The films that influenced HEREDITARY | TIFF 2018


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  • D Fine
    D Fine  3 months back

    "That moment where you realise you're not in control as a spectator". Well he sure nailed it in THAT scene 100 percent.

    • Angelica Goodale
      Angelica Goodale  3 months back

      Suspiria definitely came to mind after watching Hereditary. 💜💙💛

      • Corin Parcells
        Corin Parcells  4 months back

        I know what scene spoiler he's talking about in the movie with the Sissy Spasek facial expression.

        • Rich Fry
          Rich Fry  2 months back

          @Jocelyn C the scene with the piano wire at the end

        • Jocelyn C
          Jocelyn C  2 months back

          Corin Parcells which one

      • Chopper Reid
        Chopper Reid  4 months back

        Haven't seen it yet but this is the top horror movie I've been waiting for all year!

        • paul dotdotdot
          paul dotdotdot  4 months back

          I knew Rosemary's baby (the book and film) was very influential for Hereditary. Thanks for giving credit where credit is due Ari.

          • Malachi Plowman
            Malachi Plowman  7 months back

            hereditary is a masterpiece

            • Lung
              Lung  1 years back

              I'm pretty surprised that he didn't cite The Shining, The Amityville Horror (1979) and a few others as influences. I even saw some A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) in there. Maybe it was subliminal, a time limit or he didn't think to mention them. It's a great film.

              • MAthU
                MAthU  1 years back

                I think I know what scene your talking about Ari, and that scene really fucked me up.

                • will Thomas
                  will Thomas  1 years back

                  You forgot Pet cemetery and The Exorcist 1 and 3

                  • STONJAUS
                    STONJAUS  1 years back

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                    • B.P. DHANA
                      B.P. DHANA  1 years back

                      I got them right, especially "don't look now" another all time favourite classic horror! 👌😊 Well...everything except carrie

                      • Dalton Baker
                        Dalton Baker  1 years back


                        • Loyalty Cup
                          Loyalty Cup  1 years back

                          Love this discussion. It's great to hear where some of Ari's inspiration came from for Hereditary, especially since his new film stands so well on it's own. Thanks for sharing! I added this to one of our playlists about HEREDITARY!!

                          • Red Hot Chili Peppers man

                            Just saw Hereditary last night and wow.. that movie was amazing. I won't be forgetting that one.

                            • Corin Parcells
                              Corin Parcells  4 months back

                              It's even better the second viewing. Was for me :)

                            • Christo vimal
                              Christo vimal  1 years back

                              rupman27isback was it cathartic in the end?