Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | Season 6, Ep. 5 Promo


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  • Evan Buntoro
    Evan Buntoro  4 months back

    Simmons: this is the end of the road. You followed me for a year across the galaxy, I never would have made it here without you, but I won't keep putting you in danger. Thank you, now go home

    Daisy: No , Simmons...I...I can't leave you

    Simmons: you have to (shedding tears). whatever happens at least I'll be with Fitz, we'll have each other

    As Deke said I've never seen a group willing to die for each other like this team

    • Rahul Singh
      Rahul Singh  4 months back

      Thor vs captain america fight ho jaye

      • 王昕臨
        王昕臨  4 months back

        I'm always to wait next episode, whatever it takes. 💪✊👊

        • ranjith kumar
          ranjith kumar  4 months back

          Universal Save Hulk character from shitmarvel 😠😤

          • co van
            co van  4 months back

            SPOILER ALERT

            is Enoch the bad guy now?

            • AndersonED
              AndersonED  4 months back

              I don't think he did what he did with bad intentions. You can see him struggling to handle the situation. Did not seem like he had much of a choice in my opinion. I think that he opted to comply in order to save Daisy and the rest, clearly they were going to be executed.

          • Riyaz Qureshi
            Riyaz Qureshi  4 months back


            • SAJJ Official
              SAJJ Official  4 months back

              I still do not agree that Falcon is the next Captain America because of its black ugly smell of pork

            • PlatinumPrism
              PlatinumPrism  4 months back

              Half of the cast of the show probably got dusted

              • Arvy Rohi
                Arvy Rohi  4 months back

                Agent May!

                • Kritiko
                  Kritiko  4 months back

                  Fans: are you gonna connect the snap with AOS?
                  Marvel: no, I don't think I will.

                  • Nick Salazar
                    Nick Salazar  4 months back

                    @Stealthy Ronin it's not their fault the movie division doesn't share

                  • Stealthy Ronin
                    Stealthy Ronin  4 months back

                    They had already filmed this season having no information about Infinitywar/ Endgame which is fairly annoying

                • The Sentinel's
                  The Sentinel's  4 months back

                  (┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻ Yas am flipping READY LETS GO

                  • Matthew Reads Out Loud.
                    Matthew Reads Out Loud.  4 months back

                    Good Coulson! Phew

                    Anyone else see the irony in the character Snowflake being, shall we say overly aggressive.

                    • KTMX
                      KTMX  4 months back

                      I like how Fitz screams *JEMAMAAAA!!!*

                      • HARSH TRUTH
                        HARSH TRUTH  4 months back

                        Season 6 episode 5
                        Did any watched it
                        How the last 5 season ?

                        • Macanka Sonkorta
                          Macanka Sonkorta  4 months back

                          @Syahreza Difachri season 5 is about changing time, they go to the future and see the world turned into halves, it's most interesting season, watch it

                        • Nick Salazar
                          Nick Salazar  4 months back

                          @HARSH TRUTH a lot of character building in the first half of season 1 and some groundwork for the over arching story of the season.

                        • HARSH TRUTH
                          HARSH TRUTH  4 months back

                          @Syahreza Difachri thanks .!

                        • Syahreza Difachri
                          Syahreza Difachri  4 months back

                          First half of season 1 is a bit slow and uneventful, the second half is where it gets good, especially the episode that connects to Captain America: Winter Soldier.
                          Season 2 is good, maintained the momentum gained from last half of season 1 and gets better with introduction of inhumans.
                          Season 3 is a proper superhero show focused on the Inhumans with spy flicks here and there.
                          Season 4 is the one where i think is the best, with addition of robbie reyes as ghost rider and the third part of the season is mind blowing.
                          I wasn't really following season 5 because of work, but this season is space opera that doesn't disappoint.

                      • Vygintas
                        Vygintas  4 months back

                        Wow I missed 2 seasons and Coulson got old

                      • 100 Subscribers Without Videos

                        Don’t know why I’m here.
                        I just started watching this show a week ago and im on season 4
                        I just got so many spoilers but... who cares

                        • Nick Salazar
                          Nick Salazar  4 months back

                          Wow. Why would you do that to yourself?

                      • CatieIsStrange ッ
                        CatieIsStrange ッ  4 months back

                        OmG yEs. This show is amazing. I love it so much.

                        • Stephen Hefferan
                          Stephen Hefferan  4 months back

                          since seattle's abc affiliate is running a telethon tonight, when will people in seattle be able to see the episode?

                          • Shawn Evans
                            Shawn Evans  4 months back

                            Stephen Hefferan it’s on Hulu now if you have that service.

                        • Faithinthereins
                          Faithinthereins  4 months back

                          Ohkygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod..............OH MY GOD

                          • CineFun
                            CineFun  4 months back

                            What season is gonna have Spider-Gwen

                          • Ira Ford
                            Ira Ford  4 months back

                            can't wait for tonight's episode of agents of shield and the rest of jessica jones season 3.

                            • Brent Dreher
                              Brent Dreher  4 months back

                              Honestly, my favorite part of this is that it seems to be saying both plots will be featured. For a while it was looking like constant switching back and forth

                              • Ororo and Thor
                                Ororo and Thor  4 months back

                                Avengers need you now more than ever Daisy.

                                • BeneDoctor CumberStrange
                                  BeneDoctor CumberStrange  4 months back

                                  Ep 3 was a disaster like evyrone took the day off but the interns and they let them do an episode lol but after ep 4's turnaround im excited for what's next

                                  • Nick Salazar
                                    Nick Salazar  4 months back

                                    You must be watching Game of Thrones season 8 again haha

                                  • EnderMon
                                    EnderMon  4 months back

                                    Wasn’t ep3 the one with Jemma and Daisy? That was one of the most popular episodes ever LOL

                                • Tio Basara
                                  Tio Basara  4 months back


                                  • Marcos Maldonado
                                    Marcos Maldonado  4 months back

                                    I started all the way from season one and I finished season 5 today so yay, it took me a 2 weeks but I cought up.

                                    • Nick Salazar
                                      Nick Salazar  4 months back

                                      @Marcos Maldonado awesome! Glad to have a new fan of the show. This show is highly underrated and misunderstood.

                                    • Marcos Maldonado
                                      Marcos Maldonado  4 months back

                                      @Ira Ford I am a big fan of the MCU and I even saw Endgame the night before it came out, I also saw every movie in the MCU but I've been sleeping on this show and just I love this show as much as those movies.

                                    • Ira Ford
                                      Ira Ford  4 months back

                                      Marcos Maldonado great season 6 is great so far.

                                  • Translucent
                                    Translucent  4 months back

                                    I enjoyed 1&2 seasons but this... Now I only wanna watch the quality shows like Netflix series or swamp thing or somn like that.

                                    • Nick Salazar
                                      Nick Salazar  4 months back

                                      Bigger budget doesn't always equal better. Agents of Shield is the best superhero/comic book show of all time

                                    • EnderMon
                                      EnderMon  4 months back

                                      Wut. You stopped at 2? Dang your missing out. Feel kinda bad that your missing probably the best quality story telling these kinds of shows offer.

                                    • Bran'sTech
                                      Bran'sTech  4 months back

                                      This season has actually been filmed in cinematic style, which a better budget

                                  • Suvi-Tuuli Allan
                                    Suvi-Tuuli Allan  4 months back

                                    Is this like 2x speed or something?

                                    • Dreamy
                                      Dreamy  4 months back

                                      I wish marvel and Disney didn’t pretend these great actors and actresses didn’t exist

                                      • Nick Salazar
                                        Nick Salazar  4 months back

                                        @Keaton the show is definitely canon. Check seasons 1-6 again lol. The acting is great.

                                      • demoblaster
                                        demoblaster  4 months back

                                        @Keaton The heck? The show is canon to the MCU with exception of maybe this season which is only because Marvel Studios didn't share details with the TV division regarding the 5-year leap so the show is having to work around it.

                                      • Keaton
                                        Keaton  4 months back

                                        Because the show is good for what it is. The acting is ok, but it is essentially not canon, to the mcu.

                                      • demoblaster
                                        demoblaster  4 months back

                                        Marvel & Disney doesn't since this is still their show. I think you mean Marvel Studios, the movie branch of the company, that keeps making excuses as to why they won't involve them in MCU projects because theyre too "obscure" but then still puts HOWARD THE DUCK in Endgame.

                                    • Johnnyxp64
                                      Johnnyxp64  4 months back

                                      why we didnt get that last friday????????

                                      • BunnieEar AJ
                                        BunnieEar AJ  4 months back

                                        Johnnyxp64 They didn’t air the episode because of the NBA Finals.

                                    • Brandon Hicks
                                      Brandon Hicks  4 months back

                                      Ghost Rider arc was the best the series has put out, but this season seems to be finding its footing now

                                      • Bran'sTech
                                        Bran'sTech  4 months back

                                        Definitely enjoy this season as well! I personally find the Framework arc the best though, also the Uprising one.

                                    • Justin S
                                      Justin S  4 months back

                                      I’m here early but I don’t have anything to say. Can you all just pretend I said something witty? Ty

                                    • Joshua Walker
                                      Joshua Walker  4 months back

                                      This show and these characters are unrecognizable from season one. That's not a complement.

                                      • Bran'sTech
                                        Bran'sTech  4 months back

                                        The show has quite a bit of viewers, but many prefer to watch the show on-demand or later on, as compared to live viewing.

                                      • Bran'sTech
                                        Bran'sTech  4 months back

                                        Small but active fan base

                                      • Joshua Walker
                                        Joshua Walker  4 months back

                                        I just looked up the Nielsen ratings. Yeah, this show has tanked.

                                      • Akmal Danial
                                        Akmal Danial  4 months back

                                        @Joshua Walker A lot of people are still watching. They say the show is now better than the first seasons.

                                    • Top Trailer's & Clips
                                      Top Trailer's & Clips  4 months back

                                      Shield Agent....They are VerY Dangerous Fighter....

                                      • Miranda Miller
                                        Miranda Miller  4 months back

                                        YES! Tear them limb from limb Daisy! NOBODY hurts Fitz! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                                      • Eagle eyes
                                        Eagle eyes  4 months back

                                        Could Ghost Rider come back

                                      • bifa
                                        bifa  4 months back

                                        0:20 Do it Daisy anyway! I need to see this. xD

                                      • Lars Schietecat
                                        Lars Schietecat  4 months back

                                        I'm the 3880 person who has seen thid

                                        • ازهر العراقي
                                          ازهر العراقي  4 months back


                                        • MG16NCP
                                          MG16NCP  4 months back


                                        • beatsprodbycm
                                          beatsprodbycm  4 months back

                                          Better than the cw crap.

                                          • Mc_Girl12
                                            Mc_Girl12  4 months back

                                            Hi, I am Hi. Same! I loved the first two season of Arrow and Flash but they went downhill VERY fast. And the other shows look horrible.

                                          • Hi, I am Hi.
                                            Hi, I am Hi.  4 months back

                                            I don't understand how those shows are so popular. I loved the earlier seasons of both Arrow and The Flash but everything else is just a big "MEH"

                                        • Ade
                                          Ade  4 months back

                                          JEMMA !!!!!!!!!

                                          • Bran'sTech
                                            Bran'sTech  4 months back

                                            That's pretty interesting!

                                          • Bryce Cheng
                                            Bryce Cheng  4 months back

                                            I can't believe I'm actually so early that I don't even have comments to read yet. Kind of boring actually.

                                            • Noor Ahmed
                                              Noor Ahmed  4 months back

                                              I know it was one week off but it feels like forever...I missed the show so much!

                                            • LilPazOwO
                                              LilPazOwO  4 months back

                                              Yeii :v

                                              • Tommy Boman
                                                Tommy Boman  4 months back

                                                Cannot believe they made us wait for 2 weeks... only a few days without this fantastic show I start buying vodka to make the days go faster...

                                                • Adam Ghafoor
                                                  Adam Ghafoor  4 months back

                                                  @EnderMon Fair enough, but I just don't see a reason for this guy to bash a sport for no reason. We miss one episode for. A week

                                                • EnderMon
                                                  EnderMon  4 months back

                                                  Adam Ghafoor I know I’m not the person you asked, but I find basketball to be the least entertaining sport to watch. They kinda just go back and forth throwing the ball around. All you need to do is watch the end of the game to get any excitement. I’m not a sports guy in general, but basketball is at the bottom of my list.

                                                • Adam Ghafoor
                                                  Adam Ghafoor  4 months back

                                                  @Tommy Boman why do you hate basketball? Or are you just an angry warriors fan since the raptors won?

                                                • Tommy Boman
                                                  Tommy Boman  4 months back

                                                  @Adam Ghafoor I know. Horrible. Unless aliens land and starts war of the worlds while sucking all the water from the planet occurs, I except them to not stop sending AoS. But pfffff... basketball...

                                                • Adam Ghafoor
                                                  Adam Ghafoor  4 months back

                                                  It was because of the NBA finals.

                                              • Md rafique
                                                Md rafique  4 months back

                                                I am 18th person who watched the trailer