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  • Bas Schipper
    Bas Schipper  3 days back

    Pelles parents (probably) also violentere to burn in the chapel. As he’s explains he lost his parents in a fire.

    • Nelson Villegas
      Nelson Villegas  3 days back

      I do appreciate some aspects about this films, but one of my biggest issues with this movie is that none of the characters are likable so it's hard for me to care about any of them.

      • Mai Neh
        Mai Neh  4 days back

        Dont take the brown acid........

        • Shoot Me Reviews
          Shoot Me Reviews  5 days back

          I liked the movie a lot, but with reservations. Here's my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgYNT9iaMz0&feature=youtu.be

          • Jennifer Belardes
            Jennifer Belardes  7 days back

            Thought it was a great movie with so much symbolism but I didn’t find it to be a horror film by any means.

            • Victor Asack
              Victor Asack  1 weeks back

              Sorry the movie was utter illuminati garbage, the amount of illuminati symbolism and references was disgusting. The burning of the "queens" sacrifices in the pyramid, she then becomes mind controlled by psychoactive drugs and through brainwashing (mk-ultra) and uses her boyfriend and his friends as sacrifices. The cult like group perfectly represents freemasonry and lucerferians. The number 9 being represented throughout the film which is an inverse of the number 6 could also be a reference to 33 degrees in freemasonry. Also, the woman at the beginning says that the dancing festivity was used to do away with the black one. The black one obviously represents Christianity, not the evil Norse god Ari wants us to believe. Dani went from black emotionally to enlightened at the end of the film, a perfect theme of illuminati practices.

              • Bryce O'Neil
                Bryce O'Neil  1 weeks back

                It’s pronounced mid-saw-merrrrr

                • KRUSTYskates
                  KRUSTYskates  1 weeks back

                  What was the significance of Pelle always drawing? I know he gave Danni that portrait for her bday but that didnt seem like the sole purpose. At the beginning when Danni asks what he was drawing he quickly hides it. He was literally drawing the table with all the trash. It just doesnt makes sense why they would focus on that. Nobody has addressed it

                  • Georgios Temirsidis
                    Georgios Temirsidis  1 weeks back

                    Thank you so much for this video!!!
                    Your thorough explanation sheds a lot of light on the general premise, although I think movies like that are meant to keep you in the dark a little bit and that's why it's all so subjective, yet intriguing. It's very inspiring to see you interpretation of it which actually seems pretty accurate. Love your channel!!!

                    • Movies And Munchies
                      Movies And Munchies   1 weeks back

                      Thank you! I'm sure I got some things wrong or off, but I love trying to decipher what the hidden of films are.

                  • Pam Annis
                    Pam Annis  1 weeks back

                    I hated this movie, parts of it were soft porn. I wasted money renting it.

                    • countessarcadius Ty
                      countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                      The show BRIGHTBURN has pretty much the SAME SYMBOL used in that movie as in MIDSOMMAR

                      • countessarcadius Ty
                        countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                        Notice the music at the end sacrifice
                        ... then go to Hereditary and listen to the final scene music

                        • countessarcadius Ty
                          countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                          HEREDIATARY and MIDSUMMOR are parallels...

                          • countessarcadius Ty
                            countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                            the guy in chicken coop... called THE BLOOD EAGLE HUMAN SACRIFICE ... ya...not.cool man

                            • countessarcadius Ty
                              countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                              Christian is barely phased when the elder says YOURE PROBABLY RIGHT...about the pube in his drink

                              • countessarcadius Ty
                                countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                                one thing not making sense... the cartoon of the cutting the pubes and putting menstrual blood in a cup... etc....Christian's drink was a different color ...implying *( also because of the pubes in his drink) that there was menstral blood in the drink ...BUT WHEN CHRISTIAN IS HAVING SEX AND HES DONE..SHE SAYS SHE CAN FEEL A BABY....YOU DONT GET PREGNANT ON YOUR PERIOD....

                                • countessarcadius Ty
                                  countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                                  and at the end ritual did you notice the DRUG from the tree they said would help them have no pain or fear???? The ONE GUY WAS SCREAMING WHEN HE LIT ON FIRE..... OBVIOUSLY FEELING IT.... that was nasty...

                                  • countessarcadius Ty
                                    countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                                    I think the guy from the cult might have killed Dani's family because of the painting at the beginning of the show ...showing the horses running from them and to the skull... also the elder saying to everyone welcome...and to dani he says WELCOME HOME ... he wanted to be with Dani *( the guy from the cult.... she got more empathy from him than from Christian...Christian was completely disconnected to her worries...pain....

                                    • countessarcadius Ty
                                      countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                                      So....those tubes you spoke of...in the painting at beginning... were coming out of Danis sister and parents...in their death... MORE FORESHADOWING

                                      • countessarcadius Ty
                                        countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                                        They said every 90yrs...yet the guy SAID TO DANI hos oarents died in a fire ..... pretty much insinuating that his parents died in the RITUAL.... so which was it 90yrs...or every year???

                                        • countessarcadius Ty
                                          countessarcadius Ty  1 weeks back

                                          painting in Dani's apartment ..FORESHADOWING ....

                                          • Renee Benson
                                            Renee Benson  2 weeks back

                                            the sex scene ewwww the head bashing soon omg!!!!!! gross but i love a good horro movie these are the ones i like its distrubing for sure

                                            • the Empress
                                              the Empress  2 weeks back

                                              In lots of cultures women put menstrual blood in men’s food and drink to cause them to fall in love with them.

                                              • Saranne C
                                                Saranne C  2 weeks back

                                                The "family" "grieving" is not a display of them being one out of "compassion" or "sympathy," it is the result of the "hive mind," effect, which is a symptom of insanity.

                                                This movie is deeply occultic and demonic.

                                                People need to be careful what they place before their eyes... They may think they are just watching a "recreation" of a mystical ritual on film for "articlstic," appreciation, but 1. Don't realize they are being programmed themselves and 2. Are participating (just by watching) in a ritual . . . Hollywood is a deeply aesoteric place filled with people in high places who make putting this aesoteric ancient symbology in movies their "ministry" (more like sinistry...) or calling.

                                                The filmmaker purposely named this character "Christian" for aesoteric meaning... The spirit of anti-Christ is all over this abomination. In an age where the psychedelic is being glorified and pushed as a necessity to be used to open one's self up to higher consciousness, when in actuality, it's really about one putting him/herself into an alpha or hypnotic state so he/she can be enveloped by unclean familiar spirits of old. They pass themselves of as benevolant spirits. Guides, ancestors, etc.

                                                The demon realm, B.K.A. "the supernatural" is nothing to play with. The entities that people are connecting with dispise humanity and want nothing more than to use humans as "avatars" to be used to bring about its own (humanity) erasure.

                                                • Potato Butt
                                                  Potato Butt  2 weeks back

                                                  It’s interesting how most people found the scene where they sob with Dani to be a sudden change of comic relief, while people familiar with the the culture and people in general who are empaths and sensitive to emotions saw it as very intense and moving, feeling compelled to cry themselves. Also instantly recognizing it as the first time that Dani really feels emotional support and validation.

                                                  Another interesting thing is despite her flaws and dysfunctional traits, Dani managed to respect the culture and her deviant behavior was understandable (having a panic attack during a trip because you were triggered to flashback to recent trauma is common and nothing like peeing on a sacred tree full of the village’s dead loved ones. The British couple lashed out at the people over their suicide ritual and questioned their mortality despite the fact that the ritual was consensual and just a staple part of life for them, failing to recognize how many English and American cultural aspects can seem quite barbaric if your not socialized you find it normal. Dani was uncomfortable primarily due to recent trauma and her tendency to have strong emotional reactions, but she was clearly aware that it was a tradition and not her place to judge, she discussed it privately privately and was more shocked by the event itself, rather than feeling disgust and moral superiority to them).

                                                  • Aryan Patel
                                                    Aryan Patel  2 weeks back

                                                    Did any one notice the bear 🍯🐻💤thing
                                                    The bear was caged and then
                                                    There was bear in the back painting where Dani sleeping upset in first moments
                                                    Then again the bear....

                                                    • Kim Hannah
                                                      Kim Hannah  2 weeks back

                                                      Good job explaining bro, I really like that movie

                                                      • Victor Ramos
                                                        Victor Ramos  3 weeks back

                                                        Wow. Bravo!

                                                        • William Sanchez
                                                          William Sanchez  3 weeks back

                                                          Very nice breakdown and interpretation of the movie. I very much agree. Especially about needing the intro scene to set up her acceptance into the new "family." That made absolute sense. Thanks for making the video and happy to be a new sub.

                                                          • Movies And Munchies
                                                            Movies And Munchies   3 weeks back

                                                            Thanks! Did you see the regular version or the director's cut? I only got to see the regular so I'm really interested in finding out what new stuff was added.

                                                        • Felix S.
                                                          Felix S.  3 weeks back

                                                          I liked Christians screams in the end :) Really loved this last ritual. Christian didn´t like it I assume, but I loved it :)

                                                        • funnymom7
                                                          funnymom7  3 weeks back

                                                          I know I’m a bit late to the party but I finally had a chance to watch this movie and it really pulled me in. So much so that the run time seemed much shorter than it actually is and by my second viewing (I told you it pulled me in), time wasn’t even an issue. I loved the subtle signals and signs throughout. So many layers. I want to buy the Blu-Ray but really would like to have the directors cut but from what I hear that’s supposed to be an Apple TV exclusive at least for now unless I get a copy from another country that includes it.
                                                          All in all love this film

                                                          • Movies And Munchies
                                                            Movies And Munchies   3 weeks back

                                                            @funnymom7 Thank you! I too really gleaned a lot more on my second viewing. I know once I watch again, I'll pick up even more...here's hoping I can snag the director's cut and have my mind melted with more imagery!

                                                          • funnymom7
                                                            funnymom7  3 weeks back

                                                            Movies And Munchies Well if what I read is accurate, I believe the UK release has the director’s cut included and if that on a multi region blue ray, I’m definitely in. I had to do the same a couple of years ago when I was able to track the classic “Blood on Satan’s Claw”. Anyway on subsequent viewings of Midsommar, I really paid attention to the drawings and boy did a get so much more out of the movie. This film just said so many things at once but it’s all interesting things and I don’t mind the multiple viewings.
                                                            I just have to say you did a great job nailing a lot of the little details that add texture to the whole experience.
                                                            Thanks for your analysis and keep up the great work.

                                                          • Movies And Munchies
                                                            Movies And Munchies   3 weeks back

                                                            I've heard that too about the director's cut...which is disappointing!

                                                        • Evann Howard
                                                          Evann Howard  3 weeks back

                                                          I’m feel so torn. I really want to see this but have a feeling I will wish I hadn’t. 😟 Edit: I haven’t even seen the movie and this is the best review I’ve ever seen. You hit the nail on the head (bad choice of words).

                                                          • Movies And Munchies
                                                            Movies And Munchies   3 weeks back

                                                            @Evann Howard I didn't unfortunately. :-)

                                                          • Evann Howard
                                                            Evann Howard  3 weeks back

                                                            Movies And Munchies I probably will at some point. Did you do an explanation video on Hereditary??

                                                          • Movies And Munchies
                                                            Movies And Munchies   3 weeks back

                                                            Hahaha! Thank you! Do you think you'll end up seeing it?

                                                        • Reely Bored
                                                          Reely Bored  3 weeks back

                                                          Just watched this last night, great assessment!

                                                        • Ravuun
                                                          Ravuun  3 weeks back

                                                          I think its funny that the pagan family burnt Christian. Historically it was generally the other way around LOL

                                                          • Feb
                                                            Feb  4 weeks back

                                                            I think this movie is also largely about how sedatives distracts us from obvious upcoming destructions while society through talks of tradition and religion throws us deeper and tries to make us feel a part of it all those who try to escape or rebel are dealt with and those who stay are consumed by the process. Especially how they even mimic each others response like how people do with social media

                                                            • Aaron Smyth
                                                              Aaron Smyth  4 weeks back

                                                              It all seems very analogous to what happens in narcissistic breakups: a battle of back-stabbing and crowd dynamics (cultish, team-him and team-her etc), trying to get your story across while having shit projected onto you (can't speak or move, yet people seeing you as a bear), the female talking any old shit about you and her friends loving it (speaking fake Swedish\gibberish and having it received like it made sense - when making sense is not what is in play), and in the end the female finding true catharsis in the pack, while watching you burn. Scary shit.

                                                              • Music Pop
                                                                Music Pop  4 weeks back

                                                                thing is i cant even understand a single scene in the movie

                                                                • Fery Andrianus
                                                                  Fery Andrianus  1 months back

                                                                  The creepiest, the most awkward, the most disturbing movie I've ever seen...😵😵😵

                                                                  • ixchel
                                                                    ixchel  1 months back

                                                                    idk if this is important but i noticed that almost nobody from the comune ever eats on the movie even when they are at the table they only brign up empty fors and then pretend to chew, even if there's a tiny piece of food on the fork they just touch it with the lips and then put it down probably not important but i found it weird specially by the end of the movie

                                                                  • HeroJournalism
                                                                    HeroJournalism  1 months back

                                                                    Was that grieving? Or was that coming?

                                                                    • Kim Rodriguez
                                                                      Kim Rodriguez  1 months back

                                                                      Love your thoughtful analysis of Midsommar. A few critics disliked that Dani’s loss of her family (shown in the first 20 minutes of the film) was not referenced again at all later in the movie. Maybe I saw a different movie, because I thought that her major tragedy *was* harkened back to during subsequent parts of the story. At the very least, it was the impetuous that started Dani along the journey of becoming accepted into her *new* family and into a new life with them.

                                                                      • Movies And Munchies
                                                                        Movies And Munchies   1 months back

                                                                        Completely agree! I didn't get when I read others talking about how the parents' death led nowhere and didn't fit...you and I both were apparently seeing different movies :-)

                                                                    • Lil Duque
                                                                      Lil Duque  1 months back

                                                                      5:06 I think the missing people were partly baked into the pies though because at the end it shows the british guy still kept alive (possibly to keep the meat fresh?) and the guy from black mirror was made into a doll only using his face, where did their bodies go? also some of the cuts of meat at the feast looked mighty suspicious

                                                                      • Movies And Munchies
                                                                        Movies And Munchies   1 months back

                                                                        Great questions and thoughts! They definitely could have ended up in the pies a la Sweeney Todd.

                                                                    • Tobey Anne Russell
                                                                      Tobey Anne Russell  1 months back

                                                                      I had very high Hope's for his second movie. I was waiting for the supernatural to occur but it didn't. I do agree that it is a metaphor for a relationship ending and I shouldn't have expected it to top Hereditary. Hereditary is a masterpiece. I hope for a part two but I know there won't be one. I don't think Alex Wolff wants to do another. He should have gotten an Oscar nod for playing Peter Paimon.

                                                                      • whitney brewer
                                                                        whitney brewer  2 months back

                                                                        This film was palpable. Leaving the theatre I was so mixed up about it. But now that I can’t stop thinking about it’s symbolism, I actually kind of love this film. I think it’s quite too esoteric for pedestrians but, the imagery and ideas of language and art as means of empathy & understanding is, to me, what makes this a masterpiece.

                                                                        • Stefan Ohlund
                                                                          Stefan Ohlund  2 months back

                                                                          Hereditary was a dud. A movie that tried WAY too hard. Midsommar is awesome. Totally drew me in and held my attention from start to end.

                                                                          • Jeremiah buckel
                                                                            Jeremiah buckel  2 months back

                                                                            Whenever Dani ate some kind of hallucinogen she saw grass growing through her hand or feet. It was like the drug was telling her she belonged there...this is where she will grow. Her roots belong there.

                                                                            • Jeremiah buckel
                                                                              Jeremiah buckel  2 months back

                                                                              There was a movie released in 2003 called Midsummer. Yep, an E instead of an A. The plot is, get this, Christian's sister commits suicide. Why? After his 4 friends graduate secondary school, they head off to a Swedish cabin for midsummer as previous years. Strange things happen. Is it his sister's spirit? The one character is named Christian. Amazingly similar. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0339385/

                                                                              • Daniel Castillo
                                                                                Daniel Castillo  2 months back

                                                                                Isn't there ideas of entitlement and the "Ugly American" going on as well? All the characters seem privileged as though coming from America, academia gives them carte blanche to do as they wish. As archeological students we see them seek out the commune with an "I won't take no for answer" attitude for the sake of their grad thesis. But in reality they didn't give a shit about their traditions and culture. The dude vaping constantly(which was ultra rude)and then pissing on the ancestral tree. The other dude raiding the library to snap pictures of books he was specifically forbidden from seeing. It seems like they tried to assert themselves onto the community with a bit of arrogance. When each of deaths occur throughout the movie it happened out of a disrespect to the villagers and their traditions.