Avorion Day 5! Star Destroyer online, killing giant AI Ships! Part 2

  • Published: 09 October 2019
  • A Star Destroyer with X-Wing squadrons? Sounds legit! This is EU lore where the New Republic is in control of these capital ships...or something! After we get our fighters building, we claim and build our first asteroid mine so we can hopefully start getting some monetary income to go along with all these metals we're mining! As per my usual style, we do a lot of ship designing in the 2nd half of the stream. We put some laser prongs on our X-Wing and start designing a Naboo Royal Starfighter to be our fast, far jumping errand runner! We'll have to finish that next time because it gets more and more complex and my brain explodes! Great progress, lotsa fun today, GG, cookie time! -- Watch live at twitch.tv/rand118
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