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  • DarkAssassin1509
    DarkAssassin1509  2 months back

    I want like a 1 hr movie thing about what happens to everyone after the ending

    • Bonnie Cull
      Bonnie Cull  4 months back

      that scene in kings landing in s8e5 was not fake, check out how they set this scene up and built the set its pretty impressive see here

      • Crazy Ninga
        Crazy Ninga  4 months back

        How did Danny "forget" about the iron fleet

        • Esther Loyench
          Esther Loyench  5 months back

          Dude's in too deep.

          • Vibes with Viv
            Vibes with Viv  5 months back

            bran cannot see the future, just past and present!

            • XXXTentacles
              XXXTentacles  5 months back

              Idk I can’t side with all these complaints. I didn’t have much of a problem with the ending.

              • Thandi M
                Thandi M  5 months back

                Imagine if Bran was only able to see different scenes of all the deaths but couldn't see the general deaths of SOOOOOO many people

                • Tweezy F Baby
                  Tweezy F Baby  5 months back

                  Yall keep saying brand knew the entire time. Yes he is now the 3eyed Raven but he's in poor practice. Has no control of its true potential. Samwell had to ask him to 3eyed look into the past to confirm Jon Snow True parents, brand didnt just immediately kno. (&nd i h8 him for Hodor) why warg whilst in a time-loop bending hodor's reality making his adolescent self experience his future death.. Smfh

                  • Phoenix Passeri
                    Phoenix Passeri  5 months back

                    bad ending hate that he stabbed her

                    • Jakob Murer
                      Jakob Murer  5 months back


                      • The Queen Of Regal
                        The Queen Of Regal  5 months back

                        I wanted drogon to kill john or when he killed danny she says she pregnant

                        • The Queen Of Regal
                          The Queen Of Regal  5 months back

                          What if danny get reborn through drogons fire with no memory and is protected by him and live anew
                          Or the danny baby born through the dragon flames and is raised by drogon

                          • Jaygo
                            Jaygo  5 months back

                            GOT was a racist piece of shit show and I'm elated that it ended with the tragic horrible end. i can't fully express how joyful i am.

                            • Enohor Akatugba
                              Enohor Akatugba  5 months back

                              Can the producers just speak up already

                              • suki201167
                                suki201167  5 months back

                                S o Jon snow was a Targaryen ... for no reason.Brann became the 3 eyed raven ... for n o reason .Danny did amazing things foe 8 seasons .. for no reason .The Prince was promised... where and when .. wasted .Everyone died so quickly... no reason. Bran stark who no one gives a shit about becomes king wtf really .Ive watched got since 2011 ... for this reason .. I’d rather watch paint dry 😩😩😡😡😡

                                • lisa feck
                                  lisa feck  5 months back

                                  Drogon burned the wall above and around the throne first. He was making an opening wide enough for him to take off while holding his mother's body. Yes, there seemed to be some added anger toward the throne as he burned it, but it was in the way. Also melting it seemed to me poetic justice bc dragon fire built the throne in the first place.

                                  • lisa feck
                                    lisa feck  5 months back

                                    Brand *did* want the Iron Throne. He told Tyrion he didn't want Winterfell. Bran wanted the throne all the time. He saw the future, he could have helped Jon by giving him a heads up, even if Jon didn't believe him, or understand what to do with the information. Instead Bran set Jon up to have to kill his love, and be devastated.

                                    • XXXTentacles
                                      XXXTentacles  5 months back

                                      lisa feck bran doesn’t have the power to see the future

                                  • ga21351
                                    ga21351  5 months back

                                    The dragon is a creature in GOT that is neither bad nor good. The dragon only knows how to breathe fire and expects mother's love. For love, however, you have to constantly fight, so you still have to smoke something. The dragon does not know whether to burn bad or good people, his mother decides about it. If the mother had rejected the dragon, he would have smoked what acutar he had by hand - eg King's Landing, hoping that his mother would love him again. Smoking is not about power or conquest, it's all about the mother's love, it's the nature of dragons and you can not force anyone to love.

                                    Dany is cool, pretty and young, so it's possible to fall in love with her, but why fall in love with such a Night King? This one has only a problem, it is old, ugly, cold and does not say anything yet. But if Arya jumped on the Night King with engagement instead of the knife (sorry Gendry, I prefer him though), war would turn into a wedding in Winterfer. What would it be for the party all zombies would join the great party.

                                    The only one who understands what is going on with Denerys and the Night King is only the Triune Crow but what does he mean? That's why he means he's young and bored with this tree. Bran wants to be a Triangle Crow among people, not a tree. So he must figure out how to roll out the Night King, touch him and so he invites south and we have war for Winterfell, stupefy Jon Snow (says he is Targarian) and make crazy with Denerys (deprives her of love so she smokes the city) and all that e could to leave this damn tree. Whoever does not rule and only Bran rules, but he just bores on the tree.

                                    And this is where I see the scenario on GOT 2. Bran will get old but he will come to the conclusion that he will come back to this tree and the crown will be released again. Drogon in the east will leave another dragon's eggs, which will find another Denerys, in the north the life will start again, again the next Night King will appear and the game of Gre the Throne will start again. This time, however, Bran may be playing the game and will stop cheating, but I would not be so sure.

                                    • miss malfunction
                                      miss malfunction  5 months back

                                      I thought John would ride off on the dragon

                                      • jyotish sagar
                                        jyotish sagar  5 months back

                                        I hope that game of thrones continues .
                                        This is the best show of all life

                                        • Phoebe Tuuta
                                          Phoebe Tuuta  5 months back

                                          Everyone forgets Rickon died too

                                          • Bonnie Marie Brunson - Realtor

                                            I thought it ended well. Strangely enough I did a painting and posted it on Fine Art America/Bonnie Marie, on December 8, 2018. Called Tribute to a Princess, Khalessi. I was showing Danie dead and in the far right top corner there is only one dragon, and they are both in another world beyond and a Dierwolf is seen above and his lower legs are not shown on purpose as I was referring to Bran. As you study the work you will see a profile of her face in death... the empty boat depicting going on to the after life... and more... look and see what you find. I really was astounded that my painting predicted it so well.

                                            • Guisseppe Imbriago
                                              Guisseppe Imbriago  5 months back

                                              The North demanded independence because they suffered the most due to the machinations of the Southern rulers and The Northern Lords And their men stood as the bulwark against the NK when the Southerns ignored the threat. The North earned their independence.

                                              • Guisseppe Imbriago
                                                Guisseppe Imbriago  5 months back

                                                Bran didn’t know anything was gonna happen. He can’t see into the future. He only gets indecipherable glimpses.

                                                • Dee UK
                                                  Dee UK  5 months back

                                                  Drogon takes Danny to a red witch who brings Danny back to life, like Jon did. She comes back to life and with child. Danny gives birth but dies at child birth. Then the child grows up and part 2 of GOT.

                                                  • Eva Olivo
                                                    Eva Olivo  5 months back

                                                    This episode was an insult to such an amazing show....

                                                    • Native Goku
                                                      Native Goku  5 months back

                                                      This man had the nerve to say a character was mansplaining when the whole time that girl was interrupting him and cutting him off 😂 u sad lil man

                                                      • panache1204
                                                        panache1204  5 months back

                                                        Rickon Stark also died bro.

                                                        • sandicu69
                                                          sandicu69  5 months back

                                                          I've seriously named this The Season of Stares because that's pretty much EVERY episode. What a disappointment this season and finale were!

                                                          • Ale Mendoza
                                                            Ale Mendoza  5 months back

                                                            Will we ever going to know Tyrion’s joke end?

                                                            • sandicu69
                                                              sandicu69  5 months back

                                                              Unanswered questionS: Who was Azor Ahai? What was the comet? Why did they show FOUR dragons on the Azimuth at the start of the show? Every intro to the show changed until the finale and then NOTHING changed? WTH? You could've shown the whole model of Kings Landing burning!

                                                              • Kari Youkey
                                                                Kari Youkey  5 months back

                                                                Oh man! Ser Pounce! Yes....i wanna be team Ser Pounce!

                                                                • whateveruresolve2be
                                                                  whateveruresolve2be  5 months back

                                                                  The end was a sad one. Bran turned out to be the shadyest character of them all and did all this to take the throne. I never liked him and now even less 😅😅 if it wasn't for him telling Jon about his identity, I'm not sure Dani would've gotten so angry. The fact that he banished Jon shocked me, I was convinced they were going to reveal his identity. Also, grayworm left with all of his army, so why did Jon still need to hide away? The true king sacrificing himself and his love to save everyone. He is the true hero after all.

                                                                  • Politician
                                                                    Politician  5 months back

                                                                    Danny did not need to die resurrection please

                                                                    • Floyd Smith
                                                                      Floyd Smith  5 months back

                                                                      Really disappointed about last episode!!!

                                                                      • frugalwitch
                                                                        frugalwitch  5 months back

                                                                        Little Finger had green eyes

                                                                        • jillipepper5353
                                                                          jillipepper5353  5 months back

                                                                          Who says Drogon didn’t take her to a cache of dragon eggs and burned them with Daenerys and brought her back to life. Also did I see looked like some of the Unsullied were helping a female get dressed with red leaves down her dress, was I wrong? Or was that supposed to be Arya?

                                                                          • Yani Callu
                                                                            Yani Callu  5 months back

                                                                            When the Dragon deserves all the awards for character development for realizing the Iron Throne killed his Momma.

                                                                            • Grandpa the Grey
                                                                              Grandpa the Grey  5 months back

                                                                              Yani Callu: Exactly! After reading vast quantities of comments, you are the only other who caught the significance of the melting throne. Well done.

                                                                          • Brenda Valentin
                                                                            Brenda Valentin  5 months back

                                                                            Arya is Dora the Explorer!

                                                                            • x FiAzc0
                                                                              x FiAzc0  5 months back

                                                                              Sir Pounce for King !!! All Hail His Grace, Sir Pounce !!! George RR said it here, Folks !

                                                                              • 132allie
                                                                                132allie  5 months back

                                                                                I don’t think that the green eyes referred to anyone in particular. I think the prophecy was referring to her becoming an assassin and killing a lot of people.

                                                                                • ALEXANDER MONDAY
                                                                                  ALEXANDER MONDAY  5 months back

                                                                                  This was the worst season and the worst episode with a stupid ending. You can tell this was not the Authors writings. The Author did not complete the final two novels because he was spending the money and enjoying life. So he let the producers write this season and it shows,total crap. The author states his final two books will be total different than the producers ending. Everything was rushed this season just money grabbing since they already had their following and the money .

                                                                                  • Bryan Greer
                                                                                    Bryan Greer  5 months back

                                                                                    Or, after the Drogon/Jon Snow stand-off, Greyworm and Jon have an epic battle with Jon getting the best of Greyworm then the rest of the Unsullied come to Greyworm’s defense and Drogon comes to back up Jon. Then, in the last scene, Drogon follows Jon and the Wildlings to the North. Lots of things could have been done

                                                                                    • Robert Armitage
                                                                                      Robert Armitage  5 months back

                                                                                      John could have done a St.George and awoken Dany's inner self trapped within the ego of dragon. Showing Dany starting on the path to sanity would have said something important about mental illness: we can descend into madness and ascend into sanity.

                                                                                      • TanakinSkywalker
                                                                                        TanakinSkywalker  5 months back

                                                                                        Getting tired of people saying she went mad in one episode. She was crazy the whole time. Who walks into a fire because of a dream? She was acting like a tyrant way back in the qarth days when she threatened the city because she felt disrespected. She’s never earned anything she’s had everything handed to her. She got what she deserved

                                                                                        • Wealth Coach Kahnju Ecleo

                                                                                          It would have been more impactful if Jon also died. It doesn't make sense that he goes on to continue. But I guess he's already dead inside. He's the complete opposite to Tyrion, but he got the same punishment - to live thru all his mistakes.

                                                                                          Also, the real ending is that everything will happen again.

                                                                                          • Carol Little
                                                                                            Carol Little  5 months back

                                                                                            Jon deserved better. Dissapointed is an understatement!

                                                                                            • Christine Chaos
                                                                                              Christine Chaos  5 months back

                                                                                              Sign the petition at over 1 million signatures already.