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  • Indupac S.A.
    Indupac S.A.  16 hours back

    I really enjoyed watching Ricky Henderson one of my top five favorite players in baseball. The others: Pete, Barry, Karl and Nettles. One thing I remember in Ricky’s evolution to become a power hitter. I recalled him hitting more than 20 homers in 4 seasons. That is something else for the fastest man in baseball. I remembered Lou’s record and though it was never going to fall. Henderson crushes it! Fine person also! My blessings to him and family.

    • Henry Dudley
      Henry Dudley  2 days back

      I am one of those mentioned people at the start of the episode

      • Tdot Yardman
        Tdot Yardman  2 days back

        As a Blue Jays fan I hated the Oakland Athletics and Ricky Henderson but was glad he was on the Blue Jays in 1993

        • Marshall Harrison - Guitarist

          Great at stealing bases ie running short distances in a timely fashion = “genius”
          Genius is usually considered a more cerebral activity.
          Wonder if he still had that framed check in his condo near the entire state building. [sic]

          • Irish Nurhd
            Irish Nurhd  3 days back

            Rickey is a god.

            • Alamantix
              Alamantix  4 days back

              Are you kidding me! You're asking how I write right-handed. How do YOU left-handers right lefty? Doesn't the ink or lead or whatever smear all over the page? Don't you get tons of ink on your hand? Unbelievable.

              • KidForLife 99
                KidForLife 99  4 days back

                Why is Brad Klontz interesting? Besides the WP on the last pitch v the Mets?

                • MusicMan
                  MusicMan  5 days back

                  Rickey was literally retarded. Like 60-65 IQ. Hell of a ball player though

                  • Damian Frederick
                    Damian Frederick  1 weeks back

                    Rickey Henderson was a child trophy sculptor

                    • J.R. Caldoon
                      J.R. Caldoon  1 weeks back

                      Alex: "I wonder what they use on his planet to exchange for goods and services."

                      I'm pretty sure the currency is *_STOLEN BASES_* don'tcha know?

                      • Michael
                        Michael  1 weeks back

                        Re the check: per an ex-auditor, Henderson didn’t cash the check because he was waiting for higher interest rates.

                        • VAZZ 22
                          VAZZ 22  1 weeks back

                          My left elbow was CRUSHED and required reconstructive surgery back in '81. Rickey Henderson and Shooty Babbitt signed my cast....I'll always remember that!💪⚾️

                          • loopsorspool
                            loopsorspool  1 weeks back

                            The thumbnail promised 7 bases being stolen.

                            • Marc Thompson
                              Marc Thompson  1 weeks back

                              Wow its been over a year since this video came out!
                              Guess I should touch base with this comment section... Dammit Rickey.

                              • Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
                                Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes  2 weeks back

                                130 SB in 82. 3 times he had 100 + SB seasons. Those records will be tough if not damn near impossible to beat. He was a base stealing god. I remember the Pirates manager put a whole new twist stealing when he got ejected and took one of the bases and walked off with it to the dugout. Mc Clendon I think his name was. He's was an intense dude.

                                • Dawn Blum
                                  Dawn Blum  2 weeks back

                                  note that there is another player with a career in the same interest level as Dunn and Henderson. Look into Nolan Ryan's career with regards to strikeouts and no-hitters and 1-hitters: in 1982, Walter Johnson had held the career record for strikeouts for 61 years at 3509. during the 1983 season Ryan and Steve Carlton went back and forth breaking each others records before Ryan pulled away by not retiring during the 1988 season like Carlton did. (Ryan was also 2 years younger than Carlton). Then Ryan pushed the record up to 5714 before retiring. His dominance of the record for most walks allowed is similar, eclipsing Early Wynn's record, who had just barely edged Bob Feller, who had edged Bobo Newsom who had edged Amos Rusie's record of 1707 which had stood for 50 years. Ryan pushed that record to 2795. which no one has approached. Ryan famously has thrown 7 no-hitters, second place is Koufax with 4. Ryan has also tied for the most on-hit games in a season with 12 (with Bob Feller, who threw 3 no-hitters). oh, and 5 of the top 20 9-inning game scores of all time.

                                  • Xxxx Soto
                                    Xxxx Soto  2 weeks back

                                    Best lead off hitter in Baseball history‼‼🏆

                                    • tcdahn7
                                      tcdahn7  2 weeks back

                                      I used to play golden eye giving people 19-0 leads. And then destroy them.

                                      • matthias stephens
                                        matthias stephens  2 weeks back

                                        No mention of his lead off home runs?

                                        • Arthur Kimes
                                          Arthur Kimes  3 weeks back

                                          Henderson stole all those bases in 1982... but he got caught 25% of the time. I think the breakeven level for SBs is around 65-70% so I have to wonder just how much value he was adding. His career success rate was about 80%. What I'm saying is that his stolen bases were one of the least important facets of his brilliant career.

                                          • pokepress
                                            pokepress  3 weeks back

                                            There’s a Zero Wing joke here somewhere...

                                            • Keenan McCarty
                                              Keenan McCarty  3 weeks back

                                              Yeah I don’t watch sports but Jon is a YouTube godz

                                              • Teo Grehan
                                                Teo Grehan  4 weeks back

                                                If you want a genuine outlyer, look into Don Bradman. Some stat's can lie. Bradmans stat's are similar to Ricky's, but Bradmans stat is the penultimate stat in cricket for a batsman.

                                                • ethan fields
                                                  ethan fields  4 weeks back

                                                  The only sports I really watch are the Arkansas Razorbacks. In order - Basketball, Baseball, Track, Football. And the Olympics and starting to get into Hockey. Well and I keep track of the Cardinals but rarely watch a full game. Like my status if you are also an SB watcher who doesn't really watch sports.

                                                  • lemonite1
                                                    lemonite1  1 months back

                                                    also consider that Henderson was caught stealing 335 times(most in history), add that to his stolen base record that's 1741 attempts. Divide that by number of games he played (3081) and you get .56 attempts per game lifetime. Consider that's an average of 72 attempts per year and an average of 58 stolen bases per year...over a 24 year career. By using your calculations, my great great great grandchildren might see his sb record broken, might.

                                                    • KING FORTY
                                                      KING FORTY  1 months back

                                                      I have always maintained that Rickey Henderson is the greatest all-around baseball player of all-time.

                                                      • Ronnie J Dio
                                                        Ronnie J Dio  1 months back

                                                        I wanna say it was w the mariners when Ricky saw olerud play w his helmet on all the time..he went up to olerud and asked why, sayi g as long as hed played baseball he never saw another dude do that.

                                                        They both played in toronto together years earlier

                                                        • Redbug 3
                                                          Redbug 3  1 months back

                                                          Rickey was so fast, Speedy Gonzalez couldn't catch him!

                                                          • Ray Ray
                                                            Ray Ray  1 months back

                                                            I don't watch sports but I had any and probably every card of him

                                                            • foley15136
                                                              foley15136  1 months back

                                                              I had Ricky on some Strat-O-Matic teams (drafted).. He was coveted *AAA*

                                                              • chris zanotti
                                                                chris zanotti  2 months back

                                                                Ppl who don’t watch sports aren’t here, was the weirdest flex lol

                                                                • Michael Molash
                                                                  Michael Molash  2 months back

                                                                  I grew up idolizing Rickey Henderson. Fave players were: 1) Ryne Sandberg 1) Rickey Henderson 1) Mike Schmidt

                                                                  • Krystal Giove
                                                                    Krystal Giove  2 months back

                                                                    Henderson's stolen base records will remain untouched. The art is diminshed in an era where the Adam Dunn approach is more widely accepted and small ball is more frowned upon. Teams won't risk a potential two run homerun by having the man on base try to steal today. Combine that with having to bring about another player who was both legendary at getting on base and legendary speed and its as close to impossible as it gets. The Homerun record on the other hand.. With the way the league is going with the home run fascination I can at least envision the potential of one guy coming along and hitting 60 a year for a decade.

                                                                    • Chanse Courtney
                                                                      Chanse Courtney  2 months back

                                                                      But didn't Barry bonds do PEDs

                                                                      • kjorg27
                                                                        kjorg27  2 months back

                                                                        Ted Williams' time as a Marine contributes heavily to the Bonds-related jump in walks.

                                                                        • Jeffrey Spence
                                                                          Jeffrey Spence  2 months back

                                                                          I don't understand the first pie chart. Why isn't Barry Bonds part of the list who played at least 20 seasons?

                                                                          • Jeffrey Spence
                                                                            Jeffrey Spence  2 months back

                                                                            @GreenFroppy 212 yeah but his career started in 1966, which is outside of the 1980-1999 time frame in the graph. Barry started his career in 1986, and is not up there

                                                                          • GreenFroppy 212
                                                                            GreenFroppy 212  2 months back

                                                                            You would especially think that Nolan Ryan would be up there considering that he played almost 30 years

                                                                          • GreenFroppy 212
                                                                            GreenFroppy 212  2 months back

                                                                            There's also a ton more on there that wasn't listed

                                                                        • TheHipster Asthetic
                                                                          TheHipster Asthetic  2 months back

                                                                          I think a distinction that needs to be made for “unbreakable records” is records that are “unbreakable” given the current rules. I think that, for instance, if the mound was moved back 10 feet, you’d seen an increase of home runs hit, stolen bases stolen, etc.

                                                                          • Dan Rodrigues
                                                                            Dan Rodrigues  2 months back

                                                                            I loved how Rickey spoke in the 3rd person. 'Did you see what Rickey Henderson did?' quotes like that were common from him...

                                                                            • inordirection
                                                                              inordirection  2 months back

                                                                              So what made Ricky Henderson so good at stealing bases? Was he just that much faster than everyone else?

                                                                              • thecommish1976
                                                                                thecommish1976  2 months back

                                                                                You never want to say never, but the odds of anyone coming close to doing what Rickey did from the leadoff spot is astronomical. In 1990, his only MVP season, he had an OPS over 1.000. He broke the stolen base record in 1991 and still played a dozen years after that. He is the leadoff GOAT. A walk could be a triple without the ball ever being hit.

                                                                                • Michael Keehn
                                                                                  Michael Keehn  2 months back

                                                                                  Gee...thanks for duh show. Fred and Barney where's the bronosaurus?

                                                                                  • BEZ LLAMA
                                                                                    BEZ LLAMA  2 months back

                                                                                    The only other player to be that much better then his league is babe Ruth but he did it with more then one skill

                                                                                    • Kevin Da G.O.A.T
                                                                                      Kevin Da G.O.A.T  2 months back

                                                                                      Tell me why the dude on the left looks like mr. Sir from holes

                                                                                      • rjcass33
                                                                                        rjcass33  2 months back

                                                                                        Baseball itself is boring as shit. However the highlights and statistic oddities are awesome.

                                                                                        • MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6

                                                                                          Yo he took me back with that Stratego board game.

                                                                                          • Will Collins
                                                                                            Will Collins  2 months back

                                                                                            Fuck Barry Bonds and fuck you for acknowledging that cheater. Hank Aaron, no asterisk

                                                                                            • Stephen Butterfield
                                                                                              Stephen Butterfield  2 months back

                                                                                              I like that this video started off with the "HR record" 762*

                                                                                              • Craig Colby
                                                                                                Craig Colby  2 months back

                                                                                                Henderson stole something from me....when with the Red Sox, in a spring training game in Sarasota, Florida, I dropped my hat onto the field; my son knocked it off my head. Henderson came over and picked it up and walked away with it. I never got my hat back.....thief. I informed security and they went to the sales booth and got me a new hat. I must add that the new hat had Ricky's autograph on it. 😊