Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – "Dropping In" with De'Aaron Fox

  • Published: 03 October 2018
  • Getting game-ready with De'Aaron.

    “Dropping In” is a new Call of Duty® video series, presented by Lovesac. On this episode, we meet with De'Aaron Fox at his house in Sacramento to talk about his COD story and play Blackout in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4.

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Comments • 763

  • Golden Hoops
    Golden Hoops  4 weeks back


    • FlintlockJones
      FlintlockJones  7 months back

      Thought he was 21

      • Weezy Music
        Weezy Music  12 months back

        Pull up wit the sticks den

        • La danse du mouton
          La danse du mouton  12 months back

          Stop the medals sound please

          • Lilboi Carti
            Lilboi Carti  1 years back

            How much did he get payed for this

            • Diego Dominguez
              Diego Dominguez  1 years back

              10 year old motivational video.

              • zTheRussian
                zTheRussian  1 years back

                dice mi mamá que te [Suscribas] a mi canal entra 🔥🔥😂

                • owen daboss
                  owen daboss  1 years back

                  Couldn’t afford lonzo so they got fox

                  • Kurston Macdonald
                    Kurston Macdonald  1 years back

                    Who’s this ???

                    • Zionist Nationalist
                      Zionist Nationalist  1 years back

                      Ooga booga

                      • TrainedCYBORG09
                        TrainedCYBORG09  1 years back

                        They are really appealing to all marks of gamers this year and doing a great marketing job. I love it!!!

                        • FoolOnThe Moon
                          FoolOnThe Moon  1 years back

                          Goddam ps4, absolutely DISGUSTING

                          • Collin Stanley
                            Collin Stanley  1 years back

                            Black ops is by far the best series of cod

                            • Jaris 443
                              Jaris 443  1 years back

                              Hey guys I'm De'aaron and this is MTV Cribs

                              • HYDRA COMICS
                                HYDRA COMICS  1 years back

                                Who dis?

                                • HYDRA COMICS
                                  HYDRA COMICS  1 years back

                                  @Zionist Nationalist hahahahahaha

                              • Fozzy
                                Fozzy  1 years back

                                I WANT A LOVESAC

                                WHERE I BUY?

                                • Felix Raposa
                                  Felix Raposa  1 years back


                                  • Donald Duck
                                    Donald Duck  1 years back

                                    0:30 dolphin?

                                    • Im Negan
                                      Im Negan  1 years back

                                      these vids say everything. their marketing team know the game is generic trash so they have to lure these braindead sheep in with celeb appearances who they think are "cool" rather than gameplay features etc

                                      • PixelAJ
                                        PixelAJ  1 years back

                                        Call of duty hacked by MrTlexify

                                        • - bigred -
                                          - bigred -  1 years back

                                          Who is de Aaron fox

                                          • ِ
                                            ِ  1 years back

                                            STOP THIS NONSENSE

                                            • One Hun
                                              One Hun  1 years back

                                              Its kinda like like cool, lol

                                              • Sgt. Gunslinger
                                                Sgt. Gunslinger  1 years back

                                                The only thing that should ever be dropping in is ODSTs

                                                • Cheeto 1010
                                                  Cheeto 1010  1 years back

                                                  8 days left.

                                                  • andy bay
                                                    andy bay  1 years back


                                                    • Wisdom Night
                                                      Wisdom Night  1 years back

                                                      Annnnddd who it's this guy?? 🤔🤔

                                                      • Agustin Gonzalez
                                                        Agustin Gonzalez  1 years back

                                                        Who tf is this

                                                        • ChoCoKing chocolate
                                                          ChoCoKing chocolate  1 years back

                                                          For mankind's sake STOP OVERHYPING THE DAMM GAMES. YES they look sick YES were inpatient but too much hype leaves too much chance for potential disappointment

                                                          • Noah Gonzalez Tello
                                                            Noah Gonzalez Tello  1 years back

                                                            Gimme that love sac now

                                                            • Jarred Carnaghi
                                                              Jarred Carnaghi  1 years back

                                                              Can't see Battlefield competing against the power of COD advertisements

                                                              • Extinct Paradise
                                                                Extinct Paradise  1 years back

                                                                Can’t wait to hit the sac

                                                                • Jake IV
                                                                  Jake IV  1 years back


                                                                  • Linx 1045
                                                                    Linx 1045  1 years back


                                                                    • Maciek PL
                                                                      Maciek PL  1 years back

                                                                      0:40 Myth Brother or Mbappe ?

                                                                      • FortniteTryHard _
                                                                        FortniteTryHard _  1 years back

                                                                        Like BO4
                                                                        Comment Fortnite

                                                                        • Emiliano Vanoli
                                                                          Emiliano Vanoli  1 years back

                                                                          Cod ww2 is better

                                                                          • beep boop Beep
                                                                            beep boop Beep  1 years back

                                                                            the real reason on why its called "black ops" still I dislike.

                                                                            • Ramirezm89210
                                                                              Ramirezm89210  1 years back

                                                                              Damn an NBA player casually talks about him liking to play COD and all the racists milk it. Idk if it cause he’s black and more successful than them or if they were just raised to hate black people

                                                                              • Dj. Goose
                                                                                Dj. Goose  1 years back

                                                                                *bLaCk* ops

                                                                                • Vincent Scioli
                                                                                  Vincent Scioli  1 years back

                                                                                  What is this? The revival of MTV "Cribs"? Would rather see more map previews.

                                                                                  • Sam B
                                                                                    Sam B  1 years back

                                                                                    Shutcho ass up Vincent

                                                                                • Freddy Smits
                                                                                  Freddy Smits  1 years back

                                                                                  Ok..ok.. enough now with those games. Where are the real trailers?

                                                                                  • ginoo75
                                                                                    ginoo75  1 years back

                                                                                    When can we pre-install the game? Or can we only install it when it really comes out?

                                                                                    • Terrence Odom
                                                                                      Terrence Odom  1 years back

                                                                                      How about you go put some more work into that jump shot of yours sir LOL!!!! J/k! He's a good young player

                                                                                      • NineToeRags
                                                                                        NineToeRags  1 years back

                                                                                        I want dat fat saucy classified trailer

                                                                                        • Joshua 47
                                                                                          Joshua 47  1 years back

                                                                                          LEX WE GET IT
                                                                                          STOP HACKING THE COD CHANNEL
                                                                                          YOU CHUBBY MONKEY
                                                                                          Eat some damn marshmallows

                                                                                          • Hans Christian Z.
                                                                                            Hans Christian Z.  1 years back

                                                                                            He looks like KSI on crack

                                                                                            • Alpha XO
                                                                                              Alpha XO  1 years back

                                                                                              I wonder if he plays with juju