Power grid in Bahamas’ Marsh Harbour completely destroyed l ABC News


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  • Boris Daley
    Boris Daley  1 months back

    Omg some wash out to sea.
    Hungry sharks on the look out.
    So sad. So question didn't anyone give out any warnings

    • Mosaic Michelle
      Mosaic Michelle  1 months back

      Why is NBC, ABC, etc the only info left of YouTube.? I mean it is called YOUTUBE- not CorporateTube

      • China Berry
        China Berry  1 months back


        • Dalton Anthony Moore
          Dalton Anthony Moore  1 months back

          Trump is crazy and have no heart

          • Ja Tall
            Ja Tall  1 months back

            Trump... is.... {BLANK STARE} !!!!!!! I CAN'T.......

            • Stoney Swilley
              Stoney Swilley  1 months back

              SAD SAD SAD !!! people still have the nerve to wanna go over there right now & vacation. Just selfish ! Let the island rebuild first !! You have a home to go back to they don’t

              • Lexi Lu
                Lexi Lu  1 months back

                Even drug dealers and gang members don’t deserve to stay there Trumpie Pooh

                • GetReady4LiftOff
                  GetReady4LiftOff  1 months back

                  Lots in the sea

                  • Tabatha Mills
                    Tabatha Mills  1 months back

                    Trump is an ass!! Really really bad people!!

                    • 1Hitmanvee
                      1Hitmanvee  1 months back

                      So they want more than a inch, big surprise all out of yards go to Russia see how they treat you there

                    • Adrian Mckenzie
                      Adrian Mckenzie  1 months back

                      Abc ,cnn,nbc.. dnt use are real shit in you people dumb shit. Real talk

                      • Adrian Mckenzie
                        Adrian Mckenzie  1 months back

                        I live in the bahamas and trump right .so dnt make it same like he talking shit. They come over here and try rule .want more rights then us who are from here.e will make it. We will be strong

                        • Record Lock Box
                          Record Lock Box  1 months back

                          Adrian Mckenzie I know that if you support Trump then you are a selfish racist person with few morals. You live in a country that is majority black and still have the gall to speak against them. So why are you in the Bahamas? If you care so much about the USA then go BACK. Yet Bahamians welcomed you right please like I said you're CRAZY

                        • Adrian Mckenzie
                          Adrian Mckenzie  1 months back

                          @Record Lock Box u dnt knw me.so how could you call me crazy. Unlike you i knw what is going on and i love my country a d care who comes in it

                        • Record Lock Box
                          Record Lock Box  1 months back

                          Adrian Mckenzie youre crazy just like him

                      • Constanze Steegmiller
                        Constanze Steegmiller  1 months back

                        if the move everybody from the islands, who is going to clean up and rebuild? After Europe was totally destroyed, there was no food no housing, but nobody stood around waiting for someone to do all of this clean up and rebuilding for them. At least in the Bahamas the temps are mild, while in Europe the winter of 1945 thousands of people froze to death. There are so many videos on the time after WWII worth watching.

                        • Constanze Steegmiller
                          Constanze Steegmiller  1 months back

                          @Record Lock Box I am having trouble finding anything in english, but here is one that might be of interest to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhyifvjSHbU at the bottom right corner is a place that shows a time run down, after the time is up it says "überspringen" click on it to shorten the Ad and start the video. You will see mostly women cleaning up because the men were either dead or in war
                          detention camps.

                        • Record Lock Box
                          Record Lock Box  1 months back

                          Constanze Steegmiller links please

                      • Robert Dillon
                        Robert Dillon  1 months back

                        Trump stfu

                        • Will Smith
                          Will Smith  1 months back


                          • Record Lock Box
                            Record Lock Box  1 months back

                            Trump another major hurricane is going to hit the USA I'm pretty sure of it but I hope it won't be during your term because you're not getting re-elected I'm pretty sure of that too...racist sexist mothersucker... And I'm not one of that 3%

                            • Record Lock Box
                              Record Lock Box  1 months back

                              Trump the Bahamas is gorgeous beautiful I'm sure they'd rather be there than here give me a break...

                              • Record Lock Box
                                Record Lock Box  1 months back

                                Trump you moron stop trying to act like drugs are just coming from outside of the country and coming from someplace else MOST drugs are grown and distributed right here in America by Americans you got California you got Florida Kentucky Tennessee Oregon and Maine that's where America's drugs are coming from INSIDE OF ITS OWN BORDERS... this is a catastrophe, families and children need help SO GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE AND HELP AND SHUT YOUR LYING TRAP...

                                • Elliot Wilson
                                  Elliot Wilson  1 months back

                                  So how much does cost to buy land in the Bahamas?
                                  I'm asking, cause I'm about to become homeless.
                                  California, is worse than the Bahamas.

                                  • Amber Holifield
                                    Amber Holifield  1 months back

                                    I guess Trump said they can died for all I care smh

                                    • Repsychler 808
                                      Repsychler 808  1 months back

                                      Follow the wind.

                                      • tj king
                                        tj king  1 months back

                                        Only Abaco and Freeport are destroyed The Bahamas is full of 700 island and cays.

                                        • Lorena Arias
                                          Lorena Arias  1 months back

                                          Trump will have to pay a very high price someday for being this cruel to people in need. Shame on him! The only bad, bad person, the only criminal, and drug dealer is him! Shame on him!!!!

                                          • Lisa Fleury
                                            Lisa Fleury  1 months back


                                        • Cindy McIntyre
                                          Cindy McIntyre  1 months back

                                          Thank you President Trump.

                                          • Sharon Gibson
                                            Sharon Gibson  1 months back

                                            That's the first truth I have heard so far .Some persons were taken by the Sea .Hush Bahamas

                                            • Sarah Deshay
                                              Sarah Deshay  1 months back

                                              Very bad people? Did he mean very black people?

                                            • Egypt J
                                              Egypt J  1 months back

                                              Bro the only terrible ppl are the ones that are here already all these mass shootings and yall not doing shit but don't want to help these refugees because of gang members and drug dealers

                                              • Yahuchanonyakov
                                                Yahuchanonyakov  1 months back

                                                That's rather cold, Mr. Trump...

                                                • MsLady 003
                                                  MsLady 003  1 months back

                                                  How? Criminals are there. That's a fact. Add that to the ones already here in America. Add that to your morning Starbucks and News. Think about how we get background checks for our safety. Don't think they should get equal treatment? Get screened before coming or it's a no for us. NOT MEAN... AND NOT RACIAL CAUSE I AM AFRICAN AMERICAN. JUST CAUTIOUS. AND I DONT LIKE TRUMP BUT I DONT DISAGREE WITH THAT STATEMENT. AT ALL

                                              • Egypt J
                                                Egypt J  1 months back

                                                Trump is fucking annoying

                                                • LONE WOLF
                                                  LONE WOLF  1 months back

                                                  Then yet we have the white folks terrorising the U.S. with massive shootings. But I forgot that they don't do no harm.

                                                  • randombro89
                                                    randombro89  1 months back

                                                    LONE WOLF


                                                    These are FBI statistics

                                                  • randombro89
                                                    randombro89  1 months back

                                                    LONE WOLF Mass shootings make up a very small percentage of Overall deaths. Far more people are killed by homicidal shootings 53% of which is committed by black people. Facts don’t care about your feelings or your racism

                                                • Connie Rifenburg
                                                  Connie Rifenburg  1 months back

                                                  This president has no heart. He disgusts me. One day God will treat him as he has treated others. I pray that day is soon. Throw these people off a ferry if they didn’t have a passport?? They don’t even have clothes or food left. Did they grab their passports as they were swept into the water? Heartless heartless man. I’m ashamed he represents the USA

                                                  • Adrien Ashby
                                                    Adrien Ashby  1 months back

                                                    This piece of shit called president who only occupies the white house needs medication. He is so sick mentally sick what a disgrace vote him out and all his cronies vote blue 2020 get rid of them all especially trump stephen Miller Kellyanne Conway there all evil.

                                                • Diana de la Garza
                                                  Diana de la Garza  1 months back

                                                  https://www.gofundme.com/f/temporary-housing-for-dorian-victims-HELP TEMPORARY HOUSING to Bahamas please watch video at end important Testimony bahamas&rcid=r01-156811465906-144a4dc036604fa5&pc=wa_co_campmgmt_m&utm_medium=social&utm_source=whatsapp&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet

                                                  • Eddie Farias
                                                    Eddie Farias  1 months back

                                                    Trump resign

                                                    • pennless8
                                                      pennless8  1 months back

                                                      The Islands south of the US ? Nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

                                                      • Mrs. Adriann
                                                        Mrs. Adriann  1 months back

                                                        Yes because the very very bad people will sneak into the United States from the Bahamas and replace people like Epstein. Got it!

                                                        • James Stevens
                                                          James Stevens  1 months back

                                                          Thank you Mr. President for not allowing their illegals, dope dealers and gang members into pur Country. Florida is full of them already we dont need more.

                                                          • Laurie Huntley
                                                            Laurie Huntley  1 months back

                                                            Dump Trump because he’s not going to help anyone in the Bahama’s. He is Disgusting

                                                            • Austin Shoemaker
                                                              Austin Shoemaker  1 months back

                                                              I hope trump dies soon, he’s a piece of shit. Obesity and clogged arteries will be the W American needs.

                                                              • MIchael Rigby
                                                                MIchael Rigby  1 months back

                                                                Puerto Rico abandoned their government and started importing solar panels...NBC won't tell you that they are turning their calamity into a green revolution funded by billionaires and activists...all US media is a corporate shill...fuck the media whores of big wall st.

                                                                • Sahiry Gnobehi
                                                                  Sahiry Gnobehi  1 months back


                                                                  • Lamont Cranston INC.
                                                                    Lamont Cranston INC.  1 months back

                                                                    Please don't bring them here... we already have cities destroyed by blacks

                                                                    • Dottie Smith
                                                                      Dottie Smith  1 months back

                                                                      God Bless Everyone

                                                                      • Introverted Queen
                                                                        Introverted Queen  1 months back

                                                                        THE PRESIDENT IS A HUGE BAG OF SHIT AND I MEAN THAT...He’s so caught up on paperwork and these ppl have literally lost everything!!!! His lack of humanity is disgusting!!!!!! The stench of death is all around these ppl including children and all you’re worried about is them being legal to enter....fucking ridiculous!

                                                                        • Nicolle Van Dyke
                                                                          Nicolle Van Dyke  1 months back

                                                                          The only BAD person in this country, during such a time of tragedy, is our President.

                                                                          • DOUBLE FOLD COMING
                                                                            DOUBLE FOLD COMING  1 months back

                                                                            Don't worry, through the mighty power of GOD, those CHARIOTS of GOD is coming soon and gather his elect from the 4 corners of the earth. Trials and tribulation must happen before JESUS COMES BACK. AMERICA and all nations are getting tested.

                                                                            • Sheri Gilmore
                                                                              Sheri Gilmore  1 months back

                                                                              LOL! Really? I've been waiting for 50 yrs and nothing yet,I think your God has forgotten "His elect" and decided they weren't worth the trouble. Besides Who among us is without sin? Who among us is the perfect Christian? If you say you are then I know your not. Nobody is perfect or without sin and baptism is a joke because from what I hear you have to keep getting baptized to pardon all the new sins you've racked up. Christianity is a farce and needs to be replaced with something that's not a bunch of crap men wrote long long long ago and men and women rewrite today. The New Testament is totally screwed up. Nobody knows what's true or what's made up by men thousands of years ago to take control over the population back then. Were more likely to see aliens arrive here on earth than to see all the "Elect" disappear.Good luck on that one.

                                                                          • Lewis Lemons III
                                                                            Lewis Lemons III  1 months back

                                                                            Broken promises? You live on an island.

                                                                            • Ashley Riser
                                                                              Ashley Riser  1 months back

                                                                              Dude if I had the money. I would try to start a FB page to get everyone over there to rebuild. Like a private group you know? But I don't even have a passport man🙄

                                                                              • Barton Carlin
                                                                                Barton Carlin  1 months back

                                                                                Trump, as usual, shows his total lack of compassion. With his biollions and his gold toilets. What a vile, nasty man. We have to get rid of this horror of a President. Please, all who can, help the people of Bahama.

                                                                                • Michaelle Mcgill
                                                                                  Michaelle Mcgill  1 months back

                                                                                  Black people itself don’t want all those black in here

                                                                                • Filip Andersson
                                                                                  Filip Andersson  1 months back

                                                                                  If you were given 3 glasses of water and one of them contained poison, would you take the chance by drinking it? Its the same principle, if the bahamas has a few % of its population being criminals, i wouldnt take that risk either.