Game of Thrones: Why Daenerys Was Cersei All Along - Two Sides of the Same Queen


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  • The Take
    The Take   5 months back

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    • Rick Lokers
      Rick Lokers  3 weeks back

      I saw NORDVPN rape an elderly woman and slice her throat afterwards.

    • Dammoh
      Dammoh  1 months back

      Please what's the music from 6:10 please

    • Dammoh
      Dammoh  2 months back

      The Take what's the background music from 6:10 please

    • pplr1
      pplr1  4 months back

      I have to call bs on a lot of things in this video. I watched the whole thing and it deserves a thumbs down by the end. I noted some reasons and about when they pop up in the video.

      The video seems to be confused by saying both do __ when “inverse” is the opposite. It starts recognizing their differences and then tries to pretend they are the same. Problem is that is not true.

      Daenerys freed many slaves, how many did Cersei?

      4:40-recognizes Daenerys freed people while Cersei oppressed.
      Also recognized that Daenerys chained her dragons out of concern for others while Cersei let Joffery run rampant.

      5:45 be like Daenerys try to reshape the world in a better way and “help those who have even less”

      5:58 Cersei “hurts others for the hell of it” and chooses not to help others.

      7:31-45 Cersei hates and fears the people

      8:40 Cersei threatens to burn cities

      9:35 video said “This is fire and blood music”, yet it ignores when Daenerys said the blood of her enemies “not the innocent”.

      10:00 video blames Daenerys for her dead baby by being too trusting, there is a big difference between too trusting and Cersei choosing to kill her son’s wife (resulting in the son’s suicide).

      10:10 video misrepresent’s Cersei’s letter upfront demand (and threatening?) and Daenerys more friendly letter-written by Tyrion (who wants help ending Cersei’s tyranny.) The video claims after the friendly letter Daenerys demands Jon bend the knee when he gets there and thus is supposedly more dishonest. Yet Daenerys-when Jon refuses to bend the knee-said he is a guest. Oh, and Tyrion-not Daenerys-wrote the letter, he tends to be nicer than Cersei. Actually they both tend to be nicer than Cersei.

      10:24 video wrongly claims Cersei wants less from Jon than Daenerys by supposedly only asking for neutrality. Yet this is a blatant lie. We learn afterwards that Cersei had made a plan beforehand with Euron to have Euron pretend he was fleeing when he was really getting mercenaries for Cersei. She never planned to help and the whole eventual agreement to send Lannister forces was an act and big lie. If anything Cersei was trying to cost Daenerys a possible ally since it was unlikely Jon would ever ally with her.

      10:50 the video shows Cersei saying she doesn’t care about checking her worst impulses or making the world a better place. It actually has gone back to recognizing Cersei.

      10:55 claims Daenerys’s attempts at compromise don’t go well so she goes fire and blood. Very misleading because Daenerys tried compromises and used fire and blood when those compromises were betrayed. Daenerys is not responsible for when others betray or try to attack her-they are. The video tries to say she is.

      11:50 self-centered world vision ignores that Daenerys built what she had but also tried to do it in a way that didn’t harm, even helped, the powerless. Remember season 4 when Daenerys had places to sleep and eat made for former slaves and planned to make them safe the minute she heard there was a problem. Very different than Cersei who would not care.

      12:09 Cersei talks about caring about her family yet she tried to have Tyrion killed-he is part of her family. This video is ignoring things here. Selective editing?

      12:29 The video looses its point when complaining about “medieval logic”. That is how society operated at the time. Neither Cersei nor Daenerys made that happen. And if complaining about them then complain about every member of a every noble family in the show. It is called a “social norm”.

      12:51 Daenerys’s supposed complex resulted in her telling someone she cared about not to give up but to try finding a cure-and he did. Thus she told him to save his life when he had already given up. Not a bad thing.

      13:01 Daenerys supposedly didn’t compromise?? She did that with Jon Snow in season 7 through most of the time he was her guest!! She did that in Meereen as well. This video is just wrong here-possibly dishonest.

      13:19 “Daenerys is ruthless like Cersei”. No. She is ruthless with her enemies, but not the innocent. If Cersei had dragons she would’ve let them eat innocent people across the countryside. Daenerys did not. Big false equivalence.

      13:20 She was talking to a guy, Varys, who had tried to undermine his prior leaders and thus didn’t trust him. When he told her just beforehand he would not give blind loyalty she accepted it. Requiring him to say directly if he thought she was failing the people to her face and how (shows she is willing to take criticism). This is both compromising and taking other people’s concerns into account. The opposite of what the video claimed earlier.

      13:33 video said they look like each other Cersei in black (or dark cloths) and with crown, Daenerys in light tan and no crown. Someone can see the video is wrong or lying here. Oh, and it is right before Cersei killed Missandei-who never hurt or enslaved anyone.

      13:36 Video said “Shared rage” when look on Daenerys’s face may be concern for Missandei. The video is wrong here.

      13:50 Video claimed Daenerys didn’t choose between her “selfish ambition” and her “liberator identity”. Yet the main reason she stayed in Meereen so long (where video shows her) is to protect the people she freed rather than leave to grab her birth kingdom and let the slavers regain control. She delayed her ambitions-that is making a choice. The video is lying here and similar can be said about the white walker army which she goes to fight and puts her war for the throne on hold to do.

      14:10 Cersei is shown using civilians as human shields. Daenerys didn’t ever do this. These are very different queens and the video is being deceptive.

      14:31 Daenerys saying “I will not let those I have freed slide back into chains.” Anyone see Cersei saying or trying to do that? Nope. Different people.

      15:44 We get the answer of D and D breaking Daenerys’s character to do a pre-selected plot point. This was not showing Daenerys but what D and D wanted her to do without providing good reasons for it.

      15:50 If Daenerys chose “violence” then why not go directly to the red keep and burn Cersei like she would an enemy? D and D chose to make Daenerys let Cersei almost get away in order to attack civilians. This is out of character for Daenerys in 2 big ways-her protection of the innocent and her fire for her enemies. This goes against 2 not just 1 aspect of Daenerys’s character.

      16:05 If Daenerys was punishing her enemies then why almost let Cersei get away? Cersei didn’t care about civilians so why burn them at all?

      16:52 If belonging to that blood line means you flip out and kill everyone if your friends aren’t around should we expect that to happen with Jon Snow? If the answer is no then just maybe we shouldn’t accept the character breaking relating to Daenerys from D and D either.

      17:02 repeating D and D’s weak excuses is not character development. Showing the death of someone she warned earlier that chose to pull a sword and threaten to kill her and her unborn child is not proving Daenerys is evil. This is a huge double standard. Just consider anyone in the whole series who would want someone that just threatened to murder them and their children dead-lets start with the Stark family. If they aren’t evil tyrants in the making than neither is Daenerys.

      17:25 If Daenerys’s friends and advisors are killed or go distant that isn’t usually Daenerys’s choice. Which means she had no choice and this was supposedly inevitable. So the video isn’t being straight with viewers on if this was going to happen or not.

      17:40. Video said “We always have a choice”, not if D and D choose to break characters and patterns of action to hit their preferred plot points. Lets let Daenerys character as it was during seasons 1-7 (season 8 was written to give excuses for this to happen, its been acknowledged that D and D had this event in mind and were trying to jump to it) make the decision on what happens with King’s Landing.. oh look no mass burning of civilians.

      18:00 She doesn’t become the “mad queen” because of her genes. Wasn’t the video just referring to her bloodline a couple of minutes earlier?? This is speaking out of both sides of its mouth.

      18:10 Correction.. She could’ve still been the ruler she wanted to be if D and D didn’t mess with her character in Season 8.

      Also if she decided to attack Kings Landing in season 7 then that would be choosing violence but a lot of her friends would still be alive after Cersei was dead, so the civilian population would probably be quite safe. I guess the real message is violence is only ok if your friends are around. Or maybe, just maybe, the video here is just trying to make excuses at this point.

    • algogy
      algogy  5 months back

      They are not the same queen. Cersei is more reasonable, she kills her opponents, for revenge, for power. Her father killed for political reasons. Ramsey kills for fun. Dany? She kills for no reason whatsoever. They made her completely insane 'because blood ya know'.

  • You Are No One
    You Are No One  6 hours back

    I find this stupid ... Cersei was never the endgame. They made a HUGE stink about the KNIGHT KING for SOOOOO LONG! And then suddenly, Cersei is the main enemy? Sorry, but that is just bad story-telling in my opinion.

    People also keep comparing this story to LOTR - Tolkien is a legend for a really good reason: He is a great storyteller. At least in LOTR, the enemy had always been clear - it was Sauron! When the story ended, it was satisfying - sad, true, but satisfying nonetheless. This story ended like premature "sex-boom-boom".

    • grumpy tank
      grumpy tank  5 days back

      Atleast cersie was bad we all saw but dany was under the sheild of being good but she was worse

      • Emma Peel
        Emma Peel  7 days back

        I love these two women......well Dany more😅

        • Emma Peel
          Emma Peel  7 days back

          The way season 8 played out made so much of the story and story arcs moot.

          • Eruanna Fondue
            Eruanna Fondue  1 weeks back

            This needs way more views than it has, it perfectly explains what I've been feeling about Dany since the final aired! I could see her turning to the mad queen, I could see it in her character I could just never fully point out exactly why I felt that

            • Kate Vitacura Caberté
              Kate Vitacura Caberté  1 weeks back

              This was the video that made me watch game of thrones

              • Anna Being Lazy
                Anna Being Lazy  2 weeks back

                Interesting analysis but I take issue with the assumption that Dannie has always been "evil", as implied by the show's directors. Yes, she is violent, she needs to be in her environment. Yes, she is self-obsessed as hell. But the assumption, that her madness shows in her reaction to her brother's death is not well-funded to me. Throughout season 1, Viserys abuses and shames her, threatening to let an entire army rape her, then vowing to cut her unborn child out of her womb. Yet, until that scene, Dannie consistently tries to appease her brother, even when she already has the power to undo him. When he hits her, she threatens to have his hands cut off, but when he stumbles into the hall, brandishing a knife at her, she tries to talk to him. She tries various times to convince him to leave the hall, to get away from the Dothraki and talk. He wants to cut her open and rip out her child. When the Dothraki kill him for that, you can see the pity in her eyes when Viserys gushes about his crown, not understanding what Drogo is actually saying. Her calm, to me, was always one of defeat. It is not that she didn't care, but there was nothing to save about her brother. She remains calm because she knows that he has doomed himself and she cannot save him from that. You cannot keep saving a person who refuses to change or listen. And you cannot expect someone to cry for a trainwreck that spent most of their life abusing them.

                • alx1078
                  alx1078  2 weeks back

                  The fact that you tried to make sense of the ridiculous writing this show has exhibited these past two season is laughable. So yeah... laughable vid...

                  • Sheldon Copper
                    Sheldon Copper  2 weeks back

                    *"You will rule, untill comes another younger, prettier queen to replace you"*

                    • Story 2 Screen Movie Review Podcast

                      At 13:55, that should have BEEN Cersei's motivation towards Dany. A motive to show Dany for who she really is. However, this is not developed properly at all.

                      • Just Wondering
                        Just Wondering  2 weeks back

                        In the end it in a way comes down to the fact that too much was put on her at a young age. U could say that Dany, if she was older, would be more level headed and able to see what Cercei’s play was.

                        • Shah Hurrem
                          Shah Hurrem  2 weeks back

                          And the both(actresses) played Sarah Conor in Terminator series & sequel.

                          • Norma Williams
                            Norma Williams  3 weeks back

                            This parallel is not accurate. Daenerys defends herself and has a great vision for the future. Cersei is a crazy, manipulative and sociopath woman. I think Dany is not ordinary and has real power while Cersei is a loud mouth sadist.

                            • Eva Olivia
                              Eva Olivia  4 weeks back

                              The creator of this video is a kneeler.

                              • Orion Watson
                                Orion Watson  4 weeks back

                                I love this channel and all its videos except this one. Your points were well explained, and kudos to you guys for effort. However it doesn't make sense ,from what we've gotten from the show since Season 1, at least from my understanding
                                Neither Dany, nor Cersei or any character's arc was satisfactorily executed except for Theon,Jorah and perhaps Lyanna Mormont.

                                Just my opinion though

                                • khaleesi-394
                                  khaleesi-394  4 weeks back

                                  Deanerys has never been cersei and she will never be. D&d switched up their storylines and ruined the show with it as much as they ruined sansa by making her littlefinger 2.0. Both dany and sansa were the role models people were supposed to root for and in the end they both became the playthings of writers who think women shouldn’t have perfectly moraled, actually powerful female characters the way men have so many gary stu’s like jon snow.

                                  • khaleesi-394
                                    khaleesi-394  4 weeks back

                                    I guess counting every single slave in a city as a reason on themselves to conquer a city SOLELY in order to free them is white saviourism then... dany is much more of a role model for feminine women who want empowerment than arya whom d&d ruined with that tomboy bullshit either bc spoiler alert: book arya is bad as femininity and doesnt hate it just as she’s supposed to idolize a targaryen warrior queen, dany, who embodies everything she admires in Women. S8 just turned her into a xenophobic bitch whos hypocritical as well since she spent years in fucking braavos. You’re being disrespectful to every actor who called the shows final season shitty including maisie williams whose reaction to dany’s arc (the one that was supposed to be cersei’s) with 0 (zero) positive emotions.

                                  • khaleesi-394
                                    khaleesi-394  4 weeks back

                                    You both didn’t read my comment AND you’re unaware about all the outrage for sansa’s rape and hate for the sand snake’s arc throughout the fandom. A fake fan calling me a fake woke for saying what everyone thinks... wow.

                                  • Vivanne T
                                    Vivanne T  4 weeks back

                                    khaleesi-394 Sansa, Cercei, Arya, Brianne, and Margeory were powerful characters who people rooted for. Sansa and Margeory both became queens without turning evil. Hell, Cercei was a ruthless queen but I didn’t hear anyone complaining about how the show is “sexist” for that 🤔. Ellaria Sand’s character development got ruined in the show but again, you “woke” feminist didn’t complain.

                                  • neosoontoretro
                                    neosoontoretro  4 weeks back

                                    Sorry, but no. Daenerys is simply to complicit to the status quo and her white savior complex for her to be truly be seen as a role model. Btw, it's hard to see GOT as being anti-women when Arya had the best arc in the last season.

                                • Kell Harris
                                  Kell Harris  4 weeks back

                                  If only GrrM was finished with the books when this was written. The outcome would have been about the same but the execution would have been so much better. I really loved the actors for game of throwns Dani and cersei and all off them really are such amazing actors. The affects where awesome and the budget was there. I just feel like the show couldn't fully pull off what George had clearly set up. Here s hopping he can finish it before he passes.

                                  • Judgemental Budgie
                                    Judgemental Budgie  4 weeks back

                                    One of the bad things about this finale is that it gave a green light to all those idiots who've been seeing "hints" of her going mad but straight out ignore other characters acting violent or enjoying someone's death. Thanks god majority of people aren't really that stupid. The rating of the final episode speaks for itself. If they wanted to turn a character mad they should've done at least one more season. I'm not buying this crap, enjoy if you do. Those "hints" are a shitty excuse for a finale that ruined the great 7 seasons (yes season 7 was great compared to this). Poor execution is that, poor. Justify it all you want *shrugs*

                                    • Mark Chappell
                                      Mark Chappell  1 months back

                                      How many dragons , please ?

                                      • Mark Chappell
                                        Mark Chappell  1 months back

                                        A rubber duck in the bath helps ease the pain.

                                        • Rafael da Silva
                                          Rafael da Silva  1 months back

                                          Great take on the subject. Won't erase the bad taste the awful rushed ending did, but show some good parallel between these two characters.

                                          • maloos kitty
                                            maloos kitty  1 months back

                                            Never liked danny! She gave me the chills that psycho! I knew she was the villain deep down.

                                            • italianravioli
                                              italianravioli  1 months back

                                              What if the scorpions were positioned throughout the city not just on the perimeter. This way Dany's burning of the city is not because of silly bells but because the scorpions are in her way and she will do anything to get the throne. The people living underneath the scorpions will just have to burn. And this can be where one of her dragon babies dies instead of at sea. At first she cautious, making sure she just burns the scorpions but this makes her too vulnerable, losing a dragon, so instead she decides to lay waste to the city. She signals for her army to retreat and then she becomes a wild fire. Uncontrolled white-hot rage. And in an unforeseen powerplay, Dany hunts down, then stabs Cersai in her pregant belly. Jaimie hightails, with Tyrion, across the sea unable to have saved his sister. Jon hightails emotionally refusing to love Dany anymore. Jon kills Dany because she does not quit raging, burning Westeros, and hunting the last Lannisters. This can parallel Alexander The Great's death. With Dany gone, centralized power is gone. Armies are exhausted and there isn't anyone who can mount a fullscale war to reign everyone in, so given this opportunity the rest of the kingdoms declare their independence. King's Landing is ashes. Westeros is significantly more unsafe for the little people.

                                              • italianravioli
                                                italianravioli  1 months back

                                                What a great video! However, I am not getting NordVPN.

                                                • Pamela Bezerra
                                                  Pamela Bezerra  1 months back

                                                  I’m sorry but Dany up to season 8 was nothing like Cersei. Most of these scenes were show creations anyway and not from the books. The Dothraki would’ve destroyed the world if they had the opportunity. I’ve seen Tywin, and Robert, and Stannis, and Melisandre, and Jon Snow, and Sansa, and Littlefinger, and Catelyn, and Varys, and the Hound, and the Mountain, and Bronn, and Jeoffrey do way worse things than Dany and no one compared them to Cersei ou said they were mad or evil. Stop trying to defend the madness that was the end of GOT. It had a childlike plot where things happened in a ridiculous way and that is NOT our fault and we don’t have to like it.

                                                  • Awale Drezzy
                                                    Awale Drezzy  1 months back

                                                    The lesson that many people dont seem to understand even after 8 seasons is that the iron throne is cursed, everyone that wants to sit on it becomes a different,violent and ruthless person and eventually gets killed. Thats why jon never wanted it or even tyrion.

                                                    • Awale Drezzy
                                                      Awale Drezzy  1 months back

                                                      @Jaina Maden Exactly.

                                                    • Jaina Maden
                                                      Jaina Maden  1 months back

                                                      @Awale Drezzy Exactly. So Drogon melted the throne instead of killing Jon.

                                                  • Cernunnos  Wild
                                                    Cernunnos Wild  1 months back

                                                    I guess caveat of this statement is
                                           the show. The books maybe a little different. And better written.

                                                    • Eat the Rich
                                                      Eat the Rich  1 months back

                                                      I mean Dani is a war hero who fought for the people and against slavery...but yeah let's just falsely equivalize them

                                                      • Eat the Rich
                                                        Eat the Rich  2 weeks back

                                                        @neosoontoretro One last thing. If you think the rights that you and the people around you enjoy today were all obtained nonviolently, then you really know nothing about history.

                                                      • Eat the Rich
                                                        Eat the Rich  3 weeks back

                                                        @neosoontoretro lol the condescension. I'm done talking to you

                                                      • neosoontoretro
                                                        neosoontoretro  3 weeks back

                                                        @Eat the RichEr, actually she did use her wits when she killed Ramsay. Sorry, but if you think the best way to solve violence is with more violence then frankly you're not smart enough to talk to. Btw, Dany listen to her advisors when it best suited her, especially during the last season.

                                                      • Eat the Rich
                                                        Eat the Rich  3 weeks back

                                                        @neosoontoretro Dani also showed mercy and listened to her advisors when they suggested she withhold from using violence. And Sansa did not "use her wits" when she killed Ramsay. And I think there's enough examples in history of people violently exploiting others and never facing consequences. Do you think slavers would have peacefully stopped?

                                                      • neosoontoretro
                                                        neosoontoretro  3 weeks back

                                                        @Eat the RichHow are you still not still this? Jon Snow knows when to use mercy, Sansa used her wits, Dany only hand just used her dragons when things got tough. You entire argument is that everyone uses violence which makes it okay. Sorry, but complex societal issues can't simply solved through violence. I think there's enough examples in history which proves this to be true.

                                                    • Eristitia
                                                      Eristitia  1 months back

                                                      Daenerys did not grow up poor. So, only half a minute you already don't know what you're talking about.

                                                      • proserfina21096
                                                        proserfina21096  1 months back

                                                        They had similarities in each life events but....Cersei never had an ounce of love for the people and Dany had that trait- until she was forced to waste half of King's Landing people because her adviser screwed her up. This is just an opinion .

                                                        • Sandy Stark
                                                          Sandy Stark  1 months back

                                                          Holy crap. I didn't see all of these parallels.

                                                          • Inès Castellano
                                                            Inès Castellano  1 months back

                                                            Daenerys is the result of bad writing...

                                                            • aka A
                                                              aka A  1 months back

                                                              Similar to real life when a person comes to power it corrupts them

                                                              • Kat W.
                                                                Kat W.  1 months back

                                                                And to me this completely disregards who and what a person fundamentally is, in favor of saying a person is created all by environment. The old nature vs. nurture. We become more realized as we grow and experience, but this does not mean we are simply inverse mirrors. Perhaps, especially if you read him, Martin is saying the very opposite of what this video is. This video from a pop source that seemingly HAS to try to make sense of the rushed, ruined ending to a once great show. We all have the ability to grow, change, become more fully ourselves. I do not believe, however, that Danaerys' was a horrible murderer all along. It wasn't just circumstance that made her care about people - and with the right advisors, she could have taken the throne and understood a totally different country anthropologically.

                                                                • T D
                                                                  T D  1 months back

                                                                  I loved the end. Saw it coming for a long long time!!!! Woohoo!!!

                                                                  • Dammoh
                                                                    Dammoh  1 months back

                                                                    Do someone know the music theme from 6:10

                                                                    • MegaMan11
                                                                      MegaMan11  2 months back

                                                                      The showdown between Daenerys and Cersei, musta missed it.

                                                                      • MunchiePow
                                                                        MunchiePow  2 months back

                                                                        You were really reaching in smarts

                                                                        • TvFreakLady
                                                                          TvFreakLady  2 months back

                                                                          I like your video. It's very well done. But I personaly prefere Cersei. She'll be ALWAYS my queen!

                                                                          • Master of Ks
                                                                            Master of Ks  2 months back

                                                                            Its funny how jon said he wont be loyal to cersei, but he could've lied.

                                                                            • Anabel Stegmaier
                                                                              Anabel Stegmaier  2 months back

                                                                              such a good video

                                                                              • Fiona Baby
                                                                                Fiona Baby  2 months back

                                                                                What got me was that she burned the whole city around the keep. Why not just burn down the keep? But then when you're grieving and angry at the whole world, logic isn't a priority.

                                                                                • 李玉琼
                                                                                  李玉琼  2 months back

                                                                                  Grey worm:eff it I believe in the queen
                                                                                  Tyrion:ok this girl is effed

                                                                                  • 李玉琼
                                                                                    李玉琼  2 months back

                                                                                    Cersei:killed less than a thousand people
                                                                                    Dany:saved 200000 lives in yunkai,and murdered 500000 citizens in kings landing

                                                                                    • M
                                                                                      M  2 months back

                                                                                      this is a Bad Take. Lol

                                                                                      • Lauren Magnussen
                                                                                        Lauren Magnussen  2 months back

                                                                                        Well said

                                                                                        • PJFSr
                                                                                          PJFSr  2 months back

                                                                                          Shame most people focus on Sansa and Cersei, who are really as different as night and day.
                                                                                          Should have a comparison of the 3 Danny, Sansa and Cersei.
                                                                                          I think the fact Sansa had her parents in her early stage of life and a loving family is what saved her from becoming totally like the other two.
                                                                                          Also like Cersei and Danny, her line was a product of 1st cousin incest.