Game of Thrones S8 - For Cersei - Ramin Djawadi (Official Video)

  • Published: 20 May 2019
  • For Cersei - Ramin Djawadi - Game of Thrones S8
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    1. Main Title
    2. The Rains of Castamere - Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian
    3. Arrival at Winterfell
    4. Flight of Dragons
    5. Heir to the Throne
    6. Jenny of Oldstones
    7. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
    8. The Battle of Winterfell
    9. The Dead are Already Here
    10. Battle for the Skies
    11. The Long Night Pt. 1
    12. The Long Night Pt. 2
    13. The Night King
    14. Dead Before the Dawn
    15. Not Today
    16. Farewell
    17. Outside the Gates
    18. The Bells
    19. The Last War
    20. Into the Fire
    21. For Cersei
    22. Believe
    23. Stay a Thousand Years
    24. Nothing Else Matters
    25. Master of War
    26. Be with Me
    27. The Iron Throne
    28. Break the Wheel
    29. You Have a Choice
    30. The White Book
    31. The Last of the Starks
    32. A Song of Ice and Fire

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Comments • 401

  • m7med 2
    m7med 2  4 days back

    I really missed it

    • AlwaysHungry
      AlwaysHungry  3 weeks back

      Honestly, the music and the acting made this season...

      • Svetlana Markosyan
        Svetlana Markosyan  3 weeks back

        It's been 5 months since the last episode came out and I'm still crying...

        • Shy
          Shy  3 weeks back

          Cersei was clearly the best character in the show. A cold bitch, but a cold bitch with a past. Everything she did in her whole fucking life was to protect her family, according to this Dylan prophecy. When she pushed her friend, it was not only because she loved jaime but also coz she thought that if she was the only one to know about nothing would happen. She wasn't cruel, she was human not white nor black. Only human in all it shades. She had emotions, she made a lot of mistakes because of them like with the high sparrow. But in the end of the day she fixed everything by her own, euron's alliance, dornish problem, the golden company, the growing Tyrell influence, the doubt over her children, and yeah the Sept of baelor. In this scene she wasn't that cruel. That was a smart plan actually, killing most of her enemies at the same time, and for the collateral damages after what the people did to her she didn't care and she was clearly right why would she ? Why would I? Why would we ?

          • Daenerys Targaryen
            Daenerys Targaryen  4 weeks back

            Killed by a brick :/... she deserved better and Lena too
            the real Cersei would have look Dany face To face and said "go on silverhair b*tch"
            And then 2:33 "Cersei of the house lannister, I Daenerys stormborn of house Targaryen sentence you To die... Dracarys"

            • Hugo Benjamin Oviedo
              Hugo Benjamin Oviedo  1 months back

              The only thing that Cersei did during season 8 was staring from the balcony :/

              • Isadora ME
                Isadora ME  1 months back

                Is it just me or is the piano playing a wrong note here 3:39

                • Ali Maki
                  Ali Maki  1 months back

                  A heart breaking masterpiece

                  • Portogas D. Ace
                    Portogas D. Ace  1 months back

                    Magnifique musique que Ramin Djawadi à composé même si cersei n'est pas mon personnage préféré.

                    • Zakaria Ali
                      Zakaria Ali  1 months back

                      Just realise that this is the perfect theme for Jaime.
                      1) Light of the Seven: Jaime's knighthood, honour and compassion
                      2) Rains of Castamere: Lannister heritage
                      3) Hear Me Roar: courage, bravery and sacrifice
                      4) Titled 'For Cersei' because she is the culmination of all that is Jaime

                      • MOHIT MEENA
                        MOHIT MEENA  1 months back

                        This combines whole got

                        • Cristian
                          Cristian  2 months back

                          3:35 my hearrrrrrrrrrrt

                          • REZA7XZ
                            REZA7XZ  2 months back

                            If you hated a villain so much then thank the actor for that great audition

                            • Cesia♡
                              Cesia♡  2 months back

                              Ramin Djawadi is a genius

                              • Worm Bizzle
                                Worm Bizzle  2 months back

                                Why did I get this link for Jamie lannister it's just music from the show wtf I'm confused

                                • Demon
                                  Demon  2 months back

                                  I just like Cersei’s music along with Daenerys

                                  • Noé Mie
                                    Noé Mie  2 months back

                                    #Cersei the favorite <3

                                    • HU BY
                                      HU BY  2 months back

                                      As much i hate her i cried for week for her death 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i hated how she became weak and defeated💔

                                      • MS 02
                                        MS 02  2 months back

                                        Season 8 summay: It had best soundtrack and worst plot

                                        • Михаил Алтухов

                                          Nothing else matters,only us.Starks and Targaryens send their regards

                                          • MK
                                            MK  2 months back

                                            This is more than EPIC
                                            3:35 mixing all together ( Rain of the castmear + light of the seven + GOT main theme)
                                            Ramin Djawedi is a legend!!

                                            • chris kingston
                                              chris kingston  2 months back

                                              poignant is the word I think of with this. My favourite from the album. ....I still believe cersi should have poisoned her self. Like what she was willing to do bk in season 2.

                                              • V V
                                                V V  1 months back

                                                i think she was so delutional she tought she could get out of everything alive until the last moment.

                                            • Olga Lokoshchenko
                                              Olga Lokoshchenko  2 months back

                                              This is beautiful

                                              • Omar
                                                Omar  2 months back

                                                The most magnificent soundtracks in this tv show were rains of Castamere, hear me roar, light of the seven and this masterpiece and they all belong to the most epic character Cercei. Long may she reign, the rightful queen!


                                                • thegirlhasnoname nonamegirl

                                                  For cersei

                                                  • HALO3 English
                                                    HALO3 English  3 months back

                                                    Still searching for something to watch, to fill the emptyness after GoT but nothing can help me 🥺🥺🥺

                                                    • Geo405
                                                      Geo405  3 months back

                                                      R.I.P Queen Cersei. Brilliant player of the Game Of Thrones, ruined by the writers and killed by a pile of bricks

                                                      • Sem Louwerse
                                                        Sem Louwerse  3 months back

                                                        The last part of the music was the best part and they cut that part out of the show.

                                                        • Tyrelle Smith
                                                          Tyrelle Smith  3 months back

                                                          Best musical piece from season 8. The final season of GOT gets a lot of shit, and it deserves it. For possibly the best, most complex villain in fiction to be reduced to staring out a window and having no logical motivations to do the stuff she does is really a travesty. I could go on on how sad I am about how Cersei was handled, but enough people have piled on at this point. All that said, I think pretty much every aspect of the season was extremely stellar. The acting was great, the cinematography (except for episode 3) was masterful.The music being the best in my opinion. This one in particular was the one of the best songs in the series. Such a shame the writing could not live up to literally every other part of the series

                                                          • Cade Grimm
                                                            Cade Grimm  3 months back

                                                            RIP Jaime's character development.

                                                            • the hell and the holy water

                                                              "we belong  to each other,we came into this world togheter,we stay togheter and we'll die togheter"Cersei Lannister

                                                              • RafaAragon7
                                                                RafaAragon7  3 months back

                                                                The war for Cersei pussy.

                                                                • Natural hairstylz
                                                                  Natural hairstylz  3 months back

                                                                  am I the only one who loved cersei?

                                                                  • Andrew Hsieh
                                                                    Andrew Hsieh  3 months back

                                                                    3:03 onwards always makes me break down in tears. 😢

                                                                    • Kaz Reis
                                                                      Kaz Reis  3 months back


                                                                      • J Masca
                                                                        J Masca  3 months back

                                                                        She's hateful. And so am I!

                                                                        • Saurabh Karbhajan
                                                                          Saurabh Karbhajan  3 months back


                                                                          • Sppa X
                                                                            Sppa X  3 months back

                                                                            How can people be mad of that he came back to Cersei ? Jaime always loved her. He became good man, she cared about Brienne but like he said he doesn't choose who he loves.

                                                                            • thegirlhasnoname nonamegirl


                                                                              • John DelVento
                                                                                John DelVento  3 months back

                                                                                Absolutely beautiful.

                                                                                • andreamir23
                                                                                  andreamir23  3 months back

                                                                                  Almost two months and it still gets me sad.

                                                                                  • Mike Of the house Gomez
                                                                                    Mike Of the house Gomez  3 months back

                                                                                    Cercei Lannister is a bad person but, she is a character very emocionand

                                                                                    • lita hoss
                                                                                      lita hoss  3 months back

                                                                                      I still love u cersei

                                                                                      • Respect *
                                                                                        Respect *  3 months back


                                                                                        • Respect *
                                                                                          Respect *  3 months back


                                                                                          • Taurus 11
                                                                                            Taurus 11  4 months back

                                                                                            I want you to play this track in my funeral

                                                                                            • Billy Gutierrez
                                                                                              Billy Gutierrez  4 months back

                                                                                              Truly an exquisite piece and a fitting one for Cersei's end. It demonstrates the void in Cersei's upbringing; her nostalgic memories of countless diabolical triumphs; and her bittersweet downfall.

                                                                                              WARNING: long read ahead, although I think it provides some interesting insights and observations (it may not be a perfect explanation of how I personally feel with this piece, but words are often hard to find with the sublime):

                                                                                              TL;DR: This song mirrors Cersei's downfall, all the while staying true to her diabolical nature.

                                                                                              0:00 - 1:22 Cersei comes to the realization that she has been defeated. After believing in nobody but her self; after all she has witnessed and sacrificed to get her to where she wanted to be: she finally, and truly, feels helpless. The single note from the first cello continuously plays as this part of the piece goes on, giving us a feeling of the tragedy that we already know is unavoidable.

                                                                                              1:23 - 1:46 A familiar melody comes in amidst these feelings of defeat. Nostalgia comes flooding in as Cersei remembers the victory over her enemies, and how she has sent thousands of sparrows into the sky. The wails, the bloodshed, the torture, she truly felt pleased in her own twisted and diabolical way. Compared to 'Light of the Seven' from season 6; a piece written in a regular time signature with an unchanging and driving beat (similar to Cersei's drive to take the Iron Throne, and a mentality to never stop; to not let anything or anyone cause you to lose sight of your goal), this melody has changed to a more irregular beat. This change symbolizes Cersei trying to stay austere and strong, but these thoughts of victory make her feel both triumphant and defeated at the same time. However, her entire kingdom is crumbling right below her; she is trying to escape with her chin held high, but she continuously falters as the red keep quakes.

                                                                                              1:47 - 3:01 One of my favourite parts: as the Lannister theme, 'Rains of Castamere' , comes in there is a subtle difference in the feel of the music. Although the song possesses a sombre feel already, the theme feels even more so at this very moment: A theme symbolic of a lion striking down it's prey (and now the Rains weep o'er their halls), now comes full circle and symbolizes a lioness being striked down. A proud lioness, once proud of her own house, now feels like she has failed her house by allowing her enemies to win. Furthermore, the layer of piano over the theme, which was first introduced to music in the series in 'Light of the Seven', is brought back once again to now add the cherry on top to the beginning of the end for Cersei and, in her own eyes, the end of House Lannister.

                                                                                              3:02 - 3:13 And so the beginning of the end begins but this time, for the diabolical queen.

                                                                                              3:14 - 3:34 'Light of the Seven' and 'Rains of Castamere' now coalesce to create a new theme symbolic of the downfall of Cersei who, because of her own pride and ignorance, suffers similar consequences that her very enemies have suffered due to her schemes and plots.

                                                                                              3:35 - 3:54 Another favourite part of the piece: the strong and driving melody of the diabolical organs that play while The Great Sept of Baelor blows up, now slows down and takes the back seat. Cersei has always been a diabolical woman, and she will take her final curtain call as a diabolical woman, even if she has fallen from grace. the downplay of the organs mirror this greatly. Strings are now more prominent than the organ and emphasis these thoughts of defeat, and how said thoughts now take precedence over thoughts of victory in Cersei's mind while her absolute final hours loom over her shoulder. This is all she can think about now, and in this one moment in her entire life, she begins to beg for life to continue on. She doesn't want to die.

                                                                                              3:54 3:56 This change from a tragic sounding melody to a more sympathetic sound, although very slight, symbolizes the last of Cersei's walls being turned to dust. She is, now more than ever, feeling frail. She is now brought to her knees by the inevitable. Her time is up and in this short span of time, she allows it to flood through her and accepts it.

                                                                                              The piece ends off the same way that 'Light of the Seven' ends off: Cersei waits for her inevitable end and is left feeling anxious as the walls of the red keep continue to crumble.

                                                                                              This truly is a masterpiece in my eyes. Although Cersei took madness to a different level, you can not help but have a heavy heart for her and feel for yourself all of her intense emotions in this final ode to her rule. She feels happiness, pain, madness and defeat all at once. We hated Cersei. We loved to hate Cersei. However, if you take a step into her shoes, you will also see a woman who has had to fight for approval from her father; a woman who was in a whirlwind of a relationship, and a messy one at that; a woman who is still, at her very own core, a human. And now, as this anthem plays, we are able to see that slightly more.

                                                                                              Hats off to Ramin Djawadi for his more than stellar work for this series. A true legend in his own right.

                                                                                              • Jenni Stalnaker
                                                                                                Jenni Stalnaker  4 months back

                                                                                                My Queen, always. For Cersei.