Game of Thrones Episode 5 Ridiculousness - Angry Rant!


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  • Matias Laurila
    Matias Laurila  1 weeks back

    You have icecream on your beard.

    • Synth Wave Dreamin
      Synth Wave Dreamin  3 weeks back

      Im glad your little tv show was ruined

      • Blue Rose
        Blue Rose  1 months back

        The irony is that they're pulling back on their Star Wars commitment so they're totes going to ruin it in the exact same way.

        • Will C. May
          Will C. May  1 months back

          At first I wasn't as angry as everyone else, but the more I've thought about it the angrier I've gotten, as I actually take issues with the messages of season 8.
          -genetic predeterminism is true, the only escape if you have an evil family is to be unaware of it for 23 years ie prejudice is perfectly acceptable (I'm fucked if it's true for me)
          -climate change (the white walkers) actually isn't a major threat to humanity (and GRRM says the whitewalkers represent climate change, so that's not my reading between the lines)
          -never confide in anyone, it might get a city slaughtered
          -a mass survalence state is a good thing

          See why I actually take issue with where things end up and not just how they got there? I mean, there's an argument to be made that the ending is alt-right pandering (it's hard not to discuss politics when talking about a political drama), and knowing that AT&T owns HBO and the CEO of AT&T is quietly part of the alt-right I wouldn't be surprised if he had some hand in this.

          • X1 LEON
            X1 LEON  2 months back

            Devs are to greedy nowerdays the most successful entertainment is where greed is not at the top interest of the devs

            • X1 LEON
              X1 LEON  2 months back

              Yes my brudda us gamers can all understand why this ending was shit

              • lres leland
                lres leland  2 months back

                man i thought i was the only one who thought the ending was super rushed and poor writing...

                • Borsalino Kizaru
                  Borsalino Kizaru  2 months back

                  Him pronouncing memes as maims is sort of fitting for the type of show Game of Thrones is

                  • Christopher Robertson
                    Christopher Robertson  2 months back

                    Only just came across this channel. And I love your work. 👍

                    • mydemon
                      mydemon  2 months back

                      The depression is palpable

                      • Jose Gogue
                        Jose Gogue  3 months back

                        Lol I haven't watched the game of thrones series but I'm watching your review on it and love your content joe keep up the awesome work

                        • Thortimus Yorkal
                          Thortimus Yorkal  3 months back

                          they're milking GOT with this new game. Can't tell if it's just a cash in either way I don't give a shit I just wanted to let people know unless they already did.

                          • Thortimus Yorkal
                            Thortimus Yorkal  3 months back

                            no offence and I'm not a 100% germaphobe/hygiene freak but could he please eat his ice cream without opening his mouth.

                            • Randall W
                              Randall W  3 months back

                              Dany killed the people out of Kings Landing for 2 reasons.
                              *1. Genes.* The incest made her more susceptible to madness, but she kept it in check. Like how insulin pumps keep diabetes in check.

                              *2. The deaths of everyone she loved tipped her over the edge.* Self explanatory, Jorah (dies), Missandei (dies), Jon (bangs her and leaves, plus the Aegon thing), Tyrion (failed over and over), Varys (literally tried killing her). When your support group goes to shit... A person becomes a product of their environment.

                              • Borsalino Kizaru
                                Borsalino Kizaru  3 months back

                                HBO will have another awesome show hopefully. They’ve proven they can do it consistently. They had Oz, the Sopranos, the Wire, Boardwalk Empire, and now GOT. It does still suck that the conclusion to this show was a turd though.

                                • Borsalino Kizaru
                                  Borsalino Kizaru  3 months back

                                  11:01 he says “let’s go ruin Star Wars” referring to D&D’s involvement in the property, but the thing is Star Wars is already becoming bad so they don’t have to try for that to happen

                                  • Yuya Sakaki
                                    Yuya Sakaki  3 months back

                                    Why did the Mountain betray Cersei and kill Qyburn

                                    • Kiran
                                      Kiran  3 months back

                                      I don’t understand why season 8 is getting so much hate. It’s game of thrones you can’t expect it to be so simple and work out the way you want it and you can’t expect basic character arcs. People are complicated it’s not just “this person is bad and this person is good” no one is perfectly bad or good we are all somewhere in the middle. Jamie for example has a more advanced character arc, he has feelings for sersie and briean at the same time, don’t be so simply minded and think that he can only have feelings for one of them I mean sersie is his sister for gods sake and briean and Jamie’s characters have been leading up to this since season 4. Yes Jamie road all the way to winterfell and back but it wasn’t simply just about “fucking briean” and then going back to sersie as you say. Game of thrones has very realistic and good drama that’s why so many people watch it. If your just watching it for dragons and cool cgi then go watch Godzilla instead. Also denairis went mad with rage and anger when she slaughtered the city and is that hypocritical of her, yes it is but that’s intentional, no one is perfect and you can’t expect her character to be perfect and do everything right.

                                      • Dylan Grube
                                        Dylan Grube  3 months back

                                        Yeah angry Joe I never even knew u watched GOT

                                        • Danny Cooper
                                          Danny Cooper  3 months back

                                          There's so much to say here... obviously, ha! Most people that read the books knew that Danyaeras would have this moment. Why? Because that's how her character was portrayed in the books. This was Martin's vision. In the tv show however, it was COMPLETELY out of character. Why? Because the showrunners did not portray here in this way. For 7 seasons we are led to believe that she is this borderline benevolent queen that will break the wheel....only for her to do....this. Why didn't they portray her in that way even though that's how she was portrayed in the books? You guessed it. Maybe. Ha. The answer is money. As per usual. They knew that if they portrayed her as that good, yet psychopathic character, a certain percentage of the audience would tune out, hence loss of views and money. They only say that they "go against the norm" UNLESS it hits them financially. Yes they didn't "make the popular decision" the final second. When the show was over anyway. In my opinion, it is simply awful writing, and cowardice. Again, if that's what Martin had envisioned for Dany, so be it. However, that's the character that she was IN THE BOOKS. She did things that strongly hinted at her doing this. In the show....she.... crucified the crucifers of Marine....and killed Randell and Dickon Tarley. Sorry guys, it just doesn't add up. Now most people probably don't like the decision to turn Dany into that character anyway. Regardless of whether or not it was handle appropriately for her character. I'm in that boat as well. I really wanted Dany to be that Queen that would break the wheel and bring peace to the world. But hey, if it's what the storyteller wanted, it's what he wanted. People can agree to disagree with him. The problem that people have with how it ended in the show, is how abysmally it was handled for her character. Not only that, THEY RANG THE DAMN BELLS! SHE STILL ATTACKED?! It makes no sense. Still an amazing show, and it at least ended with some kind of silver lining; noone really won the throne, Drogon burned the physical Iron Throne down, and Bran became King. There is peace in Westeros. I'll miss game of thrones. It will be remembered as the most influential show of the 2010's.

                                          • Garret1912
                                            Garret1912  4 months back

                                            They can't ruin star wars its already ruined.

                                            • Cult of Personality
                                              Cult of Personality  4 months back

                                              it was like ironman turning on avengers and killing innocent. cmon whos gonna fukin acceot that shit.

                                              • komebakkyd
                                                komebakkyd  4 months back

                                                U look like jimmy Kimble @AngryJoeshow

                                                • VakarianGirl
                                                  VakarianGirl  4 months back

                                                  Kudos for the Switch/Matrix reference. Respect.

                                                  • Naked Snake
                                                    Naked Snake  4 months back

                                                    The sences where arya is trying to escape would have been better with davos

                                                    • Nerdy Bernie
                                                      Nerdy Bernie  4 months back

                                                      The night king should not have been defeated in Episode 3. They should have had Dany do the dragon fire on him, realize it doesn't work, and somehow, she, Jon and a few other characters get away with a small army to the iron islands. Episode 3 ends with Winterfell being overrun with wights as the small army gets away in a secret tunnel or something while Jon and Dany fly away on dragons. Episode 4 opens with the destruction of the iron fleet and all the scorpions. Cercie is killed by the end of the episode by an actual person. Episode 5 is the defense of king's landing from the Night King with the bolstered forces of the Lannisters and now the Greyjoy army who assisted from the iron islands to take King's Landing. Somewhere in all of this, Sam (as the resident nerd) figures out with the help of Bran that The Night King was at one point a Targaryen which is why dragonforce was ineffective against him. This allows them to figure out that only Valarean steel can kill him. As Jon and Arya are the only two left with this weapon (Brianne dies at Winterfell), it must be one of these two that kills the Night King. The episode ends with Dany on her dragon getting shot down by the NK. She is killed. Episode 6 is part 2 of the battle. Jon engages in a sword battle with the Night King protecting Bran. Arya then would have my permission to do her thing but in a much more tasteful way as the wightwalkers would be busy fending off the forces with dragon glass. (Also a couple of them are killed at Winterfell). Arya still gets to save the day but with a much more satisfying ending. Jon ends up on the throne as the one with the best claim. The Night's Watch is disbanded as there is no more need for it. All the dragons are now dead (Jon's being killed in the initial siege of King's Landing and 2 killed by the NK). We then get a satisfying epilogue of where each character ends up giving us a satisfying ending to the series.

                                                      • Gabriel Fox
                                                        Gabriel Fox  4 months back

                                                        WHATS WITH ALL THE FUCKING ADS

                                                        • brian milligan
                                                          brian milligan  4 months back

                                                          Ugh. You are kind of creepy. Your face should not be on any screens

                                                          • EconMan
                                                            EconMan  4 months back

                                                            Dumb and Dumber fucked this show up so bad.... and YES it is NOT the ending, but the ilogic used to get there. It feels like they just got tired of doing the series and wanted it to end asap

                                                            • Jxoxo16
                                                              Jxoxo16  4 months back

                                                              Does he actually like the ice cream in the beginning or is he just pissed off

                                                              • Special Agent Washing Tub

                                                                Imagine this:
                                                                Bells ring, and Dany thinks for a minute. She looks to the Red Keep, and finally decides that Cercei does not deserve to live. She flies the the keep, and orders Drogon to start destroying it. Jaime is cut off from Cercei, buts Cercei manages to escape in time. Dany soon spots Cercei and Qyburn hiding in the crowds, snaps, and burns through the innocents to get to Cercei. She doesn't realize the damage that's been done until it's too late, and doesn't even have time to feel remorse as tge Lannister army and the Golden Company retaliate against the Northmen and Unsullied in anger.

                                                                • The Iridium Gamer
                                                                  The Iridium Gamer  4 months back

                                                                  "Game of Thornes is a joke now"

                                                                  Wasn't it always?

                                                                  • Muntasir Minhaz
                                                                    Muntasir Minhaz  4 months back

                                                                    Start watching from 4:15.

                                                                    • pfarabee
                                                                      pfarabee  5 months back

                                                                      No Bells Peace Prize... technically shouldn't it be the "Bells No Peace Prize" ?

                                                                      • Vader 1234
                                                                        Vader 1234  5 months back

                                                                        I have the problem with daenerys goes mad

                                                                        • Alexander Codella
                                                                          Alexander Codella  5 months back

                                                                          Cligin-bowl lol

                                                                          • Celtic CC Castle Clash
                                                                            Celtic CC Castle Clash  5 months back

                                                                            yeah, it seemed out of character for Danerys to go mad queen, but she was raging from everything. Situ with John Snow, losing another dragon, feeling like she has no love in the kingdom, that hot friend of hers getting her head cut off by the Mountain, so it all came out, full rage mode. Episode was awesome, can't see too much fault with anything. Glad I avoided all the internet stuff, coz it seems like the pedantic picking holes has snowballed and I'm glad I just had my own view and opinion

                                                                            • Solitary Angel
                                                                              Solitary Angel  5 months back

                                                                              For all that people claim the season was rushed, there are scenes that drag like fuck. If they shortened those scenes they could have invested in more important scenes that were rushed.

                                                                              Daenerys going batshit nuts after the city had surrendered was just bullshit. She would not have done that. Grey Worm is discipline personified and even after watching his girlfriend die he would not slay surrendered soldiers because he's a soldier and soldiers understand the rules of war.

                                                                              Jamie finally realised how evil Cersei is, no way does he return leaving the one brother he does love and a woman he loves.

                                                                              Cersei's death was the most pointless end ever.

                                                                              After what Arya saw I thought she would feed the Dragon poisoned meat then kill Daenerys.

                                                                              • Mitchell Steegwijk
                                                                                Mitchell Steegwijk  5 months back

                                                                                Dafuq are you eating with your mouth open

                                                                                • amarvera
                                                                                  amarvera  5 months back

                                                                                  You are so fucking right! Every-single-word.

                                                                                  • Ninja Racer
                                                                                    Ninja Racer  5 months back

                                                                                    Season 8, where each ep is more retarded than the last;
                                                                                    *Cersei to the golden legion* "Hold my city"
                                                                                    *Daenerys* "Hold my dragon off."
                                                                                    *John Snow to Daenerys* "Hold my dagger."
                                                                                    *Drogon to the Kings throne* "Hold my beer, I need BBQ this shit."

                                                                                    • Torva Messorem
                                                                                      Torva Messorem  5 months back

                                                                                      I was actually never able to stand Danny. She isn't worth shit without her dragons. She can't fight, she's frail and weak, not particularly intelligent, and somehow these mighty dragons are fine with being bossed around by her.

                                                                                      • smokythecameraman
                                                                                        smokythecameraman  5 months back

                                                                                        Mint chocolate chip is the ONLY bad ice cream

                                                                                        • AgitoJOKER
                                                                                          AgitoJOKER  5 months back

                                                                                          You would think reading GRRM books would give you some knowledge about story writing, escalations, climaxes, plot twists, and character development. Nope, apparently not. All the deaths in season 8 were a joke. I didn't feel anything because all they did was "they are X location now somehow they're in Y location and you deaded."

                                                                                          *(SPOILERS)* Not that it really matters.

                                                                                          Like i have a problem with Missandei's death. Greyworm told her to get on a skiff (A small rowing boat). Disappears and reappears with Euron... WTF did she row towards them? Did she think "Oh hey arrows coming towards me, i should row that way!" Smh...

                                                                                          • Riley McDuffey
                                                                                            Riley McDuffey  5 months back

                                                                                            Your critique of this episode has more detail than the last five reviews I've seen.

                                                                                            • Riley McDuffey
                                                                                              Riley McDuffey  5 months back

                                                                                              Ayyyy, my boy representing that mint chocolate chip ice cream.

                                                                                              • Fishslap 33
                                                                                                Fishslap 33  5 months back

                                                                                                LOL, I just realized that this vid was made pre-King Three-wheels and Jon Snow, the legitimate heir to the throne, being exiled like a common criminal. Oh, and Ms Plot Armor becoming Christopher Columbus.

                                                                                                • Fishslap 33
                                                                                                  Fishslap 33  5 months back

                                                                                                  Plot armor is proof of quality writing, dude!