Game of Thrones 8x5 REACTION!! "The Bells"

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • Eric Shane Calvin Melanie and Aaron react to and discuss Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones - The Bells

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Comments • 3 573

  • Blind Wave
    Blind Wave   4 months back

    Patrons who hold the FULL LENGTH Tier can watch the Full Length Reaction to this episode HERE:
    Get your own "Blind Wave Is Coming" T-shirt HERE:

    • TTempes TT
      TTempes TT  4 months back

      tf 20 min reaction and the video is 1 hour long wtf

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price  4 months back

      eric, for you to say that it was character assassination of dany shows you had to be blind to all the warnings and foreshadowing since early in the show. looking back it will all make sense.

    • bustermk2
      bustermk2  4 months back

      The Night King and Cersei were always Red Herrings. That is why they were disposed of so unceremoniously. The final boss was always Danearys and she was hidden in plain view. GRM fooled everyone.

    • Smith Finland
      Smith Finland  4 months back

      machiavelli prince "better to be feared than loved"

  • Steffi Hannah Chua
    Steffi Hannah Chua  2 weeks back

    "She lost 2 of her children"

    Calvin addressing Viserion and Rhaegal as Dany's children, not just dragons. RESPECT, MAD RESPECT.

    • deathswitch2404
      deathswitch2404  1 months back

      Something that i think about quite a lot after this season is that shot of Dany in Mereen from season 5(?) with her looking out at the city with the Targ flag in the back and smiling... while you can hear the screaming from the slave masters pinned to posts. As if we needed any more red flags for her being a tyrant.

      • Sophia S.
        Sophia S.  1 months back

        So basically Jamie and Cersei died on a construction site.

        • Hey Zeus Cree Stow
          Hey Zeus Cree Stow  1 months back

          Calvin was wrong, zombie mountain did not have two tiny heads under the helmet lol

          • imJelani
            imJelani  1 months back


            • RoSmash
              RoSmash  2 months back

              Fans: There’s no way The Final Season of Game of Thrones will be bad

              Game of Thrones Season 8: HOLD MY BEER

              • zarin shapurjee
                zarin shapurjee  2 months back

                Danny's turn is because she feels like she's alone. She lost jorah, she lost missandei and she feels like she was betrayed by Jon and tyrian. To be honest her heel turn was coming

              • o erevnitis
                o erevnitis  2 months back

                Top 10 anime betrayals

                • UM Producciones
                  UM Producciones  2 months back

                  I think that, although it felt like it came out of nowhere, dany s madness was hinted in the last seasons. Her obsession for the iron throne grew and when she lost rhaegal and missandei, she took the final decision to burn kings landing

                  • UM Producciones
                    UM Producciones  2 months back

                    Alexandre Oliveira Arrais Well, yeah, that is why I agree with the decision of making her mad, but not the way it was set up

                  • Alexandre Oliveira Arrais
                    Alexandre Oliveira Arrais  2 months back

                    To be "hinted" isn't what the show needs to be consistent. It needs to be actually shown, developed.
                    Daenaryes was always obsessed over the Iron Throne, but she never killed innocents in order to have it. Actually, she had already won the throne, that decision was purely a plothole

                • Christacean
                  Christacean  2 months back

                  I started watching Game of Thrones for the first time from the beginning after watching this reaction, so through all 7 prior seasons I had the images of all the events of this episode in my mind. No matter what Dany did before, she would raze King's Landing; Jaime and Cersei would die in each other's arms beneath the Red Keep; Sandor would die killing his brother. That probably coloured my view, but having just watched the episode, I took no issue with those character choices. In fact, following those character's choices all throughout the series, I fully bought that each did what they did. Daenerys's whole story in GoT, for me, is a story of someone who has violence inherently in her heart trying to climb over it to become the ruler she believes she is destined to be. She always fails. Her entire story is a conga line of death and misery that forces her Targaryen flame out: enjoying her brother's murder in Vaes Dothrak, however much of a cunt he may have been; trapping Xaro and her former helper in the vault in Qarth; crucifying the masters of Meereen, and later feeding the survivors to her dragons; burning all of the khals in the Dosh Khaleen. Even her seeing her dragons, the medieval equivalent of weapons of mass destruction, as her children. At the very last, on the cusp of winning the throne that was 'rightfully' hers, she loses it again. Similarly with Jaime, his is not, to me, a story of a bad man becoming good, but rather a story of a bad man with goodness inside him being unable to overcome his badness. He comes close when in the company of Brienne, but King's Landing brings the man of Season 1 back. I appreciate, though, that there are failings this episode, and this whole season, but I don't think it is even remotely as bad as the outcry against it would suggest.

                  (I also think it's entirely coincidental that the bells of surrender are ringing when Dany makes her split-second decision to raze the city. She can see the former seat of her family's power, a symbol of all that was taken from her, and after all the trauma she's suffered over the past two seasons and more - losing Viserion and Rhaegal, Jorah, Missandei, Daario - and with the threat to her 'destined' rule in Aegon 'Jon Snow' Targaryen, she loses it and decides on vengeance.)

                  • J D
                    J D  3 months back

                    Season 2 Dany: I will burn cities to the ground!
                    Season 8 Dany: Burns a city to the ground.
                    Eric: This felt like character assassination.

                    • Alexandre Oliveira Arrais
                      Alexandre Oliveira Arrais  2 months back

                      She says this once, as a threat.
                      But she actually never killed innocent people before. They either tried to kill her, betrayed her or made other suffer.
                      Actions speak louder than words, she may try to act like that, but as Jorah said, she has a kind heart and wants to help people.
                      Also, she didn't burn the city in order to conquer it, she did it for no reason

                  • sawy sauce
                    sawy sauce  3 months back

                    Shouldn’t kingslanding turn into an ever burning hell scape with all that wildfire?

                    • defcode
                      defcode  3 months back

                      This episode was so bad its no even funny. A 21 century CNN war documentary. Ballista a.k.a. laser- cannon-that-dont-need-stabilization-on-water now cant hit a dragon, Dany can dodge but somehow cant use the ISS perspective, Drogon has a dark souls stamina build, Arya the-red-cross- in-Uganda will chicken uk and run on a white horse hologram, Summer-chill-out -mix-2019-ibiza-beach-relaxing fight was sloppy, Schwarzeneggers- everything-is-reps-reps-reps zombie vs under-16-but-with-blind-flowers its to Highlander , Cerseis hand of the queen death a.k.a. necromancer-early-access-no-road-map hit by a stone was flowers as well. Story of a man watching his granddaughter heaving an anaphylactic shock in a field of flowers

                      • MrBill68
                        MrBill68  3 months back

                        About Jaime. While he's grown a lot since season 1, he's never overcome his one, defining character flaw: He'll do - anything - for Cerci. That's what he's saying to Brianne. He knows Cerci's a monster. He's done terrible things, knowing exactly how wrong they were, all for her. And he knows he'll do them again, making him just as much a monster. They're both hateful, in the older usage of the word: "someone who deserves to be hated"

                        • The Biological Realist Podcast

                          What are these people talking about. Dani was narcissistic, capricious and arrogant from the very start. This is perfectly in keeping with her character, once she felt jilted. Watch out for narcissistic, jilted women with dragons.

                          • EliteTeamKiller
                            EliteTeamKiller  4 months back

                            Jaime still loving Cersein doesn't mean he didn't change. What did he do for that love in season 1? Threw a child out of a tower window. What did he do for that love in 8.5? Risked his life to save his unborn baby. There is a BIG difference in the inner workings of his motivations.

                            • EliteTeamKiller
                              EliteTeamKiller  4 months back

                              Daenerys was violating the Geneva Convention years ago, and she was insulted that the Meereen people didn't praise her for executing one of their own (go watch the scene were she kills the young man who murdered the Son of the Harpy; when they started hissing at her, she was so sure she was right that her facial expression is like they slapped her in the face). This was always who she was going to be without people directing her away from her most terrible impulses. Hell, she got talked out of burning THREE count em THREE cities to the ground in season 6 and 7 (Yunkai, Astapor, and King's Landing... of course that last one didn't age well).

                              • EliteTeamKiller
                                EliteTeamKiller  4 months back

                                Daenerys isn't really mad. She's just an egomaniac with a messiah complex who realizes that she won't be able to rule without fear on her side. And also her best friends all got killed.

                                • Alexandre Oliveira Arrais
                                  Alexandre Oliveira Arrais  2 months back

                                  She won't be able to rule if she kills all her people, that is...
                                  Sansa had her parents killed (her father in front of her), her brothers killed, suffered in the hands of Joffrey, almost killed by her aunt, was selled to Ramsey who raped her, was almost tricked into killin' her own sister after years of separation and watched a tyrant arise.
                                  But if she had killed everyone in Winterfell for some dumb reason it wouldn't make any sense...

                              • EliteTeamKiller
                                EliteTeamKiller  4 months back

                                Jaime, Sandor, Daenerys all had wonderfully tragic and ironic endings. People who hate those endings just simply suck.

                                • Yung Thunder
                                  Yung Thunder  4 months back

                                  Ah, the worst episode of GOT (at least when it comes to writing). RIP the integrity of the show

                                  • Søren Elliott
                                    Søren Elliott  4 months back

                                    Blah blah blah blah... Yada yada yada...

                                    • Mark Richardson
                                      Mark Richardson  4 months back

                                      Targaryens are like gay people they are born that way! not even flipping coin required.

                                      • Andrew Coleman
                                        Andrew Coleman  4 months back

                                        That bottle of Cardhu is awesome, wish I knew they were releasing it for the series end, I would have bought a couple of bottles.

                                        • bigfatcarp93
                                          bigfatcarp93  4 months back

                                          57:16 "Night King, what are you doing, they're ringing the bells!" Lol

                                          • Alciel
                                            Alciel  4 months back

                                            fans waited years to see one of the most hated villain the show die by bricks......

                                            • Camraging
                                              Camraging  4 months back

                                              Damn Eric likes everything like EVERYTHING so the fact he doesn’t buy Daenerys flip means the GoT writers really messed up

                                              • de Lara
                                                de Lara  4 months back

                                                Americans speak like children

                                                • Hannah Villanueva
                                                  Hannah Villanueva  4 months back

                                                  Well said Eric 👏🏽 and I agree too with Calvin in regards to Dany. Her story arc is so rushed and doesn’t make sense for the character they built her up to be. There’s a lot of little points missing before we ge to her stages.

                                                  • Ben Meloche
                                                    Ben Meloche  4 months back

                                                    Hey, where's the finale reaction?

                                                    • Lium
                                                      Lium  4 months back

                                                      >_> patiently waiting for the finale reaction <_<
                                                      Where is it? :D

                                                      • Will Parks
                                                        Will Parks  4 months back

                                                        Hell's bells

                                                        • dknosby0
                                                          dknosby0  4 months back

                                                          You’re right about that comment with women with “hysteria “. This was a crazy episode.

                                                          • Joshua Lizard
                                                            Joshua Lizard  4 months back

                                                            Well, that was enough for me. I watched the first half of episode 6 and don't even care what happens next. World architects only ever come around once every thousand years. Danny would have and could have been the architect of a whole new world... and a much better world at that, certainly as far as the oppressed and destitute would have been concerned. Jon didn't care or want to know how beautiful that world could have been or how peaceful it's creation. Because building it might or might not have involved killing a few evil people, he decided it better to slaughter the architect and her new world, sentencing all the oppressed souls in the world to remain in their chains for another thousand years, merely so he could ensure that the world wouldn't be changed at all. I hope Arya goes to Bravos to finish her training because in my book that makes Jon Snow more evil than any of the Lanisters, Boltons or any other villians...even more evil that Dan and Dave and the inhabitants of King's Landing... and he will have brought to his house a curse far worse than a thousand White Walkers.
                                                            Alas I know from experience that this world treats it's architects only slightly better than Westerous but the next time I return to that make believe kingdom will be a thousand years in the past.

                                                            • Casey Rains
                                                              Casey Rains  4 months back

                                                              “Kill this horny pirate!” 😂

                                                              • Negativitron Prime
                                                                Negativitron Prime  4 months back

                                                                What Do the foam finger say

                                                                • The Deadfist
                                                                  The Deadfist  4 months back

                                                                  they made dany go crazy for nothing. The civilians werent supporting the lannisters, there was no reason to kill them. The throne was hers, and she blew it. Forced shitty writing just to make jon snow want the throne.

                                                                  • Rick Hustwick
                                                                    Rick Hustwick  4 months back

                                                                    Everytime Qyburn went to see Cersei I thought that it was Arya with a mask. I was gutted.

                                                                    • Red Bravo
                                                                      Red Bravo  4 months back

                                                                      Eric: Come on Jamie. Kill that horny pirate. XD
                                                                      Horny pirate is the best way to describe the show's version of Euron. LMAO

                                                                      • Cupoftae Pls
                                                                        Cupoftae Pls  4 months back


                                                                        • Scott O
                                                                          Scott O  4 months back

                                                                          Jamie was going to kill Edmure Tully's child to take River Run in season 6 for Cersei. When it comes to Cersei, Jamie has always picked her over the innocent.

                                                                          • Marc S
                                                                            Marc S  4 months back

                                                                            This is what I think will happen next. Jon an sansa fight & kill danny.aria dies saving jon.jon an sansa get married.jon is king

                                                                            • Charlie Vincent
                                                                              Charlie Vincent  4 months back

                                                                              Made no sense your right
                                                                              Rushed should of been season 8 is against the white walkers nothing else
                                                                              Season 9 should have been against cerci
                                                                              But they should have done 5 episodes each season and relased them within the same year
                                                                              Left you with a couple months of a break then continued
                                                                              They was offered 10 episodes to finish and they chose 6 because they just wanted it finished and done with

                                                                              • Richard Barber
                                                                                Richard Barber  4 months back

                                                                                I think a lot of the complaints are just uberfans not getting their pet theories worked out on the screen. Sandor finally got his revenge, but first made sure that his 'little sister' didn't go out with him. A perfect character arc for him, and for Jaime as well. He's done both horrific and noble things, but in the end he was still in love with the sister he had been born with, and to whom he had devoted his entire life. He came back south to either save or die with Cersei, and that's the chance Tyrion gave him, at the risk of likely execution for doing so. And Cersei the Malificent? She lived long enough to see everything she had ever worked for crash and burn around her - pride goeth before the fall. She ended with her 'slightly' younger brother's hands around her neck, and her mouth full of ashes, just as Tyrion had wished on her.

                                                                                • nintoki 673v2
                                                                                  nintoki 673v2  3 months back

                                                                                  I didn't watch it any theories for this season neither read the books this season was trash

                                                                                • EliteTeamKiller
                                                                                  EliteTeamKiller  4 months back

                                                                                  Much of it, yes. Some of the criticism is legitimate, notably that these end points (which are fine in and of themselves) were rushed.

                                                                              • Douglas Daniel
                                                                                Douglas Daniel  4 months back

                                                                                Excellent points about the excellence of the production, and the superiority of the acting in this episode, in contrast to the frustratingly truncated way the characters were handled and/or resolved. Maybe Ep. 6 will bring it all home in a reasonably satisfactory manner. Here's hoping.

                                                                                • MEK'N'ISM BEATZ
                                                                                  MEK'N'ISM BEATZ  4 months back

                                                                                  What if Dany tried to kill Jon with drogon but he emerged through the fire and kill her. I don't think Jon would want the throne maybe give it to Sansa, or bran. Bran doesn't have to move so. He'd be chillin in the throne

                                                                                  • duckduckmoose
                                                                                    duckduckmoose  4 months back

                                                                                    11:39 You spoke too soon

                                                                                    • s
                                                                                      s  4 months back

                                                                                      i think dany's storyline was always gonna go in this direction. she was getting crazy and it was starting to show more in this season. after the battle of winterfell when she didn't get praise for riding a dragon she was obviously hurt and angry. and what followed just added to it. when the bells rang she knew she had won. but she was waiting for the people to praise her and when they didn't (for obvious reasons) she went all mad queen on king's landing.