What Happened to Game of Thrones?!


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  • Patrick Oliver
    Patrick Oliver  2 months back

    Way I see it the 3ER played everyone

    • burningSunset78
      burningSunset78  4 months back

      Omfg if they had ended the show like how you described, it would have been somewhat redeeming tbh. The ending was worse than I could even imagine.

      • TheFreshTrumpet
        TheFreshTrumpet  5 months back

        Most of Dany’s good deeds were because people coached her to do em? Maybe sometimes but if you think that was true even half the time, we watched two different shows lol at least for S1-4 ffs

        • Cipher655
          Cipher655  5 months back

          Huh... views almost as high as your subcount. Kek

          • Sam Blowey
            Sam Blowey  5 months back

            would love to hear your thoughts on the last episode!

            • neolithiumproduction
              neolithiumproduction  5 months back

              Reminds me of how Merlin's last season went, when they realized they only had 1 more season to do everything and just....botched the whole thing badly. >_<

              • PatrioticSam
                PatrioticSam  5 months back

                8:58 - Turns out they drink HBO water at HBO...

                • Kavalli Kyorshiro
                  Kavalli Kyorshiro  5 months back

                  What happened? Show went on longer for it's own good. Happens with a lot of TV shows.

                  • chewysugar
                    chewysugar  5 months back

                    What’s funny about people saying that audiences need to stop complaining—if Game of Thrones had been any other kind of product aside from media, there would have been a recall and press conferences. But because it’s a television series, disappointed viewers get written off as “whiny.” Why should time and emotional—and in some cases, monetary investment get written off just because it’s not the latest MacBook or Jeep Grand Cherokee?

                    • Fishslap 33
                      Fishslap 33  5 months back

                      To me it's that they broke all the character arcs, starting with Stannis. It went somewhat unnoticed, but a lot of people gave this show the middle finger all the way back in season 4 because of this. If they can do that to Stannis, they can do it to all the other characters as well. Which they then did, comprehensively in some cases. I can barely get through S8, and it's taking me forever simply because it's so atrociously bad, story and character - wise. But I think the only characters who might have arguably followed their original arcs to a more or less satisfying conclusion were the The Hound and possibly Theon.

                      All the others are like cardboard signs of their characters, including the completely static and tedious Stark sisters and particularly the statue they turned Brienne of Tarth into. It's all just utter shit. If you stick prophecies in your books, which I energetically protest doing, then you have to fulfill them, or you've just wasted your readers' time with nonsense. If you have significant character development you have to deliver on it, or kill the character off, or you're just wasting your readers' time with irrelevant activities that don't matter. D&D failed miserably at both these things, because they are terrible writers who should be unemployed now. Anyone at all can do absolutely anything at all, whether they have a reason to or not. Or obviously whether they have any sort of character development leading them to that action or not. So it's just sillywigs now, and nothing that happens or said means anything at all. It's like they came up with some things that needed to be done by someone, anyone, and then threw a dart at a dartboard with all the cast members' faces on it.

                      As for Dany, she might end up where she ended up in the books too. Certainly the mad king angle with her father has been there the entire time. But not like this, and not this quickly. You really have to build something like this up, or it just falls flat. And on the other end there is Bran, who had this one amazing episode in season 6 and then did nothing ever again. If this is how people imagine Bran will develop in the books they are in for quite a surprise.

                      • Fender Jaguar
                        Fender Jaguar  5 months back

                        Why in the cunt do you have to cunting shout?

                        • Hexdrop
                          Hexdrop  5 months back

                          your cam is shaking the whole time. please just dont attach it to the table.

                          • Andrew Camden
                            Andrew Camden  5 months back

                            Dany was introduced from the very first season as an evil, bloody woman who promised "our enemies will die screaming." It would have been an absurd betrayal of what came before for her story to have ended with anything other than a bloodbath.

                            • Kelly Kluger
                              Kelly Kluger  5 months back

                              Lost had a brilliant finale.

                              • mbdbdbf
                                mbdbdbf  5 months back

                                The reason it’s so disappointing is because they’ve demonstrated for years they are capable of great writing and storytelling. So when they don’t live up to the standard they’ve set...the viewer can only conclude that they chose not to.

                                • jgrace1217
                                  jgrace1217  5 months back

                                  Can't wait for the follow up video

                                  • Hasatanel Belial
                                    Hasatanel Belial  5 months back

                                    "Weiner, weiner, weiner, floppy weiners! Nice and soft. NOT ERECT!"
                                    Now we know why he did not just hurry to the dragons, I guess.

                                    • Serious Face
                                      Serious Face  5 months back

                                      It was never good.

                                    • Adam C. Rivera
                                      Adam C. Rivera  5 months back

                                      You gonna do a follow up video now that the last episode has aired?
                                      I'd love to see you discuss some of the things you called that did/didn't happen.

                                      • Sfr528
                                        Sfr528  5 months back

                                        The way GRRM writes characters is very organic, this is true. However, he is also a meticulous planner. He knows where his characters' arcs are going and how they will end. GRRM makes sure to fill in inordinate amounts of detail and foreshadowing before major beats occur. A minor example of this from the books is when Vargo Hoat cut off Jamie's hand. This wasn't a random act of violence, it wasn't just to shock the reader. Vargo was trying to play the game of thrones by mucking up Bolton's ability to negotiate with the Lannisters. That is a very truncated explanation but it just goes to show how much planning GRRM does.

                                        You argue D&D don't have the time that GRRM has to meander around figuring out how to fill these character arcs. I would argue that D&D are good at adaptation but are bad writers. Once they ran out of source material and GRRM left, the writing took a nosedive. Knowing where a character is going to end up should be more than enough for a good writer to fill in believable scenarios that would bring the characters to that endpoint. Walter White is a great example of this. The writers of Breaking Bad knew where Walt was going to end up, but not how he would necessarily get there. They then crafted believable scenarios that propelled Walt to that point. D&D knew Dany was going to become the mad queen... yet the switch happened so abruptly that it gave everyone whiplash. How did she go from someone who loved and cared for the people to burning the innocent alive?

                                        • Karathos
                                          Karathos  5 months back

                                          First she came for the slavers, and I did not speak out—
                                          Because I was not an evil slaver.
                                          Then she came for the Mereen nobility, and I did not speak out—
                                          Because I was not an evil nobleman.
                                          Then she came for the Westeros nobility, and I did not speak out—
                                          Because I was not an evil nobleman.
                                          Then she came for me—and there was no one else left.

                                          They made her turn way too quick, that much I can agree with. But did people somehow miss her burying people alive in bank vaults, nailing people to road signs, burning people alive and feeding their corpses to her dragons? You're allowed to be pissed off guys but don't demean yourselves by acting dense out of spite. They even talk about it in the last episode; how they kept applauding her everywhere she went because she was killing evil people. When she starts deciding who are evil people and what constitutes building that strange "good world" she mentioned... like the Thrones-ified poem at the start says.

                                          "Then she came for me."

                                          That is tyranny. Tyranny she was going to spread around the world.

                                          • l stc
                                            l stc  5 months back

                                            Really, truly, SINCERELY hoping that Georgey boy has been sneakily writing the books whilst the series has been going downhill all these years... Had to give up on the series after s3 when it became clear they were chopping out three quarters of the most jaw dropping events from the books. The last episode was fudgin insulting imo

                                            • MarcusTheAbsolute
                                              MarcusTheAbsolute  5 months back

                                              I have no problem with stories seemingly leading nowhere as long as there is an aftermath to it. It's realistic that a person has great dreams and amibitons and people keep telling them how they're going to do great things someday and it does not come true. Because what information do those characters possibly have to know for certain that person becomes great? They don't know, nobody knows. However, I feel there is a limit to how far that can be taken. At first we think GoT is Ned's story, of how he navigates the intrigue and holds this kingdom together. And we're quickly shown that this is not what that story is about. But naturally, we latch onto Robb, and think maybe, it's the story of his revenge, of how a young man like him became the king. And then that's cut short.

                                              The issue here is that there are stories in season 8 that are "cut short" and unfulfilled that have been built up for way too long for it to end that way. You don't get the feeling that Dany's story is the story of a character who goes from humble beginnings to greatness and gets corrupted by power, becomes the thing they always swore to stop. When you watch the scene in the fighting pits, or the mhysa scene, you do not get the sense, at all, that this will be a tragic tale of this great, merciful person becoming evil. Because evil characters do not get those scenes, ever. You never saw Cersei in a glorious, liberating scene, the best you got was a hint that she might have some humanity in her, deep down. What we got, in hindsight, was a showcase of how great this character could become in those scenes, if only they overcome their shortcomings. But those shortcomings, that instability, comes to a head in a moment that, as you say, feels undeserved. All she had to do after the battle was won, was go to the Red Keep, just stop. Instead, she goes on a needless, unwarranted rampage after she's already burned the city's defenders to a crisp. Surely that was her time to vent, why go on for no reason? And yeah, you get hints that Dany might not be all that great over the seasons, that she tends to respond to cruelty with more cruelty, but always, her cruelty is, in at least some respect, righteous. It is aimed at those who are cruel or doles out her version of justice to those who chose to oppose her (Tarlys). Yet here, the character switches from righteously angry into mass-murdering maniac who wantonly destroys streets filled with nothing but civilians within the span of an episode. We could accept that she goes crazy on trying to take the throne she has wanted for so long and that she might tear down the Red Keep regardless of civilian casualties. We cannot accept that she just straight up has her dragon systematically burn a city that's surrendered, specifically targetting civilian homes and then, eventually, gets around to like sorta go kill Cersei, even though that was her whole point. Until the very end of episode 5 you never get the sense that she is losing sight of her goal, and if that goal was to take the throne then she's spent the last 30 minutes of episode 5 taking one hell of a roundabout burnyburny way of getting to it. Though I will give them some credit, I did not realise how actually invested I was in Dany, a character that is way too much of a "main protagonist" for me to care about, until they pretty much screwed her story up right at the very end. Like, if you erase the final hour and thirty minutes of GoT, I'm good with Dany's story, but at the very very end, the tippity top, they stumbled.

                                              The same goes for the Night King and Jon. Remind me again why the Lord of Light brought him back? With Beric, we at least get the satisfaction of knowing that he has been brought back to ensure that at that moment, Arya does not die, and she can stop the long night with the skills she's acquired over her journey. Why was Jon brought back again? It wasn't to stop the long night, which, as far as I can tell is the only thing the Lord of Light was interested in, seeing as how Mel was set free after the Night King fell and Beric was brought back only so that the Walkers might lose. But what has Jon done that has particularly contributed in that battle? Burned some undead (Jon didn't, the dragon did), occupied the Night King for a bit (like 30 seconds)? Doesn't seem particularly crucial, seeing as the dead still won the battle, it's not like he swung the battle in the favour of the living in the end. Brought all the people together to fight? Again, doesn't seem important since in the end the victory of the living came after they already lost. Would human victory be impossible if the dead won the battle quicker? Would Arya not do what she did if Jon wasn't hanging around? Seeing as, for whatever reason, the Night King was extremely interested in killing Bran with his own hand for no good logical reason, no not really, Jon could have died two days before the battle and nothing would have changed. So did he bring him back to stop Dany, if that's what he cared about? Arya could have done that. Hell, Arya would have done that had Jon not been there. So his entire arc, the whole rise from a bastard to a chosen one, selected even by the gods themselves, has lead to...nothing of particular relevance to the story, at all. As much as I didn't want "the chosen one" to be king, as much as I didn't find Jon as interesting as many of the other characters, the story leaned into that idea so heavily that doing anything but that felt unsatisfying. If Jon isn't the hero and leader of men in the end, what was the point of all of it? You already explained the problem with the Night King himself so I won't dwell on that.

                                              Again, I have no problem with unfulfilled stories as long as they are told in a way that makes the lack of fulfillment at the end make narrative sense and leads to some crucial development or satisfaction in the aftermath. But there is no aftermath after this. The aftermath all comes in a single episode. Jon, the chosen one, the rightful king and good ruler ends up a tormented hero, in exile, at the Wall, with the Night's Watch, defending against the Whit...no those are dead. Against the Wild...no those are their friends. What is the point of the Night's Watch now? Hell if we know. Arya, the adventurous tomboy, the she-wolf that fiercly protects her family and does whatever needs to be done (mostly stabbing), leaves her family to go explore. Ok I guess, it's truthful to one half of her character. Bran, the disinterested, uncharismatic encyclopaedia on wheels becomes king, then the first council meeting we see, he peaces out to go look for a dragon that is of no consequence to Westeros right now, and leaves his dysfunctional small council to deal with the rest. Thanks, GoT, now I can rest easy knowing Westeros has a better king than it started with. You know, the one that does not care about ruling and does not attend small council meetings. About the only three characters that get a satisfying ending are Tyrion, Sam and Sansa, potentially also Brienne. Hell if I know what the point of Podrick's existence was btw, he hasn't really done much of significance the whole story yet was featured in it consistently even after he's outlived his usefulness (saving Tyrion). The Unsullied become hateful weapons of war and apparently stay that way and sail off. So, they're pretty much right where they started, despite all of Dany's influence over multiple seasons. Within one episode, all that gets wiped clean essentially just due to Missandei's death. Fuck me if I know what the Dothraki get up to in Westeros. Just, satisfaction all around. And again, I wouldn't have a problem with ending up at this point, if the way we got there made more sense looking back at it.

                                              • Beato the Golden
                                                Beato the Golden  5 months back

                                                This season is nowhere near as bad as people like to exaggerate.

                                                • Jack Rabbit
                                                  Jack Rabbit  5 months back

                                                  Oh look, another butthurt tard posting a video about how GoT's isn't what they want, expect, etc. Have you ever considered just turning the fucking channel? You POS youboobers are just trying to ride fads to get clicks. Fuck off.

                                                  • Garden Roberta
                                                    Garden Roberta  5 months back

                                                    Next episode Bran wakes up yes it was all just a bad future then immediately calls for and warns Jon not to kill Dany.

                                                    • allybean
                                                      allybean  5 months back

                                                      The show sucked, your comments sucked, the prophecies sucked.

                                                      • Henare Fenris
                                                        Henare Fenris  5 months back

                                                        i want episode 6 please!

                                                        • Josh Phillips
                                                          Josh Phillips  5 months back

                                                          The original run of Full Metal Alchemist had this same problem. Once you got past the manga as the series was still ongoing but the anime had to finish, things just got weird. This has the same issue while they were adapting thing they did great, but then they changed things from the books, and got to a point where it was like, crap need to wrap this up. So because they have changed from the books, you know its going to be a rushed ending, and with potentially massive changes from how the books is going to end (if the book series is ever finished). Clarification, RR has already stated they have made decisions he would not have, and the D&D boys have stated RR only gave them hints as to possible endings.

                                                          • J Simmons
                                                            J Simmons  5 months back

                                                            Its the same thing that happened with the Star Wars prequels, the writing was done in the wrong direction and you can tell, its about the destination not the journey and thats not how a story works.

                                                            • Roaming Thereal
                                                              Roaming Thereal  5 months back

                                                              D&D should have walked away after season 4 or 5 and GoT should have lasted 100 episodes.

                                                              • Holy potato paladin
                                                                Holy potato paladin  5 months back

                                                                Lol watch George RR Martin change the ending to say fk u to DnD XD

                                                                • Jose Prendes
                                                                  Jose Prendes  5 months back

                                                                  Why does everyone call it the “Clegane Bowl”?

                                                                  • Alexander Vali
                                                                    Alexander Vali  5 months back

                                                                    Jessie Cox! two videos and I think you touched on it.. the last few seasons were not character driven but were instead story driven (your words), plot holes and motivations were sacrifices made for momentum and epic scenes and they paid off.. from Hardhome on... not a perfect solution but seriously, GRRM wasn't able to finish the character arcs in over 20 years .. maybe this is the best we'll ever get for this.. not bad considering the scope , helluva story and dragon in ashes is poetic as hell

                                                                    • Hermentotip
                                                                      Hermentotip  5 months back

                                                                      Nice Juri statue. Do u even SF bro? xD

                                                                      • Red Leader
                                                                        Red Leader  5 months back

                                                                        Daenerys character has always sucked I don't know why people liked her, she literally freed people just so she could have slaves for herself but nobody wants to talk about that

                                                                        • Hana Tanana
                                                                          Hana Tanana  5 months back

                                                                          Every person who wants to create a 'beautiful, just' world 'all' people and is ready to kill all those who disagree is a dictator and tyrant.

                                                                          • Nazareadain
                                                                            Nazareadain  5 months back

                                                                            Arya Stark went all the way to Arya Snark.

                                                                            • Aaron Lockley
                                                                              Aaron Lockley  5 months back

                                                                              .....is this doomcock???

                                                                              • john dolores
                                                                                john dolores  5 months back

                                                                                Dude, they aren't smart enough to write for the show. Call it what you want, that is the simple truth.

                                                                                • me notyu
                                                                                  me notyu  5 months back

                                                                                  My wife couldnt finish the episode. She really identified with Dany and Sansa....and she really started disliking Dany when dany refused to help unless Jon swore to follow her. She still hoped all would work out. By the time Ep5 was over, she absolutely hated the show, mostly because she was burning the city and not the red keep and wont watch the finale

                                                                                  • Romullus
                                                                                    Romullus  5 months back

                                                                                    You can definitely tell something happened. It's like flying a plane and you hear a clunk and the plane begins to shudder or smoke or both but you don't know what happened. Then the plane starts dropping and going down with no response to the controls and you have no idea why. You crash in the water near a coastline, you fumbly climb out and swim to shore and are like whelp thats that. It's painfully obvious that D&D cannot write anywhere NEAR the capacity that Martin can. So everything you said here is spot on in this video. Flash Gitz put out a video on it and its superb!


                                                                                    • Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy
                                                                                      Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy  5 months back

                                                                                      At this rate Arya will start hiding in fridges and survive by start of the next season

                                                                                      • RUwatching
                                                                                        RUwatching  5 months back

                                                                                        It seemed everything was hurried to the end and thats what was wrong

                                                                                        • GojirA
                                                                                          GojirA  5 months back

                                                                                          game of thrones season 8 sub title: "whiny nerdy buttholes bleeding from over traumatic butthurt 2019"

                                                                                          • Ruthless Robbery
                                                                                            Ruthless Robbery  5 months back

                                                                                            Yupp he when't north of the wall in the worst finale I've ever watched since sopranos

                                                                                            • North Nokris
                                                                                              North Nokris  5 months back

                                                                                              It wasn't worth it.

                                                                                              • Jon Calvert
                                                                                                Jon Calvert  5 months back

                                                                                                Spoilers 12:30 nope... 14:00 close