MIDSOMMAR Trailer (2019)

  • Published: 05 March 2019
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    A young couple travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown and attend its mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly descends into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

    Midsommar (2019) is the new horror movie starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor and Will Poulter.

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Comments • 78

  • mudasser hameed
    mudasser hameed  2 weeks back


    • vgs pfl
      vgs pfl  3 months back

      Great horror movie

      • Sergei Popirecnik
        Sergei Popirecnik  3 months back

        Why they show Sweden when it's supposed to be LATVIA?
        Summer solstice celebrations the night from June 23 to June 24 (in harmony with the summer solstice), when people participate in joyous festivities just as their ancestors did centuries ago. AND IT EXIST ONLY IN lATVIA (Ligo night.)

        • Calamity Gaming CH Worldwide

          Remember me about FAR CRY 5

          • 148.g fORliFE!!
            148.g fORliFE!!  4 months back

            This movie is a little bit funnier than scream I think Marlon Williams should do a funny sequel to this movie

          • Noah Anderson
            Noah Anderson  4 months back

            It doesn't happen every 90 years it happens every summer hence the term midsummer. I live in New Sweden and sence when is it creapy?

            • Tina Louise
              Tina Louise  3 months back

              the events that take place every 90 years aren't the midsummar festival itself, but other events that they (this specific ficitional cult) do during the midsummar festival every 90 years. it's also called midsummar because of the way this cult views ages as seasons, and the main character is classified as being in the middle of her summer age.

            • Noah Anderson
              Noah Anderson  4 months back

              And yes I'm swedish

          • wdrumz
            wdrumz  4 months back

            1:09... will be the most disgusting ending to a movie in a long time. If you read the script you will know.

            • Casey Yazza
              Casey Yazza  4 months back

              This is what happens when wicker man and a cure for wellness have a baby

              • brutus brutalis
                brutus brutalis  4 months back

                I wonder if they would make a movie like this about islam?

                • L S D
                  L S D  4 months back

                  Vad är det här för skit?

                  • Hunter Cermak
                    Hunter Cermak  4 months back

                    This looks like a good way to give people who have the wrong idea of paganism more leverage.

                    • Tina Louise
                      Tina Louise  3 months back

                      it was a beautiful movie. don't be so quick to judge and get offended.

                  • Pennywise
                    Pennywise  5 months back

                    ari has a strange taste.

                    • vgs pfl
                      vgs pfl  3 months back

                      I like it too

                  • Game Change
                    Game Change  5 months back

                    what the hell is tht at 1:09

                    • Pwnguin 3
                      Pwnguin 3  2 weeks back

                      wherearetheburritos Wow I got spoiled I’m not mad at you it’s my fault

                    • wherearetheburritos
                      wherearetheburritos  4 months back

                      @Παλιά Ψυχή np

                    • Παλιά Ψυχή
                      Παλιά Ψυχή  4 months back

                      @wherearetheburritos Thank you!

                    • wherearetheburritos
                      wherearetheburritos  4 months back

                      @Παλιά Ψυχή I read the script and I think that the bear they sacrifice Christian in

                    • Παλιά Ψυχή
                      Παλιά Ψυχή  4 months back

                      Yes, it looks like a big bear and they are around the open corpse and pull it's guts out to keep them in a bucket. Maybe they are preparing a special drink with a lot of hallucination drugs - special every 90 years for this occasion. Any way in many fairy tails and old stories you got a bear a she bear whos pregnant and it palys some role in initiation myths of fertillity. Bear dies society stays alive.

                  • Kristine Freiberg
                    Kristine Freiberg  5 months back

                    Bet Americans are gonna watch this movie and get a completely wrong picture of midsummer

                    • Hnubqubci Yang
                      Hnubqubci Yang  5 months back

                      Just by looking at the ending of this trailer, I know it's an orgy party.

                  • paul leepoy
                    paul leepoy  6 months back

                    I know that redhead!

                    • vgs pfl
                      vgs pfl  3 months back

                      She's sexy

                    • zirconviper
                      zirconviper  4 months back

                      That's Isabelle Grill. What other movies do you know her off of?

                    • zirconviper
                      zirconviper  4 months back

                      paul leepoy You do? What else is she off of?

                  • peter chrisp
                    peter chrisp  6 months back

                    Being a horror fan looking forward to Pet Sematary The Curse Of La Llorona IT 2 & Annabelle Comes Home, this one looks quite weird but definitely will look into it

                    • vgs pfl
                      vgs pfl  3 months back

                      Your not a horror fan if you don't like midsommar

                    • JoshJC
                      JoshJC  3 months back

                      All the movies you said are pretty bad, accept pet sematary which wasn’t that great - I hope it 2 is good. This film is amazing if you haven’t watched it you should!

                  • Light Nirvana
                    Light Nirvana  7 months back

                    Same old boring nordic plot nothing new - this film looks just like wicker man, the village etc. I wish we would see horror movies have storyline from somewhere like India, portugal, thailand, filipine, spain etc.

                    • SnowSkin Girl
                      SnowSkin Girl  3 months back

                      Light Nirvana if it wasn’t European it wouldn’t be as beautiful

                    • Light Nirvana
                      Light Nirvana  6 months back

                      @swan okay then I looking forward to see this film.

                    • swan
                      swan  6 months back

                      Ah but wait! They're pointing out that white people are evil! Definitely a hot, new, and fresh concept that hasn't been driven into the ground!

                  • The Deist
                    The Deist  7 months back

                    Yes Jews continue to demonize whites, maybe we should make a film like this about black people or perhaps Jews.

                    • Th3 JuGg3R N0ob
                      Th3 JuGg3R N0ob  7 months back

                      Fucking illuminati

                      • captain jack sparrow
                        captain jack sparrow  8 months back

                        Will Poulter looks hot

                        • CaptainRon
                          CaptainRon  8 months back

                          first i thouht this was a new IKEA commercial

                          • Leo ForReal
                            Leo ForReal  8 months back

                            Plot twist: It is the new Ikea commercial.

                        • Scotti Brown
                          Scotti Brown  8 months back

                          This looks weird, not in a bad way, but just weird

                          • cyber6sapien
                            cyber6sapien  8 months back

                            Saw the thumbnail and thought a New Lady Gaga single just dropped!

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                              • kcvriess
                                kcvriess  8 months back

                                I'm getting so fed up with with this occultism craze of the last few years.

                                • Naikomi
                                  Naikomi  8 months back

                                  That's a really strange IKEA ad...

                                • Aditya Tiwari
                                  Aditya Tiwari  8 months back

                                  Ari is back! I'm fucking pumped.

                                  • King Fox
                                    King Fox  8 months back

                                    Black guy should of known better

                                  • naggers123
                                    naggers123  8 months back

                                    Chidi's gone to the very bad, no good place

                                    • Pinda Kaas
                                      Pinda Kaas  8 months back

                                      Get Out: The Wickerfestival

                                      • allif rodrigues
                                        allif rodrigues  8 months back

                                        It reminds me of The Sinner Season 2.

                                        • Kiko Man
                                          Kiko Man  8 months back

                                          Ari Aster and A24? This is gonna be one hell of a ride...

                                          • milly0284
                                            milly0284  4 months back

                                            did you see hereditary....!

                                        • #1 VIRAL & TRENDING
                                          #1 VIRAL & TRENDING  8 months back

                                          trailer looks dreamy :) and promising !!

                                          • Info & News
                                            Info & News  8 months back

                                            85th like

                                            • 31446963048
                                              31446963048  8 months back

                                              Is Nic Cage in this?

                                            • gibriel mansaray
                                              gibriel mansaray  8 months back

                                              Oh look they spelt summer wrong

                                              • flinxzzz
                                                flinxzzz  4 months back

                                                They spelt it in the swedish accent

                                              • Rojoyerf
                                                Rojoyerf  4 months back

                                                @fajks No shit that's the joke

                                              • fajks
                                                fajks  8 months back

                                                Its swedish

                                            • Who Knew 22
                                              Who Knew 22  8 months back

                                              Wicker Girl

                                              • Benito Mussolini
                                                Benito Mussolini  8 months back

                                                Länge leve Svearike 🇸🇪

                                                • Kami Tenchi
                                                  Kami Tenchi  8 months back

                                                  Illuminati confirm.

                                                  • ShivPlayz
                                                    ShivPlayz  8 months back

                                                    OMGGGGG I was gonna coment
                                                    the same thing wth

                                                • Jishnu Mohan
                                                  Jishnu Mohan  8 months back


                                                  • KinoCheck International
                                                    KinoCheck International   8 months back

                                                    Check out the first trailer for Midsommar, brought to you by the producers of last year's horror-hit "Hereditary"!

                                                    • Satyaa Turukmane
                                                      Satyaa Turukmane  8 months back