Dragon VS Wolf! Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 (Spoilers)


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  • Ser Hunts Reviews
    Ser Hunts Reviews   5 months back

    The finale will be more bitter than sweet. *Change my mind*

    • Vickki Johnson
      Vickki Johnson  5 months back

      The real battle the real deal will be against Daenerys and Jon Targaryen that's what's going to happen and this is what I'm hoping for it's going to get ugly so I'm going to cry most are going to die

    • Vickki Johnson
      Vickki Johnson  5 months back

      Nothing has been sweet about this 8 season at all the only redeeming quality is if the last episode blows our mind

    • Lesley-Ann Ashbridge
      Lesley-Ann Ashbridge  5 months back

      What a disappointment these last few episodes have been .After 10 years of watching the greatest tv show of all time and waiting 2 years for the final season we got this . Why did it have to be so rushed , surely series 8 could have dealt solely with the night king with series 9 showing Danys slow descent into madness as she wrestles for the throne .
      Why ruin something so good , what a legacy DandD could have left .
      It seems to me they were in a rush to get their hands on the big one , Star. Wars !

    • karate videos and more
      karate videos and more  5 months back

      Here's my prediction: Just as Dany is about to toast Tyrion for betrayal Jon will tell Drogon to stop.....being the rightful King he will....then he will tell Drogon to toast Dany....only way for her to go, she was born in fire she has to die in fire. Jon will then go north of the wall to be with the free folk and Ghost leaving Stansa to rule Winterfel, Aura will hang up her killing gloves and marry Gandry, and Tyrion will sit on a ruling council of the Lords of Westros and there will be no Kings ruling Westros

    • Bob M.
      Bob M.  5 months back

      What if Danny kills Aria and that’s what sets John off to kill Danny?! They’ve always showed how much John and Aria love each other! And you know Aria is going for Danny!

  • Mariam tube
    Mariam tube  4 months back

    You may have forgat about the huge drogon protecting dany

    • Dianne Burke
      Dianne Burke  5 months back

      Jon would never have burned down King's Landing. Dany has been burning people since her dragons were big enough to spew fire. Chang my mind.

      • Stuart Graeham
        Stuart Graeham  5 months back

        This spoiler was true btw

        • Rickey Miller
          Rickey Miller  5 months back

          clown, just stop. you know nothing

          • TS Jones
            TS Jones  5 months back

            We will all know the answers in a few hours. I can’t wait!

            • Rita Gimbel
              Rita Gimbel  5 months back

              Are Cersai & Jaime dead? I couldn't find a reference to confirm that on HBO. Could be buried somewhere on their website that I didn't look at. So I think that someone encounters them, possibly Tyrion because he knows where they may be or Araya if they emerge from the rubble. Still think that if Cersai is alive she will die giving birth to a dwarf. The only king lineages are Targaryen (Dany or Jon), Lanister (Cersai/Jaime if still alive, Tyrion) and Baratheon (Gendry). If Dany is pregnant the fulfillment of her seeing Khal Drogo may change her mind to go back to Dragonstone or Essos thus bending the knee to Jon. Tyrion may go on trial for betraying Dany but Sansa could appear to spill the beans about Jon. Jon saves Tyrion's life. I'm going with either Tyrion or Gendry as the next person to sit on the throne. The remaining dragon is a threat & is killed or rides off with Dany into the sunset.

              • J Dice
                J Dice  5 months back

                At Winterfell, Melisandre reminded Arya about the prediction from an earlier meeting when Arya was with the Brothers w/o Banners. She was motivating her to snap out of it and go after the Night King. I don't believe she was saying you will kill someone with green eyes again. Arya killed someone with green eyes already, Walder Frey. This doesn't mean she won't kill Dany. I doubt it, but it anything's possible in GOT. Enjoy everyone!

                • Pavelx13xDatsyuk
                  Pavelx13xDatsyuk  5 months back

                  This guy sucks

                  • Lesley-Ann Ashbridge
                    Lesley-Ann Ashbridge  5 months back

                    It’s such a shame that Dany ended up a mass murderer . She’s committed genocide now using a particularly brutal method , burning people alive .

                    • Lesley-Ann Ashbridge
                      Lesley-Ann Ashbridge  5 months back

                      I waited 2 years for this final series and for me it was a huge let down . All the foreshadowing and character arcs went in the bin , seemingly for shock value . This series should have at least been 10 episodes or even better a ninth series .
                      Watching your channel Ser Hunts , and a few others , really kept me going through the 2 year wait and I’ve loved this channel more than the rest . It’s just a shame , in my opinion, that series 8 was awful - totally gutted !

                      • Gladiator Wheeliecool
                        Gladiator Wheeliecool  5 months back

                        this guys wicked fucking annoying, talk like a normal person

                        • Nick995
                          Nick995  5 months back

                          cmon stop it with the dany excuses, u losing things close to u over and over doesn’t give the excuse to commit genocide. This character ark was rushed with little to no buildup.

                          • Isaac Thompson
                            Isaac Thompson  5 months back

                            My ending...The super wolf pack kills Drogon, Arya steels Greyworm's face then guts Dany and Gendry rules the Kingdom. happy happy joy joy

                            • Bob M.
                              Bob M.  5 months back

                              What if Danny kills Aria and that’s what sets John off to kill Danny?! They’ve always showed how much John and Aria love each other! And you know Aria is going for Danny!

                              • Tom Currie
                                Tom Currie  5 months back

                                Here is the ending:
                                Jon, Davos and Tyrion are walking through the aftermath of Kings Landing. Tyrion walks through what's left of the castle and sees Jaime's hand so he starts to uncover the rubble and he confirms both Cersei and Jaime are dead. They find Grey Worm and his men they have Lannister Soldiers trapped and they're about to kill them. Jon trys to tells Grey Worm to stop. Grey Worm tells Jon that its the queens orders. Jon and Tyrion are upset. At some point Dany is walking down stairs and Jon sees her and the dragon is behind her and it looks like she has giant dragon wings. Then they cut to Dany giving a speech pretty much saying how she freed the people from Kings Landing and the new goal is freeing the rest of the world. Dany turns to Tyrion and tells him he committed treason. Tyrion tells her that she killed thousands of innocent people and he takes off the hands pin and throws it. Dany sends him to prison.

                                Tyrion tries to convince Jon to turn on Dany. His family will never be safe because it threatens Dany's legitimacy.
                                He's also convinced by Tyrion that his family will never be safe because he presents a threat to her rule. Jon goes to see her and she sitting on the Iron throne alone and John tells her that she needs to stop this madness and that Grey Worm killed the Lannisters army from the previous scene. Dany tells Jon that she's doing it for the people. Jon pretends to understand her. When her guard is down he stabs her with his dagger. Drogon comes and is standing over her body and he burns or melts the Iron throne and carries her away with his feet.

                                Grey Worm has Tyrion and Jon as his prisoners. The council is (led by Sansa) tells Grey Worm to release Jon back to them but he refuses. Tyrion is in front of the council as a prisoner of Grey Worm he isn't making decision he is content with being a prisoner he makes suggestions only. (apparently been in prison for weeks) That's when Tyrion says that the new King or Queen should decide what happens to Jon. Sam suggest for a democratic vote for the new king. Tyrion calls that idea stupid. The council votes and decide Bran should be the King. Bran picks Tyrion as his hand. Tyrion tells Jon that his punishment is going back to the Wall and join the Nights Watch. (Tirion said Greyworm wanted him dead and Sansa wanted him back home so nobody is getting what they want, it's a fair compromise.) Grey Worm accepts Jons punishment. He doesn't bend the knee leaves with his troops and Dothraki on ships to go free Slave cities. They show Tyrion leading the council. Jon says goodbye to Sansa and Arya. Arya tells them she isn't going back home. She's going to explore whatever is west of Westeros because that's where no one has been. The final scene is a Closing montage. You see Arya on a ship, Sansa ruling Winterfell and Jon, Ghost, Tormund, and a bunch of Wildlings leaving the Wall and heading north

                                • Iveth Florentino
                                  Iveth Florentino  5 months back

                                  Dany will give up the throne to be with Jon and their child.

                                  • addidaswguy
                                    addidaswguy  5 months back

                                    And no, you are wrong.. Jon would never have done that.. EVER.. 1000% wrong, he is too good, and too level headed.. And he's only half Targaryen..

                                    • addidaswguy
                                      addidaswguy  5 months back

                                      Wow, I was going to give your videos another shot, then you did that TERRIBLE fake, 12 year old laugh after your ridiculous like goal.. That is awful, it has nothing to do with the channel.. It is just stupid.. Maybe you are trying to have a gimmick, but it's not a gimmick.. It's really cringe worthy.. But your videos are good besides that..

                                      • Debra B
                                        Debra B  5 months back

                                        Danny will kill everyone important and rule

                                        • Okira Anon
                                          Okira Anon  5 months back

                                          DANY is NOT mad.... would love to have a redo, but it is not realistic, sadly. Hate S8. So here a suggested alternative, logical and really bittersweet ending!

                                          Interesting video, thanks. Also interesting viewpoints. I like your plot with Sansa vs Dany as this refleccts both GRRM#s views on women plus they are a pendant of queens Elisabeth vs Mary.

                                          However! Daario Naharis says: You are a conqueror, Danerys Stormborn. He was right. She is NOT mad, though (I know - she story will presumably say otherwise, but that is just part of a bad script). She is ust a lonely dragon (you are right here!) suffering from stupid script-/storywriting from D&D.

                                          HOWEVER cruel and apparently deranged or mad her action was, you have to judge her based on HER world and time. NOT from our time. And killing & destruction is the norm here, even more so during a prolonged civil war like what we have in Game of Thrones. So is Arya mad when she destroys the Freys? Or Sansa for feeding the dogs? Or Ned for executing the dude fleeing The Winter evil in ep. 1?

                                          Look at this excellent vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGmfuMxWDxw

                                          Were people mad when King's Landing was sacked during Robert's Rebellion? I will accept that she changes (the Daenerys character's change was abrupt and poorly let down by the script, but it still was a change), but I have a suggested ending below that may make it acceptable. If it does end like the lekas claim it will end, then it sucks. Big time!

                                          Also not, that what she is doing (i.e. burning down the symbol of the old regimes, that she has come to destroy and who has caused her so much pain all her life and left her alone (except for Drogon, thousands of Unsullied and Dotheraki and a few cities in Essos)) is simply what has happened during all wars, which is what you see with all the soldiers. King's Landing is sacked and seriously burned(!)

                                          *********************************** My suggested ending... if this is correct, the following actually contains spoilers! ***********************************

                                          What has been written, cannot be changed. Cool. Therefore this little storyline theory/idea is based on what has indeed been on the GoT show so far.So what we see in the preview trailer of S8E6 is Queen Dany with loads of Unsullied and Dothraki in the burned King’s Landing. Fits with this trailer:


                                          and this scene from an earlier season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7voZB6Ki7m8

                                          Now, the North likes Jon Snow. NOT Daenerys. The South likes Dany. Do not know if they like Jon Snow, really. Would not think so. The Dothraki and the Unsullied and Drogon are fiercely loyal to Dany. Not to Jon. What if the conflict that must come between Jon the Iceman and Dany the Fire Queen ends up in dividing the Realms in a Northern and a Southern kingdom… like could be hinted here…


                                          Then the end would be a divided realm, where Dany LIKE HER ANCESTORS comes as a conqueror and starts the sequence of the wheel again… i.e. she does not break the wheel, but is a conqueror as Daario said.

                                          Thus after the wars that have killed so many of the noble families (and caused untold suffering amongst the population of Westeros) till now will actually lead nowhere and you will have a new Targaryen Conqueror on the throne. I.e. back to square one.

                                          All these wars with no real change in the end. Maybe Bran the Broken will build a wall between North and South reflecting the pictures of Bran the Old Builder, so Bran the Broken becomes the new Bran the Builder.

                                          As for the NK… he may reappear again (Jon Snow who already is undead, as you may remember?), so another possibility for another wall in the north and another possibility for Bran to become the Builder where he is sitting next to the wall being built like the ancient Bran the Builder.

                                          So "sweet" because both Jon and Dany survives, and we get an end to their storylines where they end up on their respective thrones; And 'bitter', because 1) nothing has really changed and 2) they love each other but will never be able to get each other.


                                          The following link may allow for a logical ending where Dany actully survives... from:


                                          According to George R.R. Martin's original pitch for the novel series written in 1993 he claimed that only five primary characters would survive to the end of the series: Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya and Bran. Whether this translates into the television series is still to be determined, but it could be a significant indication of which characters will survive in the end.

                                          But sadly ok. It will probably unfortunately end with 'we have ICE killed' - now 'we need to have FIRE killed'. And the Mix-dude-The-Prince-who-was promised will somehow end on the throne. Or we get Bran to become ruler in order to build a new realm... again, a Bran the Builder. I like my suggested ending better.


                                          And for e.g. the Night King end (arrrgh!!!!), incompetent generals and no use of real military expert advice, and the Cersei & Jamie finding each other in the end... SUCKS! There is so much crap here in S8. D&D should be totally ashamed of themselves! A pity that the actors have been let so much down by D&D. GRRRRRRR!

                                          I will NOT watch the D&D Star Wars films.

                                          Anyway, best wishes all and thank to the GoT people and GRRM for making something that has provided a unique experience, even though the TV S8 script has been crap.

                                          PS: Incidentally, why doesn't anyone question Bran about why he did not see or warn about the burning of King's Landing? They knew he was going there, so why...?! Also, why hasn’t anyone around Bran asked how the NK could have set up an elaborate trap to kill a dragon – from sending out the ideas for a HERO PARTY travelling north to capture the one Wight that coincidentally did not die when the White Walker was killed, over the coincidence that allowed Gendry to essentially run through enemy held territory, to the coincidence that allowed the NK to have dragon-killing spears with him – the first time we see him with these?

                                          If he is to be useful as an advisor for anyone then he should be able to help prevent stuff like that, Unless he himself manipulated it to happen in order to gain the throne or something! Bah! Waste and bad story writing.

                                          • Ryan Sudale
                                            Ryan Sudale  5 months back

                                            The last dragon will switch to Jon snow?

                                            • Akshay Bhosale
                                              Akshay Bhosale  5 months back

                                              they said arya is going to shut brown eyes blue eyes and green eyes. they never said "green/blue/brown eyed people".. what if she kills drogon? it has green eyes right?

                                              • Anita B.
                                                Anita B.  5 months back

                                                We can all voice our opinions without the negative comments... i enjoy a good dialogue as much as the next person ...back up ur opinions with facts. its easier to understand and sway people to ur way of thinking 😁

                                                • snehal somnath
                                                  snehal somnath  5 months back

                                                  I think Aarya will kill Drogon (coz drogon has green eyes) and thats when dany will try killing aarya but instead dany will be killed by Jon

                                                  • VeryCanadian WildFlower
                                                    VeryCanadian WildFlower  5 months back

                                                    💜 love your comment about the Kleenex lol. I always make sure I have a box near me when I watch GOT!!

                                                    • ChiomaOben
                                                      ChiomaOben  5 months back

                                                      You know nuffing Ser Hunts

                                                      • The Whispering Woods
                                                        The Whispering Woods  5 months back

                                                        Tyrion, Sansa and Ayra or Bran aren't next in line. You are forgetting Gendry he'd be next being Roberts oldest true son.

                                                        • Darius
                                                          Darius  5 months back

                                                          EVERYONE DIES

                                                          • Judy Pratt
                                                            Judy Pratt  5 months back

                                                            Daneras has become the Mad Queen

                                                            • Chad Williams
                                                              Chad Williams  5 months back

                                                              The story isn't about Jon or Dany it's about Arya. That's why if you haven't noticed she's replaced both Jon and Dany for most of the screen time this season. The book series is "A song of ice and fire" songs are sung for the hero, hints she ended ice with the NK and she will be the one that probably kills Dany and puts Jon down as well. Which also makes sense to the prophecy angle which azor ahai has to kill the person that he/she loves the most. A Dream of Spring is as you said a reference to new beginnings this is foreshadowed with the last conversation with the hound. It's also relevant to mention that of all the songs from the Starks all the way down to the Lannisters only one is a direct branch to the series theme song, Needle the Arya song. Come on people it's not that hard if you are paying attenion. Also for book readers the Qarth Priestess prophecy to Dany is what the pale horse symbolized at the end of the episode.

                                                              • archtroll
                                                                archtroll  5 months back

                                                                man you're smoking chalk

                                                                • Justice Democrat 82594
                                                                  Justice Democrat 82594  5 months back

                                                                  Arya already killed someone with green eyes, Littlefinger

                                                                  • Antonius Lamont
                                                                    Antonius Lamont  5 months back

                                                                    I hope the opening scene is Dany still burning Kings Landong. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                                    • Rob Davis
                                                                      Rob Davis  5 months back

                                                                      I think that Arya is going to try to kill Danarys, because of all the horror that she has seen in Kings Landing because of Danarys' rage. I also believe Grey Worm will die trying to protect Danarys from Arya but I don't think Arya will be successful in killing Danarys. I do think that Danarys will go after Sansa and John will stop her and confront Danarys and possibly kill her to protect Sansa and end the horror. I still believe that Jamie and Cersi are alive and will probably try to escape Kings Landing, with the boat left by Sir Davos, and may be captured. I think Bran will tell John that he needs to take the Iron Throne but I am not sure John will, but I do think he should because he is the rightful King and he is fair and just.

                                                                      • Kathy Fahey
                                                                        Kathy Fahey  5 months back

                                                                        Anyone noticed that the show's plot is way more simplistic than these fantastical theories fans & bloggers keep dreaming up?

                                                                        • Kathy Fahey
                                                                          Kathy Fahey  5 months back

                                                                          Dont the Knights of the Vale belong to Sweet Robin?

                                                                          • Kathy Fahey
                                                                            Kathy Fahey  5 months back

                                                                            Good grief. U r a contortionist with the ways u twist & turn to defend Dany.

                                                                            • Derek Wadley
                                                                              Derek Wadley  5 months back

                                                                              Keep in mind, brand found that the ink is in fact not dry, now why would they show that for no reason? But aside from that I think aria will be killed by grey worm while attempting to kill khaleesi forcing John to fight and kill him then I see him imprisoning her, but there's still Drogon unless John kills him while acting friendly he's gunna be pissed when anything against his mother's will happens to her. Almost better to keep her happy so the dragon stays controlled to an extent. Vs drogon becoming enraged due to khaleesi dying and does to every keep and castle of the 7 kingdoms, what he did to kings landing. Maybe khaleesi dracarasses John only to find him unburnt idk hella possibilities. For whatever reason tho my friend speculates that the TRUE mother of dragons, literally the actual dragon has been sleeping and will still make an appearance who knows.

                                                                              • legacy five thousand
                                                                                legacy five thousand  5 months back

                                                                                Euron Jamie fight would’ve carry more emotional weight for me if like Jamiee died before getting to Cersi and Arya found him and took his face and appeared to Cersi as Jamiee and killed her ... Jamie and Brienne was gaggers for me, why can't people just love each other without screwing then she thought she was too good for Thormon ... well look whose crying now...shit like this was a let down for me ie... no baby of fire and ice.... Cersi more dire than the knight king whose easier to kill then the Mountain???? since they set Dany up to be the mad queen for John are Arya to kill all i want for christmas is to see Bran is the knight king at the end with blue eyes that is all we see fade to black season saved lol

                                                                                • AJAY SHUKLA
                                                                                  AJAY SHUKLA  5 months back

                                                                                  Lol this guy literally gave us clickbaits for 2 years with fake ass leaks and now he's not giving people the real leaks.

                                                                                  • Queen Yameittol
                                                                                    Queen Yameittol  5 months back

                                                                                    Arya gave Dany the death look

                                                                                    • Ghost Talk
                                                                                      Ghost Talk  5 months back

                                                                                      Omg I just found out that the night king was a good guy what does that mean I’m freaking out......................

                                                                                      • Dan Malone
                                                                                        Dan Malone  5 months back

                                                                                        Dude Dany absolutely massacred those people because she finally snapped and went with the Targaryen mindset, which was insane. And she definitely wasn’t looking for more scorpions because she was destroying sections of the city close to the battlements where the scorpions just were so I doubt that Qyburn would waste hiding some in those areas of the city because they needed every single one on the battlements or on the Iron Fleet which is where they’d be the most effective. Plus she was killing anyone and everyone in Kings Landing, even her own troops because she gave into her feral nature like a dragon. That’s why they played Olenna saying “you’re a dragon be a dragon” and also Viserys saying “you don’t want to wake the dragon”.
                                                                                        Seriously you’re absolutely ridiculous anymore man I keep trying to give your channel a shot but time and time again you come out with these retarded theories and it’s absolute nonsense. I get better content from Screen Rant than I do from you and that’s saying something

                                                                                        • Kenneth Knoppik
                                                                                          Kenneth Knoppik  5 months back

                                                                                          Daenerys burn down the city not because of all those reasons you cited but because the writers are bad writers. They really ruined this season. And the leaks are out John is going to kill Daenerys. Tyrion will still go on trial. Grey Worm the unsullied and the Dothraki we'll head back to essos to continue daenerys's dream of freeing slaves. Bran is elected King and has Tyrion and Braun on his Council. John takes the black and heads to the wall. To reunite with the wildlings. And Aria heads off to explore what is west of Westeros. And that's the end. Feel like I wasted eight years.

                                                                                          • Diane Gregory
                                                                                            Diane Gregory  5 months back

                                                                                            you can not sugar coat a shitty ending, Dan & Dave fucked up the writing, this season was shit, too many loose ends, What did the spider hear from the Flames will never be ended. Jon should of Killed the Night king, Jamie should of killed Cercie, Yarra should of killed Euron, bad writing spoiled it. so sad.

                                                                                            • Matthew Barton Taylor
                                                                                              Matthew Barton Taylor  5 months back

                                                                                              You get it wrong all the time

                                                                                              • R Ramuno Jr
                                                                                                R Ramuno Jr  5 months back

                                                                                                If Dany is killed and Jon doesn’t want the Throne then Gendry is rightful ruler He’s has Baratheon and Targaryen blood , Robert Baratheons Mother was a Targaryen 😎😎😎😎