Helicopter Crash-Lands on Midtown Manhattan High-Rise Roof; 1 Dead | NBC New York

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • A helicopter crash-landed on the roof of a 54-story office building in midtown Manhattan Monday, sparking a fire and killing one person, authorities say.

    A call about the incident at the AXA Equitable Center on Seventh Avenue and West 51st Street came in shortly before 2 p.m. The NYPD confirmed the hard landing on the roof of 787 Seventh Avenue; it wasn't clear why the chopper would have tried to land there, nor was it immediately clear who owned the chopper.

    A senior official told News 4 the pilot, identified by a manager at Linden Municipal Airport as Tim McCormack, had just dropped off a passenger at the East 34th Steet heliport, and may have been making his way back to the chopper's base in Linden, New Jersey, when the crash occurred.

    That path would have taken the helicopter up the East River, across Manhattan and then down the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty. Officials are still unsure how the aircraft ended up flying over Midtown, or why it was flying in the poor weather conditions — which could have disoriented McCormack, the senior official said.

    The airport manager, Paul Dudley, said that McCormack was highly trained and experienced, with intimate experience with the area. Dudley believes that McCormack chose to go to the roof to spare people on the ground.

    Police Commissioner James O'Neill said the chopper was airborne for about 11 minutes before crashing.

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    • richey red
      richey red  3 months back

      Lol, How many times they gonna refer to 911. Helicopters fly in rain all the time. They have numerous gauges and devices to let the pilot know altitude and location. To imply the pilot got lost is ridiculous.

      • Final Fandy
        Final Fandy  3 months back

        .. it was the weather .. the helicopter really crashed on top of the building at a high speed and immediately fire broke out, just look at the debris .. at the small pieces of whatever
        .. '9/11 inside job'? .. Earth is flat?

        • Marie Ramby
          Marie Ramby  3 months back

          I would say he is a hero. In the air only 11 minutes, he realized he’d crash, so rather than crash in the streets causing numerous casualties he aimed for a roof top to mitigate the damage. RIP

          • Jesús Mendoza
            Jesús Mendoza  3 months back


            • Joe Partipilo
              Joe Partipilo  3 months back

              RIP pilot. Respects.
              Also, waiting for the building to collapse at free fall speeds!

              • Terrisa Munoz
                Terrisa Munoz  3 months back

                The pilot more than likely had a heart attack😱🙏

                • Ruth Dunn
                  Ruth Dunn  3 months back

                  Don't think so

                  • Chriszlaststand
                    Chriszlaststand  3 months back

                    So obvious the pilot had mechanical issues and tried to land. So sad the media has to be so bombastic.

                    • Sharon
                      Sharon  3 months back

                      RIP to the pilot who must of tried everything to at least land it on a building inside of crashing in the streets. The building wouldn’t of collapsed anyways. Accidents happen

                      • Farquaad Castle
                        Farquaad Castle  3 months back

                        WAIT WAIT WAIT HOLD UP
                        how did they ascertain that the pilot had noble intentions? They can't get an ATC check, but the confirmed the helicopter pilot crashed to save people?
                        _Plays Matrix theme_

                        • Mamoo
                          Mamoo  3 months back

                          Alright New York stop crashing airborne vehicular objects into your big fat buildings

                          • mlakapolo mzenji09
                            mlakapolo mzenji09  3 months back

                            Terrorist!!?? Lol

                            • zincink
                              zincink  3 months back

                              I guess that helicopter will not be shaking my entire house anymore... ;^|

                              • ImpaledBerry
                                ImpaledBerry  3 months back

                                **paper plane hits tower**
                                People : AAA TERRORISM!!

                                • Fuseauhoraire
                                  Fuseauhoraire  3 months back

                                  Did the building collapse at the speed of free fall, in a cloud of dust ?
                                  No ? So it's not Ben Laden, nor an inside job by the CIA and Mossad to invade foreign countries.
                                  I am happy that this accident does not cause the death of millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East.

                                  • Mr Haroon Ayub
                                    Mr Haroon Ayub  3 months back

                                    Trump will probably blame Iran

                                  • Mr Haroon Ayub
                                    Mr Haroon Ayub  3 months back

                                    Fuseauhoraire that's not the end of this because the authorities have still time to concoct a story as always

                                • bob robertson
                                  bob robertson  3 months back

                                  No more commercial air planes will hit any building in NYC because there is no more countries to go to in war in the middle east other then Iran, and Syria....

                                  • bob robertson
                                    bob robertson  3 months back

                                    911 inside job,,,,, get over it finally.....

                                    • bob robertson
                                      bob robertson  3 months back

                                      99% of fear from 911 and only a few words of condolences for the pilot and his family, or even defect that could be in other helicopters.

                                      • Pudding
                                        Pudding  3 months back

                                        people die every day. 1 life is not a big deal.

                                    • Patricia Dileonardo
                                      Patricia Dileonardo  3 months back

                                      It was published that the pilot´s name was Timothy J. McCormick who lived in Clinton Corners, NY. Also, he was a respected Fire Chief with the Clinton Corners (Dutchess County) NY Fire Department. May he Rest In Peace.

                                    • Leakhena Chhun
                                      Leakhena Chhun  3 months back


                                      • Curi0u50ne
                                        Curi0u50ne  3 months back

                                        The building didn’t collapse...surprisingly

                                        • Brian Weir
                                          Brian Weir  3 months back

                                          If ya wanna get back over to Jersey ya gotta hang a right at the statue of that broad.

                                          • David Saber
                                            David Saber  3 months back

                                            7:11 "Cars are moving. Folks are walking. And things back in mid-town seemingly return back to normal. Like me jaywalking outside of a crosswalk and standing in the middle of the street. Also a person died in a helicopter nearby. So typical day in NYC... NYPD is here now.... oh, I guess I'm getting a ticket for being a dumbass."

                                            • Osiris -
                                              Osiris -  3 months back

                                              Trump did this. IMPEACH!!!

                                            • Vu Vo
                                              Vu Vo  3 months back

                                              you need to change the title to." a helicopter experienced malfunction and crash landed into midtown Manhattan Highrise . stop making dramatic title

                                              • Krina Patel
                                                Krina Patel  3 months back


                                                • JING YUN SIN
                                                  JING YUN SIN  3 months back

                                                  God bless

                                                • Becca g
                                                  Becca g  3 months back

                                                  I don't think we need to hear about his body damage jeez