Davido Talks New Music + Afro Beats Taking Over + Answers Late Night Questions With Miabelle


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  • Chi
    Chi  2 weeks back

    6:39 Y'all American women ain't worth the jail time tbh 🤷

    • 221 GT
      221 GT  2 weeks back

      Shoutout all my african brothers, yall go check me out if you have some time 💯

      • David Mku ugwuanyi
        David Mku ugwuanyi  2 weeks back

        I pray yhall be a billionaire as Davido , Amen .

        • Invisible mirror
          Invisible mirror  2 weeks back

          flop 97...rosenslop and the slaves

          • demiomarley
            demiomarley  2 weeks back

            "We are like 5000" G we legion

            • darbron st
              darbron st  2 weeks back


              • Tiffany James
                Tiffany James  2 weeks back

                I need an Afro beat radio station for Chicago local area 24hrs a day, it will be awesome. XM radio I'm aware of. I said local radio(Free)

                • tranebur
                  tranebur  2 weeks back

                  Whats that hoodie

                  • Olivia etheah
                    Olivia etheah  2 weeks back

                    Shes rude without knowing

                    • Marc London TV
                      Marc London TV  2 weeks back

                      she’s hella pretty tho 👀😍 ... someone tell her London niggas are lit too loool

                      • Ama B
                        Ama B  2 weeks back

                        Why that thumbnail??????

                        • keisha johnson
                          keisha johnson  2 weeks back

                          point of correction: it is Nigerian artists pushing it, not the entire continent.

                          • HomieSlyTM
                            HomieSlyTM  6 days back

                            @keisha johnson You smart.

                          • keisha johnson
                            keisha johnson  6 days back

                            @Duncan Deeks Nigeria doesn't need the rest of the continent. some (not all) Nigerian artists are annoying when they bring up the entire continent in interviews, because they continue to fuel ignorant people's ignorance when talking about Africa as if it's 1 country. Nigerian artists should be like artists from Jamaica, England ect, they only talk about their countries (not the entire Islands or continent).

                          • Duncan Deeks
                            Duncan Deeks  6 days back

                            Check all the interviews the Nigerian artists do in America, the same statement gets repeated and i quote "People dont know how big you are in Africa" do you think Nigerians would be well received overseas if their OWN CONTINENT WITH 54 COUNTRIES wasnt supporting them. Did you not hear who Burna Boys mother thanked FIRST when she accepted his BET award. The world wouldnt have even listened or paid any attention Africa was like NAH!!

                          • Duncan Deeks
                            Duncan Deeks  6 days back

                            Nobody is trying to take credit for the hardwork and talent of Nigerian artists but is it a crime to acknowledge that the continent supported and still supports the music which is why it got so big and is still blowing up in the first place? Secondly to answer your question YES WE ARE STILL TOGETHER, notice how you said "THOSE" Nigerians are bad not "ALL" because do you know who is not getting caught with something bad.....MOST NIGERIANS.....?Do you know whose not pro Xenophobia......? MOST SOUTH AFRICANS.......? Do you know who is not a terrorist....? MOST ARABS

                          • keisha johnson
                            keisha johnson  6 days back

                            @Duncan Deeks Nigeria has over 200 million people. Nigerian music was bound to go global with or without the rest of the continent.

                        • bro & sneak
                          bro & sneak  2 weeks back

                          He lookin a little different

                          • Kish Okoti
                            Kish Okoti  2 weeks back

                            Way to Davido!! Mia always looking cute

                            • Clark Clark
                              Clark Clark  2 weeks back

                              Davido is dope he’s a mix of African American culture and Naija culture he’s helping bridge the diaspora with his music much respect

                              • Chi
                                Chi  2 weeks back

                                Yea and now we need to bridge the gap with other stuff too and not just music

                            • Gucci kingkong
                              Gucci kingkong  2 weeks back

                              Nigerian spend $$$ on their girls but food Ghana is tha best 100% facts

                              • darbron st
                                darbron st  2 weeks back

                                all dis small Ghana sef,una no get respect abi

                              • J.K. Roberts
                                J.K. Roberts  2 weeks back

                                **the birds have entered the chat**

                              • Giovane Rasta
                                Giovane Rasta  2 weeks back

                                Gucci kingkong are you talking about water soup 🍜 ?

                            • womenincharg3
                              womenincharg3  2 weeks back

                              Boo Liberian Jelloff rice is better yall sleeping on us lol

                              • SeedOfIsrael NL
                                SeedOfIsrael NL  2 weeks back

                                Yall did him dirty with that thumbnail.

                                • Usman Bamgbola
                                  Usman Bamgbola  2 weeks back

                                  Damn Mia so cute

                                  • Felix Khale
                                    Felix Khale  2 weeks back

                                    That is Davido 🇳🇬🇩🇪🌏🇳🇬🔥🔥🔥🤝👑

                                    • Jev
                                      Jev  2 weeks back

                                      Davido is really an amazing creative as a fellow artist I respect this artistry and hopefully I get to be as talented one day

                                      • Precious Kwashie Attakpah

                                        Yes, now there are many opportunities and internet too is helping

                                        • El -Gringo_DeLuxe
                                          El -Gringo_DeLuxe  2 weeks back

                                          Davido i love you

                                          • Antonio rinus
                                            Antonio rinus  2 weeks back