John Dean Says Trump In ‘Fast Competition’ With Nixon In Committing Crimes | Hardball | MSNBC


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  • Alex Johnstone
    Alex Johnstone  4 months back

    Trump is the man 👏

    • T S
      T S  4 months back

      Here again Trump speaks of himself in the third person! He's getting way out there!

      • Archie
        Archie  4 months back

        Trump has been the biggest looser of all time

        • Archie
          Archie  4 months back

          Tricky loose dicky Donald Trump

          • Occam’s Razor
            Occam’s Razor  4 months back

            Who they calling next Mikhail Gorbachev? This is like when Larry Flint was called as key witness for Bill Clinton trials.

            • Atlas Latest
              Atlas Latest  4 months back

              Fools love a fool

              • Rob D
                Rob D  4 months back

                This is such a joke is hilarious.. what is this supposed to be like a dry run for impeachment hearings or something.. Democrats never seem to amaze.. they reach a new low every day..

                • squashedmike
                  squashedmike  4 months back

                  Anyone who compares Trump to Nixon owes Nixon an apology!!!

                  • Rob
                    Rob  4 months back

                    Donald tRump is an idiotic traitor, I will vote against him again. I hope all his thugs get out of our White House

                    • Luke Campbell Brennan
                      Luke Campbell Brennan  4 months back

                      I lol'd at Chris's suggestion that Pelosi is in some way decisive...

                      • blue line
                        blue line  4 months back

                        So are Democrats doing this so MSNBC can lie to anyone dumb enough to believe you when you "report the facts" that John Dean testified and he found Trump guilty of obstruction, when He rightfully canned Comey to stop the Russian investigation which was based on FISA warrants that the Obama administration, DOJ and FBI obtained illegally because they used a unreliable dossier written by someone that openly hated Trump.

                        • Destinee Lee
                          Destinee Lee  4 months back

                          I watched Mr Dean and was quite impressed I'm waiting for Chris Christie to be called and others to be called before the house committees I really don't think Chris Christie will not show up because he likes being a paid commentator of MSNBC and others. these are the people that the Democrats should be calling before the people.

                          • Penny Churchward
                            Penny Churchward  4 months back

                            Trump uses names for people which are relevant for himself

                            • syn707
                              syn707  4 months back

                              This poor he goes embarrassing himself AND his wife. She must be cringing!

                              • Richie Rich
                                Richie Rich  4 months back

                                None of this matters, it is just selling TV time so everyone can make more money! Sadly with the 1% donor controlled soulless republicans in the senate, the POS orange orangutan is still needed by them to dismantle our nation and hand it over to their 1% lords & masters, so they will never convict. But at least with Impeachment in The House, The Democrats can exposes which traitorous republicans in the senate, have sold their souls; and have The Blood of Our Constitution on their hands.

                                • Arthur Radtke
                                  Arthur Radtke  4 months back

                                  "Fast Competition with Nixon in committing crimes." Trump "winning" this one. Trump a Loser overall.

                                  • Vortex Scale
                                    Vortex Scale  4 months back

                                    The Trump administration has lost more than 90 percent of its court battles over deregulation

                                    • pr0xZen
                                      pr0xZen  4 months back

                                      Trump made a very important remark there. "Not _'Trump _*_oriented_*_ network"._ More people - especially conservatives - need to be made aware what these network are _really_ doing. They are no longer _conservative/conservatism oriented_ - but *_Trump_*_ oriented._ And they don't just spin the news and content to appear favorable to to Trump - they do what Trump himself does - they actually *lie* to their viewers. So conservatives, for their own, their family, their countrys sake - seriously need to poke their heads a bit out of the conservative media landscape once in a while, to check whether or not their preferred media bubble are stretching the truth / lies a lot further than they think.

                                      • Yasmani Bravo
                                        Yasmani Bravo  4 months back

                                        History man! We as Americans are ignorant. we dont read history so it won't repeat

                                        • John Green
                                          John Green  4 months back


                                          • John Green
                                            John Green  4 months back

                                            This is laughable... only the left would bring Dean on. Hey, why don't we put Gordon Liddy up there and hear how he feels about Dean. C'mon, the left has lost, just give in already.

                                            • Miles North
                                              Miles North  4 months back

                                              After Nixon trounced McGovern in 1972 (winning 49 states!), Democrats were humiliated and felt the party's collapse was imminent. They vowed revenge against Repubs (and, boy, did they get it). Dems have experienced that same humiliating defeat with Hillary against Trump in 2016.

                                              • Jai Norman
                                                Jai Norman  4 months back

                                                Trump only cares about himself

                                                • John Salvage
                                                  John Salvage  4 months back

                                                  How can this still be going on when the Clinton woman should be hauled up for destroying evidence and admitting it. Double standards in your country when it comes to deciding who to investigate. Haven’t you got other things to worry about such as the crimes committed by illegals, the rampant drug abuse.....and the strong economy which never seems to be mentioned by the MSM.

                                                  • Bob Smith
                                                    Bob Smith  4 months back

                                                    Trump has 2020 in the bag. Thank you MS13NBC.

                                                    • Tayshawn Price
                                                      Tayshawn Price  4 months back

                                                      None of this matters to trumpsters. The only thing that matters to trump supporters is the push of there racist white nationalist agenda. They want to make america white again lets just call it what it is. This is why they will not even speak on the rise of hate crimes commited by racists. Trump will never condemn these acts which only promotes these people to do more. Regardless of the candidate running against trump the ultimate goal MUST be to get him out of office. The entire world depends on it.

                                                      • Bob Smith
                                                        Bob Smith  4 months back

                                                        You need to stop watching fake news

                                                    • Aaron S
                                                      Aaron S  4 months back

                                                      "Trump Oriented" network? Sounds like hes pushing state run we know anywhere else in the world where theres a state run media? What type of government has that? hmmm

                                                      • Tayshawn Price
                                                        Tayshawn Price  4 months back

                                                        And Michael Flynn went to russia, sat beside putin to show support of there state ran network.

                                                    • TheUnDrunkPCBastard _
                                                      TheUnDrunkPCBastard _  4 months back

                                                      The more the Fake News and corrupt political elites attack Trump, the more we know we did the right thing electing him.
                                                      God bless America
                                                      God bless President Trump
                                                      Trump 2020 - See Clearly

                                                      • TheUnDrunkPCBastard _
                                                        TheUnDrunkPCBastard _  4 months back

                                                        @Tayshawn Price You can't see the forest for the trees. You have listened to the Fake News your whole life. I wish there was some way for you to see.

                                                      • Tayshawn Price
                                                        Tayshawn Price  4 months back

                                                        How is it fake if it actually happened? What is it that is fake because everything stated are events that has happened. Or do you people no longer base anything on truths. Just alternate facts spewed by your false god trump.

                                                    • C RA
                                                      C RA  4 months back

                                                      John Dean says he never went to jail - well, yes, he did, he was in protective custody while doing 4 months at Fort Holabird. He was in jail, but just not in general population. He can't tell the truth about anything.

                                                      • 1ronin
                                                        1ronin  4 months back

                                                        This coming from a convicted felon. Another great witness by the Democrats. He would probably still be in prison if he didn't flip and become a witness for the prosecution.

                                                        • Akey Ob
                                                          Akey Ob  4 months back

                                                          @1ronin -- your logic is that of a loon-- CNN and MSNBC aren't the only news networks who aired this hearing.. nor are they the only ones showing these clips are you claiming everyone of these new-networks is paying him?? -- the only news outlet channel who didn't show it is FOX news where they spin and lie and cover up news ---- Go put on your tinfoil hat you simpleton.. I think FoxNews is on right now go tune in to receive those daily dosage of derp-waves that are frying your perception and brain function that allows you to perceive reality ..

                                                        • 1ronin
                                                          1ronin  4 months back

                                                          @Roger Out he is getting paid by CNN, msnbc and book deals. He is a convicted liar.

                                                      • Deek 44
                                                        Deek 44  4 months back

                                                        I hate trump sooooooo bad, that I am even willing to listen to a disbarred convict like John Dean. Please help us get rid of Trump, Pleeeeeease!...ROFLMAO

                                                        • Big Dick
                                                          Big Dick  4 months back

                                                          The word is John Durham was just given a lot of office space and a big staff at the DOJ building.
                                                          THAT MEANS INDICTMENTS ARE COMING. PERIOD!!

                                                          NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

                                                          • queeniebaby100
                                                            queeniebaby100  4 months back

                                                            Sad for a president to call people losers when they criticize him. Not only his actions are juvenile and pathetic

                                                            • Julianne 2781
                                                              Julianne 2781  4 months back

                                                              I was OK with this segment until the word Pelosi came into the discussion, that person is one of the most corrupted politician in Washington today. She is the leader of corruption from both side of the house, that is the reason she is so quick to give in with the Republican and hardly pushing strong Democrat agenda from the left. She is doing a very good job alright, but only for her big corporate donor friends

                                                              • Tayshawn Price
                                                                Tayshawn Price  4 months back

                                                                I have to be honest with you, and I am a life long democrat. But I have wondered why Pelosi continues to speak against holding trump accountable for anything. Despite the clear mandate the democrats hold. She has done nothing to address peoples concerns. She talks tough on tv but then does nothing to back up her strong words. I hope you are wrong about her but the less she does the more i tend to agree with this.

                                                            • Slick Rock
                                                              Slick Rock  4 months back

                                                              Convicted for perjury, John Dean. Another crooked Democrat.

                                                              • Richard Alexander
                                                                Richard Alexander  4 months back

                                                                How come nobody talks about Dotard tRump firing Sally Yates?

                                                                • Richard Alexander
                                                                  Richard Alexander  4 months back

                                                                  @Terra812 Wrong! Sorry troll, traitor tRump fired the person blowing the cover of Mike Flynn, convicted Russian agent and fellow traitor.

                                                                • Terra812
                                                                  Terra812  4 months back

                                                                  Umm... Because it was well within his powers as President to do so. What kind of brainless idiots is the educational system putting out these days?

                                                              • Marik 444
                                                                Marik 444  4 months back

                                                                This guys book about Bush was titled "worse than Watergate" and these morons thought it was a good idea to bring him up there?

                                                                The DNC using a person like that just because he gives them the smallest amount of firepower against Trump is pathetic and will lead to 4 more years of stupid.

                                                                • Marik 444
                                                                  Marik 444  4 months back

                                                                  @Roger Out They brought a con-man in to explain how Trump is a con-man.

                                                                  It's like the RNC bringing in a grand wizard to testify that the left are the real racists. It would look really stupid, regardless of whether the grand wizard "has first hand experience"

                                                              • Kaylee Miller
                                                                Kaylee Miller  4 months back

                                                                So we have a man who was charged with lying to Congress put on the stand to give his opinion with no knowledge of fact??? That makes sense

                                                                • Wyoming Horseman
                                                                  Wyoming Horseman  4 months back

                                                                  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
                                                                  REPORT ON RUSSIAN ACTIVE MEASURES
                                                                  March 22, 2018

                                                                  Summary Table of Findings.
                                                                  Page 4
                                                                  Chapter 2 : Russian attacks on the United States
                                                                  (U) Finding #7 : Russia conducted cyber attacks on the U.S. Political Institutions from 2015-2016.
                                                                  (U) Finding #8 : Russian-state actors and third party intermediaries were responsible for the dissemination of documents and communications stolen from U.S. Political organizations.  
                                                                  (U) Finding #9 : The Russian government used RT to advance its malign influence campaign during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.
                                                                  (U) Finding #10 : Russian intelligence leveraged social media in an attempt to sow social discord and to undermine the U.S. electoral process.
                                                                  Chapter 3 America reacts
                                                                  Page 4-5
                                                                  Chapter 4 : Campaign Links with Russia
                                                                  Table Page 6-7
                                                                  Evidence support documentation. Please read: Page 60 thru 90.
                                                                  (U) Finding # 25: When asked directly,  none of the interviewed witnesses provided evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
                                                                  (U) Finding # 26: The Committee found no evidence that President Trump’s pre-campaign business dealings formed the basis for collusion during the campaign.
                                                                  (U) Finding #27 : The Republican national security establishments opposition to candidate Trump created opportunities for two less-experienced individuals with pro-Russia views to serve as campaign advisors: George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.
                                                                  (U) Finding #28 : The change in the Republican Party platform regarding Ukraine resulted in a stronger position against Russia, not a weaker one, and there is no evidence that Paul Manafort was involved.
                                                                  (U) Finding #29 : There is no evidence that Trump associates were involved in the theft or publication of Clinton campaign-related emails.
                                                                  (U) Finding #30 : Carter Page did not travel to Moscow in July 2016 on behalf of the Trump campaign.
                                                                  (U) Finding #31 : George Papadopoulos’s  attempts to leverage his Russian contacts to facilitate meetings between the Trump campaign and Russians was unsuccessful.
                                                                  (U) Finding #32 : Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort attended a JUne 9th, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower where they expected to receive- but did not ultimately obtain- derogatory information on candidate Clinton from Russian sources.
                                                                  (U) Finding #33 : Donald Trump Jr. briefly met with a Russian government official at the 2016 National Rifle Association annual meeting, but the committee found no evidence that the two discussed the U.S. Presidential election.
                                                                  (U) Finding #34 : The Committee found no evidence that meetings between Trump associates- including Jeff Sessions- and official representatives of the Russian government- including Ambassador Kislyak- reflected collusion, coordination, or conspiracy with the Russian government.
                                                                  (U) Finding #35 : Possible Russian efforts to set up a “back channel” with Trump associates after the election suggest the absence of collusion during the campaign, since the communication associated with collusion would have rendered such a “back channel” unnecessary.  
                                                                  (U) Finding #36 : Prior to conducting opposition research on Trump’s business dealings, Fusion GPS conducted research benefiting Russian interests.
                                                                  (U) Finding #37 : The law firm Perkins Cole hired Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to research candidate Trump’s Russia ties.
                                                                  (U) Finding #38
                                                                  : Christopher Steele claims to have obtained his dossier information second- and third- hand from purported high placed Russian sources, such as government officials with links to
                                                                  The Kremlin and intelligence services.
                                                                  (U) #39 Finding : Christopher Steele’s information from Russian sources was provided directly to Fusion GPS and Perkins Cole and indirectly to the Clinton Campaign.

                                                                  House Intelligence Committee Summary Memo of evidence subpoenaed from the DOJ and the FBI.
                                                                  As a result, we know that the chain of events associated with the case of Trump's "criminal collusion with Putin" looks like this:
                                                                  Trump's political opponents during the primaries hired the firm Fusion GPS, which specializes in opposition research, to dig up some dirt on Trump
                                                                  After Trump won the primaries, Fusion GPS lost the customer, but just for a short while
                                                                  The new customers of the dirt on Trump become the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC
                                                                  The new customers requested dirt on Trump from Fusion GPS, not only in the American domain but also in the international arena
                                                                  To add international dimension, Fusion GPS hired a subcontractor – former resident of British intelligence in Moscow Christopher Steele, known for his open anti-Trump beliefs
                                                                  Christopher Steele hired some former agents of the Russian intelligence services (against whom he once fought during the Cold War)
                                                                  The agents of Russian intelligence services concoct a dirty file on Trump (linguistic analysis confirmed that this dossier was written in "Russian English" with minimal editing by native English speakers)
                                                                  It is still unclear as to what extent these Russian agents were the "former" agents of the Russian intelligence services (that is, to what extent this dossier is fiction, and to what extent is it the deliberate work of the KGB/FSB disinformation effort)
                                                                  Trump's dossier, compiled by the Russians, gets to the FBI through the Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who received it from his wife. At that time, she was working for Fusion GPS and was a part of the anti-Trump research team
                                                                  The FBI used this dossier as one of the key arguments in the secret intelligence court FISC to obtain a warrant to wiretap the Trump campaign
                                                                  In other words, the Obama administration used a dossier concocted by Russian agents to legitimize its surveillance of their political opposition.

                                                                  This is a summary of Glenn Simpson’s testimony, of Fusion GPS, to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
                                                                  Read it yourself. I did, all 312 pages.
                                                                  Page 93 Chris (Steele) deals in a very different kind of information, which is human intelligence, human information. So by its very nature the question of whether something is accurate isn’t really asked.
                                                                  Page 114 The Russian Lawyer Ms Verselnirskyans, , Fusion GPS was paid thru Baker Hostetler by the Russian Company Prevezon. Baker Hostetler was paid by HRC.
                                                                  Page 118 Q: Did she have ties to the Russian Intelligence? A: No
                                                                  Page 132 DOJ grants Visa for Russian Lawyer to meet with Don Jr on June 9th
                                                                  Gets good about page 178. FBI, DOJ, Comey,  Dossier involvement
                                                                  page 159-164 Steele meets with FBI  june 20th.
                                                                  page 172 and 178 DOJ campaign rules broken by FBI/Comey
                                                                  *page 178 NYT article Trump by FBI/Comey found NO connections to Russia.
                                                                  page 201 Page 275  Media disclosures part of the plan for Orbis/Simpson
                                                                  page 214 FBI paid Steele for dossier
                                                                  page 221-225 McCain leaked to media, FBI/Comey
                                                                  *page 229 FBI found NO Trump involvement with Russia
                                                                  Page 268-22 thru 270 -Confirmation of sources, none. FBI.
                                                                  Page 270-12, thru 271 continued unsolicited intelligence after U.S. Presidential election.
                                                                  Page 272 were sources for dossier paid
                                                                  Page 273 resorting to unverified human intelligence.
                                                                  Page 275-15 276-5 Journalists knew Fusion GPS was paid by Clinton
                                                                  Page 278-13 Steele report leaked to reporters before the election
                                                                  Page 291-16 Simpson was biased against Trump
                                                                  Page 297-17 No Trump mob criminality discovered.
                                                                  Page 299-9  Trump properties,  No ties to Russia or Russian Government found.
                                                                  Page 306-16 Trump campaign ties to Russian Mob, Facebook or Twitter thru Micheal Cohen, really?

                                                                  • SnowWhalez
                                                                    SnowWhalez  4 months back

                                                                    Remember deans said this about other presidents. He’s an echo chamber minded prop. “Worse than watergate”

                                                                    • SnowWhalez
                                                                      SnowWhalez  4 months back

                                                             watch this. It clarifies deans position. He hasn’t read the report he admits he’s paid to be there by cnn to show up as a prop. He’s the ring master in nadlers flying circus.

                                                                    • SnowWhalez
                                                                      SnowWhalez  4 months back

                                                                      Roger Out I agree let’s impeach Nixon.

                                                                  • Rick rick
                                                                    Rick rick  4 months back

                                                                    He’s a CNN witness so next to testify should be CNN pals Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon

                                                                    • Grim Reefer
                                                                      Grim Reefer  4 months back

                                                                      It is time of for Chris to retire. He is loud and rude does not realize it!

                                                                      • Zen
                                                                        Zen  4 months back

                                                                        Morons keep viewing in to watch him spaz on air. Zero self awareness.

                                                                    • Mike Cziraky
                                                                      Mike Cziraky  4 months back

                                                                      Dean admitted he has zero facts on the mueller report. Why is he testifying his feelings and opinions Why not have big bird or Elmo testify Democrats are a joke.

                                                                      • Mike Cziraky
                                                                        Mike Cziraky  4 months back

                                                                        Roger Out I’m not worried. This is a dog and pony show

                                                                    • Saltponds239
                                                                      Saltponds239  4 months back

                                                                      Only in Jerry Nadler's court is a John Dean a credible witness. Hey John, the 1970's are calling - they want you back at the Probation office.

                                                                      • Helen Lindsay
                                                                        Helen Lindsay  4 months back

                                                                        Saltponds239 Then at least someone wants him.Who wants you ,the literary society for the profoundly ignorant?

                                                                    • SweetSea
                                                                      SweetSea  4 months back

                                                                      Trump describes himself when he casts insults on others. And he is so petty and childish. He sounds like a snot nosed bully at the playground who hasn't learned how to debate intelligently. I wish the media would stop giving him so much coverage. I think much of the fault is on the media for Trump getting the presidency.

                                                                      • Matthew Vantress
                                                                        Matthew Vantress  4 months back

                                                                        Oh whatever dude liberals insult people every day

                                                                      • Zen
                                                                        Zen  4 months back

                                                                        And the media for providing you your opinion of him.

                                                                    • pizza man82
                                                                      pizza man82  4 months back

                                                                      Stupid is as stupid Do

                                                                      • Walt Schmidt
                                                                        Walt Schmidt  4 months back

                                                                        The dumbocrats just keep sinking lower than anyone could possibly imagine. John Dean? A lying felon from half a century ago. Because they have NOTHING. NOTHING.

                                                                        • Jake MacHine
                                                                          Jake MacHine  4 months back

                                                                          The crook can say all that he wants, it is meaningless.
                                                                          No crimes committed by the Trump administration.
                                                                          If there were crimes, end these investigations and make some arrests.

                                                                          • Jake MacHine
                                                                            Jake MacHine  4 months back

                                                                            @Roger Out lying about what ? Read some news. The Obama administration planted spies to set up these meetings in an attempt to make it look like Trump was involved with Russia.

                                                                          • Jake MacHine
                                                                            Jake MacHine  4 months back

                                                                            @Roger Out maybe you haven't been paying attention, what did these people go to jail for ? Take a look. Not one went to jail or was indicted for russian collusion. Not one.
                                                                            Mueller continues to delay the case against Roger Stone and the 13-17 russian agencies they claimed hacked the DNC. Why ? Because Mueller is unable to show any sort of evidence on who hacked the DNC.
                                                                            Over the past few weeks we have found that the Deep State and the Obama administration planted spies in order to create this whole Russian collusion farce. Also with the help of the Italian and UK governments.
                                                                            A few went to jail for lying about something that they didn't need to lie about. Others have pled guilty because they are completely broke and can no longer afford the lawyers to defend themselves. All on low level process crimes.
                                                                            But what is more interesting is the number of career FBI agents who have been fired for their handling of the Trump investigation. Do you know how difficult it is for a career agent to be fired?
                                                                            But maybe you haven't been paying attention.