Daenerys Targaryen Is Anakin Skywalker


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  • Matěj Kamarád
    Matěj Kamarád  24 hours back

    Anakin is beater

    • Billy Jolly
      Billy Jolly  3 weeks back

      Can you imagine if Walter White went down this road? Instead of poisoning brock (because of gus breathing down his neck for distraction.) walt could of got his gun for no reason for his cancer, got his gun and said: fuck u people, and oh yeah I kill kids as well because my wife, gus, my cancer, my meth, its pressure.... yes kill them all, and I got a lawyer that can justify my action turning bad....

      • King ArtEmiz 2XXX
        King ArtEmiz 2XXX  2 months back

        Jon:"Only Targaryens deal in absolutes. I will do what I must."

        Dany:"You will try."

        • Rosamund Powell
          Rosamund Powell  2 months back

          The difference is that Dany's flip toward evil was abrupt and came out of no where. Anakin's flip was set up since the moment he set eyes on Padme Amidala and was reluctant to leave Shmi in Episode I. His flip developed further when he and Padme fell in love and he killed the Tuskens out of revenge for Shmi's death in Episode II. If you honestly thought that Anakin's turn to evil was rushed, then I can only assume that you are either a moron or you weren't paying attention to the trilogy as a whole. I won't be subscribing.

          • Tiana
            Tiana  2 months back

            Except we had a whole movie about Anakin and we all know why he turned bad. With Daenerys we had one episode lol and what you call foreshadowing it's soooo wrong.
            In the world she lives, everyone in charge kills people who betray them and out of all them SHE was the one who hated doing that the most... Arya kills a whole house Frey after feeding the sons to their father in a pie and walks out smiling, Sansa gets hypnotised watching and enjoying dogs eat her rapist. Jon kills a lil orphan boy. THEY ALL DID IT. It's the world they live in.
            If Arya went mad, would you have said " Oh it was foreshadowed all along" ?
            That wasn't foreshadowing to madness at all. She should have ended up as the mad Queen, yes, but her story was poorly developed for it. Anakins story going bad made sense. Hers didn't at all.
            That is the difference.

            • Daenerys was just Remodeling

              This was too accurate. I hate Daenerys's turn btw. Abrupt or not.

              • MTX157
                MTX157  3 months back

                Darth Vader > Daenarys

                • KingNazaru
                  KingNazaru  3 months back

                  Anakin turned to the Dark Side because he wanted to save his wife from dying from pregnancy. Darth Sidious told him to embrace the Dark Side completely as that was the only way to gain the power to do so. That’s why he slaughtered innocent children and the Separatists (Also because the Separatists were enemies of the Republic). Also Anakin had been feeling his faith in the Jedi wane due to them keeping him from Padame and his mother, holding him back from gaining rank and power. It was justified. Daenerys going mad wasn’t. It was rushed and it didn’t fit her character motives. Plus there were better ways to achieve her goal, especially after King’s Landing surrendered. What I’m basically getting at is that you’re wrong and an idiot for not thinking this idea through.

                  • zakk wayne
                    zakk wayne  3 months back

                    Nobody was upset with what Danny did to those poor innocent people we were pissed off what happened with Jon the entire season..

                    • adam cimand
                      adam cimand  3 months back

                      Did Daenerys slaughter a bunch of villagers when she got mad prior to the final episodes? Maybe Mr. Jahns' hates of the prequels so much he forgot there was more than one movie.

                      • Christoph Mahler
                        Christoph Mahler  3 months back

                        The *INCEL* *QUEENS* - rejected by their love interests before their grab of *uunliimited* *powah* - should *unite* and *anounce* *publicly* the *thick* *bond* *between* *Emila* *Clarke* and *Hayden* *Christensen* in 2019:

                        *Borderline* *winning* ...

                        • ELVIS1975T
                          ELVIS1975T  3 months back

                          I can give Anakin's rapid turn a little break because it's a movie and they didn't have enough time but Daenerys had 8 fucking seasons

                          • ELVIS1975T
                            ELVIS1975T  3 months back

                            I'm first and foremost a STAR WARS fan, who was born in the era of the original trilogy but now a major prequel fan (which is rare) AND a Game of Thrones fan, and I completely agree with you.

                            • Ustealth
                              Ustealth  3 months back

                              Dude, you are an idiot and a tool.

                              • Justin Woods
                                Justin Woods  3 months back

                                I don’t think anakin’s flip was as sudden as you make it out, but the similarities are still there, as well as a mass of disappointment following the flips

                                • shingeki no
                                  shingeki no  3 months back

                                  Even in the rush, there are the same.

                                  • John D. Wick
                                    John D. Wick  3 months back

                                    Daenerys and Ramsey Bolton were meant for each other... sigh John Snow stabbed her in the guts right in front of the throne, Ramsey would've banged her on the throne after a good old genocide

                                    • SlasherPsych_2989_xXx
                                      SlasherPsych_2989_xXx  3 months back

                                      Difference: Emilia Clarke is still acting....

                                      • Mercenary Knight
                                        Mercenary Knight  3 months back

                                        Anakin's was done A MILLION TIMES BETTER as he had the films and animated series to show the Dark Side slowly getting to him and his anger building. Also, he had better reasons. He was scared of losing his wife and felt used by the Jedi council, among other things. What is Dany's excuse?

                                        • The Fennec
                                          The Fennec  4 months back


                                          • Janellelle
                                            Janellelle  4 months back

                                            The difference between them though, was the prequels had 3 movies to do it, (and to be fair, anakin had come deep fear, was manipulated, had ther jedi council constantly against him, and an immediate motivation to save his wife that helped propel his turn)....whereas GOT is a series and they had the ability to draw it out more. They didn't. It could have been so much better.

                                            • Cherry Pauper
                                              Cherry Pauper  4 months back

                                              Anakin's descent into madness was believable. Danny's was not.

                                              • Draconis The Wyvern
                                                Draconis The Wyvern  4 months back

                                                Anakin's turn wasn't abrupt and he had actual character development in that direction danny had none.

                                                • Jack McConnell
                                                  Jack McConnell  4 months back

                                                  Yeah. But sbit

                                                  • Optimus Prime
                                                    Optimus Prime  4 months back

                                                    Daenerys and Anakin were already going bad when they flipped. Daenerys become more arrogant and violent.

                                                    • Drew Boss5
                                                      Drew Boss5  4 months back

                                                      Game of Thrones and Star Wars can not be compared. Anakins whole character arc in episode two was to show the audience how unstable he was at times. he had horrific dreams/premonitions of his Mothers death that he could/should have acted on sooner. he was not allowed to do this based off his "training", which he resents. when he finally gives in and aborts his main mission given to him by the council he goes to find his mother only to witness her a prisoner and tortured until eventual death, first hand. he then proceeds to kill everyone who is even remotely responsible. not just the men, but the WOMEN AND CHILDREN TOO. this is all showing how given the right "point of view" Anakin will do anything he needs to do to seek justice and nothing will stop him.

                                                      did i miss this type of Arc with Game of Thrones? the Mad Queen has NOTHING on Vader

                                                      • Odin Akechi
                                                        Odin Akechi  4 months back

                                                        I think her turn from a savior to a genocidal maniac was handled as poorly as the Fox movies handled Jean Grey turning to Dark Phoenix in X3 The Last Stand. Sure, she turns evil but no real look into her thought process. This is all given to us from the perspective of the men around her and at the end her lover has to kill her to save everyone, then cradles her dead body. Yeah, because the only thing that is tragic about her demise is how her death affected him -_-

                                                        • MusicisLife8393
                                                          MusicisLife8393  4 months back

                                                          No you NEED to read the books

                                                          • MusicisLife8393
                                                            MusicisLife8393  4 months back

                                                            I'm glad I wasn't the only who saw this.

                                                            • Consciousness
                                                              Consciousness  4 months back

                                                              I used to just think this guy's voice is really annoying and he loves to see himself on camera, but now I think all of that plus he's a total retard because he doesn't understand what he's talking about. Anakin Skywalker is in no way the same as Daenerys Targaryen. There is so much more detail about Anakin and about those that are in power above him why do I even try to explain it he's not going to get it and anybody who reads this is probably going to understand already because they know the star wars stories just this guy who made the video doesn't know

                                                              • Chris MCMLXXXII
                                                                Chris MCMLXXXII  4 months back

                                                                Anakin had someone manipulating him and he didn't turn on a dime.

                                                                I don't agree that the show foreshadowed Daenerys' turn to the dark side. She threatened her enemies with Fire and Blood but never ever did she threaten innocents.

                                                                Here's a passage from Book 2 Daenerys II (I think it's II might be III)

                                                                _The Dothraki sacked cities and plundered kingdoms, they did not rule them. Dany had no wish to reduce King's Landing to a blackened ruin full of unquiet ghosts. She had supped enough on tears. I want to make my kingdom beautiful, to fill it with fat men and pretty maids and laughing children. I want my people to smile when they see me ride by, the way Viserys said they smiled for my father._

                                                                • Rick P
                                                                  Rick P  4 months back

                                                                  4 minutes and 24 seconds of false equivalence...prequels haters still gonna hate I guess 🤷‍♂️

                                                                  • Miranda Summerset
                                                                    Miranda Summerset  4 months back

                                                                    With the script they've given us, shes more of a Luke Skywalker/the last jedi version

                                                                    They've turned her into a moron, she forgot about the iron fleet?! Horrrrible

                                                                    • Pavel Valenta
                                                                      Pavel Valenta  4 months back

                                                                      Danny Is way worse, at least Anakin has a Reason, he desperatelly want to save his love. But what reason has Danny? They surrender, it was moment of her Victory. Its like Anakin save the republice beyond siths and save padme and tall off sudden start Killing everybody around. Just stupid.

                                                                      • Charles Lindeman
                                                                        Charles Lindeman  4 months back

                                                                        We got the ending we got because the series needed to end. We would have gotten the true ending had the books been completed.
                                                                        I guess this is what you get when you decide to adapt a series out from an unfinished book saga written by a master procrastinator.
                                                                        It's like making a movie trilogy out of Half Life.

                                                                        • Dr Tad Winslow
                                                                          Dr Tad Winslow  4 months back

                                                                          I thought someone new was cast as Anakin in Ep9 from the title...I don’t follow GOT.

                                                                          • Sparsh Bansal
                                                                            Sparsh Bansal  4 months back

                                                                            HI Jeremy. Just wanted to say that you have a very punchable face.

                                                                            • Consciousness
                                                                              Consciousness  4 months back

                                                                              Is it the sound of his voice that makes you want to do it too? People are born with their faces unless they're these ridiculous morons running around with botox in their face tons of makeup and fake eyes and all the stupid s***, but when you open your mouth that is where it's your choice and what comes out of it and how annoying you sound and how stupid you sound. This, makes me want to punch this guy in the face

                                                                          • Argenteus
                                                                            Argenteus  4 months back

                                                                            You know that scene with Daenerys talking to Jon in the ruined throne room before getting stabbed? Yeah, most of the shots were similar to the scene where Anakin meets Padme in Mustafar.

                                                                            • Victor Creed
                                                                              Victor Creed  4 months back

                                                                              I don't think Daenerys turned evil. I believe it was a military style decision. In order to rule Kings Landing it had to be destroyed. If you go back several seasons when Daenerys freed the slaves most of them also lost their privileges. In return they turned against Daenerys. Kings Landing is no different, if lives are spared theres a chance of revolt. Don't get me wrong burning innocent people alive is horrible. But if anyone wants a peaceful transition you erase the past and start from scratch. As Thanos said in Endgame 'Those who know nothing of the past would not know what they've lost but what they have been given". I also think Daenerys was so focused on sitting on the Iron Throne the concept on how to properly rule was lost.

                                                                              • Blackfalk
                                                                                Blackfalk  4 months back

                                                                                In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the -Republic- seven kingdoms will be reorganized into the first -Galactic- Targaryen Empire, for a safe and secure society!

                                                                                • Michael Joesph
                                                                                  Michael Joesph  4 months back

                                                                                  “Only a Lannister deals in absolutes”

                                                                                  • Migo Avila
                                                                                    Migo Avila  4 months back


                                                                                    • Veryl Alduin
                                                                                      Veryl Alduin  4 months back

                                                                                      Great points, totally agree

                                                                                      • The Medieval Nerd
                                                                                        The Medieval Nerd  4 months back

                                                                                        Nah bro. As flawed as the prequels were. There was way better character development for Anakin going mad than Dany. Unlike Dany where her violence was always painted against a background of salvation. (Freeing slaves) When Anakin killed the sand people in Episode 2. It was pure dark vengeance with no real virtue apart from avenging his mother. Considering the guy was a Padawan it should be highly concerning that he does this. Even without having knowledge of the OT, it's really worrisome for a Jedi to do this.

                                                                                        Then at the beginning of Episode 3, he executes Count Dooku. Another really appalling thing for a Jedi to do. To say that they had the same 'meh' descent into madness is actually unfair to the prequels.

                                                                                        • Paul D Clifford
                                                                                          Paul D Clifford  4 months back

                                                                                          Armageddon? I wouldn’t watch that garbage... please.

                                                                                          • Stanciu Catalin
                                                                                            Stanciu Catalin  4 months back

                                                                                            2:57 I guess that's why someone thought there going to do a good job with Star-wars

                                                                                            • II D3ADB1RD II
                                                                                              II D3ADB1RD II  4 months back

                                                                                              Um no completely wrong lmao. How can you even compare anakin's fall to the dark side to dany becoming the mad queen. God you are horrible. At least we knew anakin was always gonna turn into Darth Vader. We had 3 movies to see a 10 year old go from "yippy pod racer" to "alpha bad guy". At least we got a revenge of the Sith which built on his fear of losing padme and palpatines exploitation of that flaw. It wasnt a drop of the hat change like Dany's. She was built up to be a good queen, the breaker of chains and the mother of dragons. She was a good person who turned bad because it "subverted expectations". They do not compare.

                                                                                              • dirk diggler
                                                                                                dirk diggler  4 months back

                                                                                                Ending should have been Danny lets Kings landing surrender, takes control and starts her just reign with Jon at her side as Consort to the Queen. Last scene of ep. 6 is the wedding in the throne room where Queen Danny announces:

                                                                                                "All kneel to your Queen of the 7 kingdoms," then turns to Sansa and continues,
                                                                                                "and Jon, the former King of the North."

                                                                                                The throne room erupts in cheer and the camera pans to the courtyard as the entire population starts chanting "long live the queen, freer of slaves, and liberator of Kings Landing."

                                                                                                They zoom in and show Sansa's expression on her face as she kneels to her elated (former) brother and new queen in front of the Iron Throne. Her expression is of pure joy as if she's accepted this fate.

                                                                                                Episode 7 starts with Sansa back in her old quarters in Kings Landing telling the handmaids to leave her in a tone that Cersie used to use. She turns to Arya with a smirk on her face and says to her, you know what you have to do. Arya turns and says "Yes, we must make amends with the queen.

                                                                                                Sansa says to her "Yes we must make good with her and the 7 kingdoms."

                                                                                                Next scene you see Grey Worm walking up to the entrance to the throne room. He enters the room and approaches the Queen and asks her, "I want to honor Melisande now that his is over."

                                                                                                Danny agrees and Grey Worm asks her to come with him towards the window. They embrace and he pulls out a cloth with her name written on what appears to be a golden stitch. He then starts to cry for the first time ever in his life and crouches down towards the window to a knee sobbing. The queen looks at him with confusion catching her off guard, to which she asks everyone in the room to leave. Everyone leaves, she turns to Drogon, and says to him to leave as well in Dothraki. He flies away as Grey Worm watches him fly further into the distance till he is barely seen. Danny leans into him and says "I didn't think you were able to..."

                                                                                                He then smiles at her and pushes her out the window when he realized that Drogon was too far away to see what he was doing. The queen falls to her death and you see her body hit multiple catchments mutilating her body as she lands on the courtyard. Grey Wormis seen out the window looking down. The people outside witnessing this whole thing see him and chant "Queen slayer... Queen slayer."

                                                                                                Quickly he runs to the middle of the room and it is shown that it was Arya as she tears off his face and returns to her naked form. She then quickly goes to a corner of the room and puts on her cloths which were stashed away in a corner of the room and then makes her way to the roof undetected.

                                                                                                As this is happening, the doors burst open and soldiers come in looking for Grey Worm but can't find him. They tear up the throne room with Jon entering sword-in-hand. Next scene is him running outside to see his wife's mutilated body partially decapitated and lifeless on the ground. He throws a rage breaking everything in site. He hops on his horse and rides off into the city.

                                                                                                Next scene Sansa has a grin on her face hearing the screams outside knowing that she finally destroyed her new nemesis. Bran enters the room and tells her, "You served history well sister."

                                                                                                Sansa, looks at him and asks him what he is talking about. Bran says that he will forgive her, but that she must come to the throne room immediately. They reach the throne room to chaos. Jon is there with his loyalists, mostly Wildlings, that he rounded up and declares that they search for Grey Worm and kill him. The 12 or so unsullied soldiers draw their spears. Jon says to them "Are you defending the Queen slayer?"

                                                                                                They quickly realize that they are surrounded by close to 30 of Jon's loyals, and form a box. They are quickly defeated almost single-handily by Jon. Jon's loyalists who remain alive quickly kneel and say "long Live King Aegorn, King of the North, son of Rhaegar Targaryen."

                                                                                                Jon, looks around in a daze and walks over to the Iron Throne just minutes after Danny sat there alive and well, stares at it, and throws his sword at it and yells "take my sword and melt it to that fucking chair then burn this place to the ground. I'll never sit on that abomination."

                                                                                                At this point Drogon appears and sees his mother's body on the ground picks it up and flies up to the throne room and burns down the iron throne with Jon's sword melting into it as its entirety melts into a puddle of molten iron. He then looks at Jon, and Jon recognizes that Drogon understands Jon's pain. He is and walks over to him with Danny's mangled body in his claws. Jon breaks down in a heap of sorrow collapsing to the ground right in front of Drogon. Drogon nudges Jons face and Jon places his hand on Drogon's nose as a final farewell. The dragon turns and flies away with Danny's body in a slow methodological way.

                                                                                                The camera follows Jon all the way down the stairs to the courtyard, He turns and looks at where Danny landed dead, gets on his horse and rides away.

                                                                                                Next scene a bewildered Wildling asks the crowd in the throne room, "now what do we do?"

                                                                                                Arya appears and announces to the crowd "what if we have no ruler, just 7 kingdoms? We work in peace but keep to ourselves on our father's lands? If we need one another we ask. If we don't, then we keep to ourselves promising to help any of us if asked.

                                                                                                The crowd turns to each other in bewilderment. Sansa turns to everyone and says, "you are all Kings and Queens of your own lands. This is the only way to solve this issue without power struggles. Your subjects of your houses will be loyal to you as long as you are loyal to them, protect them, and provide for them. There will be no internal power struggles as there will be no Kingdom to fight over. anymore."

                                                                                                Bran turns to her and says, "You mean our King Jon, right?"

                                                                                                Sansa, turns to him and says, "No, he just abdicated."

                                                                                                She says this too calmly, and not with an inflection that would represent urgency to go after her brother. Scene fades to black.

                                                                                                Final scene shows snippets going back and forth of everyone being ordained king in their respective houses. The last one is with Sansa sitting next to Arya at Winterfell, a crown being placed on her head as she is wearing a gown similar to the one she wore at Joffrey's wedding. She stands up and Arya nods to her. Sansa asks everyone to leave except for the 5 members of her council. She says "We have all lost someone we love. I have lost a brother and a father, both to power hungry tyrants."

                                                                                                The crowd turns and looks at each other in bewilderment. Then out of the shadows, an image appears and slits Sansa's throat. As she kneels to the ground with blood gushing to the floor, the person appears and it is Jon. Arya smiles, and the council members gasp. Jon rips off his face and it is Jaqen H'ghar. Him and Arya stand up together to the council and slaughter them all within seconds. Jaquen and Arya position the bodies to make it look as if a council member assassinated Sansa. Then Jaqen asks Arya, "what is your name?"

                                                                                                Arya turns to him and says "The Queen of the 7 kingdoms."

                                                                                                Then Jaqen turns to Arya, and asks "what is your real name?"

                                                                                                Arya takes off her face and revels that she is the Waif.