maritza Piccarillo  6 months back

                                                                                I want to hear new music from Ramin Djwadi and wish he will be a cameo as a Dothraki !!

                                                                                • Brian Deluca
                                                                                  Brian Deluca  6 months back

                                                                                  I wanna see the ice spiders ❤️

                                                                                  • Odin's Eye
                                                                                    Odin's Eye  6 months back

                                                                                    The white walkers made their appearance well before the dragons were born

                                                                                    • Dirt Merchant
                                                                                      Dirt Merchant  6 months back

                                                                                      Just a thought, what if the Knight King is after Arya ? She trained to be a faceless man/woman which is some sort of army to the Faceless God,which in the explanation she got is death, " he gives the gift everyone is promised". She also has that dagger that was seen in a book by Sam while he was training to be a Maister, it was a brief glimps as he thumbed through a book but was paused on long enough to notice it. The god of death would be one of the Knight kings greatest enemies, he has been forsaken and the gift promised will never be his and after all this time it is the only thing he truly wants.

                                                                                      • Sodaman
                                                                                        Sodaman  6 months back

                                                                                        you know how bad the writing was in season 7? well they just added the longest battle scene ever to try and hide how bad it is in season 8

                                                                                        • Luis D
                                                                                          Luis D  6 months back

                                                                                          Is it possible that the Knight King takes some of his army straight to Westeros and the rest of the white walkers and whites head to Winterfell?🤔

                                                                                          • Andor
                                                                                            Andor  6 months back

                                                                                            I was promised GIANT SPIDERS