The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History


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  • Overhyped Anime
    Overhyped Anime  19 minutes back

    8 years pathetic i would be patience for only 8 days and then i would abandon my ship to visit the nearest embassy to make it back to my country.

    • Tasha Mott
      Tasha Mott  34 minutes back

      You clearly haven’t been to London at rush hour

      • Jimmy Austin
        Jimmy Austin  35 minutes back

        Good video, interesting topic, but imo dont think it really counts as a traffic jam.

        • Yeet Machine
          Yeet Machine  40 minutes back

          What if the real Suez canal was the friends we made along the way

          • L C
            L C  41 minutes back

            This Life Brings Out The Fact That Human Beings Are Disgusting

            • Sajidaparveen Umarraza
              Sajidaparveen Umarraza  48 minutes back

              Well everybody knows 18 "69" . Surprising

              • Ralik
                Ralik  1 hours back

                """"""stray israeli rocket hits the american ship"""""""""

                • Silver Flash
                  Silver Flash  1 hours back

                  Egypt and Israel all gangsta until they sunk the American ship. *ww flashbacks*

                  • talon55130
                    talon55130  2 hours back

                    What was the ships cargo's.

                    • IceY
                      IceY  2 hours back

                      Sorry to let you down, but it isnt the map of Israel. you should search a bit and find out the real map. NOT THE MAP OF 1948.

                      • Ivory the Game Dev
                        Ivory the Game Dev  2 hours back

                        What's with this music? :|

                        • S M
                          S M  2 hours back

                          Great video! but the music is too loud and distracting :( maybe next time you could use a more neutral/calm soundtrack? Love the content!

                          • Paul 11
                            Paul 11  2 hours back

                            if only they've enrolled with skillshare, this wouldn't happen to them...

                            • محمد العمري
                              محمد العمري  2 hours back

                              The Jews hit an American ship? How dare them hitting their protectors?!

                              • محمد العمري
                                محمد العمري  2 hours back

                                I think that the British established the Jewish colony in Palestine near the Suez Canal to get control over this vital point.

                                • MrAsap2000as
                                  MrAsap2000as  2 hours back

                                  Once again, religion poisons everything.

                                  • Paul 11
                                    Paul 11  2 hours back

                                    if this happen today.. order iphone 11, arrive 8 years later. 1 week after receiving the phone. news: apple releasing new iphone 19 next month.

                                    • Paul 11
                                      Paul 11  2 hours back

                                      report for work 8 years later. boss sorry i was stuck on traffic.

                                      • Christopher Wright
                                        Christopher Wright  2 hours back

                                        There was only one ship destroyed and it was the US ship hit by a "stray" rocket by the isralies.

                                        *USS Liberty intensifies*

                                        • 750sedan
                                          750sedan  3 hours back

                                          *Stereotype Confirmed*

                                          • Jonathan Patten
                                            Jonathan Patten  3 hours back

                                            At 04:00 your map of Sudan is incorrect for the time period. South Sudan wasn't founded until 2011, meaning given the time frame (1960's) it should have appeared as part of Sudan in this map.

                                            • jerry lonory
                                              jerry lonory  3 hours back

                                              Longest traffic jam. Manila, Philippines.

                                              • Max Scott
                                                Max Scott  3 hours back

                                                Fucking lifeboat races

                                                • TPGnation
                                                  TPGnation  3 hours back

                                                  Music sounds like March of the resistance

                                                  • SpheroJr 3289
                                                    SpheroJr 3289  4 hours back

                                                    Isreal, egypt, LET’s GO TO WAR

                                                    6 years later


                                                    Nice shot johnson!

                                                    Wow! Shotoing things without any tactical value is really fun!

                                                    1 week later

                                                    JOHONSON HIT A US SHIP

                                                    Us: 👆🏻🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

                                                    Isreal, Egybt: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK CEASE FIRE!!!!

                                                    2 years later
                                                    Us: i’m still mad...

                                                    (Boom beach trailer refeence*

                                                    • Ryder21
                                                      Ryder21  4 hours back

                                                      They dragged this out for 6 years and the moment the American ship was sunk, both countries whispered “oh shit” under their breath and that was the end of it lol.

                                                      • George Stockk
                                                        George Stockk  4 hours back

                                                        Egypt attacked Israel fist get your facts right first mate

                                                        • sactownism
                                                          sactownism  4 hours back

                                                          American ship sinks

                                                          Israel/Egypt - "It was the Soviets!"

                                                          • rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon

                                                            I doubt that many sailors stuck on those ships were taking Skillshare classes, unless they were time-traveling nerd robots with a quantum connection through a wormhole. And I’m sick of damned time-traveling robots AND Egypt :(

                                                            • Purpleoceangnome
                                                              Purpleoceangnome  4 hours back

                                                              Isreal Jesus.

                                                              • Timo Ba Ta Na
                                                                Timo Ba Ta Na  4 hours back

                                                                How about them germans. Engineering

                                                                • Nathan Seward
                                                                  Nathan Seward  5 hours back

                                                                  Israel: "what was that"
                                                                  Egypt: "oh fuck we hit America's ship let's wrap this up"
                                                                  Israel: "Oh fuck we're fucked absolutely fucked you know what they did to England, Spain, Germany, Japan and Vietnam for attacking their ships"
                                                                  Egypt: "this is bad, wanna be friends so we don't get America mad at us"

                                                                  • Kyle Huo
                                                                    Kyle Huo  5 hours back

                                                                    2:54 "to guarantee that any attempt to use the canal would be a suicide mission"
                                                                    More like "Suez-cide mission."

                                                                    • Robo McLaren
                                                                      Robo McLaren  5 hours back

                                                                      this is not a traffic jam fuck knuckles

                                                                      • ThePartarar
                                                                        ThePartarar  5 hours back

                                                                        I dunno, tryna get back over the Bay Bridge still takes the cake for me. 🌉

                                                                        • Stuart O'Neill
                                                                          Stuart O'Neill  6 hours back

                                                                          Theres a lot of black kids wondering where daddy is, and all these years hes been stuck in a traffick jam

                                                                          • EdSkywalker
                                                                            EdSkywalker  6 hours back

                                                                            The story of how the international sailors got along with each other was ridiculously wholesome.

                                                                            • Severin Posey
                                                                              Severin Posey  6 hours back

                                                                              when they sunk that american ship it was like two little brothers breaking the older brothers xbox while he was away.

                                                                              • ShitHappens 68
                                                                                ShitHappens 68  6 hours back

                                                                                Damn, so Isreal's sunk 2 US ships

                                                                                • HeavyLikesSandwich
                                                                                  HeavyLikesSandwich  6 hours back

                                                                                  If only the Skeleton crew had Skillshare they'd all have PH.D's

                                                                                  • Chris McMahon
                                                                                    Chris McMahon  6 hours back

                                                                                    Dumb video

                                                                                    • Medo Mannos
                                                                                      Medo Mannos  6 hours back

                                                                                      I Wonder if they still tried to sell there produce after they got there.

                                                                                      • El Poncho Zoido Giaccometti

                                                                                        Dude, chill with the music

                                                                                        • Deren Bong
                                                                                          Deren Bong  7 hours back

                                                                                          So the sinking of the American ship brought peace between egypt and Israel?

                                                                                          • Andrezits the Meme Connoisseur

                                                                                            My dad left to get some milk. He's probably caught in a similar situation right now. Hopefully.

                                                                                            • Cracked Emerald
                                                                                              Cracked Emerald  7 hours back

                                                                                              2:21 the Kane were right... The desert *is* red

                                                                                              • zetA Gundam
                                                                                                zetA Gundam  7 hours back

                                                                                                Israel no land no country fuck america support israel.

                                                                                                • Laura N.
                                                                                                  Laura N.  8 hours back

                                                                                                  All the comments say a moral: *Don’t mess with American ships because WW3 will happen*