Neil deGrasse Tyson and Sadhguru on Near Death Experience


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  • Chris Milne
    Chris Milne  5 days back

    Funny how everybody is such in a rush to find out about NDE. To really find out, your turn will will come. If your really interested, just wait.

    • crystal life
      crystal life  1 weeks back

      It would have been great if there was conversation between them..

      • wolf gang
        wolf gang  1 weeks back

        Neil Tyson icon of Science and Sadguru is icon of Pseudoscience, much ado about nothing.

        • Mycal
          Mycal  2 weeks back

          At the core of all religions and spirituality, there is an experience of some being, place, or level of consciousness beyond ordinary human ken. It is often called awakening or enlightenment in the East; and the Kingdom of Heaven, salvation, or redemption in the West. Achieving this state of being is goal of all systems of spirituality and religion. It considered the greatest treasure, the highest purpose of life, and a great achievement..

          It is an awakening from the illusion of only being human to recover your consciousness of Who You Really Are: a spiritual being, part of the One Infinite Being, Source of all that is. Enlightenment is a continual experience of self as an immortal spirit, an individualization of the One Infinite Creator Being from which all that exists comes. It includes recovery of your innate perception of and communication with the One of whom you are always a part. It occurs as part of a much great understanding of ultimate reality:

          The only thing that really exists is a single, infinite, Being of Aware Will, the One Creator of all that is. This BEing has 13 Primordial Characteristics; Oneness, Infinity, Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Truth, Peace, and Joy. She has many human names: Brahma, Tao, Creator, God, Yahweh, Allah, etc. (We call the One a “She” because She is more yin than yang.)

          This Being manifests out of its own energy substance, out of its own Essence, out of Its Love, everything that exists: the Creation, the Cosmos. She is both Creator and the Creation. She is the Essence of all that is. She is your Essence; you are Her. There is only the One.

          The purpose of the Creation is experience, every kind of experience possible. The Creation is Essence expressing, exploring, and experiencing Herself in all Her infinite possibilities of being. The Creation is the playground, the Disneyland, the cosmic movie theater of God. (You are starring in your Human Movie now.) However, the Creation is an illusion (maya); the ultimate and only Truth is Essence.

          Essence individualizes part of Herself into limited beings, spirits, and these incarnate into the Creation to play, adventure, and enjoy. We are each one of those individualizations of Essence, of the One. We are an immortal spirit, a particle of the One Infinite Being, a “chip off the old block”. Our separated individuality is an illusion; we are always the One; there is nothing else we can be. We are all the One pretending to be the Many to have others to play with and against, and above all, others to love (otherwise, we would only know self-love).

          We are currently incarnating in the creation to explore the Human Experience, to play the Human Adventure Game. (The Human Experience is the exploration of all that we are not in Essence; the exploration of negative energy, obstacles, struggle and effort.) To fully live the Human Experience, to immerse ourselves in the role of human being, to take life seriously and dramatically; we must truly experience ourselves as only a human being. We must not-know Who We Really Are (immortal spirits, particles of the One Essence). We must block out the 13 Characteristics. We do this by creating a shell of negative energy around our consciousness that blocks out Essence and generates for us the illusion of a human identity. (We know the exact mechanics of this shell, how it works and how to free yourself of it, explained in the book Essentiality I: A Modern, Scientific, and Fast Path to Enlightenment.) The shell is part of the Creation and therefore an illusion; in Truth, we never cease to be Who We Really Are.

          Every human being can awaken from the illusion of only being a human being when he commits to doing so. We can do this by discreating the shell of energy that limits our consciousness to that of human and generates for us the illusion of the Creation, of being human. Essentiality is a system, a technology for this discreation. This restores our awareness of self as an immortal spirit, and restores our perception and communication with Essence, with the One. When we are permanently awake such that we do not fall back into our human identity illusion, we are “enlightened”. Enlightened, you live life from a higher level of consciousness, power to manifest, love, joy and abundance.

          • Girish Kulkarni
            Girish Kulkarni  2 weeks back

            WO mere able pidhi ko bhi bandhil hai

            • Thor
              Thor  3 weeks back

              Clickbait AF

              • J K
                J K  3 weeks back

                Dr.Tyson wanted to say is :
                Be careful when you blindly follow the Masses...
                Sometimes the M is silent.

                • Praba Karan
                  Praba Karan  4 weeks back

                  Feeling embarrassed cos this Jaggi Sadhguru is a shit from my country making shit talks... He Just a character high septon of kings landing from game of thrones, hid words just pulling everyone to laugh and not pushing all to get the serious joke

                  • Splendid Mendax
                    Splendid Mendax  1 months back

                    This is valuable. In reference to Sad as I call him . He is a great con artist, one of the best because he really has come to believe his bullshit and he has trained himself how to be funny. From Hitler to Billy Billy Graham they are all so similar. I've noticed that the religious ones have now taken to invoking science when it suits them. Sad says basically what Neil says because unlike the old days people are checking things out on their phones looking for facts and near death experiences are no longer revered as fact nor a great way to sell the "afterlife" bullshit.. A new form of dispelling bullshit is born. Sad acknowledges the scientific but he mashes his denial of death as a reality with "it's all life, we go from dimension to dimension", bullshit. This piece of filth shouldn't get your money he should be getting your fist.

                    • Jesus Ever
                      Jesus Ever  1 months back

                      Both are fake....sadgurus teachings are simply fake....simply deceptive, satanic lies...what Neil is boasting about...His so called intelligence ...about cosmology. God is going to destroy both the cosmos and it includes this Neil and sadhguru. ...

                    • this one
                      this one  2 months back

                      n.d.t says "if someone is back from the dead,why not ask them proper questions?!"
                      that's exactly what delores cannon did with thousands of
                      people,all around the world using ultra deep hypnosis.
                      for 40 years degrass!
                      ..this stuff isn't hidden.
                      just type something into google degrass!!

                      • Michał Opalinski
                        Michał Opalinski  2 months back

                        Tyson mówi co mu każą , Sadhguru to co z serca płynie..zatem....czarnego nie da się słuchać na trzeźwo i to jeden z faktów...

                        • Michael Lucas
                          Michael Lucas  2 months back

                          How much does Neil's hand gestures add to his "scientific" testimony? It's a minus for me. Sadhguru also talks with his hands but the gestures seem to be appropriate for a mystic. His hands as well as his words express meaning. Early Christian leaders are said to have sometimes spoken in "tongues" meaning those in the crowd could understand what was being said in a language they did not understand. Science, mysticism, and religion, need translation for the initiate like the sign language of the deaf. We are all born deaf to words and many of us remain deaf to our dying day.

                          • critical thinker
                            critical thinker  2 months back

                            Mr Tyson is definatly making a few leaps of faith here..... First it sounds like he is assuming that conciousness is seated in the brain. Which there is no evidence for. Also he is not mentioning the essence, or spirit, or living soul. Not very scientific if u ask me. He dosent realize it but he is condemning and talking about spirituality as if its a joke. He is definatly bias automatically. You would think he of all people that would see that.

                            • Michael Simpson
                              Michael Simpson  2 months back

                              My scientific data tells me that Tyson is a sexual predator. But beyond that he has the arrogance that all scientists suffer from which is to presume to be an objective observer. No matter how one collects objective data. The final step is to subjectively interpret it. Scientists pretend that they are part of the objective and that they can observe and interpret without bias. This is nonsense.

                              • RESISTANCE IS FUTILE
                                RESISTANCE IS FUTILE  2 months back

                                @de Grasse Tyson: Your _a priori_ commitment to methodological naturalism is a *philosophical stance.* You suffer from a *_glaring, fundamental inconsistency,_* in that it is not possible whatsoever to use the scientific method to demonstrate that only scientific thinking is the path to truth and meaning.
                                Put another way, the one thing you cannot determine purely on scientific grounds is that only scientific truth is legitimate.
                                That’s a *_philosophical_* position, not a scientific one. ✋️

                                • Gavin Duggan
                                  Gavin Duggan  2 months back

                                  Neil De Grass Tyson comes across as a smug wanker in this vid in my opinion and really quite ignorant

                                • Timothy Mudek
                                  Timothy Mudek  2 months back

                                  There are not different kinds of truth

                                  • Timothy Mudek
                                    Timothy Mudek  2 months back

                                    Is truth just truth?

                                    • Mark Govers
                                      Mark Govers  2 months back

                                      Here's a thought: senses are instruments! I believe a real question is, is the person trained to use their instrument(s) as a measuring device?

                                      • Aleksandar Dančulović
                                        Aleksandar Dančulović  2 months back

                                        Hah, so I'm not the only one who would "talk to a dead person" about where they are, how they feel, how they make contact with our world, what they see.

                                        • Renaissance Rules
                                          Renaissance Rules  2 months back

                                          Some more Indian people please!

                                          • Wajid Farooq
                                            Wajid Farooq  3 months back

                                            Sadh Gurus nonsense explanation makes nonsense people curious. Reality is different Sadh Guru

                                            • Jyotirvid Pawan
                                              Jyotirvid Pawan  3 months back

                                              His ignorance lies in the fact that he considers science above divinity.

                                              • chetan costa
                                                chetan costa  1 months back

                                                Science is just science is not above or below its cause of universe and reason for this universe

                                            • steve a
                                              steve a  3 months back

                                              DeGrasse is taking his examples out of context. Shame on him. As a professional he simply should state his professional opinions, PERIOD. He should never get involved in a discussion like this. It is distasteful and disrespectful.
                                              He has discredited himself.

                                              • Taiyo Matsumae
                                                Taiyo Matsumae  3 months back

                                                Why are people still inviting faker sadhguru to talks? He makes no sense. Obvious fraud. Of course there is death dude, stfu. Even Proper mystics do not negate death is final. He is confusing symbolic and small deaths and actual death in which YOU DIE. You can say "well I am not my ego", okay, whatever you are that makes you any different from anything else, dies. You can claim you rejoin the absolute, or that you never left, or whatever, but you cannot be called "alive" in any measurment we are capable of using. Death Is not a fuckin illusion, stop fucking around.

                                                • R v
                                                  R v  3 months back

                                                  At around :@4:40 the gentleman in black says that people who have been
                                                  brain dead are brought back, don't speak about seeing the LIGHT. But he fails to mention that most people who are "brought back" after being "allegedly" brain dead are more often than not manifest speech deficits as well as other communication disorders and memory lapses. Of-course they wouldn't be able to speak about any inner experiences they had. The gentleman also speaks about "mental experiences" as if they are anymore less viable than any physical experience. Furthermore, the gentleman in black is blatantly and completely wrong about his assumption that ALL NDE's happen to people who are already critically ill or old etc. Obviously, he hasn't spent time reading about or speaking to people who have had NDE's. Many of them are young, even children and those who have been perfect health but were either in an accident, or in surgery or some other non "already ill" state of body. And that idiotic and baseless reference to Operating room lights makes little sense. As if people cannot distinguish between O.R. lights and the inner experience of "that living LIGHT."

                                                  And, Sadguru is also highly facetious in stating what he does. He's blowing off a very intelligent and profound inner experience that people have. It's called an NDE Sadguru. It is not "some hallucination." It is hard to believe that you of all people wouldn't know this. Those who have seen the LIGHT know; they know what it is and nothing you or any of the jokers (not saying that you are a joker; far from it) can convince those who have had a true NDE that it was "hallucination." Especially when the doctors document that the individual nearly died, or had died. Of-course, a complete death is death. And it's an understandable argument that these people haven't actually died. But of-course that's why it's called a NEAR death. Not 'THE" death experience. What if they were told profound things and experienced profound revelations of the spiritual world during this experience? Are you going to falsify their experience? When they were profoundly aware and fully conscious of their "I" as they were going through the NDE? Please DO NOT blow this off Sadguru. It's not right that YOU of all people should be so insensitive and so nonchalant about this.

                                                  • Major Ravindran
                                                    Major Ravindran  3 months back

                                                    How on the earth a scientist can be compared with some who talks off the hat with out any evidence? Scientists must not lower themselves in indulging in conversation with any one who talks about stuff he cannot know ,,and give no evidence for what he/ they talk ,, I am sure Dr Neil knows with whom he should engage on a scientific talk ,,

                                                    • Aviral Sharma
                                                      Aviral Sharma  1 months back

                                                      @Major Ravindran that is my point on which scale do you say there has been no contribution? On the scales and quantification you are devaluing the ancient advancements and cultures it will take no time to falsify it and I hope no one has that enough knowledge about it.
                                                      Have you read about India's contribution of ancient cultures and sciences? No .
                                                      Have you done any work on the theories you take pride upon I hope so not.
                                                      So on whose conclusion you come to nullify it.The answer is self.
                                                      Self conclusions are for your satisfaction of your inclusive behaviour.
                                                      An exclusive person seeks more and does not make conclusions so fast.
                                                      What you think is nothing,scientists are working upon now.
                                                      I am not talking about Indians as they have nothing to do except criticising everything as it happened in French revolution,it happens now.
                                                      Rise above it and look out for more.
                                                      There are series of things happening around,if you don't want to look that makes you live in a nutshell but those who do,they do progress.

                                                      Ohh again the question arises who are you and which scale does theologians are of nothing expertise.

                                                      Expertise in what and what is being a expert?
                                                      Today's expertise in anything becomes tomorrow's obsolete.So what theory do you criticize??
                                                      Do you know universe is a consequence of christ influenced newtonian times classical physics.I hope you might be unaware of it.
                                                      As in my previous comments I told you about Shiva theory for instance which says each universe dies after billions of years which is mentioned in indian scriptures and the presence of words like multiverses or many brahmaans.
                                                      Words like "adu" or atom and they have told them in a significant manner in the form of 3 creators and it goes on.

                                                      Taking things literally is a mistake which most people do.Who have to take something from it do it.

                                                      Scriptures had thousands of years said about different dimensions and now 6 dimensions are confirmed.

                                                      Vimana shastra about planes and proper diagrams with thrusters,blades and aerodynamic structure are mentioned.

                                                      People who are criticising are the ones who contribute nothing and find a way to earn a livelihood.

                                                      Why does MIT and harvard call yogic and spiritual persons to help in study.

                                                      Stephen hawking had said much things and people stick to the point he says that there is no god.

                                                      Hinduism has complete information to seek god from a no god.

                                                      Read the bhagwad gita not in a literal and marxist sense.Read it with a sense of humanism then you'll get to know something and trust me unlike abrahamic religions it doesn't makes you a hindu.
                                                      I hope I have made myself clear.

                                                      Truth lies here,thing that matters is what you want to seek and see and trust me you'll always see it.

                                                      Enlarge your vision,you'll see more of it or otherwise stay in that nutshell.

                                                    • Major Ravindran
                                                      Major Ravindran  1 months back

                                                      Theologians are experts in nothing,,
                                                      5000 years and thousands of religions have taught human beings NOTHING,,
                                                      One life time can be wasted on illusion,,
                                                      There is nothing great in any religion,,
                                                      Nor we are special in the planet,,,

                                                    • Aviral Sharma
                                                      Aviral Sharma  1 months back

                                                      Theoretical physicists are meant to theorize without any evidence sir.Theories are a sequence of our memories before and that is what this guy sadhguru says.Understand the difference between you and your memories and in the between which lies is the fact you ignore and that needs a finding and that's meditation,yoga and spirituality.
                                                      Today's scientific level of quantification of things need tremendous change.
                                                      The act of scaling everything on the fact of evidence and rejecting gives a possibility of ignoring a part of a brilliant theory.It has happened as always.
                                                      Rising above it gave the theory of multiverse,schrodinger equation or double slit wave function.
                                                      As you find these already in ancient books and scriptures of Hinduism.
                                                      Scientists have given theories the names such as the Shiva theory.
                                                      A closed mind is far dangerous than an open one.It restricts you from looking over the horizon being involved in the same paradox.
                                                      Sadhguru is not unique,he is the product of ancient India hindu tradition and spirituality.
                                                      Do you even know he is contributing in neuro research in MIT as well as other organizations.
                                                      Now it depends on you what you want to see and seek.
                                                      Just You or other's you.

                                                  • Lam Boi
                                                    Lam Boi  3 months back

                                                    Don't even put this two dudes in comparison...... sadhguru is just man talking about life without any evidence....

                                                    • Ron Merkus
                                                      Ron Merkus  3 months back

                                                      So what Neil is saying is we should not trust Science . Because Scientists are humans too , and they too must use there senses to come to what they believe it the truth!!!

                                                      • Matrix 892001
                                                        Matrix 892001  3 months back

                                                        I respect Tyson, but i think his experiment with the out of body experience has a lot of issues, 1. What's the rate of that happening? If the rate is like 1 in a million, how do you know you're experiment is correct.. Its like taking a glass of water from an ocean and saying there are no sharks 🦈 in there. Is he even taking this seriously.
                                                        When Tyson says dont ask those questions ask these, its funny..
                                                        Every person is entangled with his own life, he has his issues, doesn't give a shit what your problems are when he's dying! , similar to a dream, you cant act out an actual dream on someone else's script. I think he's just giving the crowd what it wants thats all

                                                        • Ernest Lebedev
                                                          Ernest Lebedev  3 months back

                                                          That is a sheer clickbait. Poor view chasers...

                                                          • Vince Francis
                                                            Vince Francis  3 months back

                                                            Science vs pseudoscience!

                                                            • Thought Burgers
                                                              Thought Burgers  3 months back

                                                              WARNING: Click Bait. Not a conversation between the two show in picture. Unethical.

                                                              • Deepak Sharma
                                                                Deepak Sharma  3 months back

                                                                Neil had answers for some of the common traits of NDE, such as bright lights in the ER. How would he answer the cases when people were in other rooms and the person having NDE could hear them?

                                                                Sadhguru admitted he doesn't have too much background about cases of NDEs. I was disappointed with his response. This was one where he could have taken it to another level, in spiritual sense. NDE, after-life, Karma, it's all part of the same puzzle.

                                                                • NITHIN P
                                                                  NITHIN P  3 months back

                                                                  Will Fox gonna release cosmos S3 before i die😔😐

                                                                  • Vidya Babla
                                                                    Vidya Babla  3 months back

                                                                    A scientist's view and a mystic's view of 'Near Death Experience' is so intriguing which creates more confusion in mind of a common man.

                                                                    • Austin George
                                                                      Austin George  3 months back

                                                                      That's why common man respect whomever could confuse them

                                                                  • Noelkinz G.Roman
                                                                    Noelkinz G.Roman  3 months back

                                                                    God is science

                                                                    • ginu1
                                                                      ginu1  4 months back

                                                                      misleading and dishonest title

                                                                      • Pichkalu Pappita
                                                                        Pichkalu Pappita  4 months back

                                                                        I don't know why people in the comment section are doing Sadhghuru vs Neil because they both are saying the same thing just with different choice of words and a different take.... By dimension Sadhghuru doesn't ever mean the dimensions as defined in science, he simply means something greater than previous so by going to higher dimensions it just means experiencinh something unexplainable than before EX:- WHEN PEOPLE SMOKE WEED THEY SAY THEY EXPERIENCE ANOTHER DIMEMSION IT JUST FEELS LIKE MORE ENJOYABLE THAN Happiness which infact is nothing but calmness and happiness combined into one hypnotic experience and nothing else🤷‍♂️(i know i have smoked some)

                                                                        • Rezaul Islam
                                                                          Rezaul Islam  4 months back

                                                                          এই সিদ্দিগুরু একজন বিভ্রান্তকারী। সে নিজেকে পন্ডিত মনে করে সেটা তার ব্যক্তিগত ব্যপার, বাট তার বক্তব্যের মধ্যে বেশিরভাগ বিদ্দ্যেসমূলক বক্তব্য দিয়ে থাকে।

                                                                          • Aakash Pradhan
                                                                            Aakash Pradhan  4 months back

                                                                            OMG modern science and their experiments, research and findings. One day they would claim something to be an objective truth and the next day their bubble gets burst. It is like if I say, "I see a loaf of bread." and they would be like, "That is your personal truth. We need to investigate whether it is the objective truth or not.". I sometimes think they behave more like bullies than scientists. Too much confident and dominating. How can they be so confident about their instruments and methodologies? The way they claim that their instruments are telling the truth, the same way I can claim that my senses are telling the truth. Can your instruments detect that if someone behaves like a bully or not? I do not think so.

                                                                            • sebastian stewart
                                                                              sebastian stewart  4 months back

                                                                              After 3 days of being dead they than buried them, it's called a wake.

                                                                              • sebastian stewart
                                                                                sebastian stewart  4 months back

                                                                                Weird that science started with using the senses.
                                                                                Science uses math to prove it but what if the math is wrong.
                                                                                Only Muslims have fraught war over God the others have fraught for their freedom.

                                                                                • SuperDynamite666
                                                                                  SuperDynamite666  4 months back

                                                                                  Sadhguru is in another dimension, his yogic strength, knowledge, wisdom is something beyond average & untrained humans in cosmic intelligence! Love them both but lets talk about spiritual levels here!

                                                                                  • George Carlos
                                                                                    George Carlos  4 months back

                                                                                    You know what you did and you know why it's wrong but you don't know what to do about it. The trick is... next time you go to bed, just don't do anything else after that.

                                                                                    • Storm Meridian Dee The Broccoli Fox

                                                                                      Disappointed, as I was expecting them to be discussing the topic together rather than two completely different events spliced together, but the content was still very good.

                                                                                      • h@ck-that-life
                                                                                        [email protected]  4 months back

                                                                                        i love neil degrasse tyson, but eye witness testimony is not the strongest force of evidence in the justice system. it's just the first form of information detectives collect to research. if eye witness testimony is all they have against a criminal, the criminal just has to shut up and he/she/neutr lol wil walk. guilty or not.