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  • Kristian Mitchell
    Kristian Mitchell  3 days back

    2k18 first time doing the double Archen type double check

    • Professor Light
      Professor Light  5 days back

      Does anyone remember the glitch on the OG 2K? Where you hold both triggers and shot backwards?

      • Rocky Daboa
        Rocky Daboa  5 days back

        2k11 was the best imo

        • instnts
          instnts  1 weeks back

          This man is wearing a sweatshirt and is sweating like take off ur sweatshirt

          • Corey Davis
            Corey Davis  1 weeks back

            Hideo Kojima is the greatest developer of all time.

            • Louwop Daprophet
              Louwop Daprophet  2 weeks back

              Also Leonard had one season where he hit some crazy shots and now he is an offensive monster? 🤔 I think we need to realize most of his buckets come from taking advantage of undersized defenders even Paul george considering they are small forwards that generally play the 2 guard position. Let's talk logic you made a defender because you wanted to play lock down defense? No you did it because it let's you do both. Lock down should not =elite scorer. My friend made a lock that had 95 rebounding 90 speed 88 vertical 90 plus strength. At what point does Leonard have a 88 vertical? There's a difference in length and athleticism. When does he have 90 speed? He doesn't again length. Length is being displayed on 2k in terms of attribute that is the problem.

              • Louwop Daprophet
                Louwop Daprophet  2 weeks back

                The Paul George and Kawhi lockdown comments were illegitimate. You name two players one of which was Paul George who the Pacers opted not to have guard lebron...or we forgot about that? 🤔

                • Lake Show
                  Lake Show  2 weeks back

                  Why does that faggot ass kid have in air pods when he’s clearly not listening to music

                  • King Handles
                    King Handles  2 weeks back

                    Nba 2k13 is the best 2k of all time

                    • EtoN2x _
                      EtoN2x _  2 weeks back

                      Lmao take off that hoodie you making me hot 😂

                      • suppkidd27
                        suppkidd27  2 weeks back

                        Bro put a t shirt on. PLEASE

                        • Dizzle03
                          Dizzle03  2 weeks back

                          Me personally, I had the most fun playing 2k16, it was the best 2k period. I think the problem with 2k's nowadays is that they dont spend the time in the right places, like WHY in the absolute hell do we have cages still, or f'n frisbee golf?!?!?!? Like wtf? Just make a good BASKETBALL GAME PUHLEASE!

                          • Konstantinos Sevliadis
                            Konstantinos Sevliadis  2 weeks back

                            HOW CAN NOONE SAY 2K12? MJ on the Cover THAT'S iT

                            • Sam
                              Sam  3 weeks back

                              2k13 SLANDER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

                              • Esco Dick
                                Esco Dick  3 weeks back

                                2k12 worst of all time!! There wasn't even multiplayer my player mode! The game was so trash nba2k left the 2k11 server up a whole year and a half 😍 sad really!

                                • Esco Dick
                                  Esco Dick  3 weeks back

                                  Trash 2k11 was the best

                                  • iiLLEST RS
                                    iiLLEST RS  3 weeks back

                                    I feel old, because my ass remembers when NBA live was king lol 05 was probably the last year NBA live had over 2k. 2k took over after 2k6

                                    • DaBlueSoldier
                                      DaBlueSoldier  3 weeks back

                                      Wait....agent outside? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!?!?

                                      • Kevin Hayden
                                        Kevin Hayden  3 weeks back

                                        Sweating at all times. This nigga...

                                        • MR EAST ATLANTA
                                          MR EAST ATLANTA  3 weeks back


                                          • SAMBA
                                            SAMBA  3 weeks back

                                            2K11 WAS THE BEST 2K TO EVER DROP

                                            • Justin Last
                                              Justin Last  4 weeks back

                                              Hot Take: NBA 2K2 is the best 2K of all time.

                                              All the best players in their peaks.

                                              • Chqns
                                                Chqns  4 weeks back

                                                Davis called the community day thing because agent didn’t get invited in 2k20 and he doesn’t have a logo

                                                • Kwazi
                                                  Kwazi  4 weeks back

                                                  Agent: *l a t e n c y*

                                                  • Louis Valdéz
                                                    Louis Valdéz  4 weeks back

                                                    I think no shooting build players shouldn't be able to get the jumpshot creator for them. Ok, you a pure lock and you wanna shoot threes? Bang!, get NBA players jumpshots and get the right time to green them shots, if you can't, so look for the shooters in your team. That's how it should be.

                                                    • DontF#%!Around
                                                      DontF#%!Around  4 weeks back

                                                      4:20 music took me out

                                                      • Yo Mammas Boo
                                                        Yo Mammas Boo  1 months back

                                                        Why you stealing Steven Crowders flow😂😂

                                                        • Treezy 2k
                                                          Treezy 2k  1 months back

                                                          Now you know every old-head is gonna disagree

                                                          • Allsuccess Core
                                                            Allsuccess Core  1 months back

                                                            sorry I'm going to let you finsh but 2k11 was the best 2k of all time

                                                            • Richard Joyce
                                                              Richard Joyce  1 months back

                                                              Man this guy sweating just from going outside and talking xD

                                                              • Jarryd Pires
                                                                Jarryd Pires  1 months back

                                                                Sweating will standing

                                                                • Z3RO_2X
                                                                  Z3RO_2X  1 months back

                                                                  4:22 why this nigga so light

                                                                  • Tnuc taf
                                                                    Tnuc taf  1 months back

                                                                    Agent it’s hot outside you don’t need a hoodie bruh. Everyone is in shorts and shortsleeved shirts and you got agent over here covered up like a Muslim women

                                                                    • CT Music
                                                                      CT Music  1 months back

                                                                      In all honesty winner takes ball in 2s is just bigs bullying ppl bruh

                                                                      • GO D
                                                                        GO D  1 months back

                                                                        Agent got hall of fame sweater

                                                                        • GQ Captain Cake
                                                                          GQ Captain Cake  1 months back

                                                                          I thought he said 18 was better than 16

                                                                          • Solem400
                                                                            Solem400  1 months back

                                                                            5:05 that guy is literally actually white

                                                                            • Gerardo Juarez
                                                                              Gerardo Juarez  1 months back

                                                                              Just me or is that guy with the nike headband got a perfect fro with it

                                                                              • OCBLUR
                                                                                OCBLUR  1 months back

                                                                                5:44 still crazy to me how i was able to be apart of this video! shoutout to agent, davis, cole, and shoot for giving me hella good advice on how to come up on youtube! much love! 💖

                                                                                • Bandman D
                                                                                  Bandman D  1 months back

                                                                                  4:18 nigga look like a 2k cutscenes

                                                                                  • Drew Holliday
                                                                                    Drew Holliday  1 months back


                                                                                    That should trending

                                                                                  • Raven Baxter
                                                                                    Raven Baxter  1 months back

                                                                                    5:50 Frank Ocean

                                                                                    • OCBLUR
                                                                                      OCBLUR  1 months back

                                                                                      LMAO WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY I LOOK LIKE HIM

                                                                                  • Ash
                                                                                    Ash  1 months back

                                                                                    9:33 i swear i seen people in park that face scan and they look just like this dude

                                                                                    • Stop bummin
                                                                                      Stop bummin  1 months back

                                                                                      1:56 He must be trash😂

                                                                                      • Mark Tuma
                                                                                        Mark Tuma  1 months back

                                                                                        Y’all probably too young but 2k5 was dope back in the day.

                                                                                        • cris clay
                                                                                          cris clay  1 months back

                                                                                          What park were y’all at?

                                                                                          • Triz ENY
                                                                                            Triz ENY  1 months back

                                                                                            19 is the best

                                                                                            • Triple G = gaming guts and Glory

                                                                                              2k16 the best and i played 2k form 2k1