• Published: 08 October 2019
  • 3 Must do's to hit better iron shots. in this golf lesson Matt fryer talks you through his 3 must do things with your irons to see that you hit better iron shots. When playing golf, if you hit your iron shots fat or thin or even top them it doesn't feel very good at all! On the other hand if you follow the steps in this golf lesson, you will start to get the compressed that we see from the likes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, that feels a lot better.

    Video filmed at Warrington Golf Club - warringtongolfclub.co.uk/

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Comments • 42

  • Simple Simon Does
    Simple Simon Does  1 days back

    This is a great explanation of how to hit irons, thanks Matt! Given me plenty to think about.

    • GENZ
      GENZ  2 days back

      Can you explain "forward press" Do you recommend it? If so, what is the correct way to address with a "forward press"

      Thank you

      • Malcolm A.
        Malcolm A.  3 days back

        Great vlog Matt; top class stuff. You really have improved your content this year
        Loving all of it

        • James Dean
          James Dean  5 days back

          Great lesson. I liked the chopping it out of the trees tip and knuckles pointing down towards the ball, so simple to do.

          • Louis Fried
            Louis Fried  6 days back

            Great video Matt. A clear and concise explanation of the three key elements to good iron play. Cheers mate.

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   6 days back

              Thanks Louis? hopefully you can add them to your iron game and start crushing the irons!

          • Tony Cluley
            Tony Cluley  6 days back

            Brilliant video

            • Tony Cluley
              Tony Cluley  6 days back

              @Matt Fryer Golf - Swaying off the ball when rotating. I am working hard on trying to do that!

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   6 days back

              Thanks Tony, which part do you think will help you the most?

          • kevin mcarthur
            kevin mcarthur  7 days back

            Thanks Matt keep up the good work

            • kevin mcarthur
              kevin mcarthur  6 days back

              Matt Fryer Golf -am back to working on building up my foundations -been not well for a long time ,and as I have been trying to recuperate I have watched a lot of you boys playing in old and new vlogs and has inspired me to play a little again -after seeing the lovely courses and of course the banter yous have cheers me up ..thanks to you ,rick ,Matt ,Carter etc

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   6 days back

              Cheers Kevin, what are you working on in your game at the moment?

          • Randy Young
            Randy Young  7 days back

            Great tips. Especially fancy the 55% on lead side as address.

            • Randy Young
              Randy Young  6 days back

              @Matt Fryer Golf I tend to struggle with my putting. I think it's mostly my grip. Can you recommend a putting grip that will promote less wrist in the stroke and enhance feel and distance control?

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   6 days back

              Thanks randy, what else would you like to see on the channel?

          • D-Dubb Golf
            D-Dubb Golf  7 days back

            Is that an iPad in your pocket or are you just happy to be golfing?

          • Andrew Inglis
            Andrew Inglis  7 days back

            Another great video Matt.

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   6 days back

              Thanks Andrew, more coming so make sure the bell is on!

          • Gary Smith
            Gary Smith  7 days back

            Nice one Matt

            • Gary Smith
              Gary Smith  6 days back

              Not yet but I will work on it

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   6 days back

              Thanks Gary, have you got all 3 components in your swing?

          • Dave Weedall
            Dave Weedall  7 days back

            I'm going to give that a try on my next couple of visits to the range. I do struggle playing a divot after the ball. Cheers Matt

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   7 days back

              My pleasure Dave, follow those steps and you should get that crisp strike your looking for!!

          • Peter Molyneux
            Peter Molyneux  7 days back

            I'm not good with irons, and have hybrids from 7 up. Why can I hit good hybrid shots but poor iron shots?

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   4 days back

              Get the lean and shift forwards and you'll see better flights 👍

            • Jan Pedersen
              Jan Pedersen  5 days back

              Peter Molyneux me too. I don’t get any further than 110 yards with my 7-iron. My gab-wedge around 50 yards. Getting way higher than forwards.

            • Peter Molyneux
              Peter Molyneux  6 days back

              @Matt Fryer Golf Thanks. I plan to! Thankfully short irons and my new Cleveland wedges are working well.

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   7 days back

              the design of the club makes it easier to launch and a slightly more forgiving. If they are working stick with them!

          • Ma9mwah Cars
            Ma9mwah Cars  7 days back

            Still struggling getting that bow into my wrist while thinking about everything else i need to do on the downswing. hopefully get it sorted on Thursdays lesson 👍

          • Craig Fletcher
            Craig Fletcher  7 days back

            Händ,s forword from the Ball at impact

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   7 days back

              yep get them leading the clubhead in not the other way around.

          • Robert Taylor
            Robert Taylor  7 days back

            Hi Matt , great advice and nice simple instructions , I have been hitting some fat iron shots recently . I’ll give this a go next time I’m at the range.

          • gaming raptor
            gaming raptor  7 days back

            Great lesson! I'm up in Manchester at the weekend. Can you recommend a course to play

            • gaming raptor
              gaming raptor  6 days back

              @sjmgolf_ break80 thanks

            • sjmgolf_ break80
              sjmgolf_ break80  6 days back

              Stockport quality in Manchester area ⛳

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   7 days back

              There are loads, depends on if they have comps on but....... worsley is decent, davyhulme or delamere if you want a real class course but is a few quid more.

          • sjmgolf_ break80
            sjmgolf_ break80  7 days back

            This is what I'm working on atm adding that bow into my left wrist getting that shaft forward 👍 gaining some yardage

            • sjmgolf_ break80
              sjmgolf_ break80  7 days back

              It's going well. Had a couple wks at the range with it tried drill it in. Got out on the course sat shot a couple under my cap 👍 hopefully the more I work at it the more consistent I'll be. That 79 could be coming next year 😂

            • Matt Fryer Golf
              Matt Fryer Golf   7 days back

              good man how is it working out for you?