Fans petition HBO to “fix” Game Of Thrones season 8 - Are D&D Bad writers?


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  • trotz75
    trotz75  4 months back

    U do know Danny isn't literally a dragon? And not a wild animal? Her killing woman and children makes zero sense.

    • trotz75
      trotz75  4 months back

      To put the chains on the dragon, the night king could simply sacrifice a few wights to sink to the bottom, and since they dead and don't need to breathe they could walk on the bottom and wrap the chains around the dragon.

      • Nikhil Bose
        Nikhil Bose  5 months back

        People didn't get made because it didn't end the way they wanted to. The show has done a lot of unexpected things. killed off beloved characters but it was all motivated. People are mad because the writing was not believable. the whole show felt like an outline of a show rather than the show itself.

        • 54markl
          54markl  5 months back

          Okay, Eight Seasons was okay, I guess. At least it hasn’t outworn its welcome like The Walking Dead did years ago, at least it didn’t take the bullet train all the way to the depths of Heck like that sorry show. But as soon as they ran out of Martin material, they should have Bounced flybynights D&D and gotten Vince Gilligan to write and direct the final seasons. It would have been spectacular, rather than a dud that fell flat. But HBO was not smart, just greedy. Disney raided them, they were left flat-footed. Just like AMC, because both of those networks are owned by a guy so questionable that he made huge cash donations to Trump’s re-election fund. Virtue is its own reward, and Crassness is its own punishment. A lesson learned too late to be of use now, but something that will be filed thoughtfully away in the memory banks of millions of fans, and they are going to remember who Hatcheted their beloved Game of Thrones. The thirty pieces of Silver, D&D!

          • 54markl
            54markl  5 months back

            D&D have a certain cunning wit when it comes to adopting others’ material, but 5hey kind of suck when they write their own. And the rushed ending and ignominious end of Game of Thrones is 100% Their Fault! It turns out they were trying to escape to write crappy garbage Star Wars movies that will make them Even More fabulously wealthy than they were already! Crass, Greedy, disgusting, And I will be damned if I ever watch any of their Star Wars sellout crap. GOT was sacrificed on the altar of their Unconscionable Greed, I will never forgive them for doing this to a fine series that deserved an ending done with Care and Love. They had a big row with HBO who wanted 13 seasons. Martin wanted 13 seasons. D&D, The Scoundrels, closed it out at Eight, they wanted that Disney money. The last season was mailed in, they didn’t care any more. The fans are Outraged to an extent never seen before. Hey Disney, I hope D&D do a Hatchet Job on your crass, commercial, vulgar brand too, you richly deserve it this time. That settles it, Vince Gilligan is the only person in television with a shred of integrity left. He knows how to end a blockbuster series without disappointing anyone. I really and truly wish he had written the last season of Game of Thrones. It deserved an Intelligent ending, it could be a very fine series on occasions in the past. Instead ... This! O woe unto you, D&D, you have Transgressed!

            • Danne1312
              Danne1312  5 months back

              I wonder how many ppl D&D screwed up.. I will never watch a series from start, and I will rather wait for 10years before watching and see what fans say after the finale so i don't get this screwed over again.

              • Sydni Taylor
                Sydni Taylor  5 months back

                I agreed with everything you said lol its so true. The Mountain was harder to kill than the Night King which is crazy because they built up the White Walkers as the biggest threat to Westeros but the first night they come they're defeated in one battle. Dan and Dave always said that Daenerys wasn't her father and that she was a compassionate human being, we saw her lock up her dragons in season 4 and they stayed locked up until the end of season 6, in season 7 she didn't attack Kings Landing because she didn't want to harm the innocent but then all of a sudden she massacres an entire city. They could've had the same effect for Daenerys just by having her burn down the Red Keep innocents still would've died and there'd still be collateral damage and the audience would've still seen her in a morally bad light because Daenerys hasn't directly targeted innocents for no reason in previous seasons (not even in season 7). Also Varys all of a sudden doesn't know how to be

                • Nick Groenewegen
                  Nick Groenewegen  5 months back

                  That last 2 minutes sums it all up perfectly. Exactly what happened. Comes down to GREED, the 1 thing of human nature that defiles everything.

                  • m black
                    m black  5 months back

                    I missed this video somehow. I'm LMAO right now. Lamar.....the great Tony T. These people ruined Jon snow and Dani for me. There is no forgiveness. And the friggin NK should have had to go mano y mano with bran at the end to make the plot line relevant. The NK could have killed Dani and subsequently Jon kills the NK during the weirwood zone battle between bran and the NK. But that makes sense and isn't a Twist. F the D twins. They're dead to me

                    • Schwartz Seymour
                      Schwartz Seymour  5 months back

                      Are D&D Bad writers? - Yes. Very very very bad writers.

                      • wangzi G
                        wangzi G  5 months back

                        sorry, i forgot! and when did The Dwarf and Jon learn Dothraki language!!!?!

                        • wangzi G
                          wangzi G  5 months back

                          a message to the no writers D & Pee, you wasted all of the good writings of Mr. R. R. and now D & Pee will write for star wars?!?!?! what the heck?! another Piece of Art story will be a piece of Shi* ? sorry. Please keep them away from writing the new Starwars. they will make them Pee Wars.

                          • books from Windblown
                            books from Windblown  5 months back

                            Fuck the show.

                            • Austin Malby
                              Austin Malby  5 months back

                              yes they have no writing or storytelling talent

                              • flammes flammes
                                flammes flammes  5 months back

                                This season is trash!

                                • flammes flammes
                                  flammes flammes  5 months back

                                  They took the chains from 2chains the rapper

                                  • flammes flammes
                                    flammes flammes  5 months back

                                    There were a lot of ships that made shots at the first dragon I get that. But what irritated me is turning the dragon lady to the bad guy in this season

                                    • cahaps
                                      cahaps  5 months back

                                      She was betrayed by everyone but worst of all John she had every right to burn them all

                                      • cahaps
                                        cahaps  5 months back

                                        When the dragon got shot the ships were hidden all of them shot at once the dragons didn't see it she didn't see it

                                        • Baron Ash
                                          Baron Ash  5 months back

                                          Each ship had a Scorpion so he didn't have to reload that quickly. That's also why the scorpion bolts hit from different directions. So that quibble can be put to bed, eh?

                                          • William Cresswell
                                            William Cresswell  5 months back

                                            I wasn't jumping on this "season 8 sucks" thing because I thought the finale would be amazing and tie it together somehow. It didn't. Disappointment face.

                                            • M Loftin
                                              M Loftin  5 months back

                                              These fans freaking the hell out is better than the show. So much fun to watch this goat screw!

                                              • Adrienne M
                                                Adrienne M  5 months back

                                                Classic Tolkien ending. The hobbit- was all about getting the treasure, then we have the battle of the 5 armies?! LOTR- they defeat Sauron, but then hobbits go home and have the scorching of the Shire?! Both endings happen at end of the books..doesn't make sense and neither will episode 6!

                                                • Keith Lemire
                                                  Keith Lemire  5 months back

                                                  Fucking people just can’t Handel the show is ending and need something to bitch about. (History shows most people have hated the last season of any show that was ending)

                                                  • Pink Bubbles
                                                    Pink Bubbles  5 months back

                                                    Going to miss your videos about thrones! Thank you for making the ride even more enjoyable. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come my friend!

                                                    • Eman DeMoan
                                                      Eman DeMoan  5 months back

                                                      8:33 "there's no DNA test performed!" LOL

                                                      • M M
                                                        M M  5 months back

                                                        Great video

                                                        • Andrew Hutchins
                                                          Andrew Hutchins  5 months back

                                                          this video is actually Stephen A Smith giving a polite GoT review

                                                          • Jaberwalk1e
                                                            Jaberwalk1e  5 months back

                                                            when we saw the red wedding we were shocked but not angry at the writer for subverting our expectations

                                                            • Guyritchie8 Theeold
                                                              Guyritchie8 Theeold  5 months back

                                                              "Machine gun" Greyjoy!

                                                              • bucky56laboy
                                                                bucky56laboy  5 months back

                                                                Good point the 1 who braid her hair head got cut off the day before and told her burn em

                                                                • bucky56laboy
                                                                  bucky56laboy  5 months back

                                                                  Mountain vs the night king

                                                                  • Garkis Bloodlust
                                                                    Garkis Bloodlust  5 months back

                                                                    Well said my man well said... At this point the healthiest thing we can do is exactly what you are doing in this video.  Just laugh at the lazy, awful, nonsensical writing.  The plot holes with the chains to bring up the dragon were somewhat forgivable but what D&D are doing to these characters we have loved for over 7 years is truly horrendous.  D&D just want to rush through this and go make that Disney money making their Star Wars trilogy.

                                                                    • The Conscientious Objector

                                                                      I helped a brother out

                                                                    • Zach M
                                                                      Zach M  5 months back

                                                                      Everyone all of a sudden is Charles dickens. I’m tired of all the “the plot is awful and the writing is bad” comments. This season is fine. Yes the night king died quickly but who cares. Only people who are mad their theories were wrong. People mad that dany went mad, this has been going on for half the series. I’ve always disliked her. Besides freeing the slaves she’s only been concerned with getting the throne and killing anyone who won’t bend the knee. Not surprised at all after her friends are killed and both her dragons are killed along with having everyone basically saying Jon would be a better leader. I like the direction they’ve gone. Are there mistakes and rushed plots? Sure, but I think everything has been fine and think so far the ending of everyone has been perfect. If dany is taken out that is all I want. Just hilarious how everyone hates this season. Just a bunch of fan boys who are mad something else didn’t happen. People would complain no matter what

                                                                      • Sasha Kononovich
                                                                        Sasha Kononovich  5 months back

                                                                        Admit it, you don't want it to end. We are hooked. I think Dan and Dave did a pretty awesome job. The king disappointing. Over all the best tv watching in history.

                                                                        • katrina mitas
                                                                          katrina mitas  5 months back

                                                                          They destroyed so many character developments. . Like really Jaime just goes back to die with his sister, then killing varys. Ugh. Like only thing I like is danny Turning mad. It's what we expected, but I'm mad so mad. . The knight king was the best supervillian EVER. And ariya kills him that easy? Hbo you suck.

                                                                          • First world problems
                                                                            First world problems  5 months back

                                                                            Sam read about Jon through some books didn’t he ? About Lyanna and Rhaegar ? And bran saw it with the 3 eyed raven and now as bran becomes the 3 eyed raven and tells people things that happened in their past when he wasn’t there like Sanzas wedding and little finger betraying Their father , I’m sure more people are willing to believe what he says about Jon. I don’t think Bran can lie or deceive either Cos like he’s completely emotionless

                                                                            • Lloyd Brodnax
                                                                              Lloyd Brodnax  5 months back

                                                                              How about a frickin GoT movie similar to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy? And with reputable writers for 7Hells sake!

                                                                              • AngryMoto Sk8rGirl
                                                                                AngryMoto Sk8rGirl  5 months back

                                                                                The writers took the time to have Pycelle fart twice in separate episodes, but couldn’t take the time to properly do a finale?

                                                                                • Din B
                                                                                  Din B  5 months back

                                                                                  Creators D&D went mad writing the ending episodes... not Daenerys.

                                                                                  • Jessica Pacific
                                                                                    Jessica Pacific  5 months back

                                                                                    i think the reason were all upset is because apparently seasons 1-7 were of a different show. Nothing is panning out, not a thing. bran was useless, sam going to the citidel and stealing books was useless, the fact that its pointed out that jon snow knows nothing lead us all to believe he was supposed to know something and when he did find that something out, it would matter. but it didn't. and they made us wait an entire year only to give us a completely different show than we have been watching. disappointing is an understatement.

                                                                                    • Edwin Mintey
                                                                                      Edwin Mintey  5 months back

                                                                                      There's a freaking dragon flying up in the air with a woman on it's back and that's ok and you are wondering a fast firing ballista?

                                                                                      • DARTH BANE
                                                                                        DARTH BANE  5 months back

                                                                                        I did Warn you !!!.

                                                                                        • Barri Love
                                                                                          Barri Love  5 months back


                                                                                          • Peter K
                                                                                            Peter K  5 months back

                                                                                            After 73 hours, I think the only thing I’d change is I’d have Jon kill the night king, Jon be put on trial by Dany after KL and demand trial by combat. I’d have him kill Gray Worm in the combat and declare he’s the rightful king. Arya would kill Dany with the face of Missande and Jon would exile himself to the north after some time and discover the Night has returned with some Mumbo jumbo about how he transferred himself through Weirwood tree to one of Crestor’s boys in the north who is still young.

                                                                                            • Peter K
                                                                                              Peter K  5 months back

                                                                                              Don Don Don Et Tu? My favorite Youtuber. 73+ hours of storytelling and we’re nitpicking. Michael Corleone took 2 hours to turn into the Don and everyone was down with that. Dany spent the first 18 years of her life in exile going from house to house on the run and fearing for her life. She was subject to mental torture from her brother. She was the beggar queen for years. And she burned people almost every year. Dead husband. Dead baby. Nightmares. Red priestess telling her she’s the prince who was promised. All that PTSD from Meereen, Quarth, dead dragons, dead friend zone, unappreciative Northeners, the revelation she’s not the true heir, traitors all around her, spurned lover (Jon snow), and Missandi’s (sp) murder right before her eyes and we question her going nuclear in a battle? Over 73 hours? Yet Michael Corleone smacking Diane Keaton and killing Freddo after 6 hours is more believable? Don, Don, Don

                                                                                              • whitewolfen68
                                                                                                whitewolfen68  5 months back

                                                                                                This is Just Stupid, Nothing will come of it No Matter how Many People Sign the Petition and Personally I Think they All are a Bunch of Cry Babies that Did NOT Get what They Wanted to Happen. GoT is the Best Series Ever and I thought Season 8 has been Great no Matter that Things were Rushed a Little it was Still EPIC as Hell. All I can Say is If you Don't Like It Then Don't Watch it, Your Tv has More than 1 Channel Folks!!