Let's Rewrite the End of Game of Thrones [ Part 1 of 2 ]

  • Published: 25 May 2019
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Comments • 1 639

  • Hello Future Me
    Hello Future Me   5 months back

    PART 2: Rewriting Jon Snow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFFoS6XKLFk What are your thoughts on this rewrite? Let me know down below! https://www.patreon.com/hellofutureme ooooor get my book! https://tinyurl.com/y5mwpyyj Don't worry, I'm not becoming a Game of Thrones youtuber. This is just a fun thought experiment. After part 2, we'll be getting back to more regular content. Stay nerdy!

    ~ Tim

    • Sandra Elizabeth
      Sandra Elizabeth  2 months back

      I don't really like the Ygritte part I feel like Jon should think more about Ned when thinking about defending the North but everything else seems pretty great

    • atreestump Mahogany
      atreestump Mahogany  4 months back

      I like the rewrite, but I had a thought while watching this... You should do an audio recording of your book and release it. Personally, I don't always have time to read a book, but listening to it would be too easy

    • agnat86
      agnat86  4 months back

      Only rewriting episodes 5 and 6 makes no sense, the season was ruined when the white walkers died in episode 3. There simply is no way how an ending not involving them, but just Cersei, Daenerys and Jon, could ever feel satisfying.

    • White Alliance
      White Alliance  4 months back

      I would like to work with you on another new re write. Another voice would be awesome. Please let me know .

    • Вадим Горобец
      Вадим Горобец  5 months back

      I would make Cersei win the first battle,that would show 1)some value of Golden Company 2)that cersei had plan 3)dany would increase her rage as she looses the war.Then i wouldn't kill Rhaegal in ep4.Inspite in ep 5 both dragons burn the fleet,but Rhaegal get hurt that would show that scorpions are dangerous(but not kind of weapon that kills dragon in 5 second,or couldn't hit him at all).Then when Dany lands,nobody ring the bells instead rhaegal is getting killed (maybe even with help of peaceful people),and that's the moment Dany burns everything.That would fix many things,also there's a further option with Cersei want to burn the King's Landing with wildfire but Jaime will stop her,and she would get long dramatic death and the prophecy will be realized

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor  3 hours back

    Love how it’s “snowing”(confirmed by the writers it’s not ash) in Kings Landing and then in the Dragon Pit meeting a few weeks later it looks like a desert again.

    • hippitus hoppitus
      hippitus hoppitus  3 days back

      You know it's so good that it makes you cry.

      • caty 00
        caty 00  4 days back

        This was awesome

        • SpottedleafKitty
          SpottedleafKitty  4 days back

          head.canon.accepted! beautiful. i only wonder how you can come up with something so much better that it doesn't even compare and d&d couldn't do it in 2 fucking years

          • Hydrasaur
            Hydrasaur  5 days back

            Video idea: Comparing Azula and Daenerys.

            • Rose Davies
              Rose Davies  5 days back

              I like some parts but when Drogon was injured in season 7 she didn’t go all Burn them all do stay into Danys character of fighting a darker side but still caring about those around her she needs real motivation to harm men who did nothing to her

              • Carla Handy
                Carla Handy  6 days back

                You just don’t kill off drogon. Did so well till then

                • Rimuru Tempest
                  Rimuru Tempest  2 weeks back

                  On my opinion dany should've conquered valyria again and reclaim the ancient terretory her ancestors have after the doom of valyria and conquered all of western essos as her major campaigne the she can proclaim herself an empress of a vast empire then she can turn to the iron throne to make it even more interesting just my opinion hahah

                  • Jackson Mapata
                    Jackson Mapata  2 weeks back

                    She's my favorite character, I'll take away the civilians but her losing everything unacceptable...

                    • ahmad Sultan
                      ahmad Sultan  2 weeks back

                      Why she burn the north an and not the coming lannister soldiers

                      • Rick Astley
                        Rick Astley  2 weeks back

                        this is canon to me

                        • LegendOfAuri
                          LegendOfAuri  3 weeks back

                          this is sooo much better than the ending/episode we got. really i almost cried.

                          • Mau P.
                            Mau P.  3 weeks back

                            Im sorry... you know what, im not sorry, but this is the stupidest shit ive ever heard

                            • GameOfThrones Nerd
                              GameOfThrones Nerd  3 weeks back

                              It wasn’t snow that was in the iron throne it was ash

                              • Phat Cat
                                Phat Cat  4 weeks back

                                anybody know if the book comes in e-book or audible form? My eyes can no longer do physical books :(

                                • ankur deswal
                                  ankur deswal  1 months back

                                  aegon and visenya burnt every city in Dorne for death of Rhaenys and Meraxes. Dany burns one city and there is moral hoo haaa

                                  • alex kouts
                                    alex kouts  1 months back

                                    Great rewrite i prefer it much more than the actual episode.Its a same we will never see it in live action

                                    • Julius de la Paz
                                      Julius de la Paz  1 months back

                                      plain bad

                                      • RocketMan
                                        RocketMan  1 months back

                                        This is stupid, delete this video

                                        • Derick Ofodirinwa
                                          Derick Ofodirinwa  1 months back

                                          All of these re-writes suck lol. You keep implying the Greyworm is being sadistic when he's the only person that has a remotely heroic, non-self serving need to win this particular war. You also randomly pivoted the empathy on the Lannister Army to 'foreshadow' Dany being evil, but there's no real justification for that because it will come out forced and predictable. And Tyrion delivering the rationale for the sudden shift in empathy (like we should now feel bad that Side A's soldiers are going to kill Side B's soldiers) reads as hometown subjective sentiment more than any moral statement. Didn't fight and kill Stannis' men?

                                          • Melissa Treglia
                                            Melissa Treglia  1 months back

                                            The ending you wrote for Dany is beautifully tragic, and perfectly fits her character (in the show).

                                            • Eyvindur S. Myhren
                                              Eyvindur S. Myhren  1 months back

                                              I like your video, but disagree with your ending for Dany.

                                              • d tczyk
                                                d tczyk  1 months back

                                                Varus would never self-sacrifice like that. well least not the good one. Still better than what we got

                                                • Royal_Chief_ Architect
                                                  Royal_Chief_ Architect  1 months back

                                                  All this is pretty good I’m just commenting on less agreeable things. Which though you may notice are often tied to Daenerys, hers is the most difficult end to complete in the time and arc you were given. So, I for one, need an explanation on why 1: the North is deserting their leader mid siege because they are loosing. 2: why Jon is giving in on this being that one he should be focusing on their morale like a commander would any other battle, and two, he walked into battle of the bastards with the odds solidly against them and still took himself and his men into that battle. The odds with Daenerys are significantly greater. And yet in the middle of the siege, they are actually supposed to desert their leaders (Dany and/or Jon). Once again, this does not speak well to the honor of the North. And is extremely distasteful of them. I’m not saying Dany burning them alive is any better than letting them go, but the act in which once again the North is untrustworthy is tied of her downfall. She actually can not trust them, that’s not an illusion. Even if we the audience in modern day, can understand why they would want to leave, it doesn’t make sense in the period for her to be “mad” for acting on their desertion. For example, if Stannis knew his men had deserted him before he was attacked by Ramsay/Roose Bolton’s forces, if he survived, he would SURELY without a doubt have had all those deserters stripped of whatever titles or what not and called them turn cloaks or just deserters, and the appropriate and acceptable punishment for desertion in the middle of the war and battle for that matter, would likely be death. Stannis can’t burn them all alive instantly, but the situation is clear enough. I don’t see how desertion in this time period in the middle of battle against the direct order of your leader isn’t treason and thus cause for execution. This is a trope of the tv series always making it look worse because it’s Dany who did it and she does it with Dragons. Which is somehow worse and less acceptable. It shouldn’t be acceptable at all in that case, from any leader. Desertion when loosing a battle should be common practice. Again, my observation of a possible flaw in your rewrite. And Jon telling her “the battle is lost you knows this”, when he ran up on an army in an already loosing battle is, questionable of his character consistency. Or simply saying flat out the North only risks anything when they’re invested. based on the rewrite I can agree though that Dany is being unreasonable. But if you are in war in battle and just turn tail, that’s nonsense. My strongest argument is the Stannis portion, and the battle of the bastards portion. Deserters would be punished accordingly by any leader and Jon nor the North should be high tailing it because suddenly we might loose and we are emotionally fatigued mid battle so we’re just gonna go. That’s not acceptable in today’s standards either honestly. Dany isn’t asking them to do anything she hasn’t asked her own men. If you bothered to come to KL all this way for war. The possibility of not going home must be clear. I’m going on and on but again. It seems like Daenerys’ goals and getting them accomplished takes back seat to everyone else because they are what? Immoral? Not really. Not compared to any other leader before her. Not in comparison with any other instance in this time period where a similar circumstance might happen. Just because it’s Jon doesn’t mean it okay for he and the North to desert against his chosen queens command. People are picking and choosing when they follow orders which means you should have never bent the knee. But that’s a whole other mess up I think that shouldn’t have happened because Jon only had a personal reason to want to trust Daenerys. Her saving his life. That didn’t give him the right to hand over his kingdom without consultation and advising and a conference of some sort. That’s part of the problem with the season 8 writing is that Jon suddenly realized he messed up giving her so much of his own power. So now he has to go back and betray her or disobey her to over rule her decisions. If he were still king, she would have no right to command anything and her killing the northerners here would be a direct affront on king Jon and his people. He would be there as an ally, not under her command and able to make the call when it came to his men. This is indeed, Jon’s issue. Okay that’s all or I’ll go on and on.

                                                  • Royal_Chief_ Architect
                                                    Royal_Chief_ Architect  1 months back

                                                    I disagree with your assumption Daenerys would not have accounted for or wouldn’t bother to address Dothraki war customs. Specifically because she brings this issue up first to her husband and Khal, Drogo. They are mine, it please me to keep them safe. So in her time going to obtain more Dothraki for her army, giving them speeches, and having dragons as collateral if they go against her, I don’t see why she would not address the ending of the practice of rape among those who chose to follow her. That should be a given based on what we know and how she feels about it. Also, i think it’s important that while you make other characters more appropriately intelligent, you don’t forget Daenerys’ intelligence and observational skills. She pays attention to much and misses little in the books. The show doesn’t go over the larger political challenges she faced in Essos, like the green grace. But She learns from past mistakes. Just to get her to crazy in a way that seems reasonable shouldn’t cost her her intelligence or remorse for the innocent unless thoroughly explained. And no more than it should cost Tyrion or Jon.

                                                    • Cory Arnold
                                                      Cory Arnold  1 months back

                                                      It’s DA-NA-RYS... not DA-NA-RY-US

                                                      • AkbarKing
                                                        AkbarKing  1 months back

                                                        I wish Arya killed Dany with someone else’s face

                                                        • Saddler Rye
                                                          Saddler Rye  2 months back

                                                          This was so... so... wow. I actually cried for Dany, though she never was one of my favourite characters, not even in the books. Congratulations!!!

                                                          • Lewis Army
                                                            Lewis Army  2 months back

                                                            Why would varies kill himself couldn’t he have just put the poison in her cup

                                                            • SUBATOMIC SHRIMP
                                                              SUBATOMIC SHRIMP  2 months back

                                                              I’m so mad that your rewrites are not canon. They’re better in every since of the word and I hate the show less then I did after the final season cuz of your rewrites.

                                                              • S I C A R I I
                                                                S I C A R I I  2 months back

                                                                Whites. Dragons. Ice. Fire.

                                                                Long ago, the six seasons lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Dumb & Dumber attacked. Only George R. R. Martin, author of the original source material, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A badly written and awfully rushed ending passed and George still hasn't finished A Song of Ice and Fire, and although there's still time to shoot a proper ending with the same cast and new writers, time is running out. But I believe George can finish his books.

                                                                • Steven Gonzalez
                                                                  Steven Gonzalez  2 months back

                                                                  This is also shit writing lmfao. This guy is just twisting what reddit says.

                                                                  • Van A. Johnson
                                                                    Van A. Johnson  2 months back

                                                                    This was a good analysis but you did a Friedman Benioff imitation with the Killing of Drogon and Dani. In the books Dragons are very hard to kill even with Scorpions as it took One in the eye in Dorne. Sorry to say but season 8 was so badly done No One can fix it to be Satisfying at all. You did great with the Night King "Winterfell" rewrite but you can't fix this One because 💩 & 💩 showrunners totally "Troyed" and Super Glued Deadpool from "WOLVERINE: X-MEN Origins" ending to GOT. #1 Daenerys book Character is Nothing like the 💩 & 💩 show version where the writers have stated clearly "We write the characters to fit the actors talents" Not the other way around. Sorry I can't side with you on this One. It was a good analysis and effort though....!

                                                                    • Dayo Fayanju
                                                                      Dayo Fayanju  2 months back

                                                                      It is remarkable that this writer seems to have a better understanding of conflict and character development than the showrunners. The moral leader=?= The best Leader: a great summarization of the conflict actually depicted.

                                                                      • World Peace
                                                                        World Peace  2 months back

                                                                        So much better!

                                                                        • Beau Boss
                                                                          Beau Boss  2 months back

                                                                          I bought this book of yours. Excited to read it!

                                                                          • R Nickerson
                                                                            R Nickerson  2 months back

                                                                            I do not think Dany will be the mad queen in the books. It is so obviously Cersei.

                                                                            • WakingRibbons
                                                                              WakingRibbons  2 months back

                                                                              I just want to comment that I love how the characters seem to treat the dragons as fellow men. They speak of them as if they were human. And they will be missed when they are lost.

                                                                              • Madeline Sartori
                                                                                Madeline Sartori  2 months back

                                                                                I've never watched anything from your channel, and I have seen so many of these re-writes of S8, though let me just say that yours is one of the best. You addressed the grey morals that just didn't come across appropriately or enough in the showrunner's version. You addressed Tyrion's strategic strengths, and had Kings Landing's three strategic hills (one of the reasons Aegon and his sisters chose the location in the first place) utilised in the battle. You had it actually *be* a battle, not a one-sided...whatever the show's version was. You killed Varys in a more reasonable way, having maintained Varys' subtlety. I'm not finished yet, but so far...well done!

                                                                                • NoneOfYour Beeswax
                                                                                  NoneOfYour Beeswax  2 months back

                                                                                  Jon bottling it at King's Landing and deserting because the battle got a bit tough? That's some D&D level writing right there :D

                                                                                  • fritz baum
                                                                                    fritz baum  2 months back

                                                                                    Dragon fire still can't explode thick stone walls and that is not a wooden gate so how exactly is she supposed to destroy it?

                                                                                    • Real Cold Cases
                                                                                      Real Cold Cases  2 months back

                                                                                      I just think that with the constraints of having just 6 episodes, they shouldn't have even bothered with the mad queen arc. They should have just focused entirely on the night king. If they wanted to tie in kings landing, they should have just flown bran off to kings landing to force cersei to fight with them. Have davos smuggle bran in or something. Jon will defeat night king, but die in the process. Dany will then tell jon as he's dying, that she's pregnant with his baby. Before her coronation, she will then die in childbirth. Tyrion and Varys will raise the baby and Tyrion will serve as king regent until baby Jon Targaryen comes of age. The end. Oh, and Arya kills Cersei using Jamie's face.

                                                                                      • darklandmaster58
                                                                                        darklandmaster58  2 months back

                                                                                        my only negative is the death of davos

                                                                                        • TurtleO’Confusion
                                                                                          TurtleO’Confusion  2 months back

                                                                                          Killing Drogon really pisses me off, still a good rewrite though

                                                                                          • Sandra Elizabeth
                                                                                            Sandra Elizabeth  2 months back

                                                                                            I don't really like the Ygritte part I feel like Jon should think more about Ned when thinking about defending the North but everything else seems pretty great

                                                                                            • Raven Godwin
                                                                                              Raven Godwin  2 months back

                                                                                              It was so well written, that now I appreciate D&D's Dany more, because I WANT REVENGE FOR THAT LAST SCENE!

                                                                                              Fire and Blood

                                                                                              • Miguel P-B
                                                                                                Miguel P-B  2 months back

                                                                                                Gotta get ur book u got good ideas and I really want to use my drawing skills to make comic books but I don't make good plots i bet lmao