World's Happiest Drummer Plays "Eye Of The Tiger" (Drum Cover)

  • Published: 23 July 2019
  • The fastest way to get faster on drums:

    Watch the happiest drummer in the world – aka the one and only Dom Famularo – play “Eye of the Tiger”. Survivor’s 1982 hit is best known as the theme song of Rocky III. Are you ready to rise up to the challenge of your rivals?

    Make sure you watch to the end, where Dom has an inspirational message for you!

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    About Dom:
    Dom Famularo is a drummer, author, and motivational speaker who’s arguably the most influential educator in the drumming community. He’s traveled the globe for the past 40 years holding masterclasses and clinics, and has been one of drumming’s most sought-after private instructors from his fans around the world. Dom has been tutored by legendary greats, including Joe Morello, Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Charlie Perry, Colin Bailey, and Shelly Manne, among many others. He has recorded and/or performed with artists such as the Buddy Rich Big Band, B.B. King, Lionel Hampton, Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), and “T” Lavitz (The Dixie Dregs), and has shared the stage with other drumming giants such as Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham, Bernard Purdie, and Chad Smith.

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  • Drumeo
    Drumeo   3 months back

    🥁 For a chance at winning free swag, post a picture of your practice space with the hashtag: #drumeoshed on Instagram. We will then pick the top ten posts and send free swag to all ten winners!!!

    • Dom Famularo
      Dom Famularo  1 months back

      Eli Ramos Evolution Ride. 10/12” splash HHX

    • Happychicx
      Happychicx  2 months back

      Woww how kind❣️👍

    • Eli Ramos
      Eli Ramos  2 months back

      What is the name of that nice dark shiny cymbal to the left of the two xhh crashes? I want get me one!

    • Alister Gibbons
      Alister Gibbons  2 months back

      @Had Enough yeah did that.

    • Had Enough
      Had Enough  2 months back

      Don't reward those who posted videos of themselves playing. Instructions were: post PICTURES of your practice space.

  • webmillions
    webmillions  2 hours back

    I’m in a public library with my headphones on and I broke out in a literal LOL when the neighbor yelled turn it down to the drumbeat. 😂🤘🏻

    • Crystal Driscoll
      Crystal Driscoll  7 hours back

      I live hiw effin happy he is!!!

      • Luis Carnero Bautista
        Luis Carnero Bautista  14 hours back


        • Ata Bora BAŞAR
          Ata Bora BAŞAR  16 hours back

          I love it, he enjoys it 🥁

          • Ata Bora BAŞAR
            Ata Bora BAŞAR  9 hours back

            @Dom Famularo universality of music and I enjoyed watching you, thank you Dom.

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  14 hours back

            Ata Bora BAŞAR Thanks so much!!!

        • P Bartolo
          P Bartolo  16 hours back

          He’s almost as good as Jonathon Sugar Foot Moffett.

        • rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato

          Thank you Dom for the excellent example in how to overplay on a pop song.

          • rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato
            rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato  8 hours back

            Dom Famularo
            I know that Dom. I was just goofing. Being that I’m originally from Brooklyn New York I have a license to be a wiseguy 😜

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  14 hours back

            rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato Lol....I laughed at this. Just having fun. Not over playing! Art is about expression. This was not a session for recording the song for pop music. This was a fun drumming video. Enjoy art as just personal expression. Thanks

        • Russell G
          Russell G  1 days back

          I wish the music had been quieter and the drums more prominent.

          • pramod bhat
            pramod bhat  5 hours back

            @Dom Famularo great stuff Dom 😁

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  6 hours back

            pramod bhat Absolutely! I check these comments all the time! Have fun!

          • pramod bhat
            pramod bhat  6 hours back

            @Dom Famularo are you official Dom like for real?? 😳

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  14 hours back

            Russell G Next time...thanks

        • Mirco BAT
          Mirco BAT  1 days back

          Fantastic dom !

        • Ciro Trejo Moya
          Ciro Trejo Moya  2 days back

          812 old angry neighbors, ladies and policemen disliked this video.

        • Nathan Ross
          Nathan Ross  2 days back

          I hold wood in my hands too....

        • Jason O Sullivan
          Jason O Sullivan  2 days back

          Music human nature is there anything so intertwined.... Truly Godly ..... Simply beautiful

        • scupitta9
          scupitta9  2 days back

          DOM FUMALARO .... FANTASTIC !!

        • Displayed
          Displayed  3 days back

          in the future when I turn an old man..... I want to be like him

          • Anthony Nakhoul
            Anthony Nakhoul  12 hours back

            Yeah same here once you have the talent you don't lose it

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  14 hours back

            Kakashi commentor Well said...thanks

          • Kakashi commentor
            Kakashi commentor  14 hours back

            That's not an old man.
            Beyond that disguise is the literal vessel of the burning power of the youth.

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 days back

            Displayed Thanks...keep going! Onward and Upward...

          • Displayed
            Displayed  2 days back

            Dom Famularo really man,don't stop playing for any reason

        • Vipan Bhagat
          Vipan Bhagat  3 days back

          Man . He is enjoying it

        • B . C
          B . C  3 days back

          I had to stop playing drums coz my neighbours and my mum would always get mad 😞 😢

        • Nathan Ross
          Nathan Ross  4 days back

          Don't seem that happy to me.

        • Mael Mael
          Mael Mael  4 days back

          Great! 😈👍

        • Accrington Stanley Vlogs

          I always had Niko Mcbrain down as the happiest drummer

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  4 days back

            Accrington Stanley Vlogs I know him...and he is always happy! Thanks

        • Edward Oleyar
          Edward Oleyar  5 days back

          1st:Great Song!
          2nd: nobody interrupts Eye of The Tiger, so those people need to be arrested...

        • Kasim Eren
          Kasim Eren  5 days back

          Great emotions

        • Pistache owo
          Pistache owo  5 days back


        • Bernardo Lopez
          Bernardo Lopez  6 days back

          Woooow de eso se trata la música, subirte tocar un instrumento y disfrutarlo al máximo total a alguien más le gustará y disfrutará como uno lo disfruta, de los mejores bateristas que he visto

        • RobertKnighthawk
          RobertKnighthawk  6 days back

          Adds his own frills love it...... This guy is awesomesause..

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  4 days back

            RobertKnighthawk Thanks so much!!!

        • EpsilonGaming 515
          EpsilonGaming 515  6 days back

          Drumeo plz invite Michael Alba on Drumeo

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  4 days back

            EpsilonGaming 515 fantastic...Thanks so much!!!

        • Ohms Law
          Ohms Law  1 weeks back

          Not quite my tempo

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 days back

            Thanks for listening! Different tempos for different people! Have fun!

        • olvisjenipher
          olvisjenipher  1 weeks back

          Sana oil magaling mag drums
          Ouyy shout out sa mga pinoy dyan!!!

        • couchcamper
          couchcamper  1 weeks back


          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 days back

            @couchcamper This is the song they had the licensing for so I played it! Just having some fun with it! Enjoy!

          • couchcamper
            couchcamper  2 days back

            @Dom Famularo it's not you it's the song ;-)

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 days back

            Interesting! Thanks for listening! I am having fun!

        • John Paul Herrera
          John Paul Herrera  1 weeks back

          03:03 - 03:05
          03:57 -04:00

          I'm happy. Thank you.

          P.S. - the vid looks timelapsed. Not impressive

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  1 weeks back

            John Paul Herrera Not time lapse!!! Just fun! Thanks And nothing edited......! Enjoy!

        • Leo Geo
          Leo Geo  1 weeks back

          Lot to learn from you man...superb

        • M.M M
          M.M M  1 weeks back

          Great Sir

        • Debanjan Bhattacharjee
          Debanjan Bhattacharjee  1 weeks back


          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 days back

            Debanjan Bhattacharjee Thanks so much!!!

        • N!CØ
          N!CØ  2 weeks back

          He is incredible !!!😃😃

        • ronnie_g
          ronnie_g  2 weeks back

          Loved the intro hahahahahahahaha And you were simply amazing on the drums my friend!

        • Paul Anthony
          Paul Anthony  2 weeks back

          Its Copyrighted... But Check it out!

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 days back

            Not copyrighted....just done again! Thanks!

        • enchong go
          enchong go  2 weeks back

          Awesome 😊

        • K1llerm0th
          K1llerm0th  2 weeks back


        • Noel Nygård
          Noel Nygård  2 weeks back

          Drum teacher: Eye of the tiger is an easy song to drum with
          Happy drummer: HoLd mY BeEr

        • Joshua Wary
          Joshua Wary  2 weeks back

          Old school grandpaa killing it!!

        • TheMvegastyle
          TheMvegastyle  2 weeks back

          The struggles real. :) Love the Energy!

        • Ivan_14RUS
          Ivan_14RUS  2 weeks back

          I'm delighted wonderful performed

        • Ducky
          Ducky  3 weeks back

          if you play all your life you can be like him

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  3 weeks back

            Ducky Just play to have fun!!! Thanks so much!!!

        • Welyntom Sikora
          Welyntom Sikora  3 weeks back


          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  2 weeks back

            Welyntom Sikora Thanks so much!!!

        • jerrold lozano
          jerrold lozano  3 weeks back

          Too much sugar

        • Paulo Martins
          Paulo Martins  3 weeks back

          Muito bom. 👍

        • Keegan Guffey
          Keegan Guffey  3 weeks back

          If you add Tre cool’s happyness and skill plus Lars Ulrich’s skill this is the out come

        • Juan Herrera
          Juan Herrera  3 weeks back

          This song made me remember the good old days 😪

        • marco mejia
          marco mejia  3 weeks back

          I wish the next drum tutorial is "hotel California"

          • Dom Famularo
            Dom Famularo  3 weeks back

            marco mejia Great song! Thanks so much!!!